By Wonder Mike

Sabrina was at a lost at what to do. She somehow had to get her reflection to
come through the mirror so she could go home. Mr. Big had an answer.

He pointed her too a different pass. He told her along that trail was the
reflections favorite place. Sabrina when happily bopping along.

The reflection went to high school, she had never been to school before, it
was weird being around so many mortals, she could have big fun.

She walked into the gym the basketball team was practicing. She stood in the
middle of the court and lifted up her shirt. She asked the guys if they liked
her bra.

It was unanimous. They needed a closer look. She took her shirt completely
off. She then asked if they thought she could get a boob job. The team needed
to do a touch test.

She had all 12 members of the team form a line. They each got to hold her
tits and examine them. After they all had their chance they said they still
couldn't decide. They needed a taste test.

The reflection lined them all up again, this time two by two she then walked
the line sticking a breast in each ones mouth. She was starting to really
enjoy this world.

Sabrina traveled a mile along the trail, she was going deeper and deeper into
the forrest and she didn't see a soul, or even a building.

Suddenly she heard a loud booming voice. It seemed to come from the heavens.
She looked all around and didn't see anyone.

She heard the voice asking if she was ready for her regular appointment, she
then realized it was coming from a tree.

The redwood was talking to her. That was different, and it thought she was
her reflection. She explained what happened, and what Big had told her. The
tree knew what the plan was.

It reached down with a branch and lifted Sabrina 20 feet into the air. It
then stripped her naked.

Sabrina had did some strange creatures since she fell through the mirror, but
a tree. Oh well, as long as nobody she knew found out.

The tree slipped one of his 10 inch branches into her pussy. Sabrina started
wiggling her ass back and forth sliding the branch in and out. The tree then
slipped another branch into her ass.

That really felt good. Tree really knew how to work his branches. He then
showed her another branch. Sabrina spread her legs wider, tree slipped a
second branch inside of her.

Sabrina wrapped her arms and legs around the tree. She humped the branches
for all she was worth. Tree was turning all three branches Inside of her at
different angles.

Tree suddenly pulled all his branches out of Sabrina. He then lowered ten
feet. He showed her another branch. This one was 15 inches long and twice as
thick as the higher branches. He slipped it inside of her.

Sabrina let out a yelp. Tree worked his huge branch in and out of her like a
magician. Sabrina threw her head back and started sliding her cunt up and
down the branch.

She managed to stuff the entire branch inside of her. Tree then showed her
another 15 inch branch. She nodded her head, and tree shoved it into her ass.

Sabrina let out a quiet scream this time. Tree worked his branches slowly,
alternating the thrust until they were both all the way in. Sabrina started
riding them.

The reflection was completely naked by now. She was on her back, the
basketball team had surrounded her. They were poking her in the face with
their cocks. The reflection was kneeling, mouth wide open. She stuffed two
cocks into her mouth.

She finally bent over so she was on her hands and knees, she tried to give
instructions but her mouth was full. She just pointed behind her. The team
got the hint. One of the guys mounted her from behind. The reflection
screamed a "Woo Hoo."

Sabrina was humping the branches wildly. She had a branch in each hand for
leverage and she was slamming her ass up and down. Sap was running down the

Sabrina was going to cum. The tree pulled it's two branches out of the
teenager. Sabrina gasped "No" "I was cumming" The tree told her he needed a
short rest, he shook his leaves and reached inside hi trunk. He pulled out a
mirror. Sabrina saw her reflection.

The reflection was riding one of the basketball team, Sabrina yelled "People
stop that I have a reputation." The tree told her she had a real reputation

The reflection was slamming her cunt down on the player. He was begging for
mercy. A team mate stood in front of her and shoved his cock in her mouth.
The reflection easily swallowed the whole thing. Sabrina was mesmerized by
the sight.

Another player mounted the reflection. He slipped his cock into her ass. She
only stopped long enough for him to get it in, then she started slamming her
ass up and down on the two cocks. She didn't think she would ever leave this

The reflection saw the mirror, she saw Sabrina in the tree. Sabrina knew this
was her chance. She told the tree to implement his plan.

Tree slid Sabrina down to his trunk. He held up id lowest branch, it was two
feet long and as thick as her leg. He showed it to the reflection, then he
rammed it into Sabrina.

The reflection winced when she saw it. She couldn't believe that slut was
fucking her tree. She turned to the player in her ass and told him to shove
his cock into her cunt. She didn't have to ask twice.

He pulled his cock out of her ass and stuffed it into her cunt alongside his
teammate. The reflection gave a little yelp, but they fit no problem.

The tree made his whole branch disappear inside Sabrina's cunt. She was
moaning loudly. Tree turned her upside down so he could piledrive her cunt.
Sabrina brought her knees up to her chest so she could take more of the giant

The reflection was furious now, she knew one advantage that she had over
Sabrina though. She jumped off the two cocks and but the guys side by side.
She stuffed both their cocks into her mouth. She slowly deep throated them
both. It took no time for them to both fill her mouth with their spunk. The
reflection walked over to the mirror and held her mouth wide open, then she
swallowed both loads while Sabrina watched. She said let's see the tree do
that. She grabbed the next too cocks and shoved them both into her mouth.

Sabrina knew she was in trouble, the tree couldn't shoot a load, but Tree
knew what the reflection liked. Tree help up another two foot branch, he made
sure the reflection got a look at it, then he slammed it into Sabrina's ass.

The two Sabrina's screamed at the same time, the reflection was swallowing
her 6th load, as Sabrina was being double penetrated by the two branches.

Sabrina was being help limply in a vertical position. The tree slammed his
two branches up into her. Sabrina grabbed on to a branch and started to
slowly lift herself up and down.

Tree then turned her upside down and rammed his branches into her as hard as
he could, Sabrina screamed at every thrust. The tree turned her over again,
she slid down, her weight burying the branches even deeper. She finally
passed out.

The Mr. Craft walked in on the reflection as she was sucking off the last
basketball player, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He ordered her to
his office.

"Explain yourself young lady" he barked "I always knew there was something
strange about you" He told her she was being expelled.

The reflection didn't care about that, she walked over to Mr. Craft and told
him if she had to go, they should both go with a smile.

She reached into his pants and pulled out his cock, Mr. Craft told her to
stop it as he pulled off his pants. The reflection dropped to her knees and
shoved his cock to the back of her throat. He told her "This is wrong" as he
grabbed her by the hair and shoved his balls along with his cock into her

The reflection spun around and screamed "Fuck me" Mr. Craft looked at her ass
and told her there was no way he could have sex with a student as he buried
his cock into her cunt.

Sabrina awoke to find Craft ramming his cock into her pussy from behind. He
was pulling her hair for leverage and slamming ramming his cock like he would
never be fucked again.

Sabrina thought this was the most disgusting thing she had ever done. She
tried to stand up but Craft had a death grip on her hair.

He had finally had enough, he pulled out of her cunt and shot his load in
her face. Sabrina told him he would pay dearly for this. Craft told her she
wasn't expelled and she would have no trouble from him again. Sabrina thought
her adventure through the looking glass was worth it.



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