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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This Series Is Based On The Only 2 Sabrina Movies I
Know To Be Currently Out On TV. Sabrina The Teenaged
Witch (Which Was The Pilot Episode For The Series),
And Sabrina Goes To Rome (Which I Believe Was The
finale From The First Or Second Season). If Anybody
Has Anymore 2 Hour Episodes From The Show, I'd
Appreciate It If You Contacted Me To Make Arrangements
To Send Me Copies So I Can Extend This Series Even

TITLE: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Sabrina & Marnie (ff, fling)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: sabrna05.txt

School Library

The library was not too packed. Students were coming and going, looking
for books to study for their classes. Across the room, Seth was standing
over a small shelf looking through a pile of books, occasionally opening
and closing them as he put each one asside and picked up another. Off to
his right, in one of the cubicals, Sabrina was eying him every now and then
and then looking back down inside her cubical, appearing to be writing
something. When she was done, she smiled as she looked at Seth again.

Sabrina: Okay, let's hope this works.

She closed her eyes and held up her right hand and began muttering a
rhyme she had just written down.

Sabrina: By the power of all the stars above me, I send this spell for
Seth to love me...

As she said that, a gust of wind swept through the whole library and
blew one of Seth's books closed as he was opening it. His hair was sort of
in disarray. He looked around for a moment. Realizing that it was probably
wind that came in the front door of the library when somebody entered, he
decided to pay it no mind and opened the book again momentarily and then
closed it and picked it and a few books from the stack he had with him and
began walking past Sabrina, not paying any attention to her whatsoever. She
crossed her arms over her chest and slumped back in her chair in anger and
looked around. Suddenly her friend Marnie sat down next to her.

Marnie: Hi.

Sabrina: Hi.

Marnie: What's wrong?

Sabrina: I don't know. It didn't work.

Marnie: What?

Sabrina: Nevermind.

Marnie: I've got news.

Sabrina: Yeah?

Marnie: Mmm Hmm... You know that guy you saw me talking to at your party?

Sabrina: Yeah.

Marnie: Well, he asked me to the Spring Dance, and I said I'd go with him.

Sabrina: Really? Marnie, that's great.

Marnie: Well I thought it was kinda cool. So now we need to find you
somebody and... It'll be perfect.

Sabrina: That's not gonna be so easy.

Sabrina's House - Later On

Aunt Hilda was just getting finished setting the table for dinner when
Sabrina came through the front door. She was about to walk straight
upstairs to her room to change and put her stuff away when Aunt Zelda called
her from the living room. Sabrina looked in that direction and saw her
sitting on the couch reading a newspaper. Sabrina set her bag down by the
bottom step and went over to her.

Sabrina: What's going on?

Zelda: You have a visitor.

Sabrina: Who?

Zelda: Your friend Marnie. She said you were staying at the library late,
so she went home and got her clothes, and her mom dropped her off.
She said something about spending the night. I don't remember
telling you you could have company, and especially not over night.

Sabrina: (Sitting down next to her) Oh I'm sorry Aunt Zelda. I have just
been so busy with everything, that I totally forgot to ask.

Zelda: (Smiling) Well? Aren't you gonna ask me?

Sabrina: (Smiling back) Aunt Zelda, can my friend Marnie please stay over
night? We promise to be good.

Sabrina hated asking like that, but she really wanted her friend to
stay the night, and the way her Aunt Zelda was talking to her, it sounded
to her like she was going to send Marnie home. But it seemed to be the
only way she knew to get her Aunts to cave in situations like this. She
waited for Zelda to answer her, but all she did was look at her and smile.

Sabrina: (Giving her a hug) Thanks Aunt Zelda.

Zelda: You're welcome sweet heart. I was gonna let her stay anyway. But
I wanted to see if you would ask for it in that cute way you do.
Like a little child who's begging for something she really really

Sabrina: (Smiling) If you tell anybody about that, I will never speak to
you again.

Zelda just laughed at her niece and pointed to the stairs. Sabrina
got up off the couch and went to the stairs, picked up her bag and headed
toward her room. She stopped half way up and looked at her Aunt Zelda
for a moment.

Sabrina: So where is she? Is she here?

Zelda: Yes, she's in your room. She said something about wanting to...
Surf the net... Whatever that means.

Sabrina: (Snickering) Oh she's just on my computer then. Thanks.

Sabrina's Room

Sabrina opened her bedroom door and walked in. Marnie was sitting at
the desk across the room on the laptop typing and clicking away. Marnie
turned around and looked at the door to see who came in and smiled and
turned back to face the computer and continued.

Sabrina: Whatcha doin?

Marnie: Oh, just looking around. Kinda bored.

Sabrina: Sorry, I totally forgot you were spending the night tonight. I
have just been so busy thinking about Seth that I set asside
everything else.

Marnie: It's okay.

Sabrina put her bag on her bed and kicked off her shoes and pulled off
her shorts and walked across the room standing next to Marnie, watching
what she was doing as she began unbuttoning her shirt. She noticed Marnie
looking at her out of the corner of her eye. Sabrina decided, as a joke,
to do a little strip tease. She began to sway back and forth as she removed
her shirt, and this got Marnie's full attention. Marnie stopped typing
and turned in her chair to face Sabrina and began to stare at her.

Sabrina looked at Marnie and smiled as she began to slowly dance and
sway as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the
floor. Marnie had never seen Sabrina naked, and she appeared to be enjoying
the show to say the least. Sabrina was getting really turned on when she
noticed Marnie's eyes get really wide at the site of her bare breasts.
Sabrina put her hands on her breasts and threw her head back and began to
squeeze them and moan softly. And Marnie's eyes only got wider as she
sat very still in the chair staring at her.

Sabrina: (Smiling) Enjoying the show?

Marnie didn't say a word, but instead just sat there continuing to stare
at her. Sabrina continued. She swayed back and forth as she slipped her
fingers inside her panties and began to touch herself in a very errotic way.
Marnie began to drool.

Sabrina: What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a girl undress before?

Marnie: (Arroused) Not like this. And you gotta remember, I have no
sisters or any other girl friends. Just two brothers. And I
only seen them undress once. Wasn't pleasurable at all.

Sabrina: So you're saying you're getting pleasure out of watching me

Marnie: Yes.

Sabrina: Have you ever.. Done it with another girl before?

Marnie: (Blushing) Not really. I mean I use to watch my mom undress and
take showers anduon her makeup all the time, but it was nothing
like this.

Sabrina: No.. I mean.. Have you ever... Had sex with another girl?

Marnie: (Blushing more) No.. I've always wondered what it would be like,
but no. I've never had sex with another girl.

Sabrina slid her hands down the sides of her panties and removed them
and let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. Marnie continued
to stare at her, only this time, her eyes were focused on the muff of
pubic hairs between Sabrina's legs.

Marnie: Jesus Sabrina. You're only 16 and you have all that hair down

Sabrina: Why? Is it not enough?

Marnie: More than enough! I'm only 15 and a half, and the Last time I
checked myself, I barely had any at all.

Sabrina smiled at her as she bent over and lifted up one leg at a time
and removed her socks and gathered up all her clothes in a bundle and
threw them in a corner next to the bed. Then she began to approach Marnie,
swaying her hips slowly back and forth as she walked. And when she got right
up close to Marnie, Marnie leaned back in the chair and just sat there
continuing to stare. And Marnie was once again met with a surprise as
Sabrina placed her hands on her shoulders and straddled her legs and sat
down on her. She appeared to be waiting for Marnie to do something.

Sabrina: (Looking deep into her eyes) Don't you want to touch me?

Marnie: Sabrina... We shouldn't be doing this. What if your Aunts catch

Sabrina: Oh they don't care. I do this with them too.

Marnie: (Surprised) Really?

Sabrina: Yes.

Marnie: Wow, I never knew you were that close to your family.

Sabrina put her left index finger to Marnie's lips and she stopped
talking. Then Sabrina reached down with both hands and took Marnie's hands
and placed them on her breasts. At first, Marnie didn't know what to do.
But when Sabrina pressed on them, Marnie began to squeeze them, lightly at
first, but then as she started getting into it, she began squeezing them
harder, and rubbing her nipples. Sabrina kept her hands clenched on
Marnie's shoulders as she threw her head back and started to moan.

Sabrina: Suck my tits Marnie.

Moments later, she felt Marnie's lips on her right breast. This sent
Sabrina through the roof.

Outside The Bedroom

Hilda: I told you they would do it.

Zelda: (Her ear up to the door) It looks like you won the bet.

Both of them smiled at eachother and went downstairs to finish

Back In The Bedroom

Marnie and Sabrina were on the bed now, and Sabrina was helping Marnie
out of her dress. Marnie was laying on her back with her hands clenched
behind her head allowing Sabrina to unbutton her dress. As she watched
each button being undone, she looked to Sabrina and smiled and then looked
back at her dress and continued to watch as each button came loose, until
finally, the last button was undone and Sabrina pulled the two sides of
the dress apart, revealing Marnie's white silk bra and panties.

Sabrina: Oooh I love your underwear Marnie.

Marnie: (Smiling in a sexy way) Really? I love silk underwear. I won't
wear anything else.

Sabrina: Nahh... Cotton is my favorite.

As Sabrina began to remove Marnie's panties, Marnie sat up and reached
behind her and unhooked her bra and threw it across the room and laid back
down. Sabrina had her panties off within a quickness and had her face
between Marnie's legs and was licking her pussy, and at that moment, Marnie
let out a scream so loud that the whole neighborhood could have heard her.
Sabrina stopped what she was doing for a moment and looked at her. Marnie
just smiled at her and propped herself up on her elbows and threw her head
back and began to moan softly.

Sabrina: Mmmm you like this baby?

Marnie: Hmmmm hhhhh.. Yes.... Oooh god yes...... Mmm lick me Sabrina...

Sabrina: (Burrying her face between her legs) With pleasure!

After a few minutes of this, Sabrina stopped and looked up at her
friend, who was staring up at the ceiling in total disarray. Staring
off into space, without a care in the world. She had cum like 6 times
and was feeling so good, you could have pricked her with with a needle
and she wouldn't have felt it.

And before they turned out the lights and went to bed, they did every
position imaginable. The two of them were so hot and horny, they did nothing
but feel and finger fuck eachother for hours. The whole time, Hilda and
Zelda were sitting at the dinner table downstairs listening to the screams
and moans and smiling to eachother.

Zelda: I wonder what will happen when she decides to bring a boy over.

Hilda: Oh stop it Zelda.

-=The End=-


This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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