By Wonder Mike

Sabrina wanted to be fucked and she was ashamed to be at Libby's mercy,
there was no telling what she would do to her. Sabrina also had no idea how
she was going to get her powers back.

Libby looked at Sabrina and told her to beg for it freak. Sabrina didn't no
what Libby was planning, the Lakers were spent and she didn't think they
could do anything else to her.

Libby pulled down her pants and pointed. She grew a cock. It was 18 inches
long and so fat she wrapped both hands around it and she couldn't touch
fingers. Sabrina wanted no part of that monster.

Libby pointed again and her cock grew ridges. Sabrina begged Libby not to
hurt her. She laughed and order the Lakers to lay Sabrina on her stomach.
They laid her flat and Libby shoved her fake cock deep into Sabrina.

The monster cock was splitting her apart, but Sabrina loved every minute of
it. Libby was learning how to fuck like a man with every stroke.

Libby got the cock in deeper and deeper with every stroke until she had the
whole thing buried into the ex witch. Sabrina was panting harder under her

Sabrina rose to all fours now and she was thrusting back onto Libby. The
Lakers untied Sabrina's feet and she spread her legs so Libby could bury her
whole cock into Sabrina.

Sabrina rocked back so hard she knocked Libby over on her back. She was now
in control. Sabrina was jumping up and down on Libby, her feet leaving the
bed. Libby grabbed her around the waist and was helping her.

Sabrina's hair was flying wildly and she was shaking like a rag doll, all of
a sudden she just stopped and squatted over the cock. She was cumming. Libby
threw her off the cock in the middle of the orgasm. Sabrina was in tears now.

Sabrina had lost all will now. Libby ordered her to suck off the Lakers if
she wanted to be fucked. Sabrina started to run over to them, but Libby
ordered her to crawl.

Sabrina dropped to her hand and knees and slithered over to the first Laker.
She wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck. She had half of his
cock down her throat and Libby pointed.

Libby downed the Laker into a stallion. Sabrina now had horse cock shoved
down her throat, it was even bigger than the cock Libby had.

She pulled away from the horse, she was repulsed, then all of a sudden it
didn't seem wrong. It also didn't seem wrong that Libby had a video camera,
Sabrina just wanted to be fucked.

She was on her hand and knees sucking of the stallion when Libby pointed at
the other Laker and turned him into a bull.

The bull had an even larger cock than the stallion, it was about 2 feet long
and as thick has Sabrina's leg. The bull mounted Sabrina from behind.

The force of his thrust shove her forward and the horse cock deeper down
her throat.

Sabrina had 13 inches of horse cock in her mouth and 15 inches of Bull
stretching her pussy to the max.

Libby had Shaquille garb a hold of Sabrina's waist. The bull buried another
5 inches of cock into her. Sabrina tried to scream but her mouth was full of
horse cock. Her pussy was being stretched out as far as it could go and she
couldn't take it.

She finally had her orgasm but she was going to be fucked into
unconsciousness. Libby had stolen her powers and turned her into a nympho and
she didn't care. She was having the time of her life, but it had to stop.

She started sucking the horse as hard as she could. She was squeezing with
her lips and stroking with both hands. The stallion shot his load.

Sabrina started to pull away, Libby pointed at her and Sabrina open her mouth
and stuck out her tongue.

The horse kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Sabrina's mouth was
completely full. She swallowed the first load and the horse was still
cumming. He completely filled her mouth again.

Libby ordered her not to swallow until she got a close up with the video
camera and took some still photos. Sabrina smiled and posed with a mouth full
of horse cum.

She than began rocking back onto the bull. She managed to fit 20 inches of
fat bull into her cunt. She was going to pass out so she stepped forward to
remove the cock, spun around and sucked of the bull.

Libby couldn't believe the great footage she was getting. She would show the
whole town just what a freak Sabrina was.

Libby zoomed in for a close up of Sabrina swallowing the bull cum when a cat
came flying from underneath her bed.

It was Salem. He grabbed the spell book and pushed it over to Sabrina. She
finished swallowing the bulls third load then grabbed the book. She quickly
reversed the spell Libby had but on her.

Sabrina had her powers back. Libby dropped to her knees and began to suck
of the horse. Shaquille mounted Libby from behind, and Sabrina grabbed the
camera. They were even now and Sabrina had a video to watch when she got



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