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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This Series Is Based On The Only 2 Sabrina Movies I
Know To Be Currently Out On TV. Sabrina The Teenaged
Witch (Which Was The Pilot Episode For The Series),
And Sabrina Goes To Rome (Which I Believe Was The
finale From The First Or Second Season). If Anybody
Has Anymore 2 Hour Episodes From The Show, I'd
Appreciate It If You Contacted Me To Make Arrangements
To Send Me Copies So I Can Extend This Series Even

TITLE: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Sabrina & Katey (ff, femdom)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: sabrna04.txt

The day had finally come. Sabrina lay there peacefully asleep in her
bed. The sun shining brightly through her bedroom window slowly waking
her up. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up, propping herself up on her
elbows, and looked around. Something was different about her. She looked
a little more older, more mature. Probably because today was her birthday.
She knew it, her Aunts knew it, a few of her friends at school knew it,
but as always she didn't want to make a really big scene over it, because
16 is a very prescious age for a young girl, and the last thing she needed
was people at school making fun of her.

She got out of bed, showered, got dressed, and went downstairs to the
kitchen and sat down at the breakfast table with her 2 Aunts. They were
smiling brightly as usual. Sabrina always hated how they were always
bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings. She was never a morning
person, but she always managed to keep a good attitude about herself when
she woke up and came down to breakfast. She smiled at her Aunts and put
a biscuit on her plate and began to butter it.

Sabrina: Good morning.

Aunt Zelda: (Smiling) Good morning.

Aunt Hilda: Good morning sweetheart.

Later On At School

Sabrina and her best friend Marnie were walking along the hallways,
heading to their lockers. Out of sight, Harvey was secrety puting something
in Sabrina's locker, as quickly as possible as he saw her approaching. He
closed her locker quickly and went to his own. It was the end of the school
day, and everybody was exiting their class rooms and puting their stuff
in their lockers, so Harvey wasn't spotted.

Sabrina approached her locker and opened it. Marnie looked inside and
saw what Harvey had put in there and her eyes widened and she smiled brightly.

Marnie: Whoah! Great Folliage... I have stuff growing out of my locker,,
but I think it's just mold from an Avacado sandwich or something.

Sabrina: Shhh! You're the only one who knows its my birthday.

Marnie: Oh right.. Today's the 27th, that would make it your birthday.
Happy Birthday.

Sabrina: (Closing her locker and smiling) Thanks. Let's go.

Sabrina and Marnie were the greatest friends in the world, atleast
according to them they were. Everybody else always looked at them as the
two nerdiest girls in school. They always walked the halls holding hands,
as if they were gay or something. Although Sabrina always wondered what
it would be like to have sex with Marnie, she never considered either of them
as gay. They were just really great friends, and weren't embarassed to
show it. But nobody understood this. They were even once passed by a
Senior named Katey, who didn't hesitate to comment on their hand holding.
She stopped right in front of them and blurted out in front of the entire
school how funny they both looked always wearing sexy clothes, and can't
keep their hands off eachother. Marnie wanted to kick Katey's ass for saying
that, but Sabrina calmed her down. And from that day forward, they continued
to hold hands and hug eachother in public, not caring what anybody else
thought about them.

Sabrina's House

Sabrina opened the door, and her and Marnie walked in. The house appeared
to be completely deserted. Marnie looked around as if she knew something
was up as they walked towards the kitchen. Sabrina opened the refrigerator.
There was nothing there. Then she noticed something on the bulletin board.
She looked at it. It was a note written in red ink telling her that her
Aunts were out shopping and they'd be right back.

Sabrina: (Sighing) Great! They forgot my birthday.

Marnie: Hmmm... Well there's always pizza.

Sabrina: (Smiling) Sure.

Sabrina closed the refrigerator and they were about to walk into the
living room so Sabrina could use the phone to order a pizza when the door
blasted open and the room suddenly filled with a bunch of people throwing
confetti at her shouting "SURPRISE!!!"

Aunt Hilda: Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Aunt Zelda: Happy Birthday Sabrina! Oh you should have seen the look on
your face!

The music suddenly started blaring and it looked like the party was
starting. Everybody was dancing and eating food, and just having a great
time. Just then, Seth came walking in. A boy who was already taken by
Sabrina's worst enemy Katey Lamoor, but she stared at him anyway, just
because she felt really close to him all of a sudden.

Outside the kitchen window, Katey's friend Fran was peeking in. She
stepped away from the window and pulled out her cell phone.

Katey: Yes?

Fran: Katey! It's Fran! I'm at Sabrina's birthday party! Seth is here.

Katey: I can't believe it! What's he doing there?

Fran: He's playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey and it looks like he's having
a really great time!

Katey: (Angry) I'm on my way! If anybody tries to steel him from me they're
dead meat! You hear me? DEAD MEAT!

Inside, Sabrina was blindfolded, and was being spun around 3 times by
her Aunt Zelda. The screeching of tires was heard out front as she began
to reach out with the tail in an attempt to pin it on the donkey poster
which was tacked up on the door between the living room and the kitchen.
In her attempt to pin the tail on the donkey, she appeared to be reaching in
Seth's direction. He stepped asside and his girlfriend Katey stepped right
in front of her, blocking her path.

Katey: You're not even close.

Sabrina turned a little to the left and tried again, but Katey stepped
in her path again.

Katey: Wrong again.

Sabrina: Could you please move?

Katey: Say pretty please.

Sabrina: Pretty please.. With sugar on top?

Katey: I don't think it's gonna work.

Sabrina removed the blindfold and glared at Katey, who in turn was
glaring right back at her. The two looked like they wanted to rip eachother's
hair out and start a big cat fight. The music started skipping.

Marnie: Oh! What's happening to the CD?

Marnie exited the living room to go fix the stereo, and Seth stepped
between them and introduced them.

Seth: Have you two met? Sabrina, this is Katey. Katey, this is Sabrina.

Katey: (Sarcastic) Charmed.

Sabrina: Likewise.

Seth: Katey... Here, have a hat. Join the festivities... It goes on your

Katey: Okay sweetheart.

Later On

Sabrina was in the bathroom in a nightgown brushing her hair, getting
ready for bed. The house was dark. When she was finished, she put the
brush on the counter and turned off the bathroom light and went into her
bedroom. She lifted the hem on her nightgown and climbed into bed. She
was about to lean over and turn off the light when she heard a noise in
the closet. Something falling and somebody saying "OUCH!"

Sabrina: Who's there!

The closet door opened, and there standing in it was Katey. She was in
her bra and panties. Her clothes, which she had just stripped off a few
moments earlier were crumpled on the floor inside the closet. Sabrina
sat up and looked at her. She didn't know what to think at first. The
first thing she wanted to do was yell at her and tell her to get the hell
out of her bedroom. But then she suddenly realized why Katey was hiding
in her closet half naked.

Behind her, Seth was puting his pants on as quickly and as quietly as
he could. Trying not to be seen by Sabrina, but it was too late. Sabrina
stared at his underwear as he fumbled with his pants. When he finally
got them on, he put his shoes on and exited the closet, looked at Sabrina
briefly, then at Katey and left the room.

Sabrina: What the hell were you two doing in there!

Katey: What does it look like! Do you think I'm standing here half naked
for my health? We didn't expect the party to end so soon, so we
thought we'd come up here and do it!

Katey was snapping at Sabrina. All Sabrina could do was pull the covers
over her and stare at Katey.

Katey: (Gathering up her clothes) Why don't you take a picture! It'll
last longer!

Sabrina: Katey! No! Don't get dressed.

Katey: (Staring at her) WHY!

Sabrina slid out of her bed and approached Katey very slowly. Katey
just stood there holding her clothes against her chest, trying to cover up
as much as possible. When she saw the look in Sabrina's eyes, she knew
right then and there that she had to get out of there!

Katey: Oh NO! You're discusting! I'm not doing ANYTHING with you you sick
bitch! Get away from me!

Katey pushed Sabrina and tried to make a run for the door, but Sabrina
grabbed her arm and yanked her back. Katey turned to face Sabrina with a
look of surprise on her face.

Katey: What are you doing! Let go of me!

Sabrina: Relax! I'm not going to hurt you.

Suddenly Katey couldn't move anymore. She tried as hard as she could
to move, but even after Sabrina let go of her hand, she couldn't move an
inch. She began to get really scared. Sabrina was surprised too. But
she was so horny for Katey, she didn't care to even notice that something
she had was effecting Katey.

When Sabrina got right up close to Katey, she began to cry like a little
baby. She was scared, and didn't know what was going on. And she knew that
Sabrina wanted to violate her in every way imaginable, but she wasn't that
kind of girl. All she wanted to do was go home, but she couldn't move.

Sabrina placed both of her hands on Katey's shoulders, and that only
made her cry even more.

Katey: What are you doing to me! Get away from me!

Sabrina: Shut up! You know you want it!

Katey: No I don't! Leave me alone!!

Sabrina began to slide her hands down the front of Katey's chest. The
feeling of Katey's silk bra between her fingers was exhillerating. Katey
just stood there continuing to bawl her head off. She apparently was NOT
having a good time.

Sabrina: This will teach you not to be such a bitch to me anymore when
you pass me in the halls at school!

Sabrina squeezed Katey's breasts as hard as she could, and Katey threw
her head back and let out a blood curdling scream!

Katey: I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! Why are you doing this to me!

Sabrina: You were right Katey! I do like girls! And right now, I like
you! And there's nothing you can do about it you little slut!

Sabrina put her index finger between Katey's breast, and slid it down
inside the front part of her bra and ripped it of of her and threw it across
the room. It landed on the floor near her night stand. Katey's breasts
were large and full. Sabrina began to squeeze them wildly as she sucked
on the nipples. Katey stopped screaming and crying. She appeared to be
enjoying this. And that made Sabrina happy.

As Sabrina sucked on Katey's tits, she ripped Katey's panties off of
her and shoved 3 fingers inside her vagina. Katey let out a scream as she
felt them go deep inside her.

Sabrina: Spread your legs you little slut! You know you love this!

Katey didn't respond. She just started crying again. Sabrina grabbed
herl egs and spread them apart. Katey tried to close them, but once again
she couldn't move. Tears flooded her eyes, and she closed them and began
to cry harder as she felt something huge pushing it's way inside her pussy.
Sabrina was pushing her whole fist in and out of her right about now.

Katey: OWWWW! Ahh!! Please! Please let me go!

And suddenly Sabrina pulled her fist out of Katey's pussy and stood
up and faced her.

Sabrina: I'll let you go on one condition.

Katey: Anything! Just please let me go!

Sabrina: Kiss me. And I don't mean just a peck on the cheeck. I want a
real kiss! Like I've seen you kissing Seth. With your tongue.

Katey: No! Please! Let me go!

Sabrina: You're not leaving this house until you kiss me! Now kiss me
bitch! NOW!

Katey decided to give in. She just wanted to get the hell out of there
and go home and never wanted to see Sabrina again. She was genuinly sorry
for all the problems she caused for Sabrina. Katey leaned forward a little
and Sabrina pressed her lips to hers. She let out a moan as she felt Katey's
tongue sliding into her mouth. Sabrina then pushed Katey back against the
wall really hard. Katey's head slammed against it.

Katey: OUCH!

Sabrina: (Picking up her clothes and throwing them at her) Now! Take your
clothes and get the fuck out of her! And I don't ever want to
see you again! You hear me? I don't want to see you at school,
on the street, NOWHERE! You got it?

Katey: (Trembling) Yes.

Sabrina: And if you ever tell anybody about this, I'll make your life a
living hell!

Katey grabbed her clothes as quickly as she could and ran out of the
bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door. Sabrina watched her out
her bedroom window and snickered to herself as she saw Katey running down
the street butt naked, as fast as she could. She didn't even bother to
get in her car and drive away. She was so scared, she just ran. Sabrina
laughed to herself as she saw a cop come to a screeching hault next to her.
She tried to explain to the cop what happened, but the cop just cuffed her
and put her in his car and drove off. Sabrina gave off an evil snicker
and went to bed.

-=The End=-


This Story Is Approved And Sealed By Me



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