Sabrina The Teenage Bitch - Part 1: The Basics (f/solo)
by Jeffro ([email protected])

Sabrina was sitting in her bedroom flipping through a fashion magazine and
munching on some cheese doodles. She'd just finished reading the section on
dance dresses and decided to take another magazine from her fresh new pile.
As she picked it up a small magazine fell from the inside, she looked closely
and discovered it was a lesbian porn magazine. She disgustedly threw it over
the other side of the room with a loud "Yuck!"

"OW" Yelled a quiet, little voice. A small, plump, black cat clambered out
"Nice shot Sabrina" it mumbled.

Sabrina quickly spun her head round to see her cat, Salem hanging out of her
leather backpack with the magazine on his back. "SALEM" She shouted, "what
are you doing in my bag again?"

"Um . . . nothing?" Said Salem.

"Get out will you, I'm trying to read." Shouted Sabrina madly.

"Oh cant I just . . . " Started Salem.

"OUT!" Finished Sabrina.

Salem slowly walked to the and asked "Um . . . Sabrina, about that magazine?"

"GEEEEET OOOUUUT!!!!!" Sabrina Yelled at the top of her voice.

Her aunt Zelda ran upstairs and quickly opened the door with a thud. "WHAT'S
WRONG!?" She shouted.

"Oh, nothing" said Sabrina. "It was just something Salem said."

"Oh, ok" Said Zelda "Anyway Sabrina, me and your aunt Hilda are going to the
store. We'll be back in about 45 minutes, ok?"

"Ok" Answered Sabrina.

Suddenly a loud voice shouted up the stairs. "Hurry up Zelda. I cant wait to
get to the store, they've got a sale on flying shoes" Moaned Sabrina's aunt

"Gotta go now Sabrina, bye" Said Zelda.

"See ya" Said Sabrina.

Salem followed Zelda out of the room and Sabrina shut the door.

She was reading a magazine about weight loss, but she kept looking up every
now and then at the porn magazine. After about 10 minutes of thinking about
it, she slowly stood up, walked over to it and picked it up. She looked at
the first page and sat on her bed. She slowly flipped through each of the
pages until she got to the middle, there was a 2 page spread of 2 women, they
were both playing with each others tits and pussy and slipping there tongues
into each others mouths.

Sabrina was wearing a pair of short, dark, blue jeans and a bright red
T-shirt. She was staring at the picture for a long time now, and without even
realising it she slipped her hand inside her jeans and into her lace panties
which were now very wet. She finally realised what she was doing and pulled
her hand out quickly. She looked down her jeans and saw her wet, throbbing
pussy, She removed her jeans with one while the other was back in her
panties, she sat on her bed playing with her pubes and one of her nipples,
which was getting harder the more she played with it.She stopped playing with
her nipple and took off her red top, revealing her beautiful big tits and
frilly lace bra which matched her panties, which were now dripping wet.

Sabrina had never done this before and was really enjoying it. She kept
flipping through the pages of the magazine with her 1 free hand. She started
moving her hand faster and faster all the time, she couldn't stop. After
about 5 minutes she started to moan and groan with every hand movement. Her
love juices started flowing out on to her bed, this was her first orgasm, and
it felt so good that she accidentally started peeing as well. She was moving
her hand as fast as she could go now, her whole fist was in her pussy right
up to her watch, which also soon went in. There was a mixture of pee and
pussy juice running out of her and dripping on the carpet, Sabrina didn't
care about the mess she was making because she was enjoying herself too much.
After a while she just collapsed on her bed and fell asleep.

BANG! Went the door "Sabrina we're back" came a voice up the stairs. Sabrina
jumped off of her bed, stood straight up and looked around, she didn't know
what to do with the stain and the magazine. Then she thought about it . . .
ZAP! She zapped the stain and the magazine away, as if they did not exist
"My finger works better than ever" She said to herself.

She sat down on her bed reading the weight loss magazine that she was reading

Knock Knock Knock. "Sabrina?" Asked aunt Zelda.

"Yea" Replied Sabrina.

"Oh hi Sabrina, I thought you were asleep" Zelda said. "What did you do while
we were gone?" She asked.

"Oh you know, read some magazines, cleaned my watch and practiced my magic a
bit" She said.


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