Star Trek - Voyager: Blank Space Interlude (m/f,hum)
by Indian Outlaw ([email protected])

Janeway paced her ready room.

Commander Chakotay sat legs crossed, resting his chin on his hand.

Janeway sported a very stern look. Chakotay knew she was not happy, but her
Starfleet training kept her from blowing up. He admired her backside as her
pace quickened.

"Bleeeeep." The door chimed. Janeway took a seat behind her desk.

"Come." Janeway barked. She deliberately checked her temper. The doors
parted, in walked the tall, slender silver suited, big breasted, blonde;
Seven of Nine. Immediately following her was B'Elanna Torres. They stopped
in front of the captain's desk.

B'Elanna stood at attention, while Seven's normally erect posture seemed to
mimic B'Elanna. Janeway leaned back and stared at them for a full minute. She
then leaned forward, staring both ladies in the eye.

"What am I going to do." Rhetorical question. "I thought I had two members of
my crew out to get each other. But everywhere I look I see you two together.
While I have encouraged you Seven, to seek companionship with other
crewmembers, I definitely cannot allow this to continue." Janeway stood and
grabbed a PADD. "Let's review."

Commander Chakotay shifted in his chair. He carefully studied the two women
for any changes in their expressions. Janeway walked over and looked Torres
directly in the face.

"First, I would like to know, just how the bio-filters were changed on the
transporter. They don't seem to allow Seven to stay clothed every time she
returns to the ship. I am almost afraid to take Seven down simply because I
am tired of seeing her naked body in the transporter room."

"Speak for yourself." Chakotay thought to himself. The captain now moved in
front of Seven of Nine.

"As for you. Do you have any idea how the service drone in engineering
decided last week to go berserk? It chased Lt. Torres here down, tore her
uniform to shreds, leaving her naked and cornered. Then," she looked and read
from the PADD, "it proceeded to tickle her until she cried UNCLE, then it
shutdown." Janeway slowly returned to her chair and sat down.

"Captain, I..." Torres started to speak but the captain put up her hand.

"I'm not finished. I have at least 3 reports on each of you running down the
corridors of this ship wearing little or no clothing at all. And if it wasn't
bad enough. Several other crewmembers have been effected too." She picked up
the PADD again.

"Who can tell me how the main viewer on the bridge decided to show the
security monitor's view of supply room 6, at the precise time both yourself
Lt. Torres and Mr. Parres were, shall we engaged in a very personal act." She
looked directly at B'Elanna.

"I don't know Captain." B'Elanna replied.

"I also need to know how a replica of the Doctor's program ordered Ensign Kim
to undress for a physical, only to have you and seven walk in, through what
was suppose to be a locked door?"

"I do not know either." Seven said. She relived the event briefly. It had
been the first time she had seen a non-Borg naked, much less a growing

Janeway stood once again. She shot evil stares at the two women standing at
attention. And then looked over at Chakotay. He stood and moved to the side
of the desk.

"The captain and I feel you two have gone way too far. Yesterday the both of
us tried the new Holodeck modification Seven created. In our exchange of mock
phasers blasts we managed to burn each other uniforms off. It was very
embarrassing to see one's captain in her underwear." He looked over at
Janeway. B'Elanna giggled a little.

Thay had exchinged pahser fire at the exact same moment, leaving him in his
white boxers and Janeway in a bright red lace single teddy. Not all bad, but
very embarrassing for the both. A memory Chakotay would fondly carry forever.

"This has to end. But what to do." Janeway began pacing.

Torres knew to keep eyes forward at all times. Seven did the same.

"I can't lock up my chief engineer in the brig. Nor can we do without Seven
in astrometrics. So what do we do?" She looked over B'Elanna's shoulder.
"Perhaps I should have you two clean the Deuterium Injectors naked. Or we
could land and have each of you wash the outer hull in your underwear.
Perhaps I should just do away with your uniforms all together."

Chakotay smiled at that last one. He momentarily launched into a pleasent

Janeway continued. "Experience tells me that simply ordering you two to stop
will only work for a short time. Though, I hate to admit this, but Neelix
reports moral seems to increase with each incident. So the Commander and I
have come up with a more creative way to end this."

Chakotay stood, walking over to stand by the captian.

"We are about to enter the largest known area of Blank space, an area of
space where the distance between solar systems is so vast that it warrants a
name. In Blank space there is nothing to do. It's boring. It will take eleven
weeks to cross at Warp six.

Once all needed maintenance is completed we will meet in the officers mess to
settle this. We've discussed this with Tom and Harry. They will join us."
Janeway handed the two a PADD each. "Study this. When the ship is ready to
begin its down time we will meet. Dismissed!"

B'Elanna and Seven exited the ready room, very confused. B'Elanna was just
glad she didn't have to wash the ship in her underwear. Seven kept thinking
about Harry's erection.

"I hope this works." Janeway collapsed in her chair.

"I hope we don't lose." Chakotay remarked.


Shhhshhh. Voyager sped through the Blank space at warp six. Sixteen days in
and the crew was starting to get bored. In Blank space there is nothing to
see. Nothing. All the basic maintenance checks have been completed and no
major systems work was needed.

Janeway knew it was time to put her plan in motion. B'Elanna and Seven's
little game was going to end.

Being on their best behavior, only one reported incident of someone being
stripped. A "trap" had been apparently set on deck 5. Whoever walked through
the uniquely designed force field would be rendered bottomless. Debate still
raged as to who set it and who it was meant for.

Before either of the two ladies made it far enough Touvac tripped it. As the
two female crewmembers discovered, it was true what they said about the size
of a Vulcan's penis.


"Neelix, thanks for helping set this up, you may go now." Chakotay began
unpacking the box of tiles.

"Are you sure..." Chakotay cut him off.

"I said that will be all." Neelix left shaking his head.

Seven opened the pack of clothes produced by the replicator. She looked at
each piece, wondering just why people wore those things. "Humans!" she said.

B'Elanna smoothed the wrinkles out of her silk slacks. She didn't often get
to wear civilian clothes. She left her quarters and joined Seven in the turbo

"Interesting outfit." B'Elanna smiled as she scanned Seven.

"It was the Captain's idea."

The two ladies entered the officer's mess together. Once inside they found
Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Harry Kim and Tom Parres.

B'Elanna swallowed hard as she looked down at the table. It was covered in

"Rekop Cubes?" She hated that game. It was complex and required tons of time
to complete. They had plenty now. The game required at least three teams, but
was ideal with 4. Janeway had hoped Touvac would have joined them, but he
felt games of retribution were not logical. They were stuck with three teams.

"Tom and Harry, myself and Chakotay, and you two will make up the teams."
Janeway pointed to the respective sides of the table. Everyone sat. Harry
could not take his eyes off Seven. "I see you tried the outfit I suggested."
Janeway said to Seven.

"It's a bit awkward, but I will adjust." Seven was wearing a pair of 20th
century blue jeans, snap down western shirt, and cowboy boots. "Who is Calvin

Seven's question was answered with only a smile, everyone else were wearing
similar clothing, slacks, shirt, boots/shoes.

Except for Janeway. She had on a silk sleeveless top and a skirt. She also
appeared to have some lightweight see through material covering her bare

Seven was confused.

The rules were explained.

"Since you two like stripping so much, instead of Latnium or replicator
rations, we play for clothes. That is why everyone is dressed in 5 pieces. If
you get matched, at term or scoring, you lose an article, If you get match
doubled, another scoring term, the opposer decides what comes off. Once
naked you play one to one more point, at which you will be at the mercy of
the winning team or sole winner, that's only if their teammate loses before
pyramid is achieved. I have one replicator coin here. As each article is
discarded it is processed in the reclimator and therefore lost. The winner
gets use of the coin to fashion one or two robes to return to their quarters.
The remainder must complete any task set out by the winner or winners. Let's

The tiles were separated and each team began.

"I hope you know how to play this game." B'Elanna said quietly.

"I have heard of it." Seven replied in a uninspiring way.

B'Elanna was relieved somewhat that Touvac had not joined in. He had been
second runner up in the Starfleet Rekop Cubes tournament. She had grown up
with the game but knew Chakotay was a pro at it from their days in the

Her boyfriend, Tom was the expert gambler, she wasn't sure she could take
him. She did know enough to hopefully keep her clothes on for a while.

The game progressed nicely. In the game no one, unless up against a bad
player, scores early in the building.

They were up to level 5, with only 3 to go when the first to give came out.
Tom blocked B'Elanna's move, she countered and Harry Matched.

"Time for you two to give it up." Tom smiled.

Seven stood, without hesitation. She bent over to remove the cowboy boots, as
she did she filled Tom thought how nicely she filled out her jeans. A lesser
seam would have burst.

As B'Elanna kicked off her shoes she punched Tom in the arm for starring at
Seven incredible ass. The articles were then zapped in the wall unit.

As most games of Rekop Cubes go, each team eventually lost one round each.
Chakotay especially enjoyed watching the captain remove her high heels. She
seemed to do it in a deliberate, seductive manor. The game got heated as it
progressed one more level up.

B'Elanna, set, Harry, block, Janeway, block again, Tom, block, Chakotay,
block, Seven, quadruple match!

Everyone stared at her. Even in the best tournaments that rarely happened.
The consequences now required Seven to decide what was to come off everyone
else excluding her teammate. Seven scanned the blank faces.

"The Borg assimilated species 4332, the inventors of the game." (A moan was
collectively let out.)

She and B'Elanna conferred momentarily. "Harry, shirt." He stood and peeled
off is log sleeve mock turtleneck. His blue tee shirt showed off his
developed chest.

"Chakotay, shirt." He too removed his shirt to reveal a very dark skinned
chest underneath a tank top.

"Tom, vest." A Vest came off.

"Janeway, skirt." She panicked for a moment, but then smiled an evil grin.
She stood and ran her finger down the side. A zip lock like feature acted as
a zipper. Putting both hands on each side she shimmied it down to reveal a
huge surprise.

"What is that?" Harry let blurt out.

"It's called a garter belt. Get over it." She sat down, but not before she
flashed her blue panties to all. The shirttails just covered her crotch. All
the clothes disappeared just like the shoes.

Minutes later, another match. Harry and Tom lost. Both stood up and peeled
off their remaining top coverings.

Even Janeway found herself starring at both men's hairless chests.

The game continued for over an hour...

Then, match again, this time against both Seven's team and Janeway's team.
Chakotay stood and exposed his well-tanned and tattooed chest to the admiring

Janeway slowly unbuttoned each button. She rolled the shirt off her
shoulders. Her lingerie was completely exposed. A one-piece bustier, very
tightly cut around her crotch and added lift to her breasts. Complimented
by her garter belt, it sent Tom almost to tears.

B'Elanna, always dressing for Seven's next attack, stood and pulled down her
elastic waist silk pants and let them fall to the ground. Her shirt kept her
panties from being exposed. Tom let out a wolf whistle as her well-formed
legs came into view.

Seven, very militarily grabbed both sides of her western style shirt and
pulled it open, each snap popped. She dropped her shirt and her two
incredible orbs came into view. They were held by a very lacy very white,
very see through bra. Seven adjusted the straps and returned to her chair.

Their movement mesmerized Chakotay. Janeway was surprised by how dark and
large her nipples were. Harry unconsciously began stroking himself at the
sight of Janeway in her underwear looking at Seven's nipples.

The game progressed up one more level. The action would be faster now. Each
player was holding back key tiles just for this round. Only one more level to
achieve. If it got to that point only one person could win. Your team will
have been broken up. So the game almost always ended on the second to last

Harry, set, Chakotay, block, Tom, block, Chakotay match. Both Tom and Harry
bowed their heads. Tom stood first and unclasped the front of his pants,
then allowed them to drop to his knees. His half erection, was now creating
a tent effect to the front of his silk like boxers. B'Elanna licked her lips.

Harry, wearing elastic waist pants, jerked them down and off quickly. His
bikini briefs barely held in his near full erection. His head was starting to
poke out the top. He blushed and sat down with both hands on his lap. Tom,
however seemed to enjoy his near nakedness.

Seven could not shake her earlier image of Harry's erection.

B'Elanna set, Chakotay blocked, Seven blocked, Chakotay blocked, Seven match,
and Chakotay double match. He smiled at the two women. Eyeballing them for a
moment, Chakotay was really going to enjoy this.

B'Elanna stood. Her shirt was keeping her panties covered, though a hint was
visible each time she shifted in her chair.

Chakotay smiled looking at her. "Panties." Was all he said. B'Elanna stood,
shaking a little. She reached under her shirt, bending over slightly to keep
her modesty from view. Gripping each side of the thong panties she dropped
them to the ground. She was successful in hiding her pussy from view. Turning
to place the panties I the reclimator.

Seven stood, swinging around in her chair, her foot got caught up in
B'Elanna's. making the other woman fall face forward to the ground. Everyone
jumped up. B'Elanna was now lying on her stomach, her shirt was hiked up over
her waist and a very firm ass was exposed for all to see. Red faced, she
climbed to her feet pulling down on her shirt. That made her tits stick out

Everyone recovered and Chakotay now eyed Seven. "Bra." (Oh, my!)

A collective thought (No Borg pun intended). Seven had been seen naked, but
she felt extremely self-conscious about removing each article in front of

"I will comply." Seven's voice almost cracked. She reached back and unhooked
the bra. In a way she was glad, she didn't like the restrictive feeling it
left her with. After all, she didn't need a bra, so it was now proved.

Bending forward she let it roll down her arms and into her hands. Harry could
no longer contain himself, his erection, and a little pre-cum, slipped
through the top of his briefs.

The game continued.

Tom and Harry lost. All that remained was their underwear. Tom stood and
dropped his to the floor in one shot.

His 5-inch member was revealed in all its glory. He even smiled and shook it
a little. Then returned to his seat.

Exhibitionist, B'Elanna thought. Harry could not hide it any longer, one hand
remained in place covering his dick, barely that is, and while the other
slowly worked his biefs down his legs.

Tom knew it was over. He had nothing left. B'Elanna matched him and suddenly
he found himself and Harry out of the game. Fortunately, Chakotay now had to
drop his through.

Wearing what resembled a jock strap, Seven and Janeway were treated to a
great view of his ass, completely bare. He returned to his seat.

Tom and Harry were forced to stand away from the table. Harry, hands between
his legs, Tom not ashamed of his erection. Seven leaned over to B'Elanna.

"Is that what males mean when they say size does not matter." She pointed at
Tom. Suddenly Tom lost his confidence and proceeded to cover himself too.
Needing only one hand though.

Seven, set, Chakotay, block, Janeway block, B'Elanna block, Janeway match,
B'Elanna block match. Another pause. B'Elanna smiled, only one value cube
could do that. Only two existed in the game. She smiled and leaned back,
then...Janeway, block double match. She had the other one. In traditional
Rokep Cubes that scored two points. Everyone had to pay up. Chakotay would
be out. He looked at Janeway and shot her an evil stare.

"How dare you."

"Sorry, but I don't like to lose."

He stood. Pulled down on his "jock strap" He may have only been 6 inches, but
Janeway and B'Elanna could not take their eyes off the thickness of it. He
was not unaccustomed to being naked, so there was no need to cover himself.
But he was out of the game.

B'Elanna now stood and started to take off her shirt.

"No." Janeway interrupted. "I get to choose what comes off first. I say the
bra." B'Elanna was unsure. Then, reaching under her shirt she unfastened the
24th century gravity clip. She pulled her arm inside her shirt and out of the
bra. This effectively raised the shirt exposing her red hared beaver to all.

Chakotay's manhood became insantly erect.

Next arm, another beaver shot. The Black bra was dropped. She pulled down the
shirt to cover herself again.

"Your turn, Seven." Janeway smiled. "I want those panties."

"And how, I am still wearing these very tight denim pants."

"Be creative." Seven pondered for a moment. Her enormous boobs juggled while
she stood. She knew there was only one way. Seven pulled the edges of her
panties out of the jeans. Holding tight to the front she began to tug. The
material did not give. So she tugged harder. No rip, just lace forcing her
lips apart. The harder she tugged, the more the panties rubbed her clit.

She was enjoying the feeling. Everyone could see it on her face. Seven let
out a lustful moan.

"Oh, let me." B'Elanna was tired of this obvious attempt at masturbation. She
reached behind and one jerk.

"Ohhhh." Seven leaned against the desk, her eyes closed and moaned again. The
panties did not give. But the pussy wedgie was obviously very sensitive.

Did she orgasm? B'Elanna braced her footing, the "Rippppppp!" the pair came
cleanly off. Seven moaned again, a wet spot formed around the crotch of her
jeans. B'Elanna's shirt flew up as her hand pulled back.

Chakotay rose to full attention.

Janeway caught herself starting to finger her own pussy.

Realizing it was time, and allowing Seven to recover. B'Elanna pulled her
shirt over head. Her two firm boobs bounced into view. She immediately
covered her tits with one arm and pussy with a hand. She sat down.

Seven wiped the sweat from her brow and caught her breath. Hesitation, the
jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. As it slowly went down, three obviously
horny erect males starred.

Peeling the denim, the wet crotched denim down her hips. Back turned she
pulled them down off her fantastic ass. Tom and Harry no longer hid their
rubbing. Jeans now on the ground, Seven turned and exposed her perfectly
shaved and very wet pussy to the group. She sat and stared at Janeway.

Janeway was enjoying this. Everyone was naked but her. What she hoped would
be the final round was about to begin.

Match doubled! "What the hell." No way did she see that coming. This was it.
The moment of truth.

"Time to give it up, we want the bustier." Janeway had not expected it to go
this far, but she stood, untied the drawstrings in front. In order to get the
one piece off. She pulled her garter belt down to her thighs. The top was
pulled down. Her older, slightly saggy B cups came into view. Two small,
pink, very erect nipples stood out. The bustier was dropped on the floor.

Chakotay picked it up. Smelled it and put it in the reclimator. Janeway
refastened her garter belt.

Tom enjoyed the view of her heart shape trimmed pussy. It glistened from her

Now everyone was naked, say for Janeway's garter. Tom and Harry disguised
their masturbation with a rouse to cover themselves. Chakotay could not
remove his eyes from Janeway. B'Elanna too was secretly fingering herself,
hoping no one would notice. Seven, now knew the definition for humiliation.

Janeway shifted nervously in her seat. The material on the chair itched her

The last round began.

Floating, invisible above the room hovered the 'Q' entity. He smiled at how
well everything was going. Q had planted the idea of a strip game in
Janeway's head. To his surprise she chose this one, Sevens 20th century
outfit and her own very sexy lingerie. I guess even starship captains have
fantasies too, he thought.

Janeway remained in her garter belt, twitching from the coarse material in
her chair causing her buttocks to itch, this in turn caused her slightly
saggy, but by no means unappealing tits to jiggle.

B'Elanna sat on the edge of her chair completely naked. Eyes shifting from
Chakotay's thick very erect dick to the tiles on the board. Her little finger
kept 'inadvertently' penetrating her pussy.

Seven's normal sunless white skin was bright red. She could not believe she
let herself, miss always in control, actually masturbate to what she believed
was categorized as an orgasm in front of all. Worse yet she wanted to
experience more.

Harry Kim studied Seven's naked body in great detail. More and more he
continued to rub his phallus. Tom was still crushed by the size comment made
by Seven. B'Elanna knew better though, Tom knew more tricks than Houdini.

This was it. Seven prepared her last trick, good thing, because B'Elanna was
out of them. Janeway kept her evil grin. For it was her team that beat Touvac
in the Starfleet Rekop Cubes tournament. Tiles were laid, then it progressed
to the last level. Seven threw done, beating Janeway to the top.

"Match doubled." Seven did smile. She beat Janeway! Having never actually
played this game before, it was a testament to Borg superiority.

Janeway leaned back in her chair. She put her hands to her face.

B'Elanna was thrilled. Now the tables were turned. The captain would be at
their beck and call. It was great.


"Pyramid!" Janeway laid her tile. Pyramid? The equivalent to Royal Flush in
poker, a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth (7th game of the World Series
/ 3 runs down / 2 outs), etc...

Seven collapsed in her chair. B'Elanna put her head on the table and started
to groan.

The three men enjoyed the sight.

Janeway stood slowly. She put both hands on the edge of the table and leaned
forward, legs slightly spread. Chakotay was treated to an unobstructed view
of her great looking ass and yes, her sex too. Her boobs shook from side to
side as she laughed. The redness of her ass from rubbing on the chair took
Chakotay into another fantasy.

"After I cash in these replicator coins, we'll get down to business." Janeway
sauntered over to the replicator. Butt wiggling seductively for all to enjoy.
She reached up to put the coins in.

"Breeeeeepppp!!" The room went dark, the lights went out and an all too
familiar red glow illuminated the room.

"Red Alert!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing. They were in Blank space, what could
possibly be happening. No way a ship could sneak up on them, there was
nothing out there.

"Janeway to bridge." Damn, she shut off all communications to the room so no
one could accidentally ease drop.

The replicator was out too. At red alert only the captain could access the
replicators but that command could only come from the bridge.

It was painfully decided. They would all have to go to the bridge and their
duty stations the way they were.

Seven smiled. The captain saw it.

"Oh no, if we have to go, you do too." Janeway said to her.

The doors parted, Janeway stuck her head out. The halls were clear. Not
unusual, this was a priority deck for emergencies. One by one the naked
crewmen filed out to the turbo lift. First Janeway and her garter belt, then
Chakotay covering her manhood, Seven one arm over her enormous melons, Harry
both hands on his still erect dick. Tom trying desperately not to bump into
Harry. And finally B'Elanna, she had one hand one her small firm boobs the
other between her very moist legs. The conga type line ending with B'Elanna's
firm ass.

Q laughed. He enjoyed watching humans degrade themselves. But, it was not his
emergency. Since he didn't create it, he decided to leave.

"I wonder what Picard is doing now?" Poof, he disappeared.

The turbo lift doors opened. It was empty. A collective sigh of relief (Still
not a Borg joke). Six naked people filed in. The doors closed.

"Bridge" Chakotay instructed the lift. It began to move. In 30 seconds they
would arrive. As the car began to move, it jerked, actually shook for a
moment. It had never done that before.

Janeway fell backwards slightly. Chakotay, hands in position to cover
himself, reached out to catch her. He ended up grabbing her soft ass and
squeezing it a little. Janeway moaned and closed here eyes.

Seven had adjusted her position in the lift to give the appearance she was in
control again. Standing erect, hands behind her incredible ass, the jolt
caused her to fall backwards too. Harry was right behind her. The jolt caused
him to let go of his penis. Seven accidentally grabbed it.

It felt unusual to her. As the ride progressed she examined it behind her
back with her fingers, up and down, up and down. Harry was dying.

B'Elanna fell into Tom's arms and whispered in his ear. "When this is over,
my quarters."

Harry was about to cum, perhaps Janeway too when...

The doors opened to the bridge. The naked officers filed to their stations.
Touvac and Ensign Sara Kenny were stunned at the sight. Harry took comfort by
hiding behind his terminal, Tom did the same at Ops, as did B'Elanna at the
engineering console.

Chakotay, sporting an erection still took his seat. Seven just stood,
buck-naked, hands behind her backside next to Harry's console.

Janeway and her garter belt remained standing, looking at the view screen.
"Nothing there?" Janeway thought. "What is going on Touvac?"

"Sorry captain, malfunction, I accidentally pressed the red alert command
button. It was an error."

Janeway turned red. Not from embarrassment, she had been had. Touvac now
whispered in the naked captain's ear. "I know it was you who set up the force
field on deck 5. Perhaps as a way to get me to play?"

Damn, he was good.

"I thought Vulcan's don't believe in retribution." She shot back.

"Yes, but no one said we do not have a sense of humor." He actually cracked
a smile. Janeway turned and headed for her ready room.

"Chakotay, I want to see you in my ready room." She said.

"I think you've seen enough of me already." He returned.

"I'm only interested in seeing part of you." She winked at him! He followed

"Let's go!" B'Elanna grabbed Tom by the ear and pulled him to the turbo lift.
As they entered the two had embraced in a full tongued kiss, he clutched her
firm ass and she moved her hands to his cock. The lift doors closed.

"I think I shall leave and get dressed now." Seven said to Harry as she
waited for the lift to open again.

"Maybe you should try something other than the silver suit?" Harry returned
out of the side of his mouth.

"I am not sure, perhaps you could assist me." Seven raised an eyebrow,
turning her DD boobs and hairless pussy towards him. Harry looked into her

"I have a few ideas." He stood and took her arm. A brick could not wipe the
grin off his face at that moment. The two naked people entered the lift.

"Perhaps you could also explain what an orgasm is as well." Seven said. Harry
almost choked. The lift door closed.

"Ensign," Touvac spoke, "do you know what Pon Far is?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Why no." Ensign Sara replied.

"Perhaps when we are off duty."

The End...


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