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Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 1 - S-Space - Part 2 (f,m/F,F/f,orgy,fdom)
by Pussy Willow

The lounge on the Voyager was not too crowded. It was between crew rotations
so a lot of people were busy getting their shit together before they began
their 'day'. There were about eight or nine people in various states of

Paris was already there, sipping on synthahol. His mind kept playing over and
over again the scene with Janeway on her desk, completely naked, with her
pussy dripping. He memorized every exquisite movement of her fingers, every
blur of her hand, every jut of her back to meet a thrust in her pussy. It was
all there in the sweeping expanse of his mind.

It was quite a shock to him when Janeway entered the lounge, fully clothed to
his disappointment. He was so embroiled in his memories of that masturbation
show that it took him a moment to realize Kes was tailing behind her, her
face and even her pointed ears red with shame. *She* was naked. And Paris
could tell, hell it didn't take a genius, that she was very aroused. Her
nipples jutted magnificantly, rock hard and twitching. Her ass was still a
little red and Paris' mind worked overtime thinking up an explanation for

Kes stared at the floor and wouldn't look anyone in the eye. She was very
embarrased, not so much because she was nude and humiliated but because she
was liking every moment of it. Somehow that was more embarrasing than the
situation itself. She had two orgasms on the way down just wondering what
would happen.

Janeway nodded to Paris and motioned for him to join her. By this time
everyone in the lounge had noticed Kes. "If anyone would like a closer look,"
Janeway said. "Feel free to gather around my table." She leaned closer to
Paris, but Kes could still hear. "I have a holo-picture for you," she
whispered and Kes gasped. Would she really let Paris watch it?"

Janeway sat down quickly and grabbed Kes over her knee. Some of the others,
both male and female, gathered around them. Kes was thankful her face was
hidden, but her ass and pussy were there for everyone to see.

"I'm going to spank you, Kes," Janeway said. "And I want everyone here to see
and hear. Each one that I do, you will count out. Either that, or we'll start
over. Understand?"

Kes swallowed hard and tried not to tremble, but she did. The people around
laughed a little and it make her squirm with shame. Janeway's hand slammed
down on her cheek, leaving a little mark and making Kes squeal.


"Yes," Kes answered quickly. This brought some more laughter from the small

Janeway worked a finger into her tight pussy and this made Kes moan with
pleasure. The people began mumbling among themselves. "You're all wet, Kes.
You like this don't you? You like when I do this to you?"

"Yes," she whispered. "Louder," Janeway said and punctuated it with a slap.
"Yes," Kes replied. "Yes I like it." She almost had an orgasm right then,
knowing everyone was watching her. Her pussy clenched around Janeway's finger
and so she knew.

"You little slut," Janeway whispered and she felt Kes' pussy clutch again.
She chose then to quickly slap her cheek. Kes nearly cried out but bit her
lip. "I didn't hear anything, Kes. We'll start over." Kes moaned but when
Janeway slapped again, she counted out.

The people around were really enjoying the show. Some had moved to the back
to see Kes's pussy and ass as it squirmed in Janeway's lap. Others bent lower
to see her face. Every slap brought another moan from Kes and a number and
also a giggle or a gasp from the crowd. Each shot sent a tingle through Kes
and almost set her off. She didn't want to come in front of all those people,
anmd particularly not in front of Paris. So each time she held back but each
time it got harder to do so.

Paris sat directly across from them both and watched with fascination. He
caught Janeway's eye and smiled. Janeway said, "Kes, pick up your head and
look at Paris while I spank you."

Kes sighed but she was now almost conditioned to comply with whatever Janeway
asked. She blushed even deeper but picked her head up. Paris looked at her
with a smirk that said he was enjoying her humiliation. For some reason Kes
tensed while waiting for the next slap. She knew what would happen, perhaps.
But when it came she could not hold back. The orgasm started small and worked
into the biggest, and in this sense worst, orgasm she had ever had. All the
while she did not, could not, take her eyes from Paris. She bucked and heaved
on Janeway's lap, her pussy fucking thin air up and down. She started
screaming and finally passed out.

* * *

Torres paced the bridge. The captain was gone. Someone had shut off the comm
system to the lounge, where the computer said she probably was, and locked
the door. Her badge was in Kes' room but there was no one there. So, they
were all in the lounge, the Captain, Kes, Paris and a few others. None of
them were responding to her hails.

To make matters worse she was getting urges. Her human side wanted somone to
cuddle with, and her Klingon side wanted, well, that was best kept out of
mind. She found herself glancing over at the nurse who was on the bridge. She
was a short, black haired girl with saucer eyes. Her black hair was done up
in a pony tail, exactly the way Torres liked it in a human female. She wore
a little mini skirt, since she was off duty and there were no regulations.
She was Harry Kim's girlfriend, Torres knew. She also knew that she never
gave Kim any. Paris was forever busting him about it. Marlin, her name was,
Belona Torres remembered.

Marlin shifted uncomfortably in her little chair. She didn't know what
possessd her, she was usually conservative, to wear a skrt that barely
covered her thighs. She also shocked herself by not wearing any underwear.
Now she was acutely aware of everyone's attention in Harry's absence. Once
she had swivelled her chair so that it had faced Tuvok, who stood deep inside
his thoughts, near the turbolift door. Unconsciously it seemed, she had
parted her legs and had pretended to stretch. Tuvok hardly moved, and she
supposed that's why she did it, but she did see him slightly raise an
eyebrow. She knew it was a sight: she kept her pussy neatly trimmed, but a
Vulcan could not fully appreciate it. She had quickly turned away and
re-crossed her legs. She was still blushing slightly from the embarrasment,
fifteen minutes later.

Now she was aware of Torres looking at her. Every once in a while she would
catch her looking from the corner of her eye. Torres acted like a school boy
and kept trying to look up her skirt. Marlin though the only way she would
stop it would be to let her see. Even as she contemplated it, her pussy
warmed in excitement. She had never thought of another woman before, but
those ridges on Torres' head looked like fun.

So she did the same thing she had done with Tuvok, but this time parted them
even more. Torres caught sight of it, looked directly up her dress, and
licked her Klingon lips sensuously. Marlin knew her pussy was on full
display, along with her obvious excitement. She did not re-cross her legs,
though. Unconsciously again, her hand rubbed at her neck and she closed her

When she opened them again, Torres was right beside her. She felt her heavy
breathing on her neck. "Come with me," she told Marlin. Her voice was deep
and thoraty, almost masculine. One of Torres' hands gently carressed Marlin's
neck and she moaned. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her thigh, just below the
skirt. Torres was moving it up slowly, carressing as she went. Marlin spread
her legs a little more and this was the sign Torres was waiting for. She
moved her hand all the way up and brushed against Marlin's clit. It sent a
shiver through her and she moaned louder.

"Not here," she whispered, but was willing to not put up a fight.

"Come," Torres said and led her to the Captain's waiting room. As they
entered the room, Torres said, "If Kim gets here, send him directly inside."

The door closed silently just as Torres leaned over and, one hand still up
Marlin's skirt, she kissed her deeply. She felt a thrill herself when
Marlin's tongue made contact with her own.


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