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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This Series Is Based On The Only 2 Sabrina Movies I
Know To Be Currently Out On TV. Sabrina The Teenaged
Witch (Which Was The Pilot Episode For The Series),
And Sabrina Goes To Rome (Which I Believe Was The
finale From The First Or Second Season). If Anybody
Has Anymore 2 Hour Episodes From The Show, I'd
Appreciate It If You Contacted Me To Make Arrangements
To Send Me Copies So I Can Extend This Series Even

TITLE: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Aunt Hilda & Salem (f/animal sex)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: sabrna06.txt

The day began like any normal day. Sabria awoke from a deep sleep and
sat up in her bed and spent the next 5 minutes looking aroud her room,
appearing to be searching for something, but in reality, looking for nothing
in particular. It was a daily morning routine for her. She got out of bed
and stripped off her night gown and got into the shower and began her morning
routine of getting ready for school.

Downstairs in the dining room, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda were sitting
at the table. Zelda was reading a newspaper, Hilda was spreading butter
on a muffin. Salem was sitting on the table in front of a plate with a
muffin sitting on it, soaked with grape jelly. His favorite breakfast.

Hilda: Sabrina! Come on down hun! It's time for breakfast!

"Be right there!", they both heard from upstairs.

Hilda: She always takes forever getting dressed in the morning. I wonder

Zelda: I think it's because she chooses to dress herself instead of using
her magic to do it, like you do.

Hilda: Hey, what can I say? I'm a witch, I have the ability, why not use

Zelda: Oh come now Hilda. You know sometimes I think you've gotten so lazy
that you don't want to do anything for yourself without using your
powers. It's pathetic.

Just then, Sabrina came trotting into the dining room and sat down at
her usual spot across from Hilda. She put a muffin on her plate and
began spreading jelly on it. She looked at Salem and smiled and then looked
at her two aunts and smiled again.

Zelda: Good morning sweetheart.

Sabrina: Good morning. Oh, I forgot to tell you... One of you is going to
have to drive me to and from school today.

Hilda: Why?

Sabrina: Something about every school bus in the district needing to be
repainted or something. I don't know. I thought it was kinda
stupid too.

Zelda: Well I'll drive you then, since I'm already dressed. I have some
shopping I need to do anyway.

Sabrina: (Smiling) Okay.

Hilda: Well then I guess while you two are gone, I'll do a little house

Zelda: Just make sure you put everything back where it was when you're
finished. Last time you cleaned the house, I found the broom and
dustpan in the refrigerator.

Hilda: Well that's because I wsas in a hurry.

Zelda: Well you won't need to rush today, cause it's going to take me
atleast 3 hours to do my shopping. You know how I am.

Sabrina and Hilda both said "Yes" at the same time. Hilda looked at
both of them innocently and then got up and put her plate in the sink. She
was still in her night gown. Hilda was always in her sleeping clothes. She
never went out, always stayed in the house most of the time, so she never
felt the need to get dressed.

Sabrina: Well, whatever. Aunt Zelda, we have to go.

Zelda: Okay. You got your stuff?

Sabrina got up and went to the counter just outside the kitchen entrance
to the living room and picked up her backpack and showed it to Aunt Zelda.
Then she walked toward the front door of the house. Zelda picked up both
her plate and Sabrina's plate and put them in the sink. Then she gave Hilda
a kiss on the lips, and a soft gentle hug and left to go take Sabrina to
school and do the shopping.

After Hilda heard the engine start and the car pull out of the driveway
she began her magic. Flittering her fingers and arms in the air, and
twitching her head and body in all sorts of directions, mumbling spells
and all sorts of strange words. And suddenly when she finally finished,
the whole house was clean from top to bottom, not a spek of dirt or dust
anywhere. She smiled as she looked around and admired her work. Then she
looked at Salem, who was still looking around the room in amazement. Then
he looked at her and stared for a few moments. He just realized that with
the way the light was coming through the kitchen window, he could see
right through Hilda's night gown. Her nipples hard as a rock, showing
straight through.

Salem: Whoah!

Hilda: What?

Salem: Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are in the sunlight?

Hilda looked down at her chest and realized what Salem was talking about
and she suddenly covered herself in embarassment and stepped out of the
light, giving Salem the evil eye.

Hilda: Salem! I should turn you into a rat for that.

Salem: I'm sorry, I uh... Was just admiring your beauty.

Hilda smiled sweetly.

Hilda: You really do like me don't you Salem.

Salem: Uhh.... What do you mean?

Hilda: I've noticed the way you look at me Salem, don't lie to me. You
like me... Don't you.

Salem: Well.... I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But what can we do?
You're a human. I'm a cat. And you can't turn me back into a human
because it would be against the rules. I'm supposed to remain a cat
for 9 years, and it's only been 7. And you can't very well turn
yourself into a cat, because that's against the rules too.

Hilda: Salem. What are you saying?

Salem: I'm saying, that I think you're a babe, and that I would give
anything to be able to make love to you. But that's not possible.

Hilda: And who says I can't make love to you the way you are now?

Salem: (Surprised) You want to make love to a cat? Isn't that obsurd?

Hilda: (Walking towards him) Not at all. I've had sex with animals before.
Actually I rather liked it.

Salem stayed silent as Aunt Hilda walked over to the table and sat down
in the chair right in front of him.

Salem: What are you doing?

Hilda: (Puting her finger to her lips) Shhh... Be silent.

Salem quit talking and just sat there and watched. Hilda reached out
and put her hand on him and began peting him nice and gently, the way he
liked it. Salem was so relaxed, that he couldn't sit up anymore. His
front paws gave out and he slumped on the table laying down. He was
definitely enjoying this. With one hand, Hilda removed the shoulder straps
of her night gown and let it fall in her lap, and with the other, she
reached between Salem's legs and began fondling him. Salem's eyes widened
and he let out a slight meow and laid his head on the table and opened
up his hind legs further and just layed there, allowing himself to be toyed
with. The view of Hilda's nice succulant breasts were very alluring.

Hilda: It's been a long time since I've made love to an animal Salem.
And today baby, you are going to be the one.

Salem was too engrossed in the moment to speak. Instead her just
closed his eyes and layed there. But it wasn't long before Hilda stopped
what she was doing. He opened his eyes and raised his head and was about
to ask her why she stopped, but didn't have time as Hilda picked him up
and layed him upon her chest and leaned back in the chair. Salem was in
heaven. Hilda's large breasts were directly in view. He decided not to
pass up the moment, and he began to lick the nipples very gently.

Hilda: (Throwing her head back) Oh yes Salem. That's it. Lick my tits.
Suck on em baby. Oh god you're so good at that.

As Salem spread his hind legs around her stomach, Hilda noticed
something hard between his legs rubbing against her. She opened her
eyes and looked down at him.

Hilda: Oooh Salem you little pervert. Your little weenie is hard isn't
it. You really do like me.

Salem: Aunt Hilda?

Hilda: Yes?

Salem: To tell you the truth, I've wanted to do this to you since the day
I saw you at the pound when you and Sabrina came to adopt me.

Hilda: (Smiling) Oh I know Salem. I could see it in your eyes. But you
know, all you had to do was ask. Oh god baby, what took you so

Salem: I never thought you wanted me this way.

Hilda: (Smiling) Oooh god Salem, your little weenie feels so good rubbing
against my stomach.

Salem: Well it feels good to me too.

Hilda: Would you like to stick it in me?

Salem: You mean between your legs? Yes!

Hilda: Oooh baby, go right ahead. Push that thick juicy kitty cock inside
me as hard as you can.

Salem crouched down and Hilda let him go. He slid down between her
legs. Salem positioned himself just perectly. His front paws close together
supporting himself on Hilda's stomach. His hind legs right between her
legs. He looked up at her and gazed deep into her beautiful green eyes as
he shoved his cock inside her as hard as he could. He let out a loud meow
as he felt the warmth of the inside of her vagina surrounding his cock.
Hilda threw her head back and began to scream.

Hilda: Oh god Salem! Yes! Oooh fuck me! Fuck me baby!

This appeared to turn Salem on, cause as she was shouting at him,
litterally begging him to fuck her, he began pushing his cock in and out
of her faster and harder. Until finally... One last thrust, and as he
felt her cumming all around his cock, he let go of his own juices and
squirted deep inside her. When it was over, Hilda looked down at him,
her hair all messed up, and all she could say was, "Thank you baby."

Salem had many other sexual experiences with her from then on, and
each time was as good as the first. Hilda loved having sex with him so much
that she decided that she didn't want to have sex with Aunt Zelda ever
again. Because it was so good with the cat. Zelda didn't care ofcourse
when she found this out, because she didn't want to have sex with her
anymore either. She was much too happy having sex with Sabrina every

-=The End=-


This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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