Trance TV: Sabrina The Teenage Witch
by Tranceman

Usual crap about how you shouldn't read this if you're not supposed to.
Given how hot the woman who plays her roomate is, I couldn't pass this up.
Hope you like it.

College wasn't easy. Even if you were a witch.

Sabrina had been learning that the hard way the last few months. It was bad enough going
through the craziness of high school while learning to deal with magical powers. Now, she had to
deal with even more pressure in college and keeping her secret was harder now that she was
sharing an apartment with some other students.

She had a little help, with one aunt as a teacher and the other working at the coffee shop
off campus. And of course, she always had Salem, even though it had taken her a while to
convince him to keep from talking in the presence of others.

At the moment, Salem was (thankfully) with her aunts, who were (thankfully) in the Other
Realm for a while for some witch thing so Sabrina finally had some time to study for her exams.
Unfortunately, being a witch, she had more than one test to finish up and the ones for her
otherworldly teachers were a bit more difficult than simple cramming could get done.

Her latest spell was a tricky one, Sabrina knew that and the warnings of her aunts had, for
once, made an impact on her. The controlling spell was a dangerous one, only to be used in the
most dire of circumstances and never for the most obvious reasons. Sabrina's aunts had told her
the dangers of using it to place a person into a hypnotic spell and using them for her own
purposes. This was the serious magic, the kind she'd have to know but hopefully never have a use

It taken Sabrina a while to figure out the right way to do the spell and then cast it on a
focal point, just as she had been told. She chose an old necklace, nothing fancy, just a fake gem on
a chain. According to the rulebook, when flashed in someone's face, the gem would instantly
cause whoever saw it to fall into a trance and be totally under the control of the gem's holder.

Sabrina took a breath as she waved her hands at the gem, whispering. The gem brightened
a bit, glowing briefly before subsiding. Sabrina smiled, happy to see the spell took hold all right,
just as it was supposed to. She carefully took the gem and put in the upper drawer of her dresser.
The spell would wear off in a few hours but until then she knew it was better it didn't fall into
anyone's hands.

Sabrina glanced at her watch, seeing it was almost time for her next class. She quickly shut
the drawer and brushed at her long blond hair, adjusting her dress as she headed out the door, the
gem not given another thought, an act Sabrina would later regret.
_ _ _

Roxie threw her books on the sofa and moaned as she headed to her room. Geez, classes
were bad enough, now she barely had time to get ready to go out. Thank God for Fridays, indeed.
It was just the thing she needed to blow off the pressures of the week. A little dancing, just a
drink or two and she'd be all ready for the next week of classes.

Of course, it'd be better if Roxie could get herself laid once in a while but unfortenetly,
that wasn't too likely anytime soon. Roxie had been really bummed about the lack of lesbians
around campus, she figured every gal in college explored a little. Course, she could get attention
by coming out openly but she figured that might things between her roommates a little tough,
especially since she had a little crush on Sabrina.

Roxie hadn't expected to find herself attracted to the blonde, especially since she just
seemed so flaky all the time, weird things seeming to happen around her constantly. But there was
something about her that got Roxie's attention and not just her looks, although the woman was
beautiful. Roxie couldn't put her finger on it but she knew it was there.

Putting such thoughts aside, Roxie headed to her room, trying to pick out something to
wear out. She frowned, nothing in her regular collection of jewels called out to her. Maybe she
could find something in Sabrina's room.......
_ _ _

Sabrina sighed as she stepped into the apartment, happy that she should have the place to
herself. Roxie would no doubt be out partying and their other roommates were busy with friends
so Sabrina might be able to get some studying done.

She looked up to see Roxie coming in, dressed to kill with a low cut dress that
emphasized her ample chest, long black hair flowing behind her. "Hey," Sabrina said, turning to
sit on the couch, facing the TV. "Anything hot tonight?"

"Not really," Roxie said. "Just the usual dancing. Burning the midnight oil tonight?"

"Trying to," Sabrina shrugged.

"Yeah, well gotta get going. Oh, by the by, I borrowed something from your room, piece
of jewelry."

Sabrina was on her feet in a flash, facing Roxie, realizing a bit late that might not have
been the smartest move. "What?"

"This," Roxie said, holding up the gem that hung around her neck. Too late, Sabrina tried
to turn away but the moment her eyes instinctively latched onto the gem, they widened, the
necklace glowing as the spell took effect.

With a shriek, Roxie yanked the gem off and threw it to the couch. "What the hell was
that?" she yelled, looking towards Sabrina. "What was that, Spellman?" Sabrina stared blankly
forward, her eyes taking on an unearthly glow. "Spellman? Hey, Sabrina, you okay? What was

"A controlling spell," Sabrina said in a flat tone. "It has placed me into a trance state."

"A trance? Whoa, Sabrina, what are you talking about?" Roxie said, looking over Sabrina.
"Are you hypnotized or something?"

"Yes....Hypnotized....." Sabrina replied.

"Okay, how could this gem hypnotize you with one look."

"The spell I cast made it do it."

"Spell? What, you're a witch?"

"Yes," Sabrina replied. "I am a witch."

"Oh, really?" Roxie was starting to think this was all some lame practical joke. "Okay,
you're a witch, prove it. Turn that lamp there into a frog."

Sabrina turned to the lamp and waved her hand, trails of glowing magic flowing from her
fingers and surrounding the lamp, shifting it into a frog which had time for one "gribbet" before
being turned back.

"Oh my God," Roxie said softly. She glanced over towards where Sabrina still stood,
staring blankly forward. "I always knew there was something about you, Spellman," she muttered.
"Okay, let's see. So, you're totally under my control now?"

"Yes," Sabrina said. "Until I am released."

"Okay, can this gem work on anyone else?"

"No," Sabrina shook her head. "It will wear off in a few hours. I had to do it for my
spellcasting tests."

"Tests?" Roxie asked. "Okay, I don't want to know this. So, you'll do anything I tell you
to do?"

"Yes," Sabrina answered.

Roxie licked her lips and grinned. "Follow me, Sabrina," she said and led the hypnotized
witch into her bedroom. Locking the door behind them, Roxie swiftly disrobed, taking off all her
clothes. Her long legs folded together as she sat on the bed, her ample breasts showcased as she
gazed at Sabrina. "Okay, Sabrina, take off all your clothes."

Roxie watched as Sabrina disrobed, peeling away all her clothes, forming a nice pile on the
ground as she stood naked before Roxie, who was impressed by how great Sabrina looked, better
than she had expected. "You'll do what I say, Sabrina?"

"Yes," Sabrina said.

"Then come over here and start licking me out, Sabrina," Roxie said. Immediately, Sabrina
crawled onto the bed and moved her face in between Roxie's legs, her tongue immediately
shooting out to lick at Roxie's clit.

"Oh, god, that is so good," Roxie hissed as she felt Sabrina's tongue slide around her clit,
licking inside her. "Oh, rub my tits too," she hissed and felt Sabrina's hands move to her breasts,
squeezing the nice round globes as her tongue worked away at her roommate. "OHHHH," Roxie
moaned louder as she felt herself licked and rubbed, Sabrina's hands moving all over her chest as
her tongue moved all over her pussy.

"Don't stop, don't stop!" Roxie yelled as Sabrina's hands pinched her nipples, pushing her
breasts together as she kept on licking, her need to obey Roxie all that mattered to her now,
although the arousal of licking and rubbing her roommate was taking hold as well. "Oh, God,
gonna come, gonna come, gonna COME!" Roxie yelled as she shot out, her juices blasting onto
Sabrina's face and swiftly licked away by the entranced woman.

"Sabrina, stop," Roxie said as soon as she could talk. Sabrina immediately stopped her
licking. "All right, Sabrina, come over here and sit on my face." Sabrina obeyed, her clit moving
onto Roxie's face. Taking Sabrina's ass in her hands, Roxie brought the witch down, her tongue
reaching up and into her pussy, tickling it as she licked away, her hands squeezing Sabrina's ass,
pushing the cheeks together as she licked away at her.

"Uhhhh," Sabrina moaned, closing her eyes and leaning back as she felt Roxie's tongue
explore her. Roxie was much more experienced at this than Sabrina and showed it, her tongue
strokes swifter than her roommate's and producing faster results. "Ooohhh," Sabrina moaned as
she felt Roxie's hands move to her chest, squeezing her breasts just as Sabrina had squeezed hers,
pushing the nice tits together as her tongue worked away at the blonde pussy before her.
"OOOH!" Sabrina yelled as she felt herself come onto Roxie's face, cum splashing into her open

Roxie pushed Sabrina off and the two enjoyed a long and slow kiss, tasting each other's
cum on their faces, their breasts rubbing against each other as they lay on the bed. Roxie figured
she'd take Sabrina again, then have her wake up only remembering a trigger to put her back
under. There could be benefits to having a witch as a lover and roommate and Roxie was counting
on their time together to be truly magical.


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