Crossfire: Crossworlds - Star Trek Voyager - Assimilation (f/f,mc,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

To anyone else, spatial anomalies might have seemed strange.

To the crew of the Starship Voyager, they were common place. That didn't mean
that there wasn't any concern for them.

Indeed, considerable work was going into the study of the phenomenon.

"It appears to be some sort of weakening in the fabric of space Captain."
Ensign Kim noted aloud.

"How wide spread is it?" Janeaway asked, hoping that there might be a way
around it. In the past they had suffered some ill

effects from similar phenomenon.

"It.." Kim paused, confused by what he saw before him. "Tuvok? Can you
conform this console is operating correctly?"

"It is." the vulcan replied tersely.

"Then.. the weakening extends as far as our scanners do." Kim swallowed
nervously. "Including places we've been before.

Captain, if I didn't know better I'd say.."

"Yes ensign?" Janeaway noted the hesitation in his voice.

"This anomaly occupies the entire Quadrant. Perhaps even.. the entire

"Do you require assistance?"

Torres looked up to see Seven of Nine awaiting orders.

"Actually I do." the engineer said to the Borg. "Ever since Harry spotted
that anomaly, things have been functioning strangely. I think there might be
some problems with the subspace relays."

"As a Borg unit, I am experienced in such technology. Perhaps I should
analyse the problem."

"I would be most grateful."

Torres stepped away from the console, letting the Borg woman begin work.

Seven tapped a key.

There was a flash of light, forcing Torres to shield her eyes.

When she was able to look again, Seven was simply gone.

* * *

The power had been on and off all evening but at least the hot water was
still running.

A warm shower and an early night was all Jeri Ryan had planned.

By the time she stepped out, the entire bathroom was filled with steam.

She slipped a bathrobe around her and took a step.

The lights cut out.

For a second she stood still, then, very cautiously she slid forward to the
door. The last thing she wanted was to slip over and hurt herself in the

She opened the door and walked out into the corridor.

She took three steps then felt herself falling to the floor, her world fading
to black.

Her last thought before losing consciousness was how she had managed to slip
on the carpet.

* * *

Jeri awoke in her room, groggy.

She looked up at the dark roof, blinking as she wondered what had happened.

She tried to move but had no success.

Twisting her neck she saw that her wrists had been tied firmly to the head of
her bed. Her ankles were the same.

She heard footsteps in the dim light.

She looked up and could have swore she was dreaming.

Standing beside the bed was.. her.

In full Seven costume and make up. Impossible. Even more so when the woman
turned to her.

"You have regained consciousness. I believe my system will no proceed."

"Proceed?" With what?" Jeri asked, confused.

"I am uncertain. I am suffering unusual effects from subspace distortion. I
am Seven of Nine."

"I know." Jeri replied.

"You are aware of my designation? How curious. I assume this is a parallel
universe in which I was not assimilated by the Borg."

"Something like that. My name is Jeri."

Jeri had no idea what was going on but she decided to play along for the time

"Can you let me go please?"

"Negative. The subspace shift has damaged my systems. I am unable to control
my own actions."

"But, why did you do this?"

"I am not sure. I suspect that this may be residual Borg programming."

Jeri shivered.

"You're going to assimilate me?"

"Negative. I no longer have the capacity for such. However, I believe that my
system may be attempting to acquire your loyalties. I believe your term is
mind control."

"Please." Jeri shuddered. "Don't do this?"

"I am not in control of my body. I will attempt to help you resist the

"I thought resistance was futile." Jeri whimpered.

"Given the circumstances I believe it is not." Seven moved onto the bed. She
straddled the waist of her naked prisoner.

Seven reached out her palms and pressed them against Jeris ample breasts. She
began to knead them gently, pressing them down.

"What are you doing?" Jeri shivered at the warm touch.

"I believe I am attempting to weaken your mental defences through sexual
stimulation. The breasts are considered erogenous zones among human females."

"I know." Jeri growled, angry at Sevens analytical tone. She was equally
angry with the way the touch was arousing her.

"You should attempt to concentrate on something else."

"This is insane! Can't you do anything?" Jeri tugged at her bonds again.

"I am attempting to reroute my controls but it will take some time. I suggest
you refrain from excess movement. Your erect nipples already indicate

Jeri felt the warm palms rub over her stiff nipples.

Seven began to undulate her legs, squeezing Jeris body beneath her.

"You're attempts to resist must be stronger." Seven said calmly as she
pressed down on her victim. You're heart and respiration rates have both

"I'm trying." Jeri moaned but she knew her efforts were in vain. Seven was
too skilled in human anatomy, and her technique was flawless.

"I believe I am producing synthetic pheromones." Seven said. "They will
increase your arousal further."

Seven stopped her rubbing and lay herself down upon Jeri, lying between her
splayed legs.

The hot skin of Jeris breasts pressed against the soft fabric of Seven suit.
The actress found herself looking directly into the eyes of the Borg.

"You must resist." Seven said as she placed her hand on Jeris face. Fingers
moved and Jeri felt her eyelids being forced open.

Seven began to grind her crotch between Jeris legs, pressing in just the
right spots.

Jeri let out a moan of pleasure and distress, unable to deny the sensation.

A light shone from Sevens Borg face piece, directly into Jeris open eyes.

"What are you doing!" Jeri yelled, unable to break free as the images began
to flash in her eyes.

"Optical stimulation is the most effective means of direct neural
interaction." Seven said calmly. "Attempt to concentrate on something else.
Prime numbers."

"Alright." Jeri gasped as their bodies rubbed together. "2, 3, 5 , 7. Seven!"
she screamed as the light began twice as intense, burning into her mind.
Seven held tight, thrusting her hips against those of her captive. Their
breasts pressed together, separated only by a thin layer of fabric.

"There is no use in distress. Try to Nggggnnn.." her sentence was cut in half
as she began to kiss Jeri. Jeri felt the tongue probing her mouth, flicking
inside her. She felt the body pressing against her, rubbing her body.

For the first time she realised that Sevens analytical calm had been a
comfort. Without it, she found herself descending into the mad passion of
the action. The intense images that filled her mind made it hard to think of
anything else but sex.

Sex and Seven. Seven and Sex. Seven was Sex.

Jeri moaned as the first tingle of approaching orgasm shot through her
crotch. She could feel the smooth surface of Sevens suit, rubbing against her
sex, pressing her in all the right ways.

She wondered if Seven was wet beneath that fabric.

Were her nipples pressing against the fabric from the inside the way Jeris
were from without?

Sevens breasts, perfect as her own. Her mind was invaded with thoughts,
kissing and sucking those breasts. She wanted to peel that tight suit from
Sevens body, press bare flesh to flesh.

She shivered as another jolt shot though her.

Sex. Sex with Seven was perfect. Soon. Soon it would be complete.

The lights stopped.

The movement stopped.

Jeri looked up as Seven sat upright, separating their bodies.

"I have regained control."

"No!" Jeri moaned. Never in her life had she felt so close to such an intense

Seven swiftly removed the bonds that held her captive.

"Are you in distress?"

"No." Jeri sighed.

"Ah." Seven nodded. "You are experiencing sexual frustration. There is no
further risk of your conversion. You may relieve yourself."

"Relieve myself?" Jeri said, bewildered and puffed.

"Do you wish me to perform cunalingus? I believe it is an effective method of
inducing orgasm."

Jeri was still too dazed to think normally. She nodded and fell back on the

It was all impossible. It had to be a dream and if so, she may as well enjoy

She felt a soft breath and then pure, precise ecstasy absorbed her.

Resistance was not futile.

It was nonexistant.


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