Star Trek - Voyager: B'Elanna And Kathryn Part 2 (MF,MM,oral)
by Kazlman69

Michael woke in the middle of Voyager's night. He had exhausted himself with
B'Elanna. But it had been a gentle sharing and joy that had lead him to
sleep, not the emptiness of loss and depression. The room, Jason's room,
seemed to dance not with ghost's of the past but with possibilities for the
future. He knew that Jason's quarters would be reassigned eventually and
that time had come to sort through his lover's belongings, no matter how
painful it might be. Then, when he had brought what was left of his life with
Jason Hogan into his quarters, he could begin to repair the wreck that was
left of them.

The silk chameleon rose from the table, the candles and incense burner,
Jason's paintings, the photos of them together were moved first. Next came
the closet. Michael's frame was too thin for any of Jason's clothes to fit
well on him, so he chose only a couple of things that bore true memories.
Like the vest from their first night together. The tight pants that Jason
had worn when Michael surprised him in the gym one night. Oh if those pants
could talk.

Michael slipped into the gym silently. Jason had the music blaring and was
alone in the weight room. He lay diligently bench pressing some amount of
weight that Michael could only guess at. His shirt was off and he wore only
a skin tight navy workout pants. Michael felt himself growing hard just
watching Jason's chest flex with each press. He moved closer the weight
station. "Computer end bench press," Michael spoke when he was behind Jason.
The force-field that Michael had been pressing flickered out of existence.
Before he could rise, Michael placed his hands on Jason's shoulders. "No
workout is complete without a massage. Computer secure the weight room."

"All entrances are secure," came the flat voice.

"Good," Michael began rubbing Jason's shoulders, his neck moving along down
his chest. As he did, he leaned forward and kissed Jason from behind. Jason
moaned softly and started to rise but Michael pressed his body over Jason's,
using his lips, now, to massage Jason's chest, suck his nipples, tongue his
navel. He slowly felt his way to the waist band of Jason's pants, noting the
clearly visible erection, stroking it with his nose. Biting gently against
the fabric. With that Jason reached up, pulling Michael tighter against him,
rolling them onto the floor.

Michael pushed the workout pants to Jason's knees while Jason forced open the
fly of the leather pants Michael had worn. Both their cocks jumped free.
Jason grasped Michael's and stroked it, kissed it before taking it into his
mouth. Michael heard himself cry out, even as he moved to do the same to
Jason. The gentle thrusting of their hips, pressed them deeper into each
other, their arms wrapping around each other's butts, stroking, exploring,
gaining better purchase for still deeper thrusts. They blended into the same
rhythm pressing together and into each other at the same time, neither one
wanting to release the others' cock for a moment. They even ejaculated
together in perfect orgasmic synchrony. Feeling the other swallow deeply the
warm cum that they flung from their bodies.

Michael held those pants to his cheek now, smelling the sweat and cum of
that night, wondering if Jason had ever washed them since, perhaps not, he
had never worn them again. Very few of the other clothes held any meaning
for Michael. He decided, with difficulty that they would not be of any use,
yet he couldn't bare to part with them, for one thing clothing came only
from replicator rations on Voyager, with the exceptions of uniforms, perhaps
someone else might wear these.

The drawers held little, Voyager's original mission had only been a three
week one, Jason had no need to bring much and since then he had not
replicated much. One drawer bore a plain brown package with Michael's name
written on it. Michael opened it as gently as he could. In side was a
painting of the two of them, a comfortable looking tunic, a leather vest
(dyed every color of the rainbow), and white leather pants. There were
also two boxes. One said "a gift for you but really for me" It in was a
leather cock strap and harness, and a gold mesh thong. Michael smiled at
the erotic gift. Then he opened the other box. In it was a small piece of
paper, covering two prismatic gold bands. The paper read "I never imagined
living with you, but then I never imagined living in this quadrant. I
love you and could never bear to lose you, be my spouse forever...Happy
Birthday, Jason."

Michael knelt, dumbfounded, on the floor. His birthday was the day after
tomorrow. How long had Jason been planning this? How long had it taken him
to save of this many replicator credits? Michael would never know. Never
exchange these rings with Jason. A tear welled in his eye. A vision of
himself and B'Elanna on Jason's bed last night wafted through his mind. And
he could undeniably here Jason's voice. "I know. I trust you to live and
be happy and remember me. Keep the rings you'll use them someday." The
words caused Michael's tears to overflow, and he hugged his knees, still
feeling the errie presence of Jason in the room. He turned, no one was there.
"I am here, I always will be here in you." Michael felt a warming in his
heart. A freeing sensation. He looked through the rest of the drawers, they
were empty. He transferred all Jason's computer files to his, and stood at
their doorway.

Michael looked on final time into Jason's quarters. All that he would take
was out of them. "Good-bye Jason Hogan, the greatest love of my life." It
started as a whisper and ended as a shoot. And despite the fact that seemed
self-indulgent and disrespectful he added, "So far."

* * *

Tom Paris broke the security seal on B'Elanna's door with ease. Harry was
right maybe romance would give Tom a better shot than simply demanding that
B'Elanna feel the same way he did. Still breaking and entering was not the
most endearing action, even if it was for a romantic reason. He left the
small vase and crystal flower on her table, with a parchment note tied to
it. It wasn't the sort of thing that a Klingon would respond too but
B'Elanna was after all half-human.

Slipping out the door he noticed something hanging from it. In the dark
light, thought, he couldn't tell what it was. It didn't seem like B'Elanna
to hang something on her, where it might get in the way, but then her
quarters seemed rather full right now, with a bit of everything. Maybe she
had just run out of space. Yeah that explained. Tom crept silently away
to wait for B'Elanna in the morning.

* * *

B'Elanna Torres woke feeling refreshed and looking forward to the day.
Something odd considering the events of the previous day. But then maybe
sleep had helped clear her head. Or the pleasure she found in Michael
had calmed her. Well that was certainly the case, although the questions
still lay before, as unresolved as they had been last night.

Michael Sargolis had a way of making you feel at peace, she mused as she
headed for the bathroom. A way of putting you at ease and making you happy
to be alive. That was a trait she had always loved about him. But she never
thought that making love with him would have the same effect only one
hundred fold.

The shower was warm and soothing and B'Elanna looked forward to eating a
decent meal, free of worry about replicator rations. Only today was left
to enjoy that freedom, so she might as well start early. But a breakfast
order was not what came from her mouth as she entered her living room.
Instead a gasp issued forth at the crystal rose, refracting the light
into rainbows, on her table and the intricate story tapestry hanging on
the door. Two things, she knew that she hadn't replicated.

While, B'Elanna's attention was caught initially by the rose, it was held
by the tapestry. Story tapestries were something precious and rare, for
only one culture made them and they never exported them. Instead, the
inhabitants of Winselaf 9 gave them as gifts on the rare occasions that
they felt warranted them. There were only a couple of dozen to be had in
the whole Federation. Who had made this one and how?

B'Elanna gazed at the tapestry, its threads fading slowly from one image
to another, moving and telling a story in it's images. The story was of
Voyager, of the Maquis, of B'Elanna. She watched for nearly an hour and
the tapestry never returned to its starting point. It showed one of
Voyager's encounters after another. B'Elanna was awestruck. Only one
person knew of her childhood interest in the almost magical tapestries,
inspired by her father before he left her. Michael had somehow given her
something she had wanted all her life.

"Torres to Sargolis," she activated the comm panel in the door frame.

"B'Elanna, did you get my gift?" Michael's voice was full of joy and love,
she smiled almost giggling.

"I got it. How did you manage it? I didn't even think you'd remember..."

"Are you free for breakfast?" B'Elanna gazed at the tapestry. During her
inattention, it had progressed to show Voyager being capture by the Kazon
Nistrim. "B'Elanna?"

"Yeah, I'll meet you in your quarters." The words were little more than a

"Great, I'll be waiting." The link ended. B'Elanna tried to catch her breath,
wondering if she had just become a place for Michael to focus his love and
giving now that Hogan was gone or if it was the beginning of a true love
affair. After last night, B'Elanna had no doubt that she could give herself
to him completely, in perfect happiness. "You're soul is safe with me."
Michael's words from so long ago floated to her mind. How long ago had that
been? A little under five years and yet how many lifetimes? B'Elanna Torres
stepped out of her door, setting the gorgeous tapestry, something she had
wanted since she was three, on her bed.

* * *

"B'Elanna, I know it seems strange, but I said good-bye to him last night.
It was something almost spiritual, like..."

"Like?" B'Elanna prodded. Michael knew she was doubting him and he couldn't
blame her. It was a hell of a transition to go from grief-stricken to budding
love in a couple of days but that was his honest feeling.

"Like something Jason became a part of me, but a part of me
that's not conscious, like he's always with me but not in my life anymore...
this isn't making sense." Michael, frustrated stuffed a piece of cantaloupe
into his mouth.

"Sure it is, but I don't know... most people take time to deal with blows
like this. But you never did, even when the Cardassians captured Melatik."
Michael remembered vividly the frenzy and panic when the Cardassians had
occupied his home colony. He remembered being the one who forced the Maquis
to look beyond that to see what good could come. And they had shut off the
Cardassian's influence to three other colonies because of that. But still
much of Melatik never was recovered.

"I... guess I just have a lot of trust in the universe." Michael smiled and
sighed at the same time.

"You tempered my anger when we first got stuck on Voyager. And you were
right, nothing could have been better for me." B'Elanna held out her hand.
"I could so easily fall for you, everything you've ever said to me has
been true, even the things I never thought could be. Like being back in a
Starfleet uniform being a good thing. You've even got me believing that
things always work out for the best. Take my hand and I'll trust you never
to let go."

Michael had doubts. His conversation with B'Elanna about her just being a
rebound lover had brought them to the surface and with them had come a deeper
peace and trust, the real Michael, knowing what was best. He took her hand
and kissed the palm, drawing her to him and kissing her cheek. "You heart,
your soul and everything else are safe with me."

She kissed him, deeply. He kissed back and when they finally broke apart,
she was running her hand along his thigh, beneath the gauze caftan, up his
hips and stroking his thigh. "B'Elanna..." Michael gasped and felt her
take him in her hands, massaging his cock till it was hard, stroking his
balls, kissing them. Michael moaned. Her lips moved along his cock.

"This a first for me, let me know if it hurts," B'Elanna's whisper was soft
as her tongue against his most sensitive places. He gasped and groaned as
her lips closed around his cock, fitting seamlessly. He reached down stroking
her shoulders gently, circling his fingers downward, tracing light designs on
her breasts. She moaned, as did he, when her teeth danced around his cock.
Her lips moving up to his nipples slowly. He laid his head between her
breasts as she pleasured him with a softness no Klingon could posses. And
when he was about the cum, she gently stroked him into an orgasm that lasted
longer than any he could remember.

* * *

Tom Paris waited in the holodeck. He had been waiting for an hour and a half.
B'Elanna wasn't going to come. He had to face it. She must have seen the
crystal rose and read the attached note, she couldn't have missed it. But she
wasn't here. Tom looked around at the rolling fields, the bright sunshine,
the few trees and in the distance, the sound of the surf. He had spent hours
fine-tuning this program and for nothing. She couldn't even bother to call
him, at the least.

"Janeway to Paris," Tom glanced around, no point using the holodeck, might
as well do something constructive.

"Computer, end program. Yes captain?" Tom tried to hide the bitterness in
his voice but didn't succeed.

"We picked up a small vessel on long range sensors, it looks to be Federation
in construction. Can you report to the bridge and take a look?" It wasn't a
question really.

"Me? Isn't there someone better qualified?" Is she just picking on me?

"You Mr. Paris. You worked for Astral Expressways as a pilot for sometime did
you not?" Astral Expressways? A cheap intrasystem transport company? They
never left the Rigel system.

"Yes captain, is this one of their ships?"

"It seems to be."

"I'm on my way."

* * *

"All senior staff to the conference room, immediately." Chakotay's anxious
voice echoed from B'Elanna's commbadge, which was lying across Michael's
living room, near where the doorway to Jason's room had been.

"That sounds urgent, I better go." B'Elanna hurriedly replicated a uniform,
and retrieved her commbadge. "On my way, Commander. By the way, I like the
rose too."

"Rose?" Michael asked, his expression blank.

"Yeah the crystal rose you left on my table, I didn't get to read the note."
Michael still looked perplexed. A revelation began to dawn on her, as her
stomach dropped. "Didn't you leave it?"

Michael shook his head. "I didn't see anything on your table when I left the
tapestry." That left Tom. 'Oh gods, what am I going to say to him at this

"Hmmm, well never mind I'll explain later." B'Elanna hurried into the
corridor, knowing Michael could probably spot something being up. 'Damn, I
hadn't thought about Tom!'

B'Elanna's suspicion was confirmed when, after racing through the ship, she
entered the briefing last. Harry looked at her curiously. Chakotay smiled,
Janeway gave her an odd look and Tom glared. There was no other word for it,
just a hard steady glare. One saying "you hurt me, I opened my heart to you
and you heart me deeply". Oh well, deal with that later.

"I'm sorry I'm late."

"No need to apologize Lieutenant," Janeway said. Well there is Captain but
not to you. "I just called this meeting and we haven't begun yet. Mr. Tuvok,
would you please fill in those who weren't on the bridge when the discovery
occurred?" Obviously that included Harry and Neelix, who looked to Tuvok
inquiringly. Tom continued to stare straight at her, a fact noted by

"Certainly Captain. At 0739 hours this morning, Voyager detected an unusual
material object in our path, at the edge of sensor range. It set of a
tactical alarm because it contains an alloy that obstructs the navigational
deflector system, of course resulting in a bombardment of spatial debris and
gasses. The object is composed of quanto-biriate, a substance used in place
of navigational deflection by a number of small non-warp vessels in the alpha
quadrant. It has yet to be found in the gamma, beta or delta quadrants.
Needless to say, I investigated and alerted the Captain. Further scans reveal
this..." The screen displayed a small ship, probably a passenger commuter, by
the look of it. It's name was not quite visible.

"Mr. Paris, please take over." The Captain's change in speakers startled
B'Elanna, did she know about his...whatever it was towards her? No that
wouldn't be Janeway's style. She likely would have left to him to deal with
the situation himself.

Tom stopped staring at B'Elanna and gestured to the screen. "Its a small
commuter from the Rigel system. The company that owns, or owned it, is
Astral Expressways. They run the main commuter and tourist transit through
Rigel. I worked for them for nine months before joining the Maquis." Janeway
looked like she wanted him to say more, but Tom clambed up and looked at
B'Elanna, who was embarrassed to be caught staring open-mouthed at him.

"How'd it get here?" Harry voiced the obvious question.

"We don't know," Janeway gave the obvious answer. "But we're going to find
out. That ship couldn't go beyond 7/8's impulse. Yet somehow it wound up
out here. I want to know why. We'll be in visual range in one hour,
transporter range soon thereafter. Let's be ready to get some answers."

"Captain," B'Elanna knew that Janeway knew what she was about to say, "That
ship won't fit anywhere on board Voyager." Janeway nodded. "I'm not sure how
much we'll be able to learn going EVA."

"Let's see what the sensors show first. Prepare to study it, get whatever
team you need together. Dismissed."

Everyone filed out. Everyone but Tom Paris. B'Elanna stood waiting for him
to speak. He just sat there. For a while she thought he might not speak, but
then she realized it was a power game to him, whoever spoke first would be
giving up the advantage. B'Elanna would be damned if she'd play such childish

"Tom..." And that was all it took to get him started.

"Dammit, you could have at least called and said you weren't coming, I
wouldn't have pushed, wouldn't have even asked why. But you had me waiting
in the holodeck for almost two hours! Damn it! A little courtesy isn't too
much to ask?"

"I didn't know the rose was from you." B'Elanna was in the midst of a surge
of all emotions: anger, resentment, guilt, and most of all sadness because
she knew she had hurt Tom, even though she hadn't meant to.

"And who the hell else would have left, I mean the note was pretty obvious
about who left, if all else failed! And I know *Klingon* eyes can see, if
only to kill!" B'Elanna did her best to ignore that. He was hurt, angry,
digging at whatever he could to make her feel bad. But she couldn't ignore
it, he was not only betraying her trust but using it against her.

"Listen here, you pig, I didn't read the note, because I didn't get to the
table this morning, I was distracted!" She knew she had better leave or get
him to shut up, or else she'd lose control and make him shut up, perhaps

"Didn't get to it?" Tom flung his hands in the air. He snarled and continued
to glare.

"No I didn't because someone left me something far more precious than some
damned replicated hunk of glass!" Tom looked shocked then angrier and darker.

"Who is the SOB! Damn, you can't even tell me you're involved with someone.
Who the hell is it, I'll make sure that-" B'Elanna's hand at his throat shut
him up physically and verbally.

"You touch one hair on his head and you will not last more than three seconds
beyond the time you do!" The words were a shout and yet a hiss at the same
time. She forced herself to let Paris down, to leave the room as calmly as
she could while he gasped for breath. I didn't handle it well at all, she


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