by Wonder Mike

Sabrina was completely under the spell of Roland,she would do anything to
ride Dick Shaft again the feel of that muscular animal between her legs would
drive anyone insane, let alone an sexually frustrated teenager.

"Ok, what do I have to do, you little troll".

"Just lay there for now, it will take me awhile to get it up again, the you
will get the thrill of a lifetime," Roland knew all thoughts of "Farm boy"
would quickly leave The young virgin.

"Remove your pants" he ordered, Sabrina quickly complied.

Roland lunged over and inserted a thick finger into to unblemished box.

"Cool" was the only thought that came to Sabrina,

Each of Roland's fingers were the size of cigars, abd Sabrina had never had
anything that large inserted into her pussy.

Roland soon inserted a second, than a third, now Sabrina ws sretched, but
the trolls, fingers were not long enough th break her Hymen.

He inserted a fourth finger, and Sabrina's juices were flowing, she needed to
be fucked, hard right now, only Roland was still limp,

"More time" was all he could think.

Sabrina's mind reached out involuntarily to the first attractive thing she
saw, she did not want Roland to be her first.

She spotted that wonderful horse Dick Shaft and a bull grazing nearby and

Seconds later Dick and the bull began to merge, the new being rose up to two
legg and started, to shrink.

"Oh God" yelled Sabrina, "cool".

In place of the horse and bull stood a gorgeous man 7 feet tall, 400 pounds
flowing blonde hair, muscles apon Muscle apon Muscle. the perfect male

Sabrina's eyes wandered down the naked body, then she saw it, this was her
Fantasy, Dick shaft had been transformed into a man except for one part, his
cock was at least 16 inches, 4 inches around, it was amazing.

By this time Roland had inserted his whole hand inside the teenage witch, and
was working to insert half his arm. Sabrina had her first orgasm.

"I should have been doing this a long time ago" she thought.

Roland was now pumping faster and faster.

"Here I go again she screamed".

She was ready for Dick Shaft now.

She saw a weird glow that inveloped the man-beast, she wondered if only
witches could see it. she new he was irresistable.

Dick reach over and without mercy slammed his rod into sabrina.

He slammed it to the base without pause, Roland had broken her hymen and
their was no resistance.

Sabrina laid on her back has Dick pounded her into exstasy.

He moved with the force of a jackhammer, Sabrina would not be able to stand
much of this, "Wait she wailed we have to go a little easier".

Roland rolled the witch over she she was riding him. she looked into his sky
blue eyes and knew this was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life.
She was now bouncing up and down like a girl on a trampoline, all the way to
the base and up to the tip.

Now all she could think was "I need it deeper,and I need it now". The bad
part of being a witch and being on the special farm was that your wishes come

Dick was now a full two feet longtwo inches in diameter at the tip and maxed
out at a full 8 inches at the base,

Sabrina had been on the downstroke when she made her wish, the sudden icrease
in size caused an immediate giant orgasm, her body went limp she couldn't
move anything and she was impaled, on the largest dick known to man.

Dick wasn't done, he gruntted and lifted Sabrina like a rag doll stood up and
started slamming the Teenager up and down on his enormous member, this was
now his favorite position. Sabrina's limp body was failing around like she
didn't have a bone in her body, she was a blur sliding up and down on Shaft.

It only took 5 minutes of this for her to pass out completely, she had no
idea how long He rammed her, or when she shot his load.

When she regainned her senses She was alone with Roland (who had just filled
her mouth with cum) she ask were Dick was since the horse and Bull were gone.

"Roland just replied he disappeared into the mortal realm."



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