Star Trek - Voyager: Injection
by Val White ([email protected])
copyright 1998

Captain Janeway had been feeling under the weather for several
days now, but had resisted going to see the Doctor, thinking it
would pass if she took things a little easier. There was no reason
she couldn't relax a little, they were in what appeared to be a rather
dull part of the gamma quadrant. She had been giving Chacotay
and the other senior officers increased duties on the bridge so that
she could get some much needed rest. Unfortunately, after three
days of light duty, she still was not feeling any better. If anything,
she was feeling worse.

She decided to take action when she read in the Doctor's latest
daily report that visits to sickbay were up 20%, with most crew
members complaining of lethargy. With the report in hand, she
visited sickbay to talk to the Doctor.

When she arrived, she found three crewmen in the usually quiet
sickbay. The Doctor was examining one, while Tom Paris
examined another. The third was waiting for his turn.

Captain Janeway said to the Doctor "I understand from your latest
medical report that you've been quite busy."

"Yes, there has been an alarming increase in the number of visits
to sickbay in the last day or two."

"Have you isolated the cause? Is there some sort of bug going
around?" asked the Captain.

The Doctor replied "I have not yet established the cause. I have,
however, ruled out any bacteriological or virological agent. I am
now exploring the possibility of some type of chemical

"Very well, continue. I will expect a regular updates on your
progress. And I should report that I appear to be suffering from the
malady. I have been feeling somewhat tired for the past three

"You'll have to stay in sickbay until I can do a full scan. Don't
bother protesting; I need all the data I can gather if I'm to make an
accurate diagnosis for the entire crew."

"Very well, Doctor. But make it quick."

The next morning, the senior officers were all gathered together
for a report from the Doctor.

The Doctor began his presentation. "As you are all aware, a large
part of the crew has been affected by an illness which causes
lethargy and a general feeling of tiredness. After examining 25%
of the crew on a random basis, in addition to another 10% who
have reported to sickbay of their own volition, I can now report
that 60% of the crew is suffering from this affliction to one degree
or another. Of the bridge crew and other officers gathered here, all
of you have it except for Lieutenant Paris, Lieutenant Torres, and
Ensign Kim."

"The cause of the crew's lethargy is a lack of the enzyme ana-
protoglom, or APG. Most humanoid lifeforms with a carnivorous
or omnivorous diet need anywhere from 25 to 150 mg of this
enzyme on a daily basis. The exact amount depends on body
weight and species dependent factors. Normally, APG is obtained
from the diet. The body takes animal protein or protein from a
limited number of legumes and breaks it down to produce the
body's requirement. Unfortunately, the lack of meat in our stores,
coupled with our heavy reliance on foraged plant material as our
dietary staple, does not provide enough APG for most of the crew.
If we do not fulfill this bodily requirement, we can expect the crew
to get progressively worse with the first deaths occurring in three
to four months."

The Captain interrupted "Can this enzyme be replicated and added
to our diet?"

"Yes, it can. But unfortunately, in order to replicate the required
amount, we would have to increase each afflicted crew member's
daily energy ration by 20%. I believe this would create a
significant impact on our other operations, and potentially on our
ability to reach the alpha quadrant."

"Is there another solution?" asked Tuvak.

"I am pleased to report that there is. As I previously stated, only
60% of the crew is affected. 20% of the crew is immune because
they have evolved on a vegetarian diet and therefore did not
develop a dependence on APG, or developed a method to
manufacture it in their own bodies. The other 20% of the crew was
an enigma, until I noticed that a high percentage of them were
homosexual or bisexual males."

Tom Paris and Harry Kim flushed at this statement.

"Upon further study, I found that all the non-vegetarian, healthy
individuals engaged in anal intercourse on a fairly regular basis. I
then discovered that the average volume of semen in one
ejaculation contains 200 mg of APG. The enzyme is absorbed
directly into the bloodstream through the wall of the large
intestine. The affect is not the same when ingested orally; the
stomach acids break down the enzyme."

"I don't understand how we got the enzyme from meat if it is
broken down in our stomach," said Chacotay.

"As I alluded to earlier, the substance is not normally obtained
directly from meat, but it is a by-product of the digestion of certain
meat proteins. The digestive process I am referring to occurs late
in the small intestine, causing the enzyme to be present when the
digested food reaches the large intestine. There, the APG is
absorbed by the body."

"What are your recommendations?" asked Janeway.

"Since it is not practical in our present circumstances to provide
this enzyme from artificial sources, I believe we should endeavor
to obtain more meat when we replenish our stores from Class M
planets. This is unlikely to provide all the APG required. The
balance should come from the only other readily available source.
I believe the crew should immediately begin engaging in anal sex.
Two ejaculations in each affected crew members rectum per week
should provide the recommended dosage. The crew should start
feeling better within six hours of their first treatment."

The Captain looked around the table at her command team. "It
appears that Harry, Tom, and Belana have the proper appetites. But
I wonder if the rest of us will be able to do what is necessary. It
may be that we will have to sacrifice the energy and manufacture
this enzyme artificially."

The Doctor replied "While psychology is not my primary field of
knowledge, I knew there was likely to be some resistance. I
therefore believe it is important that the members of the command
team take an active role in promoting this activity. I would
recommend that we set up a ship-wide communiqué, including
video of two people from this group engaged in anal intercourse.
This, coupled with a medical explanation of why it is necessary,
and an appeal from the Captain should increase participation to an
acceptable level. Of course, we may have to rape some of the last
remaining holdouts in order to ensure their survival, but I believe
this to be the best solution."

"I don't know about forcibly taking someone against their will,"
said Captain Janeway. "Perhaps if we get a high enough voluntary
participation, we can afford the energy to manufacture the
remaining APG that is required. But the rest of your plan appears
to be sound. As Captain, I volunteer for the starring role in the
medical video." With a smile on her face, she looked around the
room and asked "Anyone fancy my butt?"

Before anyone could respond, the Doctor said "I must stress that
anal rape may be the only acceptable solution for crew members
who refuse to participate. If we manufacture APG for some of the
crew, the ones who are receiving it from natural sources may
resent it. Also, I believe our video should show two male members
of the command structure having sex, as this is the combination to
which there is likely to be the most opposition."

"Point taken," said the Captain. "Any volunteers?"

Commander Chacotay said "If it'll help the crew, I'll participate."

Tom Paris had often fantasized about taking Chacotay's tool up his
ass. He immediately piped up "I'll be Chacotay's partner."

"No offense intended, Tom," said the Doctor. "But many members
of the crew know you are not averse to a tryst with a member of
the same sex. I therefore believe it would be much more effective
if Chacotay's partner was not known for that type of activity. Since
Mr. Kim often joins you in your homosexual activity, the only
remaining choice is Tuvak."

Tuvak said "Very well." Looking at Chacotay he said "If you have
no objection, I would like to have you ejaculate into my anus.
While I can achieve an erection while not in Pon Farr, my current
low libido coupled with my lethargy due to this chemical
imbalance leaves me believing I will not be able to perform in the
dominant position."

Chacotay said "Fine with me. Doctor, how shall we proceed?"

"I would like to open a channel to the entire ship and give a
medical briefing to the crew. Then, perhaps the Captain could say
a few words to stir up a sense of duty amongst the crew. Following
that, we can have the display of anal sex."

Captain Janeway said "Sounds good. The sooner we get started,
the sooner we can get the crew back up to normal fitness levels.
Computer, open a ship wide channel."

"This is the Captain speaking. As most of you are probably aware,
there has been a medical problem affecting a large portion of the
crew. The Doctor has ascertained both a cause and a cure for the
illness. I am therefore turning this briefing over to him."

The Doctor took over and explained the situation to the crew.
There were gasps and expressions of revulsion across the ship
when he told them what they would have to do to cure themselves.
There were also many secret smiles.

When the Doctor finished the medical part of the briefing, the
Captain once again took over. "I know that many of you, especially
the males, may find the idea of having your rectum violated by a
fellow crew member’s penis to be unacceptable. However, I must
stress that this disease, if left unchecked, can lead to death in three
to four months. And we simply do not have the resources to affect
a cure for the entire ship using artificial means. That is why I say
to you now that each and every one of you should consider it your
duty to your ship, your Captain, and your fellow crewmates to
receive two ejaculations in your anus each and every week. In
order to show you the importance of this activity, and to ensure to
you that we in command will not be shirking our responsibility by
taking the easy way out, Commander Chacotay will now provide
the treatment to Mr. Tuvak."

All across the ship there were murmurs and whispered
conversations. Some couldn't believe the Captain would ask them
to do something so vile, but many were saying that they would do
whatever was necessary to ensure the ship ran at its peak
performance. There was a general feeling that as long as the
command personnel did their share, the enlisted members would
have to participate as well.

Mr. Tuvak spoke to the crew as he removed his clothing.
"Commander Chacotay will be inserting his penis into my anus.
The Doctor has informed me I should start feeling better within six
hours of his ejaculation. While I do not believe I will enjoy the act
itself, I greatly look forward to a reversal of my feeling of
tiredness." Soon, he was completely naked. His dark skin glistened
in the bright light of the briefing room. His limp penis dangled
over his scrotum. He turned to face the table and bent over, placing
his hands on the table. His ass was exposed. The Doctor fiddled
with the computer, projecting a close up of the Vulcan's puckered
asshole to all the display screens across the ship.

Commander Chacotay had removed his clothing and he stepped
into the picture. His cock was still soft so he took it in his hand and
began stroking it to get it erect. The computer switched to this
view and the entire crew watched as Chacotay's organ came to life.
Soon, it was fully erect and many of the crew thought to
themselves that they were glad that it was Tuvak who would take
that monster piece of meat in his ass and not them.

When Chacotay stepped up to Mr. Tuvak and aimed the swollen
head of his huge cock at Tuvak's asshole, Tom spoke up. "Wait!
You'll tear him apart if you don't lube that monster up first."

The Doctor took this as an opportunity to give the crew a lesson in
anal intercourse. "Mr. Paris has a good point. In order to make the
process as painless and as safe as possible, both the penis and the
anus should be well lubricated."

As the Doctor made his point, Paris had gotten some lubricant
from the replicator. He approached the nude couple and knelt
down. He spoke to the crew as he dipped his finger in the jelly. "Be
very liberal with the lubricant. Make sure you apply a generous
amount to the bottom's asshole." As he said this, he spread a gob
on Tuvak's dark opening. He rubbed it around, generously coating
both the opening and the flesh in the immediate vicinity. He then
went on "You must also lubricate the top’s cock as well." He then
spread more of the lubricant on Chacotay's steely member. He
lovingly ran his hand up and down the velvety shaft making sure it
was ready to slip into Tuvak's asshole as painlessly as possible.
Taking another dab of the jelly on his fingers he added "It's
especially important to get the head of the prick good and
slippery." He rubbed the stuff on Chacotay's purple glans, enjoying
the feel of his superior officer's prick in his hands. "OK, now
you’re ready to fuck his ass," said Paris as he looked up at

Chacotay repositioned his prick at Tuvak's butthole and applied a
little bit of pressure. Nothing happened. He pushed a little harder;
still no effect. He gave a little thrust forward and finally felt his
cockhead slip into Tuvak's ass. Despite himself, Tuvak let out a
little grunt at the intrusion.

There were a dozen or so crew members in the forward lounge
watching the instructional video on a large screen behind the bar.
A couple watched with disgust, several watched with a mixture of
fear and excitement, while a few watched with a growing sense of
arousal. Ensign Char looked at the beautiful Lieutenant Cruise
sitting next to him and said "Will you allow me to do my duty by
ejaculating in your pretty little bottom?"

Lieutenant Cruise looked at him and smiled. "I have been feeling
under the weather lately, perhaps a good butt fucking is just what I

They both got undressed and followed along with Chacotay and
Tuvak, much like a housewife of the mid-twentieth century might
follow a recipe on a cooking show. All across the ship, couples
began undressing and fucking each others asses. The female crew
members which numbered much less than their male counterparts
were in high demand, and soon males began pairing with other

Meanwhile, back in the briefing room, things were heating up.
Chacotay was now sliding his fuckstick in and out of Tuvak’s tight
ass at a furious pace. Tuvak surprised himself by feeling his own
cock come to life. Soon, he was as erect as Chacotay, if not quite
as large. The other officers were getting increasingly agitated.
Seven, in particular, who had quite limited sexual experience, was
getting hotter and hotter. She ran her hands down her body and
back up, pausing to squeeze her ample breasts. Belana couldn't
help but notice the beautiful blonde rubbing herself. She couldn't
stand it any longer; she needed some action.

The crew was surprised to see Lieutenant Torres step into the
picture. She immediately knelt down behind Chacotay and began
licking his balls which dangled between his legs.

Chacotay exclaimed "Of, fuck! Yes, Belana. Lick my nuts. Ooh,
nice! Stick your tongue in my ass while I fuck this hot Vulcan's
tight ass!"

Belana moved her attention up to Chacotay's puckered asshole and
began licking it as instructed. The Doctor, who had been taken
aback when Belana had joined in, quickly recovered. "You will
note that the addition of a third person may add to the sexual
pleasure of the participants in the treatment. If you find this is
helpful, by all means, add more people. Perhaps after Tuvak
receives his APG, he would be kind enough to give some to
Lieutenant Torres."

Seven commented "Doctor, Belana has not been affected by the
illness. She has clearly been receiving injections already. I
therefore believe it would make more sense for Tuvak to have anal
intercourse with me."

"You have a point," conceded the Doctor.

Seven stripped her clothes off to reveal her beautiful body. It
appeared to have been sculpted by Michaelangelo or some other
Master, its perfection was so total. Firm, large breasts were topped
by pink, erect nipples. Her body curved to form an incredible ass.
Her cunt was totally devoid of hair, but a vestigial Borg interface
was located just above her lovely snatch. Her pussy lips were red
and swollen with blood flow from her aroused state, and were
slightly spread to reveal her moist, pink interior.

Looking at Harry, she said "Perhaps you would like to lick my
vagina to increase my arousal. I believe that will make the ass
fucking that Mr. Tuvak will be giving me more pleasurable."

"Sure!" Harry responded with enthusiasm. He quickly removed his
own clothing as Seven got up on the table next to Tuvak's hands on
her back . She scooted to the edge of the table and lifted her knees
up to her chest, exposing her cunt.

Harry was now totally naked, sporting a rockhard erection. He
knelt down in front of Seven and began licking her twat. Her cunt
was already quite wet and Harry soon had her juice flowing like a
river. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, flicking it across her
clit and probing the opening to her quim. Soon, his face was
covered in her nectar. He moved lower and began licking Seven's

"Computer, focus here," ordered Tom. Paris positioned his face so
the computer could get a shot of him and still get a clear view of
Harry's tongue rimming the beautiful Seven. "This is another
technique that is quite effective at lubricating an asshole. Instead
of using a messy jelly, just lick your partner's shit chute. You may
think its disgusting, but don't judge till you've tried it. It is very
exciting, both for the licker and the lickee."

Harry and Seven both seemed to enjoy it. Seven was moaning and
thrashing about as Harry pulled on his lovepole, all the while never
letting Seven's delicious asshole escape from his probing tongue.

The Captain had tried to show some decorum throughout the
proceedings, but the sight of Seven's hairless snatch drove her over
the edge. She crawled up on the table and straddled Seven's face,
and then leaned down to eat her pussy. She went to work on
Seven's clit, causing her to moan in ecstasy. Seven lifted her head
and rubbed her face on her Captain's crotch. The Captain was still
fully dressed, but the friction still turned her on immensely.

As all this was happening, the crew watched on the monitors. All
were stunned that what had started as a medical briefing had
turned into a bisexual orgy. Many of the crew watched and
masturbated, while another large number started their own orgies.
Still others turned away in disgust, not able to believe how
depraved their commanders were.

Chacotay continued to sheath his prick in Tuvak's hot ass. He
could feel Tuvak's bowels tighten on his fuckpole as he drove it
home. He would pull back until he felt the swell of his mushroom
cockhead come up against Tuvak's sphincter, then he would slam
his pecker back into the dark tunnel to the hilt. As he slammed
forward, his balls would sway and slap up against Tuvak's sac. All
the while, Belana continued to lick Chacotay's anus.

Chacotay felt his cum boiling in his balls. He yelled "Here it
comes! Oh, fuck!" He spurted his sticky seed into Tuvak's hot ass.
His whole body tensed as shot after shot of his jism painted the
inside of Tuvak's rectum. He felt his cock start to deflate, and he
pulled it out with a wet squishy noise.

Tuvak straightened up and looked at Chacotay. "Thank you. I hope
that in a few hours I will be feeling better due to this experience. I
am able to report that it was not as unpleasant as I had feared it
would be. In fact, I found it sexually stimulating." His stiff prick
jutting out from his loins told everyone watching that Tuvak was
not making this up for the benefit of the crew.

Tapping Harry on the shoulder, Tuvak said "I believe Seven wants
her medication now. Thank you for preparing her."

"No problem. Let me get your prick wet." Harry turned and took
Tuvak's engorged tool into his mouth. He slid it in and out a couple
of times, making sure to coat it liberally with his saliva.

"Once again, I am in your debt. Perhaps later, I can repay you with
a dose of medication." Harry could have sworn he saw a trace of a
smile on the Vulcan's face as Tuvak stepped up to Seven’s ass and
drove his cock into it in one smooth motion. Seven gasped in pain
as her anal virginity was taken so suddenly. Tuvak ignored her as
he immediately began sliding his rigid pecker in and out of her
tight ass.

Tuvak looked at Harry again and said "Come here." Harry stepped

"There is something on your mouth." Tuvak's tongue slipped out
and licked Harry's lips. Harry was too surprised to react. Tuvak
looked contemplative for a moment before saying "I believe it is
the vaginal secretions of Seven. They are quite pleasant tasting."
He again licked Harry's face. This time, Harry responded by
placing his hand behind Tuvak's head and holding him as he kissed
Tuvak back. Soon, their tongues were dancing with each other as
Tuvak continued to pound his man meat into Seven's rectum.

As Tuvak fucked Seven's butt, Tom had gone to the other side of
the table and removed Captain Janeway's shoes and pants. Her cunt
was now in full view, as well as her ass. Seven hungrily lapped at
her Captain's slit as Paris rimmed her pretty asshole. Tom forced
his way lower, tearing Seven's mouth away from the Captain's
pussy. He kissed Seven's mouth awkwardly with his face pointing
the wrong way, but relishing the flavor of the Captain’s cunt
cream. Her crawled up on the table and slid his tumescent pecker
into the Captain's eager snatch, but quickly withdrew it. His penis
was now slick with her juice, and he said "Take your medicine like
a good girl," and slid his cock into her asshole.

Belana and Chacotay were curled up in a chair, kissing and
fondling each other as they watched the show. The Captain and
Seven were sixty-nining, eating each others pussies with abandon.
Tuvak continued to slam his meat into Seven's ass as Paris
pummeled the Captain's shit hole with his own steely organ. Harry
had joined in and was licking Tom's ass.

Tuvak grunted and said "Here's your medication Seven."

Tuvak's orgasm rippled through the assembly like they were one
person. First Seven reacted by giving a muffled yell into her
Captain's quim as her own orgasm was unleashed by the feeling of
Tuvak's jizz in her bowels. This caused her to pull Captain
Janeway's ass down harder on her face, causing the Captain to lose
control to her own orgasm. As her cunt walls tightened and her
sphincter contracted, Tom also let his own load of cum fly. Within
seconds, the four were a writhing mass of cumming flesh.

As the group orgasm diminished, the Doctor spoke up one more
time. “Well, I hope you enjoy your treatments as much as our
participants here did. I will be testing every member of the crew
over the next seventy two hours. Those who have not received an
injection will be referred to the Captain for possible disciplinary


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