PRED fans:
This is probably PRED's "sweetest" tale of depravity. I like
to think of it as bestality with a heart. The finale is a feel-good
mind blower. This one definitely shows PRED's versatility. Have a
WHALE of a time.

Sabrina's Teenage Itch


Embarrassment was what Libby Chessler lived for. Others embar-
rassment, that is. The glorious, all-powerful feeling tingling
through her whole body when she saw her victims squirm and wriggle
with no
hope of escape. That was why she had volunteered for the Naughty
News segment of Westbridge High's in-house, cable television show,
WESTBRIDGE LIVE! Armed with a camcorder and no conscience,
Libby now patrolled the halls of the high school in search of
Westbridge's students at their most scandalous, and thus most
vulnerable. She had already caught Delton Doily being pantsed and
swirlied in the men's locker room after gym class.
But now her subjects were much more intriguing, much more
personally gratifying. Sabrina Spellsman and Harvey Kinkle. Poor
Harvey. He could have been one of the in-crowd at Westbridge. He had
been, as a matter of fact, before he took up with Sabrina and those
god-awful geeky friends of hers. Libby wouldn't have minded get-
ting all smoochie with Harvey back then, back before Sabrina had
moved to Westbridge and cast some kind of spell over him.
What was she, anyway? Some kind of witch? She dressed like
a reject from the softer side of Sears, had NO money, NO cool
friends, NOTHING ... yet she'd taken one of the hunkiest guys in
school and made him her puppy-love lap dog. She had to have some
kind of hold over Harvey, something that made him stick around
when there were girls far more IN than Sabrina Spellsman could
ever hope to be.
This was Libby's objective then, to expose Sabrina for the geeky
little witch she was. Sabrina was controlling Harvey somehow, and
Libby had a pretty good idea she derived this power from the inti-
macies the two shared. She kissed a certain way, perhaps, or maybe
she did something with her hands ... *ewww *... or maybe even ....
*yuck, no way!* ... Whatever it was, no matter how vile and dis-
gusting, Libby was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery
and expose Sabrina's little games to the whole school. Then she
would have the blond bitch exactly where she wanted her -- humili-
ated, embarrassed, and wriggling like a bug with its legs pulled
Some careful observation Libby's part revealed where Sabrina
and Harvey were prone to catch a private, intimate moment between
classes. Mr. Pool's science lab stood empty for a whole period
when Mr. Pool pulled study hall duty con the other side of the
building. Libby had noticed that this same period coincided with
Harvey's free period and Sabrina's study hall with Mrs. Moore,
who after her nervous breakdown never took attendance because
it upset her. This gave Harvey 45 minutes alone with Sabrina,
enough time in one day for Sabrina to do whatever she was doing
to keep the hunky teen under her thumb.
After a week of patient watchfulness, Libby had finally
chosen today -- Friday the 13th -- to arm herself with the
camcorder, sneak into Mr. Pool's lab, secrete herself in one
of the storage cabinets where Mr. Pool kept his ...*yuuck* ...
specimens, and wait to engineer the beautifully cruel demise
of Sabrina Spellsman. She, Libby Chessler, would be sending
a message to all the other geek girls out there, the Jenny Kellys,
That's what Libby's expose' on "Naughty News" would show
Westbridge High. This wasn't just about destroying Sabrina Spellsman;
it was about restoring the natural order of the universe, where
geeks like Sabrina stayed home the night of the big dance or had
to settle for Delton Doily wearing a pink tuxedo and his white
marching band shoes. Someday, everyone would thank her for
this, for taking the initiative to stop the spread of social anarchy
such a mixed breeding -- geek and hunk -- encouraged.
"Oh, Harvey ..." Sabrina's cut through Libby's diabolical
musings and snapped the snooty teen back into reality. "Come
on ... no one's caught us yet. The only one in here is Mr. Bones."
Libby heard Sabrina clunk around with Mr. Pool's skeleton. "And
he doesn't mind. Do you Mr. Bones?" she asked. "Harvey ..."
Sabrina changed her voice now into a spooky baritone. " ... listen
to Sabrina. Have fun. You only live once. Then you end up sus-
pended from a hook in a high school science lab, sentenced for
all eternity to watch everybody else having a good time ... the same
good time you could have had if you only listened to Sabrina.
Sabrina, Harvey, she's the answer. Listen to Sabrina ..."
*This is too good to be true ...* Libby hurriedly focused the
corder through the small crevice between the closet doors. *She's
doing some kind of hypnosis thing on him. I knew it. She's brain-
washed him, and I have it on film. By tomorrow, everyone in school
will know the truth about Sabrina. She's some kind of witch!*
"We can't just keep coming in here every day, Sabrina," Harvey
pointed out as he followed her into the classroom and put his books
on the table. "Somebody's going to spot us, and then what are we
going to do. I'm either supposed to be in the cafeteria or the
lounge during free period; and you're supposed to be in study hall.
We could get in big trouble if we ..."
He was cut off by Sabrina's lips grazing his. She arched her
pressed her firm, teenage body into his biceps, and found his tongue
with her mischievous, sucking mouth. Harvey couldn't help but rub
her soft, slender tushy with his right hand while his other hand
a line up her spine to the small of her back. Sabrina practically
in his arms with that caress, tossing her head back and giving him a
clear shot at her pert, perfect titties. Harvey hesitated a moment,
around, saw no one, and dove his face into the pretty girl's torso,
the cottony softness of her blouse and gliding his tongue along the
sleek contours of her ripe young breasts.
"Kewl ..." Sabrina popped out with her favorite catch phrase when

he stabbed at her perky nipples poking through the tight fabric.
"Get up on the table here," Harvey lifted the lithe teen and sat
down on one of the lab tables so that her head was inches above his,
placing his mouth in direct line with her tits. Deftly, he snaked his
strong hands under the hem of her blouse and lifted it up just enough
so that he could see the white lace bottom of her bra. Licking her
tummy, he wandered up her hard belly to her rib cage, kneading her
firm titties through the fabric of the blouse and the lace of her bra.
*Oh my God!* Libby almost burst out in the most delicious giggle
as the camcorder captured every moment of the pair's heated necking.
*He's going to suck on her .... ewwww ...* Libby felt a familiar rush
suddenly seep through her privates, the same, wet, warm rush she
always experienced when she listened to the Violent Femmes or watched
Ethan Hawke movie or humiliated some poor geek-girl into a sobbing,
suicidal wreck. Despite her hatred for Sabrina and all of her geeky
kind, Libby had to catch her breath a moment and admire her rival's
trim, toned body.
Harvey had managed to pop free one of Sabrina's tits from her
frilly, girlish B-Cup, and he was now teasing her hard nipples with
his tongue and biting down softly with his lips folded up over his
teeth. He inhaled, and a wet sucking sound slurped through the
stillness of the science lab, only to be punctuated with another long
"keewwlll .." gasped between Sabrina's panting.
Libby panned the camera onto Sabrina's blissed-out face, as the
playful blond ran her fingers through Harvey's hair and pushed her
budding breasts into his sucking mouth with no abandon. Harvey
was now leaning into her and coaxing her to recline farther long the
top of the table until she was lying on her back, her top around her
neck and both her teenage hanging outside the lacy confines of
her clean white bra. Harvey swirled his tongue around her belly
button, and she gyrated her hips into his chest expectantly.
*They've obviously done this before ...* Libby cackled to her-
self devilishly as she continued to shoot her totally hidden porn
video. Her hand absently worked its way up her skirt, inside her
soaked blue panties, and began massaging her sopping box. She
steadied the camcorder as she bit her tongue and silently shuddered
with her self-pleasuring ritual. She knew her own panting would
come across on the tape, and she bit her tongue harder to keep
her silence.
Meanwhile, Harvey had worked Sabrina's black jeans down
her legs past her knees, crawled up underneath her, and popping
up between her legs. He would have to leave her jeans and shoes
on in case they needed to beat a hasty retreat, but her pussy was
right there, before his eager eyes, and he kissed the moist crotch
of her plain cotton panties while he snaked his tongue inside and
hit pay dirt.
"Oooooo ..." Sabrina groaned when Harvey flicked her devilish
love button. She had taught Harvey to be a good pussy eater in
the last few months, and she knew if she just relaxed and put the
science lab and the school out of her mind that she could cum in
just a few minutes. She ground her hips into her boyfriend's face
and took him by the hair, guiding his face into her thatchy snatch
to ensure maximum lickage. It felt so good when he would suck
her pussy lips a little, snake his tongue up under the hood of her
clit, swirl it around, suck her whole pussy into his greedy mouth,
then let it slide out while he blew cool air across her burning bush.
If he repeated this with a few surprise variations -- maybe a finger
up her crack or her asshole -- she could pop off like firecracker.
"Slurp ... woooosshhhh ..." Harvey sucked and then blew on her
steaming box, and worked his pinky up her tender asshole. Some-
day he would fuck her there, fuck her right up that tender soft butt
and make her cum. The thought spurred him on to more exotic
tongue maneuvers, and as he felt her tummy rippling along his
forehead he knew his girlfriend was about flood his face with a
healthy helping of teenage joy juice. "Slurp ...." he sucked at
her pussy and fucked her ass with his pinkie. She clamped her
strong teenage thighs around his ears and drove his face into
her privates while she smothered him with her girl cum.
"Way kewl .." she giggled as she eased the vise-like pressure
on his head and let him come up for air. "That was like some
kind of record."
"Yeah," he grinned. "We're getting really good at this,
aren't we ..?"
"You are going to let me do you now, aren't you ..?" she
asked, not even waiting for a reply as she lifted her legs
over his head and acrobatically managed to wriggle away from
him with jeans still down around her ankles. Dropping to the
floor, she spanked Harvey's tight butt and said: "Stand up, will
ya ..? You know I like it when your standing above me and
I can look up into your eyes."
"Are you sure ...?" his words were cut off by the kisses that
buzzed along his denim crotch and traced the length of his 7-
inch teenage cock. With her clever hands, Sabrina managed
to unhook his belt, unsnap his jeans, unzip his zipper, and
work her hands into his bulging jockey shorts. Withdrawing
his hard dick, she gave it a playful peck on its lips and looked
up at him with adoring eyes. "Now that is very kewl .." she
giggled before she inhaled his 7-inches one inch at a time,
bobbing her head up and down while she let the spit ooze
out of the corners of her mouth for lubrication.
*Oh, my God ...* Libby almost dropped the camcorder
as she saw Sabrina work five, six, then all seven inches
into her hungry, happy throat. The geek girl was sucking
cock like a porno star, and Libby had it all on tape for all
of Westbridge High. This wouldn't be "naughty" news
today, it would be "nuclear" news, and Sabrina Spellsman
would be at ground zero when the bomb dropped.
Harvey, of course, would not suffer from the exposure,
but rather he would be "da man" around the high school halls.
Girls would be lining up for a crack at that cock of his, and a
chance to be eaten by his skillful tongue ... popular girls,
girls like Libby Chessler. Of course, Sabrina's popularity
would rise, too, but not in the *good* way. *Sabrina the
Slut!* It had a perfect ring to it. Now all Libby needed to
do was get the video to the studio, and Sabrina's little tryst
would be the talk of the school between eighth and ninth
periods when WESTBRIDGE LIVE was pumped into
every TV in the school.
"Slurp ...." Sabrina's gurgling deepthroat sounded
through the silence, and Harvey's body tensed. Not
even ten seconds into her mouth, and he found himself
squirting a volley of teen splooge.
"Harvey ..." Sabrina withdrew with a start, the spunk
from Harvey's cock discharging in violent spurts all across
her pretty, pissed-off face. "You're supposed to tell me
when you ..."
The sound startled Libby so forcefully that she found
herself stumbling out of the her closet and landing with
another CRASH~! on the floor not ten feet away from
where Sabrina still knelt, shock and horror etched
in her cum-covered face.
"Mr. Pool!" Harvey exclaimed as he ran around the
teachers desk to investigate the origin of the first crash.
"Libby!?" Sabrina shouted as she glared at the now
open closet just a scant distance from where she knelt..
Libby picked herself up and saw Mr. Pool crawl out
from under his desk. He was holding his head and nursing
a giant bump that protruded from his curly hair. His glasses
had been knocked off his nose the frames bent. He had
obviously been hiding under his desk, as Libby had been
hiding, watching the hot teens get nasty in the science
"Oooo, this is going to be good Sabrina Spellsman,"
Libby cackled as she got up and waved the video camera
in Sabrina's spunk-smeared face. "This goes on today's
Naughty News -- Sabrina the Slut -- and you are finished
here in Westbridge, you .. you .. whore!" Libby found the
closest word she could think of, and loved the reaction it
produced on Sabrina's utterly devastated face.
"Now Libby ..." Mr. Pool shook as he spoke.
"And what about this -- Pervo Prof Peruses Private
Porno Show," she hurled at Mr. Pool. "This one has
it all. I'm going to ruin you all," she cackled gleefully,
the camcorder still running as she panned from horrified
face to horrified face.
"Not if I can help it," Sabrina rose angrily and began
waving her arms around. "Let's see how you like a taste
of your own medicine, Libby!"

As soon as the spell left Sabrina's fingertips she knew
something was wrong. It was like throwing a ball and having
it bounce right back in your face twice as hard as when you
let it go. The recoil knocked her on her bare bottom, and she
felt her whole body tingle with a cavernous, yawning, bottom-
less yearning for ....
*Not good!* she felt herself tremble when she realized what
was happening. The spell she'd fired at Libby was a nympho-
mania spell. She had instinctively decided to fight fire with fire
and turn Libby into a slavering sex addict. That way she could
film Libby getting it on, switch her back to normal afterwards,
and the two would be at a standstill, possessing enough mutual
blackmail to destroy them both. Libby would back down, and all
would return to normal. Mr. pool was easy enough. Amnesia
spells had worked on him before with no problem.
But this time something had happened. Her spell had boomer-
anged and hit her square in the face, at double its power. What had
her aunts told her before she left for school. *Remember, no spells
on Friday the 13th. Your powers are too strong, and without the
proper training they'll feedback on you and short-circuit your
magical capabilities. So NO spells!* Why hadn't she listened
to them? Why didn't she ever listen ... not to Zelda or Hilda or
Harvey ..?
The yawning in her teenage pussy kept growing, and she found
herself helplessly rising and walking over to where Harvey stood
at Mr. Pool's side. "I need this, Harvey," she spoke without
thinking as she grabbed his soft cock. "Come on, Harvey, I need
this now. Quit goofing around!"
"Ow!" Harvey yelped, trying to pull himself away from her
iron grip. "Cut that out! You're hurting me. What's gotten
into you, Sabrina ..?" He didn't finish, watching in shock as
his pretty girlfriend sank to her knees once more before and
began devouring his now limp dick.
'Sabrina!" Mr. Pool exclaimed in titillated horror. It was
one thing to covertly watch this hot teen put on a sex show
with her hung boyfriend. It was another to have her blatantly
perform the same acts before him with utter shamelessness.
"Get hard, dammit!" Sabrina cursed at Harvey's wallflower
wanker as it shriveled up in complete terror at the outrages
his girlfriend was now publicly performing. "Come on, Harvey.
Quit goofing around. I need your hard cock now!"
"You are some kind of sicko," Libby commented, the cam-
corder still running as Sabrina desperately tried to hum some
life into Harvey's shrinking-violet schlong.
"Stop it," Harvey whined like a baby. "You're hurting me.
What is up with you anyway? Cut it out!"
"Premature ejaculating little boy," Sabrina didn't know where
the words came from, but she felt compelled to say them. "You
always do this. When I talk to Valerie, I call you the rodeo
star .. you know, three seconds is a god ride. I'm sick of it. I'm
sick of you shooting off in my face and my pussy before I even
get a chance to enjoy it." She suddenly whirled at Mr. Pool and
threw herself at him. "I bet you don't cum like jack rabbit, do
you Mr. Pool. You're like older and all that, so you have better
control I bet. I read that once in Seventeen, older guys are supposed
to be more patient and please you better ..." she babbled on as she
pinned Mr. Pool up against the desk and tore at his double-knit
"Oh, this is good," Libby snorted as she filmed, "this is soooo
good ..."
Mr. Pool tried half-heatedly to fight her off, but even though
his mind was in the struggle -- *I could lose my job over this* --
his heart and soul were now residing uncomfortably in the nether
regions of his hard, exasperated cock. Fifteen years he'd been
teaching fresh cunts like Sabrina Spellsman, and for fifteen years
he'd kept his lecherous hands to himself. Of course, he treated
himself to the occasional voyeuristic indulgence such as today's
exhibition with Sabrina and Harvey, but he had never been caught,
and no one had ever gotten hurt. He'd been arranging his little
free period for years around leaving the science room open in
the deserted hallway, knowing that eventually some hot stud would
talk some stupid cunt into a little extracurricular activity on the
lab tables.
But now he had been caught. The sight of Sabrina -- one of the
most adorably fuckable teens he'd ever seen -- her face all covered
in Harvey's sperm had made him lose control, his head jutting up
and hitting the bottom of his desk top, alerting everyone to his
presence and thereby finishing his career. Well, if this was going
to be his last day as a teacher, then he'd certainly make the most
of it. He'd do what he'd been wanting to do the last fifteen years,
take some young cunt like Sabrina Spellsman and show her what
her geeky little science teacher could do. Career be damned, it
was time to take his rightful place in the world as a man, a man
who had been tortured with fresh teenage cunt for the last fifteen
years, a man who now had nothing to lose.
He grabbed Sabrina by her bangs and yanked her head back
so that she was staring him right in the eye, the way she had
done with her high school dud boyfriend, only with a difference.
Mr. Pool might be a nebbish science teacher, but he wasn't any
premature ejaculating kid like Harvey Kinkle. Pool had a big
cock, too, and as he felt Sabrina fish through his double-knit
trying to bring his prong to freedom, he wetted his middle with spit
and forced it between the teen's pretty, pouting lips. She smirked
at him mischievously, and sucked his finger obediently, swirling
a mixture of her spit and Harvey's cum around the cuticle and
then kissing the back of Mr. Pool's hand.
"Kewl ....!" she gasped when she finally worked his 9.5 inch
cock from his jockey shorts. "Way kewl!" she added, hungrily
feasting her eyes on the nerd teachers mammoth prick before
shrugging her shoulders, giving that famous Sabrina smile, and
getting to work with her mouth.
"Lots of spit," Pool shuddered as he felt what he had been
longing to feel for fifteen years, the mouth of one of his pretty
young students worshipping the big dick they never dreamed
their bookworm science teacher possessed. "Get it wet so I
can slide it in your throat," he coached her, trembling with
ecstasy as she let a generous amount of slaver foam down from
her slick lips, to his cock-head where it dripped to the floor in
a sloppy string. "Don't let that go to waste, young lady," he
scolded, guiding her head down with a forceful hand so that
her pouting lips caught the globby spit-string before it reached
the floor. "Now bring it back up," he commanded her, not
even aware now that Libby was immortalizing his statutory
rape on the camcorder. "That's it," he cajoled her as she brought
her spit-filled mouth back up and impaled her face on his quivering
cock. "That's my girl. Nice and wet and nasty, but don't waste
any, Miss Spellsman. Always practice conservation," he babbled
as he prodded his prick deeper into her still-inexperienced mouth
and gave her a taste of the length and girth to come.
When he hit her tonsils, she gagged, withdrawing in a choking
cough as the spittle poured out the corners of her mouth. While
she tried to catch her breath and get her bearings, she felt Mr.
domineering hand steer her head back down to the floor, smack into
the puddle of spit and scum that now shimmered up from the tile
"I told you not to waste it," he scolded, forcing her mouth into
the mess and mashing her face in it. "It's your mess, Miss
Spellsman. now clean it up. I swear you kids never learned any
Despite the humiliation of it all, the cavernous yawning that now
filled Sabrina's nethermost reaches demanded that she concede
to Mr. Pool's depraved demands, and she lapped up the noxious
spew like Salem savoring a bowl of fresh milk. She had some kind
of hunger for ... cum! The realization donged her brain like a
cartoon anvil. That was why she was slobbering over her nerdy science
teacher's dong like starving animal. His cock had cum in it, and she
needed cum inside her. That was the only thing that would fill
the void growing deeper and deeper inside her.
She sucked up the last of the mess, and returned to Mr. Pool's
cock, which he now aimed squarely into the center of her mouth
and drilled between her stretched-out jaws. "Wider, Miss Spells-
man, wider," he chided, pistoning his tube-steak back and forth
along the first five inches of her gasping mouth, feeling her tongue
swish around the bottom of his dick-stalk, the spittle spewing
from the corners of her mouth again as she tried to put on a brave
face and smile through the ordeal. "Wider ..." he intoned, pulling
her head back slightly by her hair, straightening her neck into
a more direct pathway while he force-fed her another inch, and then
another. "That's approximately seven inches of cock stuffed in that
pretty young face of yours now, Sabrina," he announced to no one
in particular. "No you have to open as wide as you can do so I can
cram the other two inches in your mouth and down your throat.
You do want me to do that, don't you ..?" he chided.
Her mouth filled to the brim with Mr. Pool's rampaging rod, she
nodded her head awkwardly, producing a very comical effect for the
camera as Libby zoomed in for a tight close-up. By this time, Harvey
was absolutely beside himself, humiliated to be watching his pretty
girlfriend subjugate herself to the throat throttling of their nerdy
science teacher, yet aroused to the point where he unconsciously
pumped his dick back to life and beat his meat with abandon as
Libby zoomed from Sabrina's mouth to Harvey's hand. Out of the
corner of her eye, Sabrina spied Harvey's rejuvenation and began
gurgling with glee.
*Cum ...* she sighed to herself, *More fresh, hot, glorious cum*
She motioned to Harvey with her hand, and beckoned him over.
Sweat was pouring down Mr. Pool's face as he drove his entire
cock-shaft back and forth inside Sabrina's windpipe while she
desperately howled for air. With her free hand, she managed
to grab Harvey's dick and pull him over next to Mr. Pool. Without
missing a beat, she urged him to try and cram his dick in her
mouth, too. She wanted ... she needed ... she absolutely required
both loads of cum for her continued survival. If she didn't feel
them spurt their loads down her throat in ten seconds, she believed
she would simply die. *Fucking cum!* she grunted like a rabid
bitch, forcing Harvey's cock between her slackened jaws, feeling
it mash and collide with Pool's bigger tool, sucking both of
them into her mouth like quicksand.
"Miss Spellsman, I am going to fire my load!" Mr. Pool
announced, driving his last remaining inch of manhood, the one
he'd been saving for the final push, into her esophagus. He
exploded with a furious strafing of cum that shot straight into
her hard, hungry tummy.
"Oh, not again," Harvey bawled in shame, his quickfire dick
spurting another geyser of cum into her insatiable mouth.
"Dammit, Harvey," she glared at him as both men withdrew
their cocks. "Not again!" she shook her head, and then threw
her mouth desperately at his oozing cock-head. "What are you
doing, you dummy?" she howled, frantically trying to suck up
all the spunk that spilled from his piss-hole. "That's my cum.
I need that cum!" She licked his cock, balls and legs, dredging
every last drop before she returned to the floor and lapped up
the drops that collected there. In a frantic second, she was back
at Mr. Pool's cock, repeating the same procedure, cursing to
herself as his cum drizzled haphazardly from his dick and sprayed
on his clothes, her hair and everywhere. "Would you please
hold still?" she whined. "I need that cum. You don't under-
stand. I need that cum." She sucked on the flaps of Mr. Pool's
shirt where a few stray globs of spunk had collected, then she
put her own hair in her mouth and greedily cleaned the blond
strands of the white, filmy residue. "Not enough," she
announced, rising from her kneeling position and tearing
off her clothes. "I need more, and I need it in every hole,"
she pouted. "Come on! Get those cocks back up!" she
By now the carryings-on had attracted the attention of a
group of students milling through the hall. They stood
outside the door and watched the pretty, blond teen rip
every shred of clothing from her body and practically
attack the two limp dicks that now greeted her insatiable
appetite. "Losers!" she taunted them, forming her hand
into an "L" over her forehead and looking at Libby for
the first time in half an hour. "Where can I find cocks and
cum?" she ranted, grabbing Libby by the hair and slapping
her face. "Where?!"
"I don't know .. freak!" Libby sneered back. "The guys
gym class, maybe ..?"
"Well, then, gotta go ..." Sabrina's lithe, naked body was out
the door in a second, scampering down the hall towards the
gym in a famished frenzy for frothy fuck-juice.


Principal Kraft always observed the gym classes once a
semester. He felt it was his duty to make sure everything
in the school was running properly. Weird things had been
happening lately, ever since last year when ... he knew he was
being ridiculous, but it had all seemed to begin when Sabrina
Spellsman arrived at Westbridge. Something about that girl
was different, weird, not right ...
"I need cock and I need it now!" a naked Sabrina Spellsman
bounded into the gymnasium, and the thirty boys at play stopped
dead in their tracks. She through herself down on the mat where
two sweaty boys wrestled with one another and started kicking
her legs like a bratty child trying to get attention. "Okay!" she
screamed. "Who's going to be the first to fuck me? Who wants
their firsts? Who doesn't want sloppy seconds?" She stared
at the dumbfounded boys for a moment, realized she was getting
nowhere and just pounced on them, Ripping one of the boys'
shorts from his stocky frame, she took a look at his hard, five-inch
cock and snarled, "Okay, you'll do. It isn't big," she sighed as she
scooted her ass up on the mat and practically stabbed herself
the boy's prick, "but it'll do in a pinch." She wrapped her legs
around the frozen boy's waste and just devoured his stiff, five-
incher with her hot, wet snatch.
"Holy Cow!" the boy shouted as he felt himself sucked into
her tight crack, bumping hard up against what he could only guess
was her stubborn hymen.
"Yeah, I'm a virgin," Sabrina announced in a sing-song, non-
chalant voice. "So big freakin' deal. Are you gonna bust my
cherry or not? Because if you don't, I'm sure there are thirty
other guys in this gym who will ..."
"Yeah!" the boy cut her off with a war whoop as he plunged
hard into tight, virgin crack, shredding her hymen like tissue
paper and burying his fuck-stick as deep as it would plunge in
her womb. "Man, I don't know who was up there listening
to my prayers this morning, but .. whoowee .. I am in absolute
heaven ..." he hollered as he slammed into Sabrina's slender,
succulent body with the force of a hurricane.
Instinctively, Sabrina matched her grunts with the slapping
sound of the stocky boy's big balls against her bottom of her
puffy puss. She squealed as he bent her legs back further,
folding her body into a clothespin position while he climbed up
and began slamming down into her piledriver style.
"Aren't any of you dweebs going to stick a dick in my
mouth?" Sabrina growled as the boy pounded into her cunt
from above. "I need a big dick in my mouth. The bigger
the better. How about you?" she pointed to a tall black guy
who had been shooting baskets before the disturbance broke.
"You black guys are supposed to be hung, aren't you ..? So
get over here and let me suck that big tool of yours, stud."
The words came pouring out of her mouth with a second
consideration, and she smiled as the big, black guy tossed
away the ball and loped over with an eleven-inch dick
dangling from his hands.
"Miss Spellsman?!" Principal Kraft erupted as he burst
onto the mat. "What in the world do you think you're doing?"
"Boy, I'm glad your not my sex ed teacher," Sabrina
quipped as she licked the stiffening length of the black
boy's cock as he nestled it against her cheek. "I'm getting
fucked, Principal Kraft. What does it look like I'm doing?
Weaving baskets?"
"You will stop this right now!" he ordered.
"You guys want me to stop?" Sabrina asked the troops
that now surrounded her. "Or do you all want your turn?"
"What do you think, babe?" a boy called from the front
of the wolf pack, his sharp, six-inch dick already hard and
in his hands.
"Then somebody take care of Principal Kraft so I can
take care of you guys," Sabrina ordered as she let the
black boy chuck his formidable spear between her thirsty,
drooling lips. As the boys wrestled Principal Kraft down
to the ground, the guy piledriving Sabrina let loose a cry
and withdrew his smoking cock from her wet snatch with
a plop. "Your cum," she cried between mouthfuls of black
dick. "I need your cum in me."
"But you could get pregnant," he observed, shaking his
dick over her tummy.
"Not on my stomach," she whined. "It's gotta be in me.
I need the cum in me. Now! Bury your cock in my ass if
your worried about getting me pregnant, but shoot your
cum inside me. I need your cum inside me."
"But your ass isn't lubed up or ..."
"Stick it in my ass!" she wailed.
"Okay," the boy shrugged his shoulders and stabbed his
spewing schlong into her dry, unprepared ass. man, it was
tight, like trying to wedge your dick underneath a door.
It must have hurt her like hell, too, because she was crying
like animal with its leg caught in a trap as he plowed inch
after inch of his five-inch weapon as deep into her bowels
as it would go, firing off a hot load of his spunk as her
sphincter muscles gripped and milked his shaft like a farmer
working a cow's udder.
"Yes," she cried out, humping her butt up around his blaster
and riding his brutal ass-fuck like an experienced whore. "Cum,
baby, that's it, cum in me ... all that cum ... that's what I need."
"You want cum, baby," the black boy at her mouth turned
her face back to his mammoth manmeat and jabbed his prick
back between her gasping lips. "Then shut your mouth and open
your mouth," he scolded as he fed her his black schlong. "You
suck on it, and I'll show you some cum, baby. I'll cum down
your throat ... shoot that in your hard little white belly ..."
"You done?" the boy with the sharp, six-incher now stepped
up to bat as the stocky boy shuffled back into the crowd of
waiting teens. "Now I'll show you how a real man fucks a hot
piece of ass like this," he bragged as he teased his sharp prick-
helmet against her puffy pussy lips, slapping her clit with it and
digging his four fingers up into her stretched asshole.
"You can quit with the stud stuff, okay ..?" Sabrina moaned
as he rammed his whole hand up her cunt and continued spanking
her clit with his prick. "I only want cock. I just need your
cum. So fuck me, okay ..? Just fuck me ..."
"I like to play with a girl first," the boy said sadistically.
Derek," he motioned to the black guy. "I thought she was supposed
to shut up and suck ..."
"Come on, baby," the black guy pulled Sabrina's head around and
jammed his tool back up to her tonsils. Her eyes bugged out as she
choked on his colossus, but she fought for control and managed to
work his dick down past her gag reflex without ralphing.
The stud at her pussy finally tired off his games and just
her cunt with his sharp prick, driving it in as he turned over on her
side, slamming into her hard and driving her clit sideways up against
her pubic bone. He knew how to fuck, every angle, and despite her
thirst for man cum, she felt herself reacting to this stud and chasing
the orgasm that hovered just beyond her pussy lips.
"That's it, baby," the black guy buried his king kong dong into
windpipe and let loose with a volley of sperm that drenched her
*But it's still not enough! I need more. More Cum!* She looked
at the assemblage of boys surrounding her and mentally gauged
the amount of time it would take to drain all the cum from their
balls into her body. Math was never her strong suit, but she didn't
have to be Alberta Einstein to see that this little gangbang would
be broken up long before she ever got half their sperm, so she decided
she needed to pursue more drastic measures. As the boy inside her
puss fired his load, she wrapped her legs around him, squeezed
every last drop into her womb, and then slid out from under the
gang of boys. "Well, gotta go ..." she said as she scampered
through the doors, sprinting to the entranceway. *Aunt Zelda ..
Aunt Hilda ... they'll know what to do ...*


The house was empty when she entered. It had been fifteen
agonizing minutes home, fifteen minutes without cum. Her
whole body was quaking like an addict going cold turkey. She
needed cock and cum fast. "Aunt Zelda? Aunt Hilda?" she
hollered as she pitched her lithe, naked body up and down on the
couch like a little girl. "You have to come here. I need your
help quick!"
"And what do we have here?" Salem quipped from his favorite
chair. "Auditioning for "Oh, Calcutta", are we ..?"
"Shut up .. you ..." Sabrina tried to think of an insult for the
smart-assed cat, but all she could think of was CUM. She needed
CUM ... fast! "Aunt Zelda!" she screeched.
"They went to the other realm for lunch," Salem retorted,
mildly interested in the predicament the young teen obviously
found herself. Even though he was now in cat form, Salem had
not failed to notice the ample, succulent charms of the teenage
witch who flopped around the house in her nightshirt and panties.
In his humanlike form, he would have found a way to cast a spell
over her and get some of that incredibly buoyant and enthusiastic
pussy. As a cat, though, he had to remain content with a fleeting
glimpse of her naturally blond pubes when he walked between her
legs, or maybe the occasional orgasmic petting she gave him when
he *behaved*. "Maybe I can help," he offered. "I did used
to be rather good at this sort of thing you remember."
"I need Aunt Zelda," Sabrina foamed at the mouth. It had been
twenty minutes now since her last dosage of cum, and she was
going out of her mind. "I cast a spell on Libby to make her a
nympho and it bounced back on me instead because ..."
"It's Friday, the 13th ..." Salem finished her sentence thought-
fully. "The day when all witches experience heightened powers
and amateurs," he stressed the word, "are warned not to cast spells
because they can feed back and ..."
"I already know that!" she cut him off with a shriek. "What I
need to know is how I can make this stop or get enough cum to
fill up this craving that is just driving me crazy."
"You need cum?" Salem' eyes perked up.
"Yes, the spell is making me NEED CUM!" Sabrina whined.
"Aunt Zelda!" she howled. "Help me!"
"I know this spell," Salem jumped up on the couch and nuzzled
his head into Sabrina's wet pussy. "I invented it as revenge against
Catherine the Great. She was ..."
"Salem!" Sabrina slapped at him. "I don't have time for your
stories. If you really can help me, do it. Now! What's the counter
"For my spells?" Salem seemed mortified. "There are never any
counterspells for my spells. They are works of art that stand the
test of time. Where did you pick it up anyway? It and the rest of
my spells were sealed up in the Vault of Doom when I was changed
into this flea-infested thing you see before you. They were supposed
to secure til the end of time ..."
"I was going through some back issues of 'Cauldron Monthly'
I found in the Quizmaster's library, and ... that's it," Sabrina
"Quizmaster!" she wailed.
A second and a puff of smoke later, the black warlock appeared.
He took one look at her and shook his head. "Someone hasn't been
doing her homework," he chided her as he scoped her slender,
teenage form as it writhed across the couch cushions.
"I cast a nymphomania spell on Libby ..."
"And it fedback on you because it's Friday the 13th," Quizmaster
finished her sentence.
"I know, I'm not stupid," she hollered. "I know what happened.
Why does everybody feel like they have to tell me what happened.
I know what happened. Now I need to know how to fix it. Quick!
I practically fucked the entire school. I have this insane ..."
"Desire for mortal male ejaculate," Salem snickered. "I know,
I wrote this one, remember. Man, I was good."
"There has to be a way to stop this craving. It's driving me
insane," she foamed at the mouth.
"There is a way," Salem snorted in obvious glee.
"What? What is it? Tell me. I'll do anything," Sabrina
"Do you want to tell her, or should I?" Quizmaster asked.
"Oh, please, let me," Salem begged.
"What?!" Sabrina exploded. "Tell me what?"
"How to stop the craving," Salem sniggered.
"You'll need to take at least a gallon of mortal cum into your
either through the mouth, pussy or asshole," Salem loved saying
those words to the succulent teen who had paraded her fresh sexuality
before his eyes the last two years. "If you don't get a gallon of cum
inside you by sunset, the craving will never go away. Look what
happened to poor Catherine the Great ..."
"I don't care about Catherine the Great," Sabrina snapped. "I
care about Sabrina the Horny." She paused. "A gallon of cum?!
And I have ..." she looked at the clock, " ... less than three hours
till sundown." She jumped up off the couch. "I need to get
out of here and find some hard dicks. Maybe I'll go to the Army
base or ..." She began to shake and quiver from extreme with-
drawl, her eyes rolling back into her forehead as she drifted
in and out of lucidity.
"Man, do something," Quizmaster pressed the cat.
"There's nothing I can do, not since you all made me a
mortal *kitty-kat,*" he spat the last words out with distaste.
"But you wrote the spell. You must have included some
kind of trap door."
"I think not," Salem sounded offended. "Who do I look like
to you? David Copperfield?"
"Well, she needs something," Quizmaster looked truly worried.
"She's half mortal, and that half can't take this kind of exposure
to raw magic. The craving is killing her, man, it's killing her.
Do you want to see her die?"
"Certainly not," Salem smirked. "There is a temporary solution
I can do to get her back on her feet."
"I'm a mortal cat. The spell is indiscriminate about where the
cum comes from. It only needs to be mortal. I can fuck her and
give her some cum, and snap her out of this for a few minutes until
we think of something."
"You ain't got enough cum in that kitty-cat body to snap her
out of it. She needs a big dose. If I wasn't a warlock, I'd whip
my black dick out and give her a heaping helping of cum, but
mine doesn't count. It has to be mortal. Maybe I could zap the
LA Lakers over or something and they could pull a train on her."
"There's not enough time," Salem's eyes glinted with a scheme.
"I could give her enough cum if I was bigger, though."
"Yes, a simple growth spell, my man. Take me up to about
six feet long. Then I can mount her from behind, give her a
good shagging, and fire a nice healthy dose of cat cum up into
her puss. That should snap her right out of this." Salem licked
his chops at the prospects.
"You may be onto something here," Qizmaster brooded a moment,
watched Sabrina spas out into a seizure and zapped Salem.
One second and a puff of smoke later, Salem was the size of a
jungle cat. He clamped his jaws down on Sabrina by the scruff of her
neck and mounted her spastic body from behind. His spiny cat-dick
ripped into her oozing pussy, and he drove his beast-dick up into
her teenage womb with one decisive thrust. The stabbing pain snapped
her out of her fog, and she groaned with the sharp sensation of
prickly dick cutting into cunt walls.
Like a cat, he gripped her neck in his jaws and shook her
while he buried himself inside her. He felt her pussy constrict
his cat-cock and start to fuck him back while he shook her body like
a rag doll's.
"Oh, Salem ..." she cooed, as she felt his soft fur stroke her
as he thrust up inside her. he was soft, yet so savage. "Cum inside
me, Salem," she pleaded, feeling her pussy convulse in a teenage
cum-quake as the cat tore into her with even more fury, biting down
so hard on her neck she thought he might snap it like a twig. And
then he fired, a long, wet rope of cum into her parched pussy. He
thrust twice more and emptied all of his load in her box before
out and licking her face with his sandpapery tongue.
"And what do we have here?" Aunt Zelda's voice cut through
Sabrina's fresh-fucked fog and yanked her back to reality.
"Just doing my part to save her life," Salem smirked.
Zelda glared at the Quizmaster who snapped his fingers and
Salem to his proper size.
"Sabrina," Hilda was at the girl's side, a look of shock and
on her face, "What in the world do you think you were doing."
"Fucking a giant cat, Aunt Hilda ... duh?!" Sabrina managed to
while she felt the craving seep back into her soul. "I needed cum in
I need to get a gallon of mortal cum in me before sundown, or this
craving will never go away."
"You cast a spell today, didn't you ..?" Aunt Zelda accused.
"On Friday the 13th, specifically after I told you ..."
"I know what I did was wrong," Sabrina cut her off. "Don't you
people understand that. I messed up, but that's not important now.
I need cum ... a gallon of it inside me by sundown. Any ideas? Or
are we just going to stand around and play 'I-told-you-so Sabrina'?"
"Your spell!" both aunts turned to Salem in anger.
"Listen, I just writes 'em, I don't cast 'em," the cat quipped as
he shot out the room away from the witch sisters' wrath.
"Would somebody do something. I'm going crazy!" Sabrina
whined, stuffing her fingers inside her sopping pussy.
"We could call out the National Guard and still not get enough
cum in you by sundown," Hilda observed. "And believe me, I know."
"Hilda!" her sister scolded. "We have a very serious situation
here. Sabrina could be very seriously injured if we don't take care
of this immediately."

"If we can't gangbang that much cum into her, then what can we
do?" Hilda mused out load as Zelda poured over her books in search of
the answer. They were running out of time. Sabrina was hysterical,
and there were still no answers.
"A big blast of cum," Zelda pounded the page down in her book.
"That's it. One blast. Enough to fill Sabrina up to the ears in
cum." She got up and brought the book over to where Sabrina was
spazzing out on the couch. "The blue whale shoots over a gallon of
cum when he climaxes. We get you in with a blue whale, you get him
aroused, he cums, and you take it all. That's what we're going to do.
Now come on," she picked Sabrina up by her arms and snapped her

Zelda, Hilda and Sabrina were standing outside the giant glass
at Sea Land where the blue whale resided in captivity. The world's
largest mammal. the beast was the size of a building. A tour group
from a church stood with their faces pressed against the glass,
peering into the half mile long tank that house the beast. Through
the clear
water, they could see a large dark mass cutting across the pool.
"We have to get him up here," Hilda said, snapping her fingers
so that a loud moaning emanated from the air all around them. The
moan was coming out of Hilda's own mouth as she mouthed the
wailings that sent the mammoth leviathan crashing through the
water towards the glass. The church group watched in fascina-
tion as Zelda helped Sabrina up the steps to the top of the pool.
"Well, " Sabrina said looking down into the water as the beast
approached. "Gotta go ..."
"Not before you get my 'breathing under water' spell," Zelda
waved her fingers over Sabrina's mouth, and the teen jumped in
the water to coax out the gallon of cum that would stop her inces-
sant craving. When she hit the water, she couldn't believe how
easy it was move about. She breathed the water like air and
descended to meet her inhuman master. His mammoth wall of
a body surrounded her senses, and she scooted up to his house-
sized face to look him in the eye and try to come to some kind
of understanding. She wanted his big Plymouth-sized cock
the easy way, but she was prepared to deal with the beast
harshly if he wouldn't cooperated. She didn't plan on spending
her entire life suffering from this damnable craving ... not if she
could help it.
"Hello there, Mr. Whale," she looked him in the eye and smiled.
"I'm here to get all the cum in that really really really big dick
of yours, okay. So now I'm going to swim down there and get
it all nice and hard so you can get off. Okay?"
The whale peered at her curiously as she twirled in the water and
cut beneath his massive bulk. As she swam beneath him, she
wondered how she would even find the cock on his body. She
had never paid much attention to whale anatomy in school. Who
would have ever known her life would depend on fucking a blue
whale. *Now where could that huge cock be hiding?*
Whoosh! Wham!
A tornado of water engulfed her she ran smack into a smooth
solid fleshy bulb the size of sofa. *Aunt Hlda's whale song*
Sabrina smiled. *It's working! Look at the size of this thing!*
She was amazed at how anatomically similar the gargantuan
schlong was to its pitiful human counterpart. She moved in and
stuck her head inside the quivering piss hole, licking the soft
skin that surrounded her and feeling the whale kick up a tidal
wave in its ecstasy. She continued licking the inside of the
whale's pisshole for another minute before pulling her head out, and
moving her tongue, fingers and feet along the solid, almost marble-
like hardness of the whale's awe-inspiring beasthood. She hugged
its hugeness and kissed the hard, stonelike skin and found herself
wishing she was big enough to take his huge length in her cunt, or her
asshole, or even her mouth. This was the cock that truly fill the
that loomed like the Grand Canyon beneath her soul.
She straddled her legs around the pillar of his cock and began
grinding her wet pussy into his shaft, humping it and hugging it
and worshipping it as she climbed like a koala back up the trunk
of his beastliness to his piss-hole. Smooching the enormous
prick helmet, she lowered her smoldering puss right over the
narrowest point of the whale's monstrous engine. Driven on
by Hilda's whale song, the behemoth lunged his prick forward,
bumping into Sabrina's tiny body as she held on for dear life.
The whale slammed his buick-sized cock into her minuscule twat,
and she bucked down to meet it. *Oh, if only it could fit inside
me ...* she pouted to herself as he barreled again and again
into her most tender parts. *Oh, his cock is so big and beautiful.
Oh, I want it inside me ...*
Then she found her pussy suddenly stretching like rubber ...
her whole body stretching like rubber. Unwittingly, her wish
had unleashed some spell she had subconsciously absorbed in the
countless tomes Quizmaster constantly made her read. It was
a spell to make the body turn to rubber, to stretch to unbelievable
dimensions. As she cried with joy, she felt her little puss slowly
accommodate the largest cock in the animal kingdom, thrust after
thrust as it filled her slowly, filled her body, filled her entire
her entire universe.
"Look mommy, the whale is fucking that horny blond cunt,"
a little church gasped to his mother.
At any other time in his life, he would have been subjected
to a harsh beating and possibly an exorcism. But at that moment,
the church mother and the rest of her group were transfixed by the
scene unfolding before them. Somehow this lithe, beautiful, blond
teen was accepting the brutal battering ram of the largest animal
the world has ever known. Her body stretched to unbelievable
contortions, she was riding the most ultimate fuck-hurricane a
woman had ever had howling up her hole.
"Fuck that huge whale cock, you cunt ..." the church mother
her son against her bosom and ground her numb, sexless body into
her boy's back with the first sexual stirrings she had felt in
"Fuck that whale cock, cunt," she chanted, not caring who in her
heard her. Only no one who heard her seemed to care. In fact the
group, men and women, just stared at the grotesque coupling and picked
up the church mother's chant: "Fuck that whale cock, cunt ..." they
repeated in a mesmerized state. "Fuck that whale cock .."
In her mind, Sabrina could feel their chant spur her on. She
more and more of the mammoth pillar deep and deeper inside her
elastic body until she felt her entire being might rip apart at the
and then she pushed herself and took even more cock, even deeper.
The whale was fucking her with no remorse now, no gentleness, just
the most savage raw power of any creature who had ever graced the
planet. And she, Sabrina Spellsman, was riding that Fuck-Armageddon
till the doomsday of the beasts cumblast.
Her entire body stretched around the whale's leviathan beasthood,
she felt his merciless onslaught grow even more furious, more
more possessed as he neared the point of return. Just like a man, he
lost all sense of compassion, only wanting to drive harder, faster,
deeper, harder, faster, deeper. The whale let out a moan now that
shattered the glass on the huge pool and sent a wall of water crashing
down on the church group and killing them instantly. Sliding across
the floor, the whale bellowed again and fired his gallon of
deep into the core Sabrina's being. The unctuous froth filled her
ears, her eyes, her nose, her stomach, her lungs, her intestines, her
brain, her every
sense of existence, and it kept on cumming, kept on flooding, spilling
out f her mouth, her ass, her cunt, her nose, her ears, her eyes, her
every pore.
She was filled ... finally, completely filled. She hugged her
body around the column of whale flesh and passed out.

When she awoke, sabrina felt a cold compress dab her burning
forehead. She smelled her Aunt Hilda's perfume, and heard Salem
complaining about something in the background.
"Welcome back to the world of the living," Hilda beamed down
at her.
It all came rushing back to Sabrina in one heart-sickening wave
of terror -- Libby, Harvey, Mr. Pool, Principal Kraft, the boys in
the gym, Salem, the church group, the whale ... the whale fucking
her. How? How could she put even the smallest part of this misad-
venture behind her. She could never go back to her life now. She
would have to spend the rest of her life in a convent somewhere,
or worse yet back with her father.
"I ... I ..I ..." she stammered as she tried to pull herself
"Didn't I tell you never to cast spells on Friday the 13th,"
Zelda lectured with a smile on her face as she sat next to Sabrina
and soothed her head,
"Everything ... it's all ... how can I ever ... Libby ... Harvey
"It's Friday the 13th," Hilda smiled, "when witches are at the
height of their powers. It was no problem to erase everyone's
minds after they'd seen the videotape."
"The videotape? How did you know about that?"
"You were talking about it in your sleep," Zelda explained.
"We heard Libby and videotape, put two and two together, and set
about erasing the minds of everyone at Westbridge High today, from
the students to the janitor." She paused. "Here's a little
she handed the tape to Sabrina. "A keepsake for when your older."
"No way," Sabrina shook her head. "I never want to see that tape
Hilda laughed. "Remember you said that. Five hundred years
from now you'll be singing a different tune. Believe me, I know."
"Then everything's going to be all right," Sabrina looked up and
"Better than all right. All that, and a bunch of self-righteous
Christians got killed in a freak accident at Sea Land," Hilda quipped.
"Is Big Blue all right?" Sabrina suddenly remembered the end of
their encounter, the crashing glass, the slide across the large
"Some bumps and bruises," Zelda answered. "But he didn't seem
to mind. I think you gave him the fuck of his lifetime."
"Kewl!" Sabrina gushed as she hugged her aunts.
"And where's my sugar, baby," Salem hopped up onto the pretty
teens lap and rubbed his face against her tits.
"Off!" Sabrina yelled playfully as she tossed the cat onto his
favorite chair.
"And to think I save your life. Well, this is certainly the last
time I allow myself to be swayed by compassion."
"Thank you, Salem," Sabrina giggled, remembering the way the cat
had fucked her so passionately. "Thank you all," she turned to her
aunts and got up. "Well, gotta go ... Valerie's having a party, and I
told her I'd be over to help her pick out an outfit. Bye ...' the
teen scampered out the door and headed to her friend's house.
"Does anyone want to run out there and tell her she's buck naked"
Salem yawned and licked himself.
"She'll find out soon enough," Hilda giggled. "Believe me ..."


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