Star Trek - Voyager: B'Elanna and Kathryn Part 4 (no sex)
by Kazlman69

B'Elanna was worried sick. It had been three hours since Michael said he was
going to talk to Tom and she hadn't heard from either of them. Running into
Harry during a late dinner in the mess hall hadn't helped. Well it had a
little, at least a fight hadn't happened in public, but would private be any
better. Unable to stand it any longer, she asked the computer where Tom Paris
and Michael Sargolis were, and then proceeded to Voyager's library.

The door slid open. The lights were out completely. The only illumination
came from the running lights and the nacelles outside the great window.
B'Elanna glimpsed a form huddled over one couch and smaller shapes in a pile
nearby. The crouched shape moved towards her, her body tensing instinctively.
But it was Michael who approached, naked!

"What the-"

"Shhh, Tom's sleeping," He whispered. B'Elanna stared dumbfounded, unable to
assimilate what her eyes were telling her. Michael and Tom? Was that what Tom
meant? I'll steal him from you?

Michael led her to a small reading alcove along the opposite side of the room
from Tom and activated a small lamp in the wall. B'Elanna shook her head,
completely confused. "You slept with him?"

"You seem surprised," Michael grinned and B'Elanna resisted an urge to smack
him. "You could have at least told me."

"He just got to sleep and I... he needed someone tonight."

"Needed someone how?"

"To just be with, talk to, have contact with." Michael shrugged.

"But you slept with him?" B'Elanna still couldn't get her mind over this

"Sex can be an excellent antidepressant, and Tom needed to be free of his
father's voice. Sometimes words just aren't enough to show you care."

B'Elanna could certainly appreciate that. Sometimes even actions weren't
enough. "So where do we go from here?"

"Be opened minded and open-relationshipped together."

"The three of us? You've got to be kidding!" But she did love both of them,
and they both loved her. And it seemed they were compatible if nothing else.

"Sure, why not?" And B'Elanna had no reason why not.

* * *

To say it was a busy morning, would have been an understatement. Not only
were teams from all over the ship studying the data about the commuter ship
but B'Elanna's numerous bypasses of ship's systems caused some systems to
collapse due to overuse, mainly comm and data traffic control.

Michael had no time since reporting for duty two hours early to think of
Tom or B'Elanna, with the exceptions of when she butted in with ideas and
attempts to get the system automated again. Michael had chances to glance
at the data coming through but very little. He could tell that stellar
cartography was busy, as was sciences, transporter monitoring, and several
nonessential departments that had been called in to help with the study.

The study shut down at promptly 1300 hours, to give everyone a lunch break
and let B'Elanna have time to try and repair the comm system's abused

"Michael, I'd love to talk...and do some other things with you but I've only
got an hour to get this thing working. You don't look like you could take
another shift of this overwork." She smiled and Michael knew that he wanted
her to spend that hour with him. If for no other reason than to discuss the
situation between Tom and them. But she shooed him out the door before he
could say much of anything.

The mess hall was crowded with so many people taking a simultaneous lunch
break and not being able or willing to replicate a meal. Michael stood in
line for nearly twenty minutes before receiving his dish of green cubes,
chartreuse leaves, and blue pudding. He looked for a seat. There was one
over in the corner, near the far window.

The food was actually good. "Can I join you?" Tom's face looked rather
pinched with tension. Michael gestured to the seat opposite him. "About last
night..." Tom hesitated. Michael, his mouth still full, stroked Tom's arm in
affection and reassurance.

"Don't even tell me it was a one time thing." Michael said the words as
though they could not be denied.

"Well, I think that it would be best, for all of us if-"

"No, it would be easiest...for you." Michael interrupted. "Even if it isn't
what you really want, you'll do it because it would be easier and less
frightening. But not better for any of us." Michael kept his tone matter of
fact, for what he said was a matter of fact.

"'re right...I just..."

Michael took Tom's hand. "I know, it's hard to trust again, but it will get
easier, I promise and I will never hurt you Tom Paris."

Tom looked about to cry or run from the mess hall. Before Michael could find
out which, Janeway ordered everyone to battle stations.

* * *

"It just came out of nowhere and fired on us!" Harry had been helping
B'Elanna sort out the comm pathways, now he was helping her stabilize the
ship. Almost every engineer was at lunch when the Klingon ship had struck

"Okay, well let's try this." B'Elanna cross connected two cables in the
jeffries tube just off the engine room.

"Phaser power back up," Harry paused. "So what's up with you and Tom and
Michael anyway?" B'Elanna wished Harry wouldn't stray onto that subject.
She couldn't spare the thoughts right now.

"Okay, now let's get shield power back up. I'll tell you later." B'Elanna
crawled out into engineering proper and started rerouting shield power.
"Almost got it..." Just a few more frequencies to match the two power flows

The deck lurched out from under her as the ship fell away. On the main
systems monitor, ,the forward section of decks two and three turned bright
blue, signifying a massive hull breach. Pressure was dropping rapidly. The
entire decks would lose air if she didn't engage the baffle door and shut
off the section. "Computer, location of Lieutenants Paris and Sargolis?" It
was a whimper, they couldn't have been in the mess hall. Red alert had
sounded minutes ago, hadn't it. But if they were....

"B'Elanna we need to get the baffles down before we lose both decks!" She
dimly registered that Harry was shouting. Dammit why didn't the computer
answer? Of course, the comm system was on manual and with it the locator
system. "B'Elanna I can't authorize the baffles!"

"Harry, what if they're there? I'd be killing them!" An idea struck her.
"I'll do it after I check." B'Elanna headed out of engineering at a dead
run. It was only Harry's flying tackle that kept her from making it into
the corridor. Then he was slapping her.

"B'Elanna, the baffles!" She struck him back and he struck harder. Dammit
Harry, she thought, dimly registering that anyone left in the mess hall would
be dead from apoxia by now. Dimly she realized it might be too late, even for
those whole decks.

"Okay, Harry. Computer, engage primary baffles on decks two and three."

"Confirmed," affirmed the computer a heartbeat later.

"B'Elanna?" Harry looked down at her.

"I'm okay," I think. She stood up. Other engineers were returning, and she
had to push the thoughts away. Was this what Tom had felt, leaving her to
the Kazon? Or what Michael had felt, when he heard Jason had died.

* * *

It was cold, freezing cold and the air was so thin. What had happened? Tom's
mind repeated the question as he slumped against the wall of the turbolift.
The doors slid shut. "Sickbay." Nothing happened. Tom tried to find the
strength to rise and enter the location manually, but he was tired. Tired and

Michael lay unconscious at Tom's feet. Oh Michael, what do you mean to me,
Tom wondered. Michael was frightening to Tom Paris. He was calm, loving,
beautiful, sexy, and so caring and compassionate that Tom couldn't stand it.
He'd had so many people telling him one thing and doing another that he
couldn't trust Michael. Yet, Michael was like Harry, only older. He just
couldn't be hurtful. Like Harry and Kes. "What is it that I'm attracting all
these honest and great people?" Tom muttered. "Michael? Can you hear me?"
Michael didn't answer, he didn't even move. Tom couldn't even tell if Michael
was breathing. He forced his hand over to Michael's body. With a shock he
realized that Michael wasn't breathing.

Oh God! B'Elanna will kill me! Tom forced his body to work, to turn Michael
over. Open the airway, breathe into the victim's lungs. Yet even this close
to death, Michael wasn't a victim. He still seemed strong and sure. Something
Tom only wished that he could embody. Damn, maybe I can learn. Maybe Michael
can teach me, if I can save his life.

Michael's heart was still beating, but his body was cold and clammy. Tom
looked for signs of injuries. Then, seeing none, he programmed the lift to
take them to sickbay. Then back to breathing for Michael. What am I going
to do, I can't carry him and breathe for him too? The lift moved, but it
moved slowly and sluggishly. What the hell is going on out there?

The doors opened and before Tom could ponder the problem of getting Michael
to sickbay, the ship lurched worse than Tom could ever remember, flinging
them out across the corridor. Michael landed against the wall on his head,
Tom saw as he picked himself from the deck, five meters away. Tom felt a
wrenching pain in his arm. It hung limp, useless and burning in agony. He
must have broken some ribs and, perhaps, punctured a lung because each
breath lit his chest afire.

Tom forced himself to move, despite the pain. Somehow he reached Michael,
though it seemed to take for hours. Oddly, being thrown so violently had
triggered Michael to start breathing on his own again. But his eyes were
open and staring. Tom wasn't sure but it looked like each was pointing a
different direction. Brain damage. How severe, is *he* even in there? Tom
felt blackness circling him, claiming him, and then even the pain faded
into the dark.

* * *

The battle was over. Now the cleanup would begin. How many times will we go
through this? B'Elanna had stopped counting, over a year ago, the number of
times she had put Voyager back together again. One of these days, I won't
be able to, she thought darkly. And then there was the whole mess of her
freezing instead of activating the baffles. Voyager had lost eight percent
of her atmosphere because of that mistake. And little good it had done
either Tom or Michael, probably more harm than anything. B'Elanna tried to
push them from her mind. Worrying wouldn't help. But she couldn't keep
herself from worrying.

"B'Elanna?" Janeway's voice wasn't harsh but neither would it be ignored.

"I'm sorry Captain, what were you saying?"

Janeway didn't react with anger or silent rebuke, for which B'Elanna was
grateful. "Does Lieutenant Carey's analysis of the commuter give any
indication of how that Klingon ship got here?"

"No... it just appeared according to all our sensors. Carey's going over the
wreckage now, but it seems as clean as that of the commuter."

"All right. I want red-alert round the clock, until this mystery is solved.
"Chakotay, his entire face bruised, nodded. Tuvok said nothing. And Harry
just sat there looking at B'Elanna. He hadn't mentioned her lack of thought
and control to the captain, yet.

"Okay, ship's status?"

"We took a direct hit to the forward section of decks two and three,"
B'Elanna recited. "Thankfully we don't have any critical systems there, just
storage and the mess hall. We lost eight percent of ship's atmosphere, but
we're replicating more air now, it'll be back up in an hour. The lower phaser
couplings are fused, possibly beyond repair. There's minor damage to the port
nacelle and the attitude control jets in it, that's what caused the worst of
the turbulence. I can get the nacelle back operational in four hours if we
work EVA, otherwise it'll take at least ten. Decks two and three may need to
be partially rebuilt, meaning it would be easiest to land the ship before
proceeding. I can't say about the phasers yet." The whole report came out
with no tone or reflection that B'Elanna even knew or cared about what she
was saying.

"We'll be here until we solve this mystery and, not knowing what'll happen
next, I don't want to risk anyone going EVA. After that check on the phaser
couplings. We'll deal with the mess hall later. Casualties?" Janeway turned
to Kim, who had gathered the report from medical logs, not wanting to
interrupt the doctor in an emergency.

"Three critically injured. Nine others are serious but not life threatening.
31 reported minor injuries, though there may be more that people haven't gone
to sickbay about yet."

Janeway turned to Tuvok and asked something. B'Elanna didn't pay attention.
All she could do was wonder if Tom and Michael were in the serious or
critical injury category.

* * *

Tom's first awareness that he was alive was a soft hand holding his. He
opened his eyes, but the blackness wouldn't disappear. He panicked, trying
to sit up. A gentle hand pressed him down. "Tom, can you here me?" Kes

"Yeah, but I can't see, what's wrong that I can't see?" Tom tried not to
sound scared, but he was scared. He'd been able to see in the corridor before
he passed out.

"You had some nerve trauma along your optic nerve. The doctor will be able
to take care of it, but he can't do the surgery just yet." Tom felt Kes
stroke his face, trying to relax him.

"Why not? Kes this is scaring me."

"Oh then something does actually frighten you?" The doctor's brusque tone
interrupted Kes's reply. "The reason I can't restore your vision at this
moment is that there are two patients who will need surgery to save their
lives in the very near future, not to mention a shipload of otherwise
injured people. In fact, once you are able to move, I will need that
biobed you're laying on."

"But, but...I can't see! Do you want to wander the ship blind? I'll run into
things." Tom knew he was screaming but he didn't care. He pushed upward but
Kes held him back down.

"Tom, B'Elanna is coming to help get you to your quarters and look after
you." Kes hesitated a moment before going on. "Tom its important that you
keep her occupied, that's why I called her and not Harry." A shiver ran
through Tom, and for a moment he saw something, something he didn't want
to see: Michael's open staring face in the corridor outside sickbay.

"Michael?" It came out somewhere between a croak and a whisper.

"He's had sever neural hemorrhaging for several hours, complicated by severe
hypoxia and damage to his spine." Kes seemed unwilling to say anything more.

"Will he live? Will he be...Michael...if he lives?" Tom shuddered.

"We don't know. The damage is sever but manageable, if we operate soon."

Tom sighed. The door's hissed and B'Elanna asked. "Tom?"

"Yeah," he didn't turn, knowing he wouldn't be able to see her. "Let's get
out of here."


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