By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman and Harvey had been dating for over a year now, Harvey had
not even tried to get to second base, Sabrina wondered if he was gay.

Harvey had just gotten his car fixed and Sabrina has talked him into going to
make out point. Harvey was going to score no matter what he thought. She was
wearing form fitting Capri pants, and a low cut silk shirt with no bra,
Harvey didn't stand a chance.

"Harvey look in that car over there, I think that's Libby with somebody's
hand down her dress, what to you think of that"

"Well, Sabrina, That is a quick way to catch a cold."

"Come on Harvey that must give you some idea."

"I told you before, I want to wait until I get married."

"Come on Harvey, it will be cool."

Sabrina put her hand on Harvey's lap and felt the bulge beginning to grow.

"Now look what you've done, I am going to have to take you home young lady."

"Harvey, I just wanted to touch it, you show me yours and I'll show you

"That's it Sabrina, we are leaving, I won't tell your Aunts but I think you
need to gain some self control."

Harvey drove the frustrated young witch home. The first words out of Her Aunt
Hilda's mouth were, "You're home early, hoe did you date go."

"Cool, I'm going upstairs"

Hilda knew something was wrong and see knew Sabrina would tell her in time.

Sabrina laid across her bed and across her pillow, it felt good between her
legs, her mind started to drift away to a dream of Harvey when she was shaken
from her thoughts by Salem.

"Hey, your home early, and I can smell your frustration, did you bring me

"No, I didn't bring you anything, and keep your nose away from me."

"You go get me some tuna I can relieve that tension."

"Don't get any ideas cat, their are worst things I can turn you into."

"Come on Sabrina I only mean I know where you can have your fantasy
fulfilled, I used to go there all the time."

Sabrina thought about it and conjured up a big can of tuna.

"Thank you, their is a God"

"OK cat spill the beans."

"Here is an address in the other realm, go talk to the care taker."

Sabrina headed right over, it was a beautiful farm, filled with every kind of
animal imaginable. She saw a beautiful Stallion and Sabrina had to ride it,
she loved the feel of a powerful animal between her legs.

She rode for about 10 minutes when she saw the small form approaching her,
she recognized him immediately, Roland, the Dwarf with the huge crush on her.

"What are you doing here, and stay away from me."

"I run the place where dreams come true, could you have found a more
beautiful animal?"

"OK your right about the horse, but I thought you were the equalizer, and a
private eye."

"I am, this is where I really rake it in"

"If you want to keep riding you will have to pay the price."

"Ok, let me guess, I have to hold your hand"

"Something like that."

Roland knew this was the opportunity he had been waiting for, the horse
Sabrina had picked out was Dick Shaft, the longer she stayed on him the
hornier she would get.

Sabrina Agreed to do what ever Roland wanted, as long as she didn't have to
marry him.

She rode Dick for two hours, the itch between her legs was becoming

Roland called "Time" and brought Sabrina in.

"Come on Roland just a little more time."

"No, I want my payment now."

"Ok, then can I ride some more? Give me your hand."

Roland replied "It's not my hand you have to hold"

Roland pulled down his pants and pulled out his cock.

"Ewe" cried Sabrina never"

"You promised and if your don't you'll never ride Dick again."

"O k exclaimed" Sabrina, she would do just about anything to ride that

She reached down for the Dwarf's dick and it sprung to life, It had to be ten
inches and growing, Sabrina couldn't believe it, it grew to about 2 inches in
diameter. Now Sabrina's juices were flowing, she rubbed the cock until it
sprung out to it's full 13 inches.

"Cool" was the only thing She could say.

She rubbed and rubbed until Roland said this is a place where I grant
Fantasy's put it in your mouth and you will get what you really want.

Sabrina didn't know what she really wanted but she had no problem with
sucking that cock, she slurped up and down on is cock until she had it down
to the base.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing" she said.

She bobbed up and down until Roland shot his load into her mouth while she
was deep throating him, she swallowed his entire load with her lips pressed
against his stomach, she didn't think he would ever stop cumming but she
didn't miss a drop.

"This is only the beginning" wailed Roland "If you want to reach your
ultimate fantasy."



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