By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman was an excellent math student. English was a different
matter. She was struggling to keep her C average and she didn't care, she
knew enough English, after all she didn't have any plans to ever visit
England. though she did enjoy her trip to Rome.

Sabrina received a notice that her witches license would not be activated
unless she had at least a b average across the board. She was going to get a
c in gym so she had to raise her English grade.

She went to the principle and asked for that dirty word. Extra credit. She
hated to say it but she had no choice, she was having enough trouble getting
her licensee as it was.

She was given a list of books to do a report on. It wasn't a long list and
there was nothing on there that she wanted to read. She closed her eyes and
picked one. It was Gulliver's travels.

She took the book home and went to her room. She started to read but Salem
was doing experiments, and Valerie was calling. She couldn't get anything
done. She would start tomorrow, after all she had a full week to finish it.

Tuesday, Salem turned the house into a disco, naturally she couldn't get
anything done. Wednesday was Zelda's bridge night, and Thursday she had to go
out with Harvey after all she hadn't seen him in a day.

All of a sudden She had one day to read the book, and another to write the
report, it couldn't be done.

Salem suggested transporting herself into the book, after all what could
happen, it would be an adventure. Sabrina read a couple a pages and thought
she would be all powerful, what could happen. It could be considered
cheating. Salem just kept repeating "Do It."

Sabrina thought well I have to do this so she did it. She found herself in
Liliput. It was interesting. She was a giant. She towered over all the
buildings. She had to say "Fee, Fi Fo Fum" She thought it was a law or

She felt something stick her leg. It was a tiny arrow. She laughed. It was
just a little prick. She saw the little men who were attacking her. They were
about the size of her fingers. They couldn't really hurt her.

Liliput started to spin around, Sabrina thought this was cool, she was
finding it hard to stand. The world wasn't spinning, it was just her head,
she had been poisoned. That was the last thought she had before she fell.

when she awoke, Sabrina was tied to the ground spread eagle. She tried to
stand put she was staked down and could move. she looked around and saw the
whole town standing around her. She wished she wouldn't had worn a short
skirt, All the men had gathered between her legs and wee staring at her

The Lilliputian's had always wondered what the inside of a female looked
like, only doctor's had know before, now the whole town could see.

Two soldiers walked between the giants legs and began to cut at her panties,
it was hard work but they managed to get them off, The sweet smell was almost
overwhelming but they endured. It was a dirty job but someone had to do it.

The first soldier stuck his head inside of Sabrina, then he crawled all the
way inside of her. Sabrina decided enough is enough and decided to transport
herself out of this book.

Nothing happened, she remembered that she had to get all the way to the end.
Her magic didn't work.

The soldier climbed out of Sabrina and said it was wonderful, He said he had
a cold and when he came out the cold was gone.

Another man said he had a cold, he climbed inside of Sabrina and looked
around. She had to admit it felt good. When he came out he was cured also.

The Lilliputian's thought they could cure all their sick. They found a man
with a broken arm and he slipped it inside Sabrina, cast and all, When he
pulled it out it was still broken.

They noticed that his arm came out dry. The other men came out wet. It had
to be her juices that held the curing powers. They asked for volunteers, the
whole town stepped forward. They would get her juices flowing. They accepted
five men to climb inside Sabrina and eat her pussy from the inside. They
worked one by one inside of her until no one else could fit. They tried
to move around to go to work but it was not working, Sabrina was squeezing
her cunt and the men were being crunched. They started to climb out despite
her cries to stay.

They needed another plan. They cut down a giant redwood tree. They tied it to
a sled so they could slide it back and forth. They than found 40 volunteers
to push it into Sabrina's pussy. It was too big the thought. Ten men stood on
each side of Sabrina's pussy and spread her lips as far as they would go. The
other men then slid the giant tree into the teenage witch.

Sabrina started to twist and turn, she was cumming, the tree had stretched
her out further then she had ever been before. The Lilliputian's pushed the
tree faster and faster.

Her juices were covering the tree so they removed it from her pussy. The sick
and disabled began to climb inside of her cunt. Each time one of them stood
up she had another orgasm. She was shaking so hard she ripped her stakes out
of the ground. She stood up and the three people who were inside of her came
tumbling to the ground, she had to get out of here.

Sabrina started to run. She saw soldiers in the trees with the poison darts.
She was ready for them this time. She managed to deflect them all and head
for the woods. She was running through the trees when she saw the
Lilliputians waiting with a giant crossbow. She made a U-turn and ran through
the buildings. She knocked over a tree and used it as a ram to plow through
the city. She made it to the river and waded through it.

She traveled a couple of miles (for Lilliputian's) and across a lake. She
noticed the trees getting larger and larger as she traveled. She had no idea
what was going on. She now wished she had actually read the book so she could


Sabrina was being dwarfed by the trees now, she didn't see any buildings

She then felt the ground trembling, it sounded like a stampede. She looked
around but didn't see anything. She looked up and saw a teenager. He was
huge, at least 3 stories tall. She panicked. She turned to run and tripped
over a blade of grass.

The teen saw the tiny girl sprawled on the ground and picked her up. Sabrina
was caught.

The boy said "My name is Mike" "What's yours." Sabrina answered and told him
who she was. He told her he was 15 years old and he thought she was cute.
Sabrina was a little worried but she felt Mike was basically harmless.

Mike held her in the palm of his hand, he started to take her home through
the woods. Sabrina felt this was part of the story so she went along with

Mike started to wade across the river. He held Sabrina over his head until he
got to the other side. He couldn't help but notice that she wasn't wearing
any underwear. Sabrina noticed him look up her skirt. She really wished she
had wore pants. She saw the growth in his pants.

They arrived at his cottage and Mike called to his parents, they weren't at
home. He wanted to show them what he found. His big brother Sam was home

He took Sabrina from Mike. She was scared now. Sam was a little older and
looked like trouble. She was right.

Sam pulled up Sabrina's skirt and looked at her ass. He was impressed at the
little girl with the cute ass. He then pulled off her top. She was completely

Sam decided to take a lick of her tits. His tongue covered her whole chest.
Sabrina's torso was covered in saliva.

Sam had a new idea. He laid Sabrina down on his bed. He held her down with
one hand and spread her legs with his other hand.

Sabrina tried to struggle but there was no way she was getting loose. Sam
slipped his little finger into Sabrina's cunt. His finger was the size of her
leg, and he worked it in as far as it would go. Sabrina was stretched to the
Max and screaming at the top of her lungs. Even if someone would have been
there she was so small they couldn't have heard her.

Sam held his hand up. Sabrina was sitting on his finger. He was wearing her
like a glove. Sabrina slid down further on his finger. Mike was watching and
enjoying this. Sam told him to get out. He would let Mike have a turn later.

He grabbed Sabrina around the waist with his free hand and began to slid her
up and down on his finger. She was screaming for him to stop. She was being
split in halve.

Sam told her if she got him off he would take her off his finger. She didn't
know how she would do it, but she had to find a way. She couldn't take much
more of the giant finger.

Sam pulled her off his finger and laid down on the bed. He pulled down his
pants and exposed his giant cock. It was twice as big as Sabrina.

She wrapped her legs around it and began to climb. She reached the top and
began to lick the head. She was also grinding her pussy along the sides of
his cock. She slipped her tongue inside his cock and began to lick from the

Sam couldn't take much more of that, he pulled Sabrina off his cock, and laid
her on the bed. He then shot his load all over her body. She was completely
covered from head to toe. She was plastered to the bed. The sickest thing she
had ever seen. Sam just laughed It was the coolest thing he had ever seen.

The next thing Sabrina knew she was laying on her bed, her face buried in
Gulliver's Travel's She had read about a third of the book. Salem was
suggesting that she transport herself into the story. Sabrina though better
of it now.



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