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Note: This story takes place right before episode 7 of the TV series ("Eye
of the Needle", the one where they find the wormhole to the Alpha quadrant)
and immediately after the first Voyager episode for the Internet by Pussy
Willow (check your local newsgroups or S.T. archives). There are also
references to the third season ST:TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" and
the Sela episodes. Also, read episode 1: "S-Space" first if at all

Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 2 - Lost And Found Part 2 (f/f,m/ff,ws,dom)
by MG

In Sickbay, Janeway had just left with Tuvok and the shuttle pilot they had
rescued, a Star Fleet officer by the name of Lt. Tasha Yar. Tuvok had
checked their ship records for her, and found that she had died about 7 years
ago. "Curious," he had said. Even curiouser was the fact that this did not
surprise Tasha. Kes stood by and tried not to think about Janeway. She
tried not to think about the dildo up her ass. She tried to concentrate on
the medical texts the Holodoctor had given her to study. She was a fast
learner and had a great curiosity, she would need both since she was now the
Holodoctor's nurse. Just then Neelix came in.

"Kes! There you are! I've been looking for you all morning!" Neelix
strolled up to Kes. She quickly spun around hoping he wouldn't notice that
she wan't wearing any underwear as per the Captain's orders, not to mention
the phallus sticking two inches out of her butt.

"Oh..uh.. Hi, Neelix. I've been busy with the Holodoctor, studying texts...
the human anatomy is really fascinating," especially Janeway's, she thought
to herself.

"Hmm, you've been spending a lot of time down here with this 'Holodoctor',
Kes," Neelix was a naturally oversuspicious type. If I didn't know he was a
hologram I might think you were cheating on me!"

"Neelix! No!" she protested a bit too much, "Don't be rediculous!" A
reprogrammable sexual partner, who could be anything you wanted... that would
be a novel experience she thought to herself.

"Well, good, because your ass is mine," Neelix said rather lewdly as he ran
his hand up the back of Kes' leg towards her butt.

"Neelix!" she yelped as she intercepted his hand just before it got to where
her pantyline should have been, "there are people here!"

"He's a doctor, he's seen it all, besides, he's just a hologram..." but Kes'
stare showed him she was serious and he ceased trying to feel her up. He got
close to her and tried to be seductive (a hopeless aim for him) as he
whispered, "let's go someplace a little more private, then."

Kes held her breath until he backed away, Neelix had the most horrible breath
odor. "Alright", she acquiesced, "let's go." She hated sex with Neelix, it
was like fucking a warthog, but one with a mouse's penis. Yet, she owed him,
and she could never repay that debt. As they began to leave the Sickbay she
realized she would have to remove the dildo in private before giving in to

"Oh, Kes," the doctor said just as they were about to leave.

"Yes Doctor?"

"Do you realize you have a twelve inch dildo up your ass?" the holodoctor
asked with total bluntness.

Neelix's head spun so fast he almost broke the warp barrier.


Kes was too stunned to speak. She looked wide-eyed at Neelix, then down at
her butt. As Neelix continued to blubber incoherently, she lifted her skirt
to reveal the protuding two inches.

"Oh, you're right, doctor!" Kes seemed just as surprised as Neelix, who was
now doing triple takes between the doctor, Kes, and the dildo.

" the HELL!!!!..." he stammered as she pulled the dildo
out and examined it curiously.

"Hmmm," she struck a pensive, curious look, "now how do you suppose THAT got

Neelix was speechless. Kes thanked the doctor for his help and led Neelix to
his cabin. He didn't stop blubbering for three hours.

In the Conference Room, Tasha had been made comfortable and the last of the
senior crew arrived. Janeway especially wanted Kim and Torres there since
Tasha's explanation seemed to be very complex. Finally, Kim and Torres walked
in. Janeway wondered why they were both so late, then a few reasons popped
into her mind, and Kim DID look exhausted.

Suddenly, Tasha jumped up and nearly knocked over her coffee. She was
glaring at Torres.

"What's HER problem?" Torres spat.

"Lieutennant? Is something the matter?" Janeway asked, placing a soothing
hand on Tasha's arm.

"I...I'm sorry, Captain...just a conditioned reaction," she said as she sat
down, still keeping Torres in her line of sight, "as I told you, in the
alternate reality I came from, we were at war with the Klingons."

"Oh yes, right," Janeway remembered.

"Alternate Reality?" Kim queried.

"Lt. Yar claims that she comes from an parallel universe," Tuvok said, "one
similar to our own except for certain...details."

"Yes, Tasha, why don't you tell them what you told us," Janeway prompted.

"Okay...well, it all started one day when I was on the bridge and were under
attack by Klingons," Tasha noticed Torres roll her eyes in ridicule, "and
there was this space phenomenon, and the Enterprise-B came through. They
were fighting a battle against the Romulans about seventy years earlier and
had come through to our time," Paris' brain began to hurt, Torres wasn't even
trying to understand anymore and Kim was more worried about the pain in his

"So, then Guinan tells me that 'something's wrong', and then tells me I'm
supposed to be dead- some tar pit killed me or something. Then we realize
that this ship has to back into the past, because if it does, we won't be at
war with the Klingons anymore."

Paris was shaking now, and Chakotay was falling asleep. Only Tuvok seemed to
be following her story, "So I met this guy, and he was cute, and I was
supposed to be dead anyway, so I went back to the past with him. So, like we
were supposed to, we lost to the Romulans, but I wasn't killed like I thought
I would be. This Romulan commander captured me and made me his wife. He was
a nice guy, and a real masochist, so I was okay with it, I like being in
charge," both Torres and janeway grinned at this remark, "So I had a baby,
Sela, and lived with my husband on a remote outpost."

"That doesn't explain-" Tuvok began.

"SO, then the Federation executed a Romulan spy, and the Romulan High Command
wanted me dead as payback. I guess they picked me because I was kind of an
embarassment- I had Te'Don pussywhipped and everyone knew it. On Romulus,
women are not supposed to be in charge. But Te'Don really cared for me so
he managed to fake my death, and I escaped in a shuttlecraft. But after my
escape, I got sucked into a wormhole and ended up here, wherever 'here' is,"
Tuvok's brow was furrowed deeply by now, the only people who could grasp the
plot details now were the Star Trek writers. "And I was chased by some
pirates, and, well, here I am! Back in the Federation!"

Everyone in the room took a collective deep sigh of relief.

"Whatever, it's good to have you, Tasha," Janeway said,"but I'm afraid you're
not quite back home yet. First of all, you travelled about 60 years into the
future, and we're lost in the Gamma Quadrant, 70,000 light years from the

Tasha froze in mid-sip. "Shit."

"Captain, if I might, I'd like to see if I can locate the wormhole she came
through, it might lead us back home if we can find it," Kim said with
enthusiasm. He desperately wanted to get back home, especially due to recent

"Very good, Mr. Kim, get on it... that is if Torres doesn't need you
anymore..." Janeway grinned.

"What are you asking HER for-" Kim sputtered, but he caught the looks between
Janeway and Torres as the half-klingon nodded. Kim blushed beet red and left
without asking permission. He was gonna FIND that damn wormhole!

"I guess you'll be needing some rest, Tasha, you've been through a lot. Mr.
Paris, would you show her to some temporary quarters?" Janeway asked.

Just as Paris' erection grew, Torres interrupted, "Captain, if I may, I'd
like to escort her, in the name of...Interspecies Harmony."

Janeway though it was more like InterCOURSE, but she allowed it. Paris
sulked like a schoolboy who got his lunch stolen.

Meanwhile, Kes was trying not to sneeze as the shorter Neelix "rammed" into
her, his head fur tickling her nose. Neelix was really trying to drive it
home since he had caught Kes faking it before he was even in her. It's an
honest mistake, Kes thought, she could never tell when he was in her or not.
She began thinking of Janeway and she remembered that Janeway had plans for
her, the "new kink" she had mentioned. This suddenly got her aroused and
she came within a couple minutes just imagining all the perverted things
Janeway could make her do. Neelix acted like a stud for days, but Kes didn't
really care, she got what she needed, and so did he.

"You'll be in the guest quarters until we get you a permanent room," Torres
said as she led her down the guest wing. "We don't get many visitors,
really, so your only neighbors will be Kes and Neelix." She led her to the
third door on the right. Tasha was trying to concentrate on what Torres was
saying, but she couldn't keep her eyes off Torres' hot ass swaying back and

Torres opened the door and Tasha let her go in first.

"It looks pretty much like the Enterprise I was on, a little more comfortable
but we were at war-" Tasha turned to look at Torres for her reaction and saw
her toss her uniform onto the bed. She had some fasting rope she had
produced from her pocket and strode toward Tasha like a predator.

"So, you like to be in charge, hunh?" Torres growled, practically bursting
with horniness.

"Most of the time..." Tasha said as Torres stopped with her lips mere inches
from hers. She parted them slightly and turned her head up. Torres grabbed
her by the hair, pulled her head back and kissed her roughly and deeply, at
the same time grabbing Tasha's croth and massaging it. Tasha moaned in
ecstacy. It had been a long time since SHE had been on the bottom. She had
made it with a Klingon once before when she was captured and interrogated by
two extremely perverted Klingon sisters named Lursa and Betor, THAT was an
experience she'll never forget and always crave.

When Torres finally abruptly broke the kiss, Tasha found that her hands had
been tied behind her back without her noticing. Torres had obviously done
this before. The klingon woman grabbed Tasha by the front of her dress and
shoved her back on the bed with her other hand, tearing the garment to

"Prepare to be FUCKED," Torres roared savagely and...


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