Star Trek - Voyager: B'Elanna And Kathryn Part 5 (MMF)
by Kazlman69

"Tom is Michael okay? I didn't see him in sickbay." B'Elanna sounded
hysterically hopeful. For some reason being in love with Michael only a short
time seemed as potent as years. He just had some romantic and deep quality to
him. Tom shuddered, hoping that Michael would still be alive and still have
that quality when he woke up. "Tom are you okay?"

"Yeah...but Michael..."

"Oh God, he's going to die... I've got to get back there, see him one last
time." Tom felt B'Elanna let go of his arm.

"B'Elanna, wait..."

"What, is he gone already." Her voice sounded close but Tom wasn't sure he
could judge distance well just by his ears.

"No, but I need you. I can't see, remember?" He heard her moving quickly and
felt her take his arm.

"Tom, oh, I'm sorry but Michael is..." She seemed to be searching for the
words, words Tom doubted she could find. Michael seemed, somehow, beyond

"I know, I know." It was a soft whisper. An acknowledgement of what Michael
was already starting to mean to him, of what they both could lose.

B'Elanna resumed their course back to Tom's quarters. "Tom, you know I never
meant to hurt you, don't you. The time with Michael, it just happened. I
wanted to see is he was okay and the next thing I knew..."

"You were making love and in love with him. It's weird. I was so ready to be
angry about him and you, but I wound up falling for him too. He's just so
peaceful and understanding and loving...he makes me believe that I can be
that way too."

* * *

B'Elanna spent the night with Tom. It wasn't easy night for her, but thanks
to Tom's neediness and, she had to admit, incessant whining, she was able to
get through it. B'Elanna had never before tried to feed someone, never mind
help Tom go to the bathroom.

"Uh, B'Elanna...I need to go to the bathroom."

"Tom how are we going to do this?" She was put off by the very idea. Help him
into the bathroom, fine. But when he asked her to help him aim so he didn't
miss the toilet, that was something else. Yet, it did give her a chance to
see, and touch, parts of Tom Paris that she had been wondering about for a
long time. And when Tom began to get turned on by the experience, that was
just too much.

"B'Elanna, you have no idea what you're doing to me right now..." Well she
had a pretty good idea, after all Tom's cock was growing erect in her hand.
Reflexively, she tightened her grip. "Ohhh....." She had to admit, holding
Tom like this was erotic, and something about the control of it turned her
on even more.

"Tom, do you want me to..." she hesitated.

"Yeah, B'Elanna, I've never had a woman jerk me off before." Well Tom never
was overly romantic. So, there they were, fully clothed with B'Elanna slowly
pumping Tom's cock, which she realized suddenly was bigger than Michael's,
yet not quite as attractive. Tom was longer but narrower and his cock listed
slightly to the left. Michael's was...Suddenly a wave a anxiety and fear
swept over her. She pulled away from Tom, running across into the bedroom
and flinging herself on the bed.

She was alone for minutes. She didn't know what Tom was doing. Probably
finishing the job, she thought darkly. Tears welled in her eyes but wouldn't
fall. She just lay there, cringing back from the world. Not wanting to see
or hear anything, just longing for Michael's soft voice to lead her from
depression. But she knew that his voice wasn't going to come, possibly ever
again. She heard Tom stumbling around the other room, but she didn't get up,
she couldn't. "B'Elanna? Are you still here?"

"Yeah, I'll be right there so you don't fall and hurt something." She forced
herself to move, but couldn't force herself to care. She led Tom to the couch
and sat down next to him.

"I'm not doing a great job of keeping you distracted, am I?"

"Even an exploding warp core wouldn't distract me right now." She sighed,
wanting to stand up and fight something, but there was nothing to fight,
nothing she could push against to improve the odds.

Tom did her the courtesy of sleeping fully clothed, understanding that she'd
probably freak out again if she saw him naked. She was grateful, but some
part of her still didn't care. While Tom snored softly, she laid on the
couch. What if Michael did die? I made it along without him before. Even on
Voyager, I got along fine while he and Jason were involved, when I didn't see
much of him. Of course she still missed seeing Jason in engineering, but then
she missed seeing Mike Jonahhs too, and Seska. Oh damn you Seska, this is all
your fault. Eventually she fell into a fitful sleep.

The comm signal woke her. "Sickbay to Lieutenant Paris's quarters." The
doctor's voice shot shivers of hot and cold through B'Elanna, waking her

"Torres here, what's going on doctor?" She knew she was, almost literally,
barking at the man and didn't care.

"I presume you mean with Mr. Sargolis, since only he and two others are left
in sickbay. A 'Good morning doctor and how was your night?' would have been
nice but-"

"Just spit it out." B'Elanna heard Tom wake up when she yelled but didn't
care about that either.

"As I would have said if you had asked me how my night was, I've spent the
last six hours performing surgery on Mr. Sargolis. All went extremely well,
considering the about of neural-hemorrhaging and damage to his upper spine."

"Will he live?"

"Of course, he'll live, I told you all went well," the doctor sounded hurt
by her question.

"Will he be...well..."

"Himself, with no permanent results of the experience? I can't say. His
sensory pathways and sensory recognition will need a few days before I can
make an assessment, his motor skills will be dependent on that, of course.
As to his personality, you can relax somewhat, the damage was concentrated
in the sensory portions of the brain, not the memory or thought processing

B'Elanna relaxed for the first time since the Klingon salvo had hit Voyager.
Could it have been only yesterday? "I'm sorry for being...difficult this
morning doctor, but..."

"I think I can understand, B'Elanna, it must be something like I felt while
we were taken over." B'Elanna almost refuted the point, then thought it
actually have been similar, and to the doctor, even more frightening.

"Maybe you're right. When can you deal with Tom's eyes?" Tom had stumbled
to the doorway, reminding her that he was still blind.

"Not until later this afternoon, say 1630 hours, I still need to provide
Bolian hydro-resuscitation to Ensign Chell."

"We'll see you then, or can Michael have visitors sooner?"

"I'd recommend against it, we will be in the process of the
hydro-resuscitation and it is not a pleasant sight to some."

"All right. Thank you doctor." Now, I can think about repairing the ship,
B'Elanna groaned, almost sorry that the crisis was over.

* * *

Yet, when B'Elanna towed Tom into sickbay at 1630 hours exactly, Michael was
still lying unnaturally still on biobed three. Ensign Kyoto lay one biobed
one, his left side sporting a gash from shoulder to waist. Kes was checking
Michael's vital signs, while strange gurgling noises were being emitted from
the small lab on the far side of the doctor's office. B'Elanna looked towards
the sound. Strange fumes and viscous liquids were streaming from Chell's
nostrils as the doctor pressed something deep into the Bolian's ears.
B'Elanna averted her gaze.

"What's that noise?" Tom asked, unable to see the bizarre sight.

"You don't really want to know."

"That bad?" B'Elanna shrugged and didn't answer. "How is he Kes?"

B'Elanna seized the initiative and stroked Michael's arm. Not even Michael's
breath changed. She squeezed his hand, and again there was no response.
B'Elanna looked at Kes, ready to demand an explanation.

"His vital signs are normal, everything seems to be, but for some reason,
Michael just isn't waking up. He hasn't even entered REM sleep and the doctor
is getting worried."

"But he was fine," B'Elanna protested ,"The doctor said so this morning."

"He is fine," Kes reassured her, "But for some reason he won't wake up."

The doctor chose that moment to enter, leaving Chell's nostrils dripping.
"Kes, please study Chell's state and return him to bed while I deal with
Mr. Paris's eyes." The Ocampa walked out of the room, giving B'Elanna a
reassuring smile and Tom's arm a squeeze of support. But B'Elanna didn't
want reassurance, or Tom's sight for that matter. She wanted Michael back.

She was about to argue but the doctor was already running some device over
Tom's temples. "There we go, Mr. Paris, just give it a few minutes and as
the swelling goes down, your vision should begin to return, after which
we'll conduct tests of your visual recognition before proceeding any

"Doctor, what's wrong with Michael?" B'Elanna asked.

"I, honestly, haven't a clue. Physically he's fine, or soon will be. If the
situation doesn't progress, we'll look into it more thoroughly."

B'Elanna felt her temper going and didn't care. She grabbed the doctor's arm
and whirled him to face her. "Dammit doctor, I want to know now, I don't want
to be told to wait...Michael has been the best thing to ever happen in my
life!" She was shaking the doctor so furiously that she barely felt Kes press
the hypo to her arm before she passed out.

* * *

"I've surmised that there is no physical reason for Lieutenant Sargolis's
unresponsiveness," The doctor's voice filtered into B'Elanna's awareness
as the sedative wore off. Unlike most, it wore off with very few lingering
after-effects. B'Elanna was on biobed one. Obviously, Kyoto had been well
enough to leave. Tuvok was standing with the captain, listening to the

"And you would like Tuvok to mind-meld with him, to be sure there are no
psychological factors contributing to this problem?" Janeway asked, B'Elanna
tried not to object to the idea, but the thought of Tuvok fiddling, even
unintentionally, with Michael's mind made her scared. Suitor's experience
proved that Tuvok could not necessarily control what happened. Michael might
be some uncaring Vulcan-ite as a result of the meld.

"You did say there were to be no melds, without your approval, Captain." The
doctor pointed out.

"Well, I can't see any harm in this one, can you Tuvok?" Tuvok, come up with
an answer begged B'Elanna silently. Let Kes meld with him. But she knew Kes's
mental powers were undisciplined and only actualized in times of danger.

"Not if it is only to be a casual bond, one to simply scan Mr. Sargolis's
mind to discover his mental state. I would not feel comfortable delving
deeper without more preparation." B'Elanna almost passed out again with
relief. Her deep sigh alerted everyone to her return to consciousness.

"Ah, you're awake, good. I trust you won't be so violent, now that you've
rested?" The doctor spoke first.

"Violent?" Janeway asked.

"Indeed, if there has been violence it should have been reported to me
immediately," Tuvok mused.

"B'Elanna was just worried and anxious about Michael, it wasn't anything
serious." Kes leapt to B'Elanna's defense.

"I see." Janeway said. "Tuvok, proceed with the meld, at your discretion.
Doctor, monitor him closely during and after it. B'Elanna, you have the day
off, if you feel you need more time, I'll assign repairs to Carey, though
I'd much rather have you." The Captain turned and exited sickbay before
another word was spoken. B'Elanna glowed a little at the compliment.

Tuvok wasted no time in placing his hands on Michael's face. B'Elanna noticed
that Michael's body was responsive to the touch, as though he were sleeping.
The doctor watched his tricorder closely.

"He looks just like he's asleep," B'Elanna murmured to Kes.

"Really, he is. A deep sleep that doesn't approach REM sleep at all, but he
is just sleeping."

"And he simply won't wake?"

"Exactly, we think his mind just be reacting to the trauma this way. It's
rare but not unheard of." Somehow B'Elanna doubted that very much. Michael
was strong and sure. She couldn't imagine him backing away because of a blow
to the head.

"How long was I out?"

"Just under six hours, you needed the rest, so we let you have it. And Tom's
fine, we sent him home three hours ago."

Tuvok relaxed and withdrew his hands from Michael's face. The doctor
continued scanning both of them and then stopped, deciding that things were

"Mr. Sargolis's mind has withdrawn from his awareness of his body," Tuvok
said without preamble.

"Then it is what you thought doctor, we can induce REM sleep to bring him
out of it." Kes seemed pleased, as she went to get something.

"The situation is not what the doctor described," Tuvok said. He took a
breath, as though to steady himself. "It is not his physical state that has
caused this. I am, in fact perplexed to describe the cause." Everyone was
silent a moment.

"Jason's death." B'Elanna spat the words. She was right, they'd been moving
too fast, add a head trauma and this was the result.

"I do not believe that is the case. There was an emotional impression
present, however it was not one of loss but one of great joy and peace,
a sense of oneness, if you will." Tuvok closed his eyes briefly, as if
recalling the experience. "It was un-Vulcan, in its intensity, but I am
certain that grief is not the cause."

"What else could it be?" Kes asked.

"I am not certain, but I do not feel it would be best for me to attempt a
deeper meld alone. I think that it would be better if someone close to the
Lieutenant were to meld with him, using me as a bridge between their minds."
Tuvok looked straight at B'Elanna as he finished speaking.


"You are the logical choice. You share a history and romantic involvement
with Lieutenant Sargolis, do you not?"

"Well yes."

"Then with the Captain's permission we will initiate another meld." Tuvok
had made his deductions and the decision was the only possible one B'Elanna
could make.

* * *

Janeway had no objections and so, with some trepidation, B'Elanna found
herself lying on biobed two, Tuvok standing between her and Michael. Tuvok
was unable to describe to her what exactly she would experience once he had
connected their minds. He had agreed, perhaps out of privacy or a distaste
for emotion, to stay out of either of their thoughts, serving only as a
bridge between them.

B'Elanna felt Tuvok's hands on her face, closed her eyes and....found herself
someplace far away from Voyager's sickbay. It was almost like deepspace.
There was no sense of gravity or light or matter. With a start, she realized
there was no sense of anything. Yet in the distance, something glowed in a
way she had never perceived before. It glowed with an inner light of joy. She
felt herself being drawn towards it somehow.

The light felt warm and peaceful. It was joyous to such an extent that
anything else was blotted from her mind. No wonder Tuvok had found it so
unpleasant to remain here. She basked in the light and joy and a deeper
peace than she had ever known as she approached, for who knew how long.

She became aware of something within the light as she neared it. Some fear
rose up in her as she touched it. Yet for some reason she felt that their was
nothing to fear. She felt herself merging into the light, the joy and peace.
*Michael!*. It wasn't a word, or conscious thought. But Michael was this
light. A deeper ripple of joy passed through the light, as Michael realized
B'Elanna had joined him. And she felt Jason. She could almost see the two of
them, holding each other. She felt out of place, useless. Then Something
shifted. She wasn't sure what, but somehow she fit in perfectly. She lay
basking in the pure love and joy with Michael for a long time. No words were
needed the feeling said everything. After a while, she noticed Jason's
presence was gone. She felt it had left an emptiness.

Tom sprang to mind, as thought the emptiness was a missing puzzle piece that
was him. Michael seemed to agree. And the next B'Elanna knew she was back in
sickbay. Tuvok's hands were lifted from their faces and Michael's hand was
entwined with hers. He turned his head and smiled at her. B'Elanna smiled
back with a joy equal to what she had felt in the meld. And she knew they
both shared the same thought: let's find Tom.

* * *

The doctor hadn't wanted to release Michael yet, despite the evidence and
repeated statement's by him, Tuvok and B'Elanna that he was fine. So, Michael
and B'Elanna solved the problem simply. They walked out of sickbay before an
argument could form, knowing that there might be repercussions but not
caring. The joy and love was too great, as was the need for Tom's presence.

The computer showed Tom was in his quarters, so they headed there. "So what
exactly was I experiencing in your mind?" B'Elanna asked as they entered the
turbolift. Michael tried to think of an answer, but the experience had been
so far beyond words that he couldn't put any to it.

"I don't know if I can explain it," he shrugged. "What did it seem to you?"

"Like a ritual Chakotay would come up with. One to let go of the past in joy
and accept the present, realize what needed to happen." B'Elanna shrugged as
well, placing her arm around him and resting her hand on his hip. It felt so
good and wonderful, as though he were feeling everything new again. He did
the same to her. The lift opened and they hurried to Tom's cabin.

"Michael? B'Elanna?" Tom looked perplexed and amazed when his door slid open.

"Yup, we're here to complete a sacred triangle.," Michael said.

"Or a wonderful threesome of love and sex and joy," B'Elanna added, placing
her body against Tom's and kissing him deeply. Michael embraced her from
behind, stroking Tom's back and kissing her earlobe.

"I see, well can't have that fully clothed, can we?" Tom led them to the
bedroom and soon all three were naked and kissing and stroking each other.
It was incredible, in a way sex with Jason never had been.

Michael felt Tom's hard on pressed against his back, B'Elanna breasts against
his chest. Her tongue sought his before it slid to his chest, kissing every
square millimeter. Tom's lips had sunk to Michael's butt, pressing between
his cheeks. Michael gasped in surprise and pleasure. Tom's tongue probed his
ass-hole, while B'Elanna's breasts tickled and danced with his rock-hard
cock. They all rocked back and forth slowly, eventually spilling them all on
the floor.

Michael found himself pressed to B'Elanna's back as Tom was to her front.
He heard her gasp as Tom entered her, heard her moan yes when his own cock
pressed between her cheeks. He entered her from behind. B'Elanna cried out,
with both men inside her, from either direction. Tom's arms were stroking
his back, his arms feeling Tom's neck. They both felt B'Elanna shudder as
she began to orgasm, tightening around them both. They both came soon and
together with her climax.

* * *

The trio lay spent and blissful. No one even suggested moving from the floor.
They just lay contentedly. Tom, despite his extreme sexual experience, had
never felt something like this before. It was beyond sex, into something
deeper than love. Whatever he felt was in his soul. He knew the three of them
had formed, or perhaps reformed, and ages old union. He knew there would be
no jealousy, only equality and perfect love between them from now one. He
knew that he was in complete love with them both. Michael and B'Elanna
drifted off to sleep, and Tom soon followed.

* * *

B'Elanna woke the next morning, feeling content than she had in a long time.
She gazed at Michael and Tom, wondering how things had gone so quickly from
disastrously painful to such intense joy so quickly. Each man woke slowly and
B'Elanna savored the opportunity to just gaze at them.

"Carey to Torres," the comm call broke B'Elanna's rapture but not her mood.
Could it be broken any more? She wondered.

"Yes Carey, what is it?"

"We've uncovered something interesting in the wreckage of the Klingon ship
and the commuter." B'Elanna wished for more time to lay there, not worrying
about repairs and discoveries, but duty called.

"I'll be right there." She slid out from the pile on the floor and dressed
quickly. She hurried to engineering.

Carey was waiting for her when she arrived, holding what looked like a
multi-sided picture frame. "What is it, Carey?"

"This was attached Klingon hull and to we found one in the passenger
compartment of the commuter."

"Well, what is it? Or don't you know yet?"

"I wanted your opinion on something before I went any further." He called a
display up on the workstation near him.

B'Elanna stared at the signature in disbelief. It was a Cardassian alloy,
found no where else in known space. "Altronium, the Cardassians developed it
for long range subspace voyages. It holds subspace in a state of flux that
makes warp travel easier. They won't share the technology. Is that what this

"I think its some sort of device to take important ships and send them off
someplace else, through a subspace corridor." B'Elanna studied his findings.

"I think you're right," she said. "From what I see it won't lead us home and
we were just lucky or unlucky that two ships wound up here." The displacement
pattern was random, based on the trace elements in the device. "I'll tell the
captain, but I don't think that there's anything we can do about it."

* * *

Janeway agreed and while Voyager continued it's course home, Tom, Michael,
and B'Elanna continued to discover their course home to each other.

The End


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