Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Yet Another Spell Gone Wrong
by Hamster ([email protected])

Sabrina entered her aunts' house in a huff. Her white t-shirt was soaked
from rain, droplets rolled off her leather skirt onto the floor. Her blonde
hair was like-wise drippy.

"Zelda? Hilda? Hello?" Sabrina called for her aunts.

Will, a great guy at school, was completely ignoring her attentions. Why?
She wanted her aunts help but she was unsure about what to do

Sabrina climbed the stairs and found her old room. She still had some cloths
left in her old room, so she peeled off her wet shirt and unzipped her skirt,
doing the latter task with some difficulty.

Little did she know the warlock-turned-cat Salem was secretly spying on her.
Salem tried his best to remain silent as he watched the sexy Sabrina disrobe.
Masturbating as a cat was an acquired skill and required a degree of finesse,
he thought as he rubbed his crotch against the ground.

Sabrina removed her bra, stopping a second to gaze in the mirror. Well I'm
definitely cute, she thought. So why isn't Will into me? She slipped her
panties off and tossed them aside. She didn't know for sure but she thought
she heard the sound of a cat cumming to orgasm.

She put on a pair of white shorts and a white t-shirt, no bra or panties. And
wrapped a towel around her head.

"Maybe there is a spell that will make Will want me," Sabrina said aloud.

Uh-oh, Salem thought. The blonde was practically retarded when it came to
using magic. She was going to screw this up for sure.

She opened her magic book and began searching for a spell, always a bad sign.

"With this spell I'll have it made, all I want is to get laid," Sabrina
rhymed as little sparkly magic effects swirled about her.

Salem groaned, that spell worked on ANYONE who normally wouldn't have sex
with her. What's more, it would affect Sabrina as well. Oh, well, he thought,
it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

* * *

Zelda arrived home from a science convention. Her sister would be working
late at the coffee house so at least she'd have some peace. She had come
through the closet, so her brown turtle neck and long suede skirt were all

She began to head in the direction of her room, but she noticed Sabrina's
door was open a crack.

She approached the door and opened it.

"Sabrina darling, are you..." she began but the sparkly effects of the spell
swirled about her head.

Sabrina again was zapped by swirly magic.

The two women blinked and made eye contact.

Suddenly powerful primal lust wracked aunt and niece. Sabrina's mind clouded

She stood up and took the towel off her head, shaking it off real good. Zelda
stared at her niece's sexy legs, her gaze wandered to Sabrina's crotch which
she eyed with desire, especially since she could see the wetness on the
shorts. Sabrina walked right up to Zelda and through her arms around Zelda's

Zelda was now REALLY hot. She leaned down and put her mouth over Sabrina's.
Sabrina struck her tongue into Zelda's mouth and the two began to
enthusiastically French each other. Zelda's hands slid down to Sabrina's firm
hot young ass where she squeezed a cheek and then kneaded it. They broke the
the kiss, their tongues reaching after each other.

Sabrina took off her t-shirt and walked over to the bed to sit down. Zelda
like wise removed her turtle-neck and her coffee-colored bra. She sat down
next to her niece and the resumed their make-out. Zelda rubbed Sabrina's
pussy through her shorts, causing Sabrina to moan softly into her mouth.
Zelda unbuttoned and un zipped Sabrina's shorts. Suddenly Zelda broke their
kiss and slid down Sabrina's body to her tits. She encircled a nipple with
her tongue as she tweaked the other.

"Mmmmm yeeaa, ooh," Sabrina moaned.

Zelda massaged one breast, while sucking on the other's nipple. Reluctantly,
she left her niece's nipples and came to her shorts. Zelda grasped the firmly
and slid them off the girl's sexy legs.

"Spread your legs, dear," Zelda ordered.

Sabrina complied, spreading her legs very far apart. Just looking at
Sabrina's hungry, wet pussy nearly made Zelda come right there.

Zelda dove in with reckless abandon, she found the clit and licked and
sucked away madly. Zelda put her hands to good use as well each rubbing and
squeezing one of her nieces butt cheeks. Zelda's tongue dove deeper into the
bucking girl's hole, exploring the inside of the girl's delicious pussy.

"OOOOOOOOHHH FUUCK YEEAAAAAH!!" Sabrina cried as she came to her strongest
orgasm yet.

The girl simply lay spent as her aunt lapped up her girl-cum. Zelda stood and
began removing her skirt as Sabrina was recovering. Zelda tossed aside the
garment and then removed her panties. On all fours Zelda climbed across the
bed and knelt so that pussy was over Sabrina's head. Sabrina stared up at her
aunt's snatch and licked her lips with anticipation. Zelda lowered herself
onto Sabrina's face. The girl went to work darting her tongue in and out,
what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. Zelda reached
down to roughly squeeze Sabrina's tits as she she moaned and grunted with
pleasure. Zelda playfully gave a tit a light smack, causing her niece to yelp
into her pussy. Finally Zelda could feel her body tighten as she moaned out
an orgasm and collapsed on top of her niece.

Salem had been watching the entire time. He laughed to himself, knowing only
18 hours before the spell runs out and they forget everything. But it was
bound to be a fun 18 hours.

Salem watched as Sabrina got on all fours and lifted her cute ass high in the

"Oh fuck me aunt Zelda fuck me more and fuck me hard!" Sabrina begged.

"Oh you bad little girl, you need a good punishing," Zelda said.

With more magical sparkly effects Sabrina's room vanished and gave way to a
sexual torture chamber with whips, crops and dildos hanging on the walls and
Sabrina's wrists clasped together and chained to the ceiling.

"Oh no, aunt Zelda please don't punish me," Sabrina begged.

"Silence. If you're good and take it like and obedient little slut, I may
reward you," Zelda said.

A whip appeared in Zelda's hand.

Salem was highly aroused as he watched Zelda viciously whip Sabrina's pussy
and leave red streaks across the girl's jiggling boobs.

"EEE OOOOUUUCH!!" Sabrina screamed with each slash of her whip.

Sabrina's screams only made Zelda hornier and she whipped the girl's tits and
pussy at a faster, more frenzied pace.

Finally she stopped and stared at her niece's naked, sweat-drenched, whip
burned body.

Zelda rushed forward and roughly kneaded Sabrina's wobbly boobs. Squeezing
hard and working the flesh between her fingers, sometimes digging in her
nails to illicit a scream.

Zelda released Sabrina from her bonds and the girl fell on her aunt and the
two began to grope each other's bodies in incestuous lust.

"Get on your hands and knees, darling," Zelda ordered and Sabrina dutifully

Zelda came around behind to the girl's firm wiggling ass.

Zelda materialized a strap-on dildo.

Through this magical sex toy she could feel everything through the rubber
dick as if it were her own penis.

Leaning forward she grabbed her niece's hair and wrapped her hands in the
beautiful blonde locks.

Zelda pulled back hard as she drove her dildo into her niece's pussy. Zelda
pumped in and out at a wicked pace as her cute niece pushed back to meet each
stroke. Zelda could feel through the magical dildo as if it were her very own

"Oh, YES .... YES, aunt Zelda, you're going to make me cum hard!" Sabrina

"Ohh OOOOO I'm going to cum to darling," Zelda said, feeling the pressure

She felt tremors through the shaft of her rubber dildo and the force of her
own girl cum sucked from her cunt then magically transformed into sperm and
shot into her niece's own pussy as Sabrina her self came to an orgasm. The
two collapsed into a messy exhausted heap.

The End


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