By Wonder Mike

Sabrina decided she had no choice to spend the night on the other side of the
mirror. She found a rock to lay on. It wasn't comfortable but it was better
than sleeping in the dirt.

She suddenly heard a voice, it cry out "Hey get off of me" Sabrina looked
around but didn't see anything. She heard the voice again.

She looked down, there was no doubt it was coming from underneath her. She
sat up and saw it was the rock talking to her. It said "Go find some where
else to sleep."

Sabrina was embarrassed. She apologized to the rock and looked for somewhere
else to sleep. She found a field of corn stalks.

She laid some of the stalks down and laid on top of them. She used other
stalks as a blanket. This actually felt nice.

She heard another voice. It said "If you want to sleep here you have to pay
the price. Sabrina had heard that before, and she now really enjoyed paying
her dues, which was weird, because she was not that kind of girl. Besides
how much damage could the corn do.

She pulled up her skirt a spread her legs, she waited for the first ear of
corn to peel and expose a cock. Instead it snaked around a rammed the whole
stalk into her cunt.

Sabrina let out a gasp, she wasn't prepared for that. each ear was about 8
inches long and a thicker than a normal cock. You can imagine her shock when
a second stalk shoved itself into her ass.

She was being double penetrated by corn, she had done that before at home so
it wasn't that weird for her. What was weird though was when a second stalk
worked it's way into her pussy.

She let out a quiet yelp now, her cunt was being worked over as the two
stalks in her cunt began to alternately pump in and out of her. She spread
her legs even wider so the corn could fuck her harder.

Instead of fucking her harder another stalk entered her ass. Sabrina let out
a loud scream now, she was being stretched to the max now.

She was having the time of her life now. She begged the corn to fuck her
harder. They didn't though, another stalk entered her cunt.

Sabrina didn't believe it, she hadn't been able to get two inside her cunt at
home before, and now she had three in, there was something really weird going
on here.

She didn't have a chance to work it out though, the corn started fucking her
harder and harder until all five were a blur. Sabrina was on the verge of
passing out when the stalks stopped.

She tried to sit up to catch her breath when the next five stalks lined up.
Two of them again worked their way into her stretched pussy, then two entered
her ass. They started working in and out of her pussy when the last one
pushed it's way into her ass. Sabrina passed out for the night.

The reflection invited Valerie and Harvey to spend the night, they had been
having fun but they still didn't know if they should stay. She told Harvey he
could watch her eat out Valerie, Harvey decided it would be fun if they all
hung out for the night.

Valerie quickly stripped, the reflection laid her on her back and spread her
legs. She slipped two fingers inside of her. Valerie closed her legs around
the reflections hand.

The reflection crawled up and began sucking Valerie's supple breast. Valerie
let out a moan at the touch, the reflection then added another finger to her
pussy Valerie let out a scream now. Harvey came over to fondle her breast,
the reflection pushed him away, she told him he could only watch.

The reflection shoved a fourth finger into Valerie, she then told her to roll
over Valerie was on all fours as the reflection rammed her hand into that
tight cunt.

Harvey swore he heard the cat yell "do it" but he must have been imagining
things, because of course cats can't talk. The reflection sent Salem out of
the room.

The reflection then pulled her hand out of Valerie's cunt, Valerie yelled at
her to but it back. The reflection told her to beg. Valerie pleaded with the
reflection to fuck her. The reflection told her she would have to earn it.

The reflection pointed out the door and Salem returned, but he wasn't a cat
anymore he was now a great Dane. It was the most humiliating thing that could
happen to him. The reflection told Valerie if she wanted to cum, it would
have to be brought fourth by the dog. Salem thought it wasn't so bad being a
dog now.

Valerie didn't want to do it, but Harvey was cheering her on. The reflection
took another lick of her tits and that settled it, Valerie needed to cum and
she didn't care how she did it.

Valerie dropped to all fours wiggled her ass. Salem mounted her from behind.
He shoved his 8 inches into her cunt. He then started fucking her wildly.

Valerie let out a yelp, she was not prepared for the savage fucking she was
getting, she couldn't even imagine getting fucked as hard as she was by
Salem, she was enjoying every minute of it. Harvey grabbed a video camera and
got a close up of Valerie's ear to ear grin.

Valerie looked back and grabbed the cock and pulled it out, she then shoved
it in her ass. Salem began ramming her ass as hard as he fucked her cunt. Val
fell face first to the ground.

Salem pulled his cock out of her ass and shoved it back into her cunt. He
took a couple of strokes in her tight cunt, then he rammed it back into her
ass. Valerie was now screaming to be fucked harder.

Harvey pointed the camera at her and yelled for her to suck the dog off, The
reflection dropped to her knees and began to suck off Harvey. He held the
camera with one hand going back and fourth from the reflection and Valerie,
he held the reflection by the hair forcing her to deep throat him.

Valerie pulled away from Salem, she laid underneath him and began sucking him
off. She swallowed his whole cock. Salem and Harvey came at the same time.
Val and the reflection swallowed their loads, Valerie rolled over and kissed
the reflection so they could swap the cum. The trio climbed into bed for a
good nights sleep.

The next morning Sabrina awoke completely full filled, she continued her
journey to find a way home. She now knew she had to find Mr. Big. She had no
idea that her reflection had turned her two best friends into degenerates,
and if she did she wouldn't care because she was being turned into one

Sabrina walked along the path the corn pointed out. She called out for Mr.
Big as she traveled along. She walked two miles before she heard an answer.

"I am Mr. Big" she heard, she looked through the woods and saw a Walrus. She
asked if he was the smartest person in the land and if he could help her get
home. He told her of course he could but she would have to Sabrina said I
know, pay the price.

Sabrina removed her skirt with one swift motion, she was becoming an expert
at it. She asked the Walrus why he was called Mr. Big, he wasn't much bigger
than the twins Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

He told her he earned the name for being the smartest person in the land and
helping solve all the problems. He reached down and pulled out a two foot
long cock.

Sabrina gasped, it was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She was scared but
her mouth was watering. She stood in front of the Walrus and began stroking
his cock.

She then began licking up and down the shaft to get it good and lubricated.
She then shoved three fingers into her cunt to make sure she was wet. She was
finally ready to go.

She laid Big on his back and straddled his cock. She placed the tip of it in
her cunt and squatted.

She wiggled her ass down inch by inch until she was impaled by 18 inches. Her
eyes rolled back into her head, she couldn't breathe.

Big grabbed her around the waist and thrusted up at the same time he pulled
her down. He rammed his entire two feet inside of her.

He began thrusting up inside of her. Sabrina was screaming at every stroke.
She planted her feet on the ground. She then stood on her toes to try to get
some of the cock out of her. It was no use though. Big just fucked her harder
and harder. Sabrina screamed louder and louder.

Big rolled them both over so he was on top of Sabrina. He was able to ram his
cock into her even harder. He drove her face first to the ground. It felt
like he was going to drive hiss cock right through her. Sabrina finally
passed out as Big emptied his load into her.

Mr. Big let her have a 5 minute rest, then he woke her. He told her that the
reflection was in control now and only she cold return to this world and send
Sabrina back to hers.



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