Star Trek - Voyager: Kathryn (MF)
by Ruth Moore

He had stopped by her quarters to drop off a report, nothing more. At least that was what he tried to tell himself later. The truth was that the report could have waited until morning, but he was restless. The holodeck pool hall just seemed a little too loud and at the same time too empty...

When the door slid open and then closed behind him, he realized that the lights were dim. "Captain?"

"Oh...ah..Commander Chakotay," her voice sounded uncharacteristically hesitant.

She came into the room and he stared, unable to speak. She was wearing pink, a color that he had certainly never associated with her. Her breasts strained at the satin slightly, their nipples erect. Her hair was down and it was even thicker than he had imagined. He was suddenly glad of the dimness, his erection would have been all too obvious in stronger light.

"I...ah...just wanted to give you that report on the power consumption curve..." It was his turn to stammer. "I can come by later."

She shot him an unreadable glance and walked up to him and held out her hand. He drew a careful breath and handed her the padd. As she took it her fingers brushed over his hand, a touch that electrified him. He looked at her, uncertain as to whether he'd read her signs correctly. He remembered being in command and how he had fought (even in the more loose power structure of the Maquis) to keep from giving certain of his crew the wrong idea. He didn't let go of the padd right away. Instead he let his fingers return her hesitant caress. That was safe wasn't it? If he *had* read her wrong, she'd pull the padd out of his hand and that would be the end of it. The moment stretched and then as her fingers trembled under his, he brought a hand up to brush a lock of that hair.

It was enough for her, in a surprisingly rough movement she pulled the padd out of his hand and dropped it on the floor. Her hand reached up to trace the lines tattooed above his left brow, and then her fingers brushed over his ear, a delicate sensual touch. He gasped slightly.

'I've wanted to do that for some time now," she whispered. "While I'm sure there's a very valid spiritual reason for that tattoo, it's also very... attractive."

Not knowing how to answer that, he bent his head and kissed her, gently at first, still a little unsure of the situation. Her lips opened and her tongue darted out to brush across his lips. He surrendered gladly to the inevitable and pulled her into his arms, his mouth opening and his tongue
tangling with hers. She clung to him and kissed him back with rising passion.

Breaking for air, she looked up at him seriously, "If you don't want this... " He silenced her with another kiss, this one a little more forceful.

"I think that answers you question," he murmured in her ear, his tongue running along the outside of that ear.

"Ahhh....yes, I think that's a very good answer." Her hands ran over his back, roaming down to his buttocks. She moved her hips against him, and he caught his breath at the feel of her against his straining erection. "Come with me." She took his hand and led him toward the bed. When they reached
it, he pulled her close again, running his hands over the satin that sheathed her skin. As he brought his hand up to cup a breast, his thumb ran across the nipple. She hissed, shivering, and he was delighted at her responsiveness. Of course she would be fire, he should have seen that from the start.

He continued to tease the nipple with his thumb as he bent his head to gently kiss along her neck.. After a moment of this, she pulled back somewhat, and reached up to unseal his outer uniform. Her hands moved quickly and with a deft movement she was pulled the jumpsuit over his hips and past his knees. He sat on the bed to pull his boots off and quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes. She looked down at him and smiled. Kneeling, she moved between his legs and bent her head. Her tongue slid in a maddeningly slow trail down the length of his penis and he groaned. With a little chuckle she abruptly lowered her mouth over him. He reached back and jammed his hands on the bed to keep from falling backward as her mouth began to move in a lazy rhythm. He hands had some up and were caressing his hips and his long ignored passion began to threaten to overwhelm him.

He reached down and touched her face. "I don't want you to do all the work, " he said lightly. She raised her head and looked up at him, a roguish look on her face that made her look very naughty. There was a question in her raised eyebrow and he reached down and slid his arms under hers, pulling
her up to join him on the bed. The feel of her satin-clad body against his skin was incredible, but he wanted to see her, *all* of her. He helped her out of the pajamas.

"You should wear red," he murmured. "You're all fire."

"I wear red too much of the time. But you're right, at least now; I feel like I'm on fire."

Gently he pushed back to rest on the bed. "Fire is the element of passion. And you are one passionate woman, and I don't mean just here." Before she could answer he lowered his head and ran his tongue firmly over one of her hard nipples. Her fingers ran through his hair as he teased the one nipple
with his tongue, the other with his fingertips. He nibbled gently and increased the pressure of his fingers. She cried out and the hand in his hair tightened. His mouth began to move lower, his other hand taking up where his tongue had left off. He slid his tongue into her navel and when she jumped slightly, he moved quickly on.

Reaching the neat patch of hair between her legs he shifted his position and brought his hands down to part her legs. He kissed the insides of her thighs, breathing in her scent; she smelled like the clean air off a wild sea. Gently he extended just the tip of his tongue, carefully avoiding her
erect clitoris. He concentrated on her labia instead, carefully nipping at her with his lips. She tasted wonderful, salt and sweet at the same time. Her hips began to writhe and he abruptly slid his tongue across her clitoris. Her legs clamped around his head and he realized that she was just on the edge. His tongue moved over her clitoris with hard flicks and she spasmed, her voice crying out loudly. As she began to quiet, he once again moved his tongue across the hard knot of flesh at the center of her. There was another cry of delight and then her legs relaxed and she gently pushed his head aside. As she caught her breath he rested his head on her hip.

"You are truly gifted," she said shakily, brushing her fingers gently over his lips. "I confess that I've been looking at your mouth for a while, but if I'd known that..." Her hands tugged gently at him and he moved up her body, stopping to pay brief attention to her nipples again. Then her hands were caressing his penis and she was guiding him into her. She was warm and wet and soft, better than he could possibly have imagined. Their mouths met as they adjusted to each other's rhythm and then they moved together. Her legs slid along his calves and he began to move faster. He felt her hand between them, stroking both herself and him as he moved in and out of her. Then she tore her mouth away from his and cried out, nonsense words as her inner muscles tightened with exquisite strength around him. That was all it took, his hips moved hard and he thrust into her and stayed. His head flung back, he yelled as the climax rolled over him, collapsing on her as he came down from the peak.

They rested for a moment and then he rolled carefully off her. As she reached to pull the covers up over them he brought a strand of that incredible hair to his lips. When she looked at him tenderly, he smiled and whispered, "Kathryn..."

The End


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