Don't read this if you don't like sex. Don't read this if you're under 18.
Don't read this if you don't like something that you think is 'demeaning to
women' and don't read this if womem on women disgust you. The rest is up to
you. I happen to be a woman and don't think sex is demeaning to us in any
way. The choice to read is up to you.

I would appreciate any comments or story ideas for later stories. Feel free
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This one gets a little more complicated and a little dirtier. If you don't
like strong females, sometimes dominating other women, sometimes men, get out
now. Likewise if you're not 18 or if you are sexually immature.

Read on and enjoy....

Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 1 - S-Space - Part 3 (f,m/F,F/f,orgy,fdom)
by Pussy Willow

Harry Kim pushed the button that would open the door to the Captain's ready
room. Tuvok, who seemed amused for a change, told him his girlfriend was in
there with Torres. Harry heard someone chuckle but thought nothing of it.

When the door opened, he immediately heard a buzzing sound fill the air. He
gasped as he looked inside the room. Marlin was on the Captain's desk,
completely naked, her long black hair let out of its pony tail. She was on
her knees with her legs spread wide and a vibrating cock shoved deep in her
pussy. She was moaning and bucking against the thing inside her. Torres sat
back and watched her fuck herself with the vibrator, holding a holo picture.

"Put a finger in your ass," Torres said. And Marlin immediately complied.
She bucked even more as her finger wound its way in. She pushed the cock even
harder into her pussy and started babbling incoherently.

Torres finally say Harry. "Kim," she said. "Take off your clothes and get on
the desk with her."

Harry paused - for about a moment. He had always fantasized about Torres,
ever since the first episode. There was something about that Klingon head...

He was naked in a moment and sat on the desk. Torres came over, placing the
holo maker on the chair, and looked at Kim's cock. It was about seven inches
long and thick. She had heard that Chakatoy's was longer, but never
experienced it first hand. She reahced out and took Kim's cock in her hand.
It came alive instantly and began getting hard. She smiled as Kim blushed.
Marlin moaned again as another wave of pleasure went through her. She was
building to a great orgasm.

When Harry was rock hard, Torres spread her hand in Marlin's pussy, gathering
up some lubrication. She spread it over Harry's penis and began stroking
slowly on his shaft. Harry moaned and closed his eyes. Torres stopped and
said, "Fuck her in the ass."

Marlin gasped and moaned even louder. She shoved the dildo even deeper and
almost came. Kim moved into place quickly and pushed his cock head against
her tight little asshole. He grunted as he pushed his cock in deeper. Marlin
cried, partly in pain and partly in pleasure. Kim could feel the vibrator on
his cock as he plowed deeper into Marlin. She bucked under him and pushed her
ass back against his thrust.

"That's it," Torres said. "Tell him how much you want it. I love to watch a
woman get fucked in the ass. And...." She trailed off as she thought.

Marlin was coming and she bucked even more under Kim. The vibrator she buried
deep into her cunt and began shaking all over. She screamed as the orgasm
ripped through her. "Come in my ass!" she yelled.

Torres slapped Kim on the ass and pulled him out. Marlin fell on the desk as
Kim sighed in frustration.

"I want you to lay on the desk, Kim. On your back. Marlin, I want you to lay
like that too, facing him, with your feet touching together.

Kim did as he was told. His prick jutted straight into the air, purple from
pleasure. His balls hung heavily under it and Torres gripped these tightly as
Marlin moved into position. Kim moaned. "Will you listen to eveything I tell
you to do?" Torres asked. Kim nodded.

Torres reached into the captain's desk and pulled something out. It was big
and long and Kim swallowed hard when he saw it had two heads. It was a big
double-headed dildo.

Marlin almost came again just looking at it and knowing what Torres had in
mind. "Oh, yes," Marlin said. "I want to fuck him in the ass while he jerks
off and you watch!"

Kim closed his eyes and wondered what he had gotten himself into. But his
cock gave him away. It jumped when Marlin said it, and she saw it. They both
did. He blushed deeply from the situation. He was at the mercy of two women.

"I think he likes the idea," Torres said. Harry exhaled deeply. "Wait, I
want to get this all on tape," Torres said excitedly.

With the holo-creator in place, Torres lubed up the dildo with a packet she
had found in the desk. Harry's cock had gotten bigger as he watched her do
it. Marlin was rubbing her pussy and thinking about fucking Harry.

Torres placed one end against Marlin's pussy opening. She moaned as it
slipped inside. "Hold it there," Torres told Marlin. "We want it to get
inside Harry too."

The other end she aimed at Harry's hairy little opening. He grunted as he
felt the tip push its way in. Marlin sat up and watched as the tip
disappeared inside her boyfriend's ass. "Make him jerk off," she said.

Torres simply looked at him, no threats were necessay, and he wrapped his
hand around his cock. Resigned to his fate, he slowly began stroking himself
as he felt the plastic cock slowly make its way into his ass. He was groaning
a little and made himself stop. He didn't want to look like he was liking it
and escpecialy didn't want to give them the satisfaction. But he knew he was

Marlin came again watching him stroke himself as he got fucked in the ass by
Torres. When the dildo was almost all the way in Harry, and Marlin and him
were close together, Torres picked up the holo-creator and stepped back.
Marlin took her cue and pushed hard on the dildo, it slipped a little deeper
into Harry and he moaned in pleasure. She had another orgasm just from
hearing him like it. He jerked quicker on his cock and it jerked in his hand.
A little pre-cum gushed form the tip.

After a few moments Harry began meeting Marlin's thrusts and even began
thrusting back. Soon they were dueling with the dildo between them until
Harry finally jerked even quicker and his cock erupted with a flow of cum
that looked like it would never stop coming out. Torres got it all on tape
as it sprayed acorss Harry's shoulders and face, covering him in his own
cum. By that time he was squirming and bouncing on the dildo. Marlin had
another orgasm.

"I got your own facial on tape, Harry," Torres said. She reached down and
pushed a little cum into Harry's mouth. She kept his mouth closed until he
was forced to swallow.

He was humiliated and embarrassed but his cock was still hard. Marlin took
the dildo out of her pussy but left it in Harry's ass. She bent down to get
a closer look. When she did so, she pushed the dildo in and out of Harry's
ass, fucking him. He moaned and almost cried. The dildo was slipping in and
out of his ass effortlessly.

"Looks like we aren't done yet," Torres said.


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