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Star Trek - Voyager: Just Desserts (FF,food)
by Anonymous

"You have the bridge Commander", Captain Janeway smiled as she turned and strode off the bridge. As she entered the turbolift she wondered what new and *unusual* fare Neelix had created for dinner tonight. "What I'd give for a real cup of coffee and strawberry cheesecake" she thought.

She glanced around as she strode into the dining room and noticed a table in a deserted corner. Actually, the whole room was pretty deserted. Walking up to "Neelix's laboratory", she grimaced inwardly as the orange and green mass called dinner was handed to her. She forced a smile at Neelix while he rambled on about some new root that provided lots of nutrients. She walked over to the table she had spotted and eased herself into a chair, staring disdainfully at the glop from which was emanating a faint, bitter aroma. She tossed her head back and looked out at the stars, allowing her mind to empty of Voyager's situation and just enjoy the view. A deep sigh escaped her involuntarily.

"It really is beautiful, isn't it? Our playground... do you think we'll ever get back?"

Janeway, slightly startled, tilted her head to see B'Elanna standing beside her table.

"Do you mind if I join you? I don't feel like sitting alone right now. But if I'm intruding..."

"Not at all B'Elanna, I would love to have your company. Want some, ummm, food?" Kathryn interrupted, pushing the plate to B'Elanna with a wicked grin. "I'll trade you my dinner for a cup of coffee and cheesecake. With fresh strawberries and whipped cream..."

Torres laughed and sat down, pushing the plate back. "No captain, I think you need to eat your *nutritious* dinner. And stop tempting me with tales of wonderful desserts!"

Janeway looked at the younger woman and smiled. "Do you think we could get away with pooling replicator rations and creating a more suitable dinner?"

Torres looked at her and raised her eyebrow slightly. "Fresh strawberries and cold whipped cream, hmmm?"

"And deep, rich cheesecake, with a whole *pot* of coffee!" Both women laughed at this image for a moment. Kathryn looked back into space, the smile fading. "B'Elanna, do you mind if I ask you a question, as a friend?" B'Elanna shook her head slightly. "Do you ever look out there and wonder if we will ever see home again?"

"Well, home isn't that great to me. I have noone to go to really. Nowhere or nobody except the Maqui. And the brig? I seem to remember a certain tough as nails Starfleet captain having us in custody?"

Kathryn smiled slightly. "Well, I think that the situation will be different when we get back. If we get back." She paused for a moment while looking out at the stars again. "I'm sorry B'Elanna. I guess I'm not much of a fun person tonight. It happens to me every now and then. I feel responsible for every one of these people being stranded out here. Sometimes the load gets a little heavy."

"I understand, really. I've been wanting to talk to you. I want to thank you for giving me the chance at the Chief Engineer position. Not many people would have, you know. I'm a renegade, a hothead, and not exactly ideal Starfleet materiel. You really are a good leader, you know. I don't think the crew holds you responsible. You did what you had to do. Under the circumstances, I think our hybrid crew has melded quite well. Your enthusiasm for exploration helps too."

Kathryn sighed deeply, not turning away from the stars. "Thank you B'Elanna. I needed that. And I feel I made the right decision about your promotion. I do so enjoy having a feisty Chief Engineer to keep me in line." Janeway turned to look at Torres with a teasing glint in her eye. "Well, I think I'll go finish my log. I don't think this dinner and I will be combining tonight. Are you *sure* you aren't hungry?"

B'Elanna laughed. "Captain, I thought you liked me! What have I done to deserve this torture?"

Janeway chuckled and stood. She picked up her tray with her right hand and placed her left hand on Torres' shoulder. "Well, if you happen to find a cup of coffee in the warp engines, let me know! Good night, B'Elanna." She gave her shoulder one last squeeze before walking off.

In her ready room, Kathryn let her hair out of its restrictive bun and brushed it out. She slipped out of her uniform and into a pretty blue silk gown. "Now, I can relax..." she thought to herself as she sat down with her padd. As soon as she sat, her door chimed. "Come" she said, tossing on a robe. B'Elanna stood in the doorway, hands behind her back and a wicked grin on her face. "B'Elanna, what a nice surprise, come in."

Kathryn smiled a warm smile at Torres. She noticed that in this dim lighting, B'Elanna's Klingon features were a little softer. She wondered why she had never really noticed how attractive the woman was before. Then, of course, she chided herself, they usually were in a crisis when together...

"What can I do for you Lieutenant?" She asked.

"Well, I was just... passing by, thought you might like some company."

Kathryn smiled inwardly. She really did enjoy B'Elanna's company. "Make yourself at home B'Elanna."

Torres displayed her treasures on the table, a small metal pot and a covered dish. "I was notified of a malfunctioning replicator. I had to run some diagnostics, test the machine to make it I had fixed it. I figured that, if I had to run tests, might as well not waste the results, so I found myself sitting there with a cheesecake and coffee and wondering who I could give it to..." B'Elanna broke into a huge grin, brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes. "Would you help me, ummm, recycle this?"

Janeway laughed out loud. "Are you sure the replicator was really broken?"

"Well, it *did* need some adjustments..."

Kathryn walked over to the plate and lifted the cover. There, on the plate, was the target of her earlier fantasies. One luscious cheesecake with strawberries and thick whipped cream. And that pot, it smelled like good strong coffee. "Well, Lieutenant, I can't consume all of this myself, and it would be a shame to waste this. you simply must join me."

Torres sat down across the table from Kathryn. The captain jumped up to search for cups. "I'm afraid I don't have any plates here. Shall I procure a couple?"

"Well, captain, not unless you don't wish to share... I brought two forks!"

Taking a fork, Kathryn shot a mischievous smile at B'Elanna and said "Shall we?" Kathryn let her fork slowly cut a wedge of the wonderful dessert and lifted it to her lips with slow deliberate movements. At the first bite, she closed her eyes and let it melt in her mouth. A soft "mmmmmm" escaped. Kathryn opened her eyes to see Torres watching her in amusement.

"Well, captain, did I get the adjustments correct?"

"Oh B'Elanna, you couldn't have done any better than this, and call me Kathryn, please. We're off shift right now. Would you like to change? I know I can't relax in uniform. I think we could find something comfortable in here for you."

Kathryn got up before B'Elanna could object and returned with a luxuriously silky pair of pajamas. "Come now, if we are going to be decadent, we might as well really relax."

B'Elanna grinned and accepted. She went into the bathroom to change. As she put on the silky garment, she thought that she must find something to trade Janeway for this. She never used nightclothes, but this was a nice treat.

She walked back into the room and Kathryn noted that the outfit was a perfect fit. "You know B'Elanna, that looks much better on you than on me." She sighed, settling into the chair. The two women sipped coffee and nibbled slowly at the cheesecake in silence for a few minutes. "You know B'Elanna", Kathryn spoke softly, "I really admire you. You are a brilliant engineer and a strong and courageous woman. I'm kind of glad things happened the way they did, in a way. I mean, if we hadn't joined forces, I would have just thrown you in jail without a thought. Now, I'm beginning to see you and the Maquis with a different insight. *Not* that I condone your methods, just that I have a new respect for you."

"Captain, I must admit, I really enjoy being in *your* company. It's hard to find someone, especially a woman, I can be comfortable around. Being half Klingon, most people have a hard time with my temperament."

"Your charming disposition?" Kathryn chuckled. "Actually B'Elanna, don't breathe a word of this, but that day you told me 'No Captain, when I say two days I mean two days' in engineering, I had to leave the room before I busted out laughing! I just wanted to walk over there and kiss your cheek." Kathryn looked down at the table, suddenly nervous, fiddling with her fork for a moment and then grabbing the pot of coffee. "More?" she offered to Torres.

B'Elanna nodded, a solemn look on her face. "I hope you like your dinner" she spoke quietly. She scooped up a forkful of cheesecake and leaned over, offering it to Janeway.

Kathryn put the pot down. She looked at Torres. B'Elanna looked a little nervous with her gesture. Kathryn leaned forward and took the proffered bite. "Captain, I..." "B'Elanna". They both stopped and laughed, though with a serious tinge.

"Captain, I should go." B'Elanna stood up, turning away from Janeway.

"Please, don't leave. I am so enjoying your company..."

B'Elanna turned back around, grabbing onto the back of the chair with both hands. "Captain, I have to be honest. You know me, I don't like to play games. So if I offend you, please forgive me. I find myself very attracted to you right now. I thought it was just admiration for your actions as Captain, but as I sit here, I can't help but wonder what your hair feels like to touch, and notice how that gown hangs so beautifully on you." She sighed sharply. "There, now I've done it. It's the brig for me after all..."

Kathryn leaned back and looked at B'Elanna, slightly conscious of the fact that, in leaning back, the silk of her gown was perfectly outlining her breasts, and realizing with a start that her nipples were hardening.

"B'Elanna, I don't quite know what to say. I realize that we are in a situation where we may all be together for a very long time. Perhaps a lifetime. As the captain, it would probably not be wise to have a romantic relationship on the ship. However, I find myself intrigued with this situation. I must admit, I feel quite attracted to you also."

Kathryn added to herself mentally "I like the way your dark eyes flash when you are fired up emotionally. I love the way your hair falls about your face. I love your spirit...". She continued aloud, "We should probably part company now and forget the whole thing, but I, I really would like you to stay."

B'Elanna walked over to Kathryn, bent over to dip her finger into the whipped cream, then placed her finger to Kathryn's lips. Their faces were inches apart.

Kathryn looked into B'Elanna's challenging eyes, accepted B'Elanna's offer of whipped cream. She took her finger into her mouth and sucked gently until she got all the sweet cream.

B'Elanna let her finger stay on Kathryn's lips for a moment before sliding down to her shoulder. She stepped closer and, hesitating momentarily, touched her lips to Kathryn's.

Kathryn felt herself tense slightly at the sensation of being kissed like this, she had only ever been with men before. She felt momentarily awkward, then felt a warmth surge through her. She brought her arms up and around B'Elanna, one hand in her hair and the other on the small of her back. The kiss deepened as their lips parted. Kathryn took the initiative and probed B'Elanna's mouth slightly with her tongue.

B'Elanna slipped her arms around Kathryn and pulled her tight, kissing back with a growing urgency. They broke apart after a minute, both rather frazzled, looking into one another's eyes for approval from the other.

"Come over to the bedm" Kathryn said in a low, aroused voice.

B'Elanna nodded. They fell onto the bed together, laying on their sides, kissing gently at first, then harder. At first they just pulled each other close, holding each other while they kissed. After a minute, B'Elanna's hands started to move in caressing movements over Kathryn's back. B'Elanna let her hand slide around to cup Kathryn's breast. Kathryn gasped sharply and arched her back in response.

B'Elanna took advantage of the situation and rolled Kathryn onto her back. Leaning over her, she traced Kathryn's throat with her fingers, down her sternum, then letting her fingers fan out over Kathryn's breast, letting her fingers play with her nipple, now very erect with excitement.

"B'Elanna..." Kathryn moaned softly, grasping the sheets of the bed with her hands. B'Elanna let her hands slide down the captain's body to her stomach, teasing her with the silk that separated their flesh. Her other hand caressed her hip, then her outer thigh. She let her hands slip down her body to the gown's hem. Grasping the fabric gently, she pulled it up to Kathryn's hips. Aroused and excited, B'Elanna felt her actions getting rough and tried to calm herself. "Damn Klingon blood," she thought. Her fingers stroked Kathryn's inner thighs. She moved herself up to kiss Janeway.

Kathryn grabbed her head and pulled her lips down to hers. Before either knew what was happening, something exploded in them. Their kiss grew intensely deep and passionate. Kathryn couldn't seem to pull B'Elanna close enough.

B'Elanna let her free hand slide down to tangle itself in Kathryn's soft bush of hair, then to brush Kathryn's clit, feeling her body arch as she touched her wet lips. She slid her finger up and down the length of Kathryn's wetness, teasing with her light touch. Then, suddenly, she pushed a finger deep inside. Kathryn gasped. B'Elanna pulled the finger out, then slid two fingers in. Slowly, she let her fingers slide in and out of Kathryn's hot body.

Quite unexpectedly, she pushed herself up and said "Wait Kathryn". She grabbed the plate of cheesecake while a stunned and extremely aroused Janeway watched. "I *really* enjoy feeding you this."

She dipped her fingers into the pureed strawberries and put them to Kathryn's mouth. Kathryn sucked her fingers slowly, tasting the combination of strawberries mixed with the subtle flavor of her own juices. B'Elanna traced Kathryn's lips with her finger. She got another fingerful of cheesecake and pulled Kathryn's shoulder strap down, exposing her breast. Slowly, she smeared
the cheesecake over Kathryn's nipple. Leaning down, she rolled her tongue around the sweet nipple, taking pleasure in Kathryn's sudden tensing. Abruptly, she placed her mouth on her breast and began sucking, licking and gently biting her nipple.

Kathryn dug her fingers into B'Elanna's shoulders and cried out. B'Elanna eased off the nipple, tracing little circles again, then started trailing kisses down Janeway's chest, kissing the silky fabric between them. She pushed the nightgown up to her navel. Placing a little bit of the cream in her bellybutton, she slowly washed it out with her tongue.

Kathryn felt a burning grow swiftly in her stomach. She cried out B'Elanna's name, entangling her fingers in her hair.

B'Elanna trailed down Kathryn's stomach with her tongue. Stopping to lavish attention on her clit for a moment, then moving down to Kathryn's slick wet lips, B'Elanna felt her push her pelvis toward her.

Kathryn opened her legs wider, giving her full access. B'Elanna pushed her tongue inside Kathryn as far as she could and probed her with her tongue for a moment. Kathryn whimpered when B'Elanna stopped and moved away for a moment.

Without warning, Kathryn felt the cold cheesecake hit her vulva. B'Elanna was spreading the strawberries all over her lips and clit. B'Elanna slid back down between Kathryn's legs and her hands gripped her waist, a little too hard, as she started to feast on Kathryn's sweet, hot sex. She lapped her tongue over her vulva in long sweeping movements, sending Kathryn squirming. Dipping her tongue deep inside, she devoured all the sweet dessert. She let her tongue find its way up slowly to Janeway's clit.

Kathryn moaned loudly and grabbed B'Elanna's hair again. She started to flick her tongue against the swollen nub as Kathryn gasped. She sucked Kathryn's swollen clit into her mouth, grazing her teeth lightly against it as she let her thumb slip deep inside Kathryn. Kathryn cried out, coming hard against B'Elanna's mouth. B'Elanna crawled back up beside Kathryn and kissed her passionately.

Kathryn was dizzy from a combination of orgasm and realization that she, the captain, was fraternizing in a *big* way with her Chief Engineer, a woman at that! But she couldn't stop herself. B'Elanna was driving her mad. Her entire body felt like a fire was consuming her from within. B'Elanna's mouth was on hers, her body pressing down on Kathryn's in a warm embrace, tongue darting playfully inside her mouth.

She resolved herself that ethics aside, she wanted this woman. Badly. She grabbed B'Elanna by the waist and rolled her quickly off onto her side. She gasped in surprise as Kathryn sat up. "Oh no you don't, you wildcat. It's *my* turn. I'm taking the helm now."

B'Elanna chuckled, rolled onto her back and giggled "The Klingon is yours..." as she watched Janeway grab the now mutilated cheescake. "No coffee though."

Kathryn laughed with that idea. She scooped up a handful of the cheescake, strawberries and cream and dropped it with a splat right between the engineer's breasts. B'Elanna yelped. Kathryn took B'Elanna's hand in hers and started to paint designs all over B'Elanna's chest, paying special attention to her breasts.

Torres gasped. Kathryn was massaging the dessert all over her breast, using B'Elanna's hand. She finished painting the Klingon. Still holding her hand, she brought it to her mouth, slowly sucking her fingers clean. She sucked long and hard on each finger. When she finished, she placed the now clean hand between B'Elanna's legs. "Honestly, B'Elanna, what a mess you made with that cheescake. Rub yourself while I clean you up here..." She shot Torres an evil grin as she descended upon the valley between her breasts.

Torres was overwhelmed. She like the feeling of masturbating for Kathryn. She let her fingers caress herself roughly, arching her hips up slightly while Kathryn worked her tongue all over her breasts.

Kathryn paused on each nipple, rolling the hard nipple between her thump and forefinger, pinching, sucking and then gently biting each one in turn.

Finally, B'Elanna was pretty clean, albeit a wee bit sticky from the strawberries. Kathryn scooped up a fingerful of chessecake and placed it to B'Elanna's mouth. B'Elanna gratefully took the bite, sucking Kathryn's finger while she did so, moaning a little louder that she really needed to to make sure Kathryn knew she liked it.

B'Elanna grabbed Kathryn and tried to throw her down beside her again, but Janeway caught herself and admonished Torres with "No way, tiger. I'm not done with you yet. I have a favor to return."

A big handful of still *quite cool* cheescake hit B'Elanna's hot sex suddenly. Torres jumped slightly. Kathryn chuckled. "Cold, but good, huh?" She smeared it around a bit with her finger, making sure nothing was left uncovered. B'Elanna trembled under her touch.

Kathryn bent down and began to gently lick the sweet confection from her bottom. B'Elanna arched her hips in the air and Kathryn slid her hands underneath her hips. She pressed her mouth harder against B'Elanna as she began to clean the cheesecake off in earnest. Licking and biting, Kathryn worked away at B'Elanna, finally plunging her tongue deep inside her.

B'Elanna felt Kathryn's face pressing hard against her, getting a little rough in response to the klingon's actions. She felt a giant wave building in her abdomen, threatening to overwhelm her. She grabbed Kathryn's hair, pushed herself as hard against her as possible, and immediately exploded in orgasm.

Kathryn lightened her attack on B'Elanna as her orgasm faded. As B'Elanna's body relaxed, she slid up to a sitting position. "Of course, we need to be discreet about what just happened, given our positions," Kathryn mumbled, smiling at B'Elanna's flushed face.

"Of course." B'Elanna replied with a smile. "Care for some dessert, Captain?"


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