Sabrina's Folly (m/f,f/f,mast)
by Heatheranne

"Yes... yes... no... I'm not mad, Harvey - just disappointed. OK... I will...
bye." Sabrina hung up the phone with a bit more force than necessary. That
was the third date Harvey had broken in the last two weeks. Sabrina couldn't
help but think that something had gone wrong with their relationship. Was he
getting ready to break it off? Letting her down slowly? Or was there someone
else, despite their going steady agreement, to see no others?

She wished that her aunts were home so she could talk it over with them.
Since they were several hundred years old each, Sabrina was pretty certain
that they'd probably gone through something like this before.

On the other hand, she ought'a be able to handle this problem herself.
Especially since her aunts wouldn't be home for hours, and Sabrina didn't
want to wait around the house all depressed on a Saturday night.

The first thing was to find Harvey. Their had been some funny sounds over the
phone, so she was certain that he hadn't called from home.

Sabrina ran upstairs to her room, and opened a drawer that contained all
manner of junk. 'There it is', she thought, and pulled out a compass that
was intended to be a child's toy. She held the compass in her left hand, and
with her right forefinger began to make little circles around the toy. She
concentrated on Harvey and where he might be, then sent a surge of magical
power down her finger. There was a soft snap and flash of light, and when she
opened her eyes there was a little picture of Harvey where the N for north
had been.

"All right!" she giggled. Turning in place until the little compass needle
was pointed at Harvey's face. She looked up and saw the lay out of the town
in her mind's eye. That wasn't hard, after all, she had flown over the town
many times. 'Hmmm', she thought, 'the mall was in that direction'. It was as
good a place as any to start. Sabrina ran downstairs, dashed off a note
telling her aunts where she was going, and headed to the mall.

An hour later she had narrowed down the search for Harvey to a store in the
mall that carried mostly women's clothing. What would Harvey be doing in
there? She wanted to investigate but didn't want to be seen. She could just
imagine Harvey shopping with another girl, or for another girl. And the
longer she thought about it the more upset she became. What was she to do?

Her eyes rested on a poster in the store's window display. The poster
contained one of those teen models who, at least for the split second of a
shutter opening, was impossibly beautiful. Suddenly, inspiration came over
her. She had a plan.

Sabrina walked next door to the mall restroom, and into a stall. She would
simply turn herself into the babe in the poster, and then go look for Harvey.
Then if he came on to the new her, or confessed to seeing someone other than
the real her, she would know it was all over.

As Sabrina stood in the stall, thinking about the girl in the poster she
again sent out her magic powers into the either of space. A circle of
twinkling magical light washed over her. There was a sudden feeling of her
skin stretching and moving. Woah, she thought, putting out a hand to steady
herself. She must have grown a foot taller.

She opened the door to the stall and looked at the new her in the mirror.
'Yes!' she thought. She really was tall and gorgeous. Her blonde hair,
framing a perfect face, was much shorter, the better to show off a long
lovely neck. The shorts she had been wearing were now riding lower on her
slimmer hips. And the short T-shirt she had been wearing now showed a lot of
bare midriff. She suppressed a giggle. There was just one more thing that a
tall slim, fat free beauty like this wasn't likely to have.

Sabrina pointed her fingers at her breasts and gave them a magical surge.
'OHH', she thought, that felt good. And looked good too. These huge tits
really filled out the T-shirt, and she was even showing a generous portion
if nipple through the material. She would certainly have Harvey's attention.

She walked out of the stall, took a dozen steps and stopped. She certainly
wasn't moving like a model. Her usual gait was something like a controlled
fall. And the way she talked would be hopeless. She certainly wasn't in the
habit of coming on to boys so that they confessed their intimate thoughts
within the first moments of a meeting. This, she thought, would take some
more serious magic. Her aunts had warned her about magical personality
changes. But this was important and she swore to herself that it wouldn't
last for long. Sabrina pointed her finger at her temple and zapped herself
with a spell that would turn her into a walking, talking sex machine.

The young woman who walked out of that restroom carried herself with all the
poise and confidence of someone who knew exactly what kind of an impression
her looks made. She walked across the mall and into the store. Following the
compass - she was soon in front of a door marked employees only. Well there's
no help for it, thought Sabrina, and she entered the door. She walked
straight ahead, through another door and found herself in what must be the
shipping and receiving area for the store.

And there was Harvey, mouth agape, his eyes locked on her. Sabrina walked
over and smiled. Harvey seemed in a trance. "Hi," she said in a voice that
could cause an erection in a dead man, "Could you tell me where the powder
room is?"

"Uhhhh... " was all Harvey could say. He pointed at the door Sabrina had just
come through and managed to stutter, "Ba... back that way, and turn right...

Sabrina took a step closer and put her slim hand on his arm. She leaned close
and whispered in a fuck me voice, "Could you show me? I'm just awful at
following directions."

"Su... sure," said Harvey, his face a beet red, "This way." He stepped off
and Sabrina followed so closely that her shoulder brushed his.

"So, you work here?" asked the young beauty, wondering why Harvey hadn't
mentioned it before.

"Yeah... I... uhhh... help my uncle when the trucks come in. He pays me
pretty good, but I never know when I'll have to work." Well, thought
Sabrina, that's why he breaks our dates.

By then they were outside the store's restroom. They stopped and Sabrina took
Harvey's arm . As she subtly rubbed one of her nipples on his arm she asked.
"When you aren't working are you seeing anyone?"

There was only the slightest hesitation before he said, "Yes... my
girlfriend, Sabrina... she's the reason I'm working. I'm going to buy her a
great birthday present."

Sabrina leaned close and said, "She's a lucky girl. Thanks for your help."

Harvey tripped over his own feet and ran into three displays while trying to
walking back to his work place and keep her in sight at the same time.

Sabrina waved bye and felt a thrill. Harvey was still hers. All was right
with the world. She sighed contentedly and decided not to rush back. She
might as well do a little shopping.

She walked through the mall for almost two hours. She was so lost in her own
thoughts that she failed to notice that every male over the age of twelve
couldn't keep their eyes off her. And most had to make painful adjustments to
their crotches after catching just a glimpse of the teen beauty.

Although she never wore such things, Sabrina stopped at a store that featured
lingerie. She had taken some of the 'barely there' clothing into a dressing
room, when there was a knock at the door. "Store management," said a voice,
"Could I see you for a minute?"

Sabrina hadn't undressed yet so she opened the door. There stood a man who
reminded her more of the latest James Bond than anyone else. "I'm sorry," he
said, "there has been some reports of shoplifting. I'm afraid I'll have to
search you."

Sabrina could tell that it was a ridiculous attempt to get into the dressing
room with her. And the tented front of his trousers made it obvious that
theft was the last thing on his mind.

All of a sudden it seemed as if she wasn't in full control of herself any
longer. To her amazement she put her hands on her head as if she were being
arrested. Then she stepped back, and said in a breathless voice, "Search me

It was then that Sabrina realized she hadn't undone her sexiness spell. She
tried to zap away the spell, but nothing changed. The man stepped into the
tiny room, closing the door behind him. He was really cute, thought Sabrina,
and he was clearly attracted to her. But this was a situation way over her
head. In a panic she tried to zap herself back to her own body, but again
nothing changed.

The man placed his hands on her shoulders and lightly ran his finger tips to
her slender neck. His hands lingered there a second, then began to move
downward. As his fingers traced their way around her breasts, Sabrina sighed,
and brought her clasped hands away from her head to caress the back of his
neck. She could smell his sweet breath as his hands moved on down until his
finger tips were lightly brushing the twin globes of her firm buttocks.

Before Sabrina could stop herself she had pulled his lips to hers. In just a
few seconds their tongues were writhing with one another. Then he firmly
pulled their pelvis' together. Her nipples burrowed into his chest. Sabrina
could swear she felt his cock pulse and grow longer against her.

'This is too much', thought Sabrina, 'if I don't do something we'll be
fucking on the floor in a minute'. She actually thought about it for a
second, but then her resolve took over. She forced a hand down until she was
groping his hard love meat through his pants. He pushed his hips forward,
encouraging her. Sabrina unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. She was
surprised at how warm it felt, and how slick. There was a film of precum on
the head, with more leaking out at her touch. Now she let her other self take
over. Her alter ego seemed to know just how to masturbate a man. Her hand
began a steady stroke back and forth over the head of his cock. They shared
another deep kiss. Then he pulled back, moaning, his hips jerking back and
forth as he orgasmed. Cum flew onto her hand and arm and dripped to the

The handsome young man stepped back. He seemed to have come out of his daze
and realized that no matter how beautiful and sexy this female was she was
still under age. He grabbed one of the pieces of lingerie that she had
brought in, and wiped off her hand and arm, then cleaned himself quickly.
After he'd straightened his clothing he looked Sabrina in the eyes. "That
was lovely," he said. "I hope you won't feel compelled to talk to anyone
about it?"

Sabrina just shook her head. She didn't trust herself to speak. Once he was
gone She straightened her own clothing. Except for her bra that is. She had
to take that off. It could no longer contain her tits. She must be a forty
double D by now. With absolutely no sag to them. Whatever was happening to
her, it was getting worse.

With the hope that her T-shirt wouldn't tear, she headed out of the store.
She was in trouble and she knew it. She marched out of the mall and into the
parking lot. It was worse than ever. Men were openly rubbing their crotches
as she passed them. Even women were looking at her curiously.

When she got home, Sabrina's Aunt Zelda was sitting at the dinning room
table, working at her lap top. When she saw Zelda, Sabrina broke down and
began to cry. "Oh , Aunt Zelda, I've done something awful."

Zelda looked up from her work. She peered at the stranger in front of her
until the realization hit her. "Sabrina?... Sabrina, what have you done?"

Sabrina threw herself into one of dining room chairs. Through hands clenched
over reddened tearful eyes, Sabrina told her the story, the whole story. By
the time she was through, Sabrina's aunt knew all the details , down to the
length of the store manager's cock.

Zelda stood up and began to pace the room. "Sabrina, I tried to warn you
about personality changes. Now you've been caught in a psychic return loop."

"A what?" Sabrina moaned.

Zelda crossed her arms under her own large breasts and began to lecture,
although she couldn't keep a note of sympathy out of her voice. "Actually,
it happens all the time. If you smile at someone their natural reaction is to
smile back. The sort of vibes you put out are reflected, so to speak. Some
people are very adept at using it, even though they may not be aware of it.
Just look at public speakers who can hold an audience spell bound." As she
spoke, Zelda turned toward the window. "But in your case all those sexy vibes
you sent out were returned where your magical powers multiplied them, sent
them out again, and so forth, and so... Oh my goodness, look at that."

Sabrina jumped up and ran to the window. She looked across their yard to the
house next door. Through an open window Zelda and Sabrina could see into the
home of the people-next-door. Their neighbors consisted of a middle aged
couple with two teenage boys and a daughter. Right now they were involved in
the very unfamily activity of screwing each other silly. Mom and dad were
going at it, while watching their daughter being fucked by one son as the
other tried to stuff his boner down her throat.

"Oh this is much worse than I thought," said Zelda. "You're affecting people
who can't even see you."

Sabrina looked at her aunt, hope on her face. "What can I do?"

"You'll just have to use up all that energy faster than you can absorb it.
Thank goodness you weren't trying for some evil effect." Zelda took her hand
and said, "Let's go to your bedroom."

When they reached Sabrina's room, Zelda said, "Take off your clothes and lie
on the bed," then she quickly walked into the bathroom. Sabrina had no more
than removed her skin tight pants and top, than Zelda returned with her
hands full. She spread a towel on the bed and said, "Lay with your head on
the pillow and your bottom on the towel, honey."

As Sabrina did as she was told, Zelda took the top from a jar of body gel
and dipped a cotton swab into it. "Now spread your legs. I have to tell you
Sabrina, this may well be the most intense sexual experience of your life.
And frankly, it may be a long time before a man thrills you like this."

Sabrina was both excited and concerned about her aunt's words as she watched
Zelda's hand move toward her crotch. Zelda spread her pussy lips and said,
"Now just relax, Sabrina, think nice lovely thoughts. Release all your

Sabrina was taking some deep breaths, when she felt the touch of the slick
cotton swab on her clit. She gasped. Zelda said, in a low comforting voice,
"Just concentrate on the feeling, honey. Tell me, does it feel better on this
side of your clitty, or on this side."

Sabrina moaned, "Oh... the first side feels sooo gooood... just a little
higher please." Zelda did as Sabrina directed. She began a steady stroking of
what was really the biggest clit she had ever seen.

Sabrina was used to masturbation. In fact she enjoyed it a couple of times a
week. But she had never had anyone do it for her. At first the feelings were
familiar. Her skin began to warm. There was a heavy, glowing feeling in her
groin. That funny, tickling, warm sensation washed over her. Her orgasm was
building faster than usual, she thought. And then it hit her. At first, she
thought, this is the best cum of my life. And that was only the start.
"Ohhhhh God... Aunt Zelda... I can't..." Sabrina groaned out.

Sabrina couldn't believe what was happening. Her tits felt like they would
melt. Her abs clenched in a spasm until they began to flutter. Her legs were
quivering so much they were a blur to her widened eyes. And the feeling in
her pussy was like an explosion of warm oil over raw nerve endings. Sabrina
pounded her hips on the bed in a wild fucking motion. And through it all
Zelda remained in contact with her clit. She had abandoned the cotton swab.
Sabrina was too wild for that. Zelda had to throw her body on top of
Sabrina's and lock her mouth onto the girls pussy. Her tongue flicked and
rubbed across the little girl-cock that was Sabrina's clit.

Sabrina was past feeling any inhibitions now. She screamed loud and long. She
would give out with a low. "Huh, huh, huh," building to a high pitched scream
that would only fade when she ran out of air. And it went on and on. Each
second to Sabrina was like a small eternity of pleasure. Just when Zelda
thought that Sabrina's sexual ecstasy would never end, it did, and she passed
out in a haze of passion.

Sabrina slept until the next morning. When she tried to get out of bed, her
body, her old faithful one, protested. Every muscle seemed to ache in its
own special way. After a long hot shower she made her way to the kitchen.

Her aunt sat sipping coffee. "How do you feel dear?" she asked.

Sabrina moaned as she sat down. "I didn't know sex caused hangovers," she

"Actually, most women have a sort of glow after really great sex."

Sabrina raised her eyes to her aunt, "I may not glow until I'm fifty then,"
she said.

"I'm sure it won't be quite that long," Zelda said, lowering her cup to the

Sabrina peered at her aunt, "You seem awfully knowledgeable about all this.
Could it be from a personal experience like mine?"

"Ohhh... my experience was a good deal worse than yours," Zelda said with a
little smile.

"Worse than abusing my powers? Worse than not trusting my boyfriend? Worse
than making a perfectly normal family commit incest?"

Zelda just nodded, "Didn't you ever hear of the baby-boom?" she asked


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