By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman continued her quest for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. She was
really scared now. She had been on the other side of the mirror for hours.

She saw a log cabin over the hill, she quickened her pace. She knocked on the
door and found a large, bulbous man. She looked around the cabin and saw what
looked like the man's twin.

She told them of her quest. They told her they could help, if she had the
proper fair. By now Sabrina knew what the fair was, these two guys were
disgusting but not as bad as the caterpillar, and the half man half rabbit.
She bent over and told the guys to take their fair.

Sabrina felt a shooting pain as the first twin entered her cunt, She had
never felt any like it before. The other twin pulled out his cock and placed
it against her lips. She knew why she was in pain.

The cock poking her in the face was about eighteen inches long, his brothers
must have been the same size. They were as thick as her arm.

She hadn't been able to take all of the cock in her cunt. The twin in front
of her pushed her back. She had about twelve inches of giant cock inside of

She managed to her lips around the cock poking her in the eye. There was no
way it would fit in her mouth.

The twin fucking her sat back, lifting Sabrina up. He laid on his back so she
was riding her. Both of the twins grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her
down. Her cunt completely swallowed his cock.

Sabrina screamed "cool" as they began to lift her up and down on the giant
cock inside of her. She had to bite he lip to keep from screaming. The twin
in front of her shoved his cock into her mouth. She was able to take it in

She had ten inches of cock shoved down her throat. She didn't understand
how she could do it. The twin slowly began to fuck her face. At least it kept
her from screaming.

They spun her around on the twin she was riding so she was facing him. They
shoved her all the way down on the cock and laid her head against his chest.

The other twin climbed on her back, he then shoved his 18 inch cock up her
ass. Sabrina let out the loudest scream yet. The twins began to pump their
cocks into her. She started to accept them easier and easier.

Sabrina began to rise up and down on the two giant cocks, now it was the
twins who were screaming. Sabrina was now bouncing at full speed throwing her
long blonde hair around in a circle.

The twins were cumming. Sabrina jumped off the cocks and shoved the first one
in her mouth. He started cumming and cumming down her throat. She drank all
of it down she could but he was still cumming. He shot a half gallon of cum
down her throat. she swallowed all she could with the rest spilling out of
the corners of her mouth. She then went to work on the second twin.

He began shooting her load before she could finish swallowing the first load.
She kept swallowing as he kept shooting. She finally had to pull the cock out
of her mouth and let it shoot into her cupped hands. She swallowed all the
cum in her mouth, then she liked all that she had gathered in her two hands.
She had no idea what had came over her but she liked it.

Sabrina's reflection invited Valerie and Harvey into the house, she told them
she had something she wanted to show them before they went to the Slicery.

She took them up to her bed room. She sat them on the bed and slowly walked
away. She could feel Harvey's eyes staring at her ass. She bent over to pick
up a book, this world's Sabrina was such a slob.

She let her short skirt ride up and gave them a quick peek of her thong, she
could hear Harvey breathing heavy.

She turned around and unbuttoned her shirt, Harvey turned away Valerie asked
"What are you doing?" The reflection walked over to Harvey and rubbed her
tits in his face. They weren't big, but more than a mouthful and you were
just asking for trouble.

Harvey tried to turn away, his face was a beat red She stuck one of her tits
into his mouth. He didn't turn away this time. He slowly began to nibble on
her nipple.

The reflection pulled down her skirt, she placed Harvey's hand between her
legs. He didn't move them so she grabbed three of his fingers and shoved them
inside her cunt.

The reflection started riding his fingers, she then reached down and unzipped
his pants. All of the fight was out of Harvey by now. Valerie sat on the bed
dumbfounded. She had no idea of what to make out of what was going on.

Sabrina pushed Harvey back on the bed and wrapped her lips around his cock.
Harvey wanted to say something but he was no idiot. The reflection swallowed
his whole cock, then she pulled it out.

She grabbed Valerie's hand and placed it around his cock. She began to move
it up and down. Val told her she had never done this before, the reflection
told her she was a pro.

She told Valerie to use her mouth, Valerie looked at Harvey, he nodded at her
and she stuck the tip of his cock in her mouth. The reflection pushed her
head down until she had all 7 inches swallowed.

The reflection pulled Valerie's head up and down until she started doing it
on her own. She then rolled around behind her and lifted up Valerie's skirt.
She then rammed three fingers into her cunt.

Valerie let out a loud grunt, the reflection buried her tongue into her
pussy. Valerie began rocking back onto the reflection.

It was too much for Harvey, he shot his load down Valerie's throat while she
was deep throating him. She swallowed every last drop, not that she had a

The reflection rolled Valerie over onto her back, she shoved a fourth finger
into her cunt while she was eating her out. She then took her free hand and
shoved three fingers into Val's ass.

Val let out a scream, The reflection told her to get on her hand and knees.
Valerie quickly complied. The reflection shoved her fist into her cunt.

She pumped her hand in and out of Valerie. She then screamed at Harvey to
come fuck her. She bent over behind Val, Harvey stood behind her and rammed
his still erect cock into her cunt.

Salem was in the corner watching, he had to bite his lip to keep from saying
anything, or clapping. The reflection looked at him and pointed. He was
turned into a Doberman Pincher.

The reflection was rocking back into Harvey so hard he was afraid she was
going to knock him over. He held on for dear life. She called the new Salem

Salem came around behind Valerie, he shoved his now 9 inch cock into Valerie.
Valerie had no idea it was a dog fucking her. She thought it was Harvey.

Salem was ramming his cock as hard as he could into the unaware Val. The
reflection stuck her head underneath them and began to lick Val's cunt and
Salem's cock at the same time.

Harvey had never been so turned on in his life before, watching the huge dog
fucking Valerie was the most erotic thing he could ever imagine, he was going
to cum. The reflection spun around and swallowed Harvey's cock. She caught it
all in her mouth.

Salem then pulled his cock out of Valerie, the reflection rolled underneath
him and Salem shot his load into her mouth. The reflection turned Salem back
into a cat then he kissed Valerie making her swallow the two loads.

Sabrina asked the two twins where she could find Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
They pointed at each other, "He's Dee" "He's Dum."

Sabrina asked them to help her get home, they had no idea how they could get
home, they told her the Hatter was crazy. They did know someone who could
help. He was the oldest and smartest person in the land. Mr. Big.



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