Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina the Teenage Bitch (M/f,f/cat,magic)
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

It's five a.m., the aunts Helda and Zelda are busy showering and putting on
make up in the bathroom when Salem, Sabina's male witch in fur, ala the Black
Cat decides to hit the bathroom; when he enters he sees the one sister naked
in the shower and the other washing her face, he thinks to himself, "woo,
nice ass!"

"Salem! get out'a here!"

"But I'm just a cat!!"

"Your a male witch in a furlined suit, now get before I materialize a Spit

"You're mean a Pit Bull."

"What ever, it'll bite your ass."

"Alright." said Salem as he turned and fled the bathroom, "If I had a camera,
... that's it! I'll get my camera, it's in Sabrinies' room. ... Oh well, My
litter box is in there too." Salem hopped up the stairs and entered through
the door crack.

Salem looks around the room, knowing that he had placed his camera some
where; he then hopped onto the bed, seeing Sabrina still under the covers he
asked, "Ah hum! Sabrina! are you awake?"

Sabrina remained asleep as Salem coughed, burped, pawed at her to wake her,
then he got up to her face and looked into her eye lids, she was sound
asleep. "Must have been quite a night that Sabrina had with Harvey, Oh, I
remember, the camera was on Sabrina's bed when she got home, I'll bet it's
under the covers."

Salem ducked his head into Sabrina's covers and crawled beneath her sheets.
As Salem crawled, searching of his camera, he turns his nose toward Sabrina
and felt bare skin, then he rubbed up along her bare back until his nose
rubbed along her bare buttocks, "Woo, Sabrina my sweet fifteen year young
witch, you're naked, Oh wow, where is my camera! Oh there it is, affixed to
her ass crack." Salem used his tongue to retrieve his camera (a special
magical camera that held to his paw as he used it.)

As Salem's night vision could see Sabrina's naked butt, he pondered how he
could get a picture of her pussy, and he had a right since he was a pussy,
taking a picture of another pussy. Salem got as close as he could to
Sabrina's ass, where her vagina just bulged through her legs, and began
licking his tongue along her snatch. "Hum, I taste her pussy juices and some
left over sperm," then it donned on Salem, "Sabrina, you've been fucking
Harvey! Ooh hoo hoo, a Harvey Wallbanger!!, now I would have liked to have
seen that, the little witch bitch getting banged."

Salem quickly moved as Sabrina turned onto her back and settled into her deep
sleep again as Salem, got his nerve back and crawled up between her legs,
which were spread wide and relaxed; Salem aimed his camera as he used his
tail to lift the blanket, making a small tent over Sabrina's pussy, exposing
her tummy and small breasts.

Click! click!! click! Salem kept shooting until he began smelling something
that made his tail twitch, then he realized, "Sabrina's horny, and in her

Sniff! Sniff! Salem crawled up between the sweet legs of Sabrina the fifteen
year old bitch, "Qell hell! Qhy not, all that she'll do is ask for more."
Salem rubbed his face against Sabrina's soft pussy muff, then he began
nuzzling against her vagina, and after a minute of rubbing and purring, Salem
began licking Sabrina's snatch, his rough little tongue pushing inside enough
to start bringing the young girl to orgasm, then Salem realized that he had a
huge (for a cat) erection, Salem laid atop Sabrina's pelvis and pussy fur as
he began to push his little hard cock into Sabrina's vagina, and then he
began pumping it in and out as he now began fucking her as hard as he could
for his little feline body would allow.

Salem felt the urge and then exploded a load of kitty sperm into Sabrina, but
Salem's sperm was also warlock enriched. Salem finished a second and then a
third orgasm, then he crawled up Sabrina's belly, wiping his wet cock along
her belly, leaving a streak of wet sperm on her belly. Salem came to rest his
body between Sabrina's small breast, a small mound on each side, her nipples
hard and erect with Salem's head just under the blanket as he stared at

Sabrina was having a wonderful dream about Harvey being naked, on top of her
with his legs between hers and his ten inch cock shaft buried all the way
inside her, she could even feel his load spurt inside her, then Sabrina had a
big orgasm, her body shook as she came fully awake to see Salem looking at
her from underneath her covers; she grabbed him and played with his ears as
she asked, "Okay Salem, what were you doing down there?" Sabrina felt Salem's
tale rub her pussy. "Okay Salem, I'll forgive you, but the next time you want
to fuck me, I'll transform you into a human for just the night, and only to
service my sex drives."

"And is that the only reward?" asked Salem as he plays with Sabrina's pussy
with his tail, occasionally poking it inside her honey hole.

"It's all you need, if the witches council find out about our fucking,
they'll have you fixed."

"Okay, I'll behave." cried Salem, then he asked Sabrina, "Your on the pill
are you not?"

"Harvey is human, It takes magic to get knocked up" explained Sabrina as she
kicked the covers from off her naked body, rubbed Salem's cat body in a
circle as she spoke an incantation, "Male cat of mine, who is out of time,
may you have the time as a man of mine," a glow engulfs Salem and then Salem
turns into a big Greek warrior, but only naked with a twelve inch hard on, a
big hot cock that was inserted quickly by Salem as he began fucking Sabrina
harder than ever as Sabrina locked her legs about her magic lover for her
hard ride, Salem, once again the Witch in his Greek Warrior body, bounced her
ass as he thrust and popped in and out of her pussy, he quickly slammed deep
into her juicy wet cunt as he fucked her again and again, never letting up;
the bed creeks and bounces from his massive warrior`s weight and thrusts; his
big hard spear continually slamming into Sabrina, barely able to get her
breath from Salem`s assault Sabrina claws for the bed stead, panting and

Salem pauses as he thrust and squirts his sperm deep into her, she feels it
splash, coating her insides, then she feels Salem grab her waist, lift and
turn her onto her belly, then pulling her up onto her knees as he thrusts her
still hard cock into her cunt for a second assault.

Sabrina waves her arms and hands about for empty air as Salem begins slamming
his thighs against her butt cheeks. Salem's hard cock expands to twenty
inches by a magic spell, but to Sabrina's surprise and delight, it's not by
her magic.

"Salem, did you do that?" asks Sabrina as she senses the full twenty inches
of horse cock size muscle slice deep into her insides. Sabrina can only
endure as Salem's cock slams repeatedly into her canal, his cock is as hot as
coal, heating her insides as its massive size fills her vagina, stretching
it, rubbing it in rough friction as it drives Sabrina to an insane orgasm.

Salem grabs Sabrina by her neck and shoulder, twisting her upper torso as he
grabs her tits, biting into her neck as he shoves his twenty inch cock up all
the way into her pussy, raising her ass and legs off the bed as he pulls her
body back into his, he squeezes her tightly as he spews his load into her.
Salem finishes up on the exhausted Sabrina by pulling his cock out and
spurting a couple loads onto the already sperm covered teenager.

"Okay Sabrina!" said Salem aloud, then he quickly looks at the door as it
begins to open.

"Sabrina! Time to get your shower, you have ten minutes." says Zelda as she
peeks around the door.

Salem, the Greek warrior, glows a second then transforms into Salem, settling
on top of a naked sperm covered Sabrina, he quickly licks the sperm from
Sabrina's belly and snatch when the Zelda sees Sabrina smiling and Salem
licking her snatch.

"Salem! get down, you're not suppose to -- do that!" as the aunt watches
Salem run for cover, she comments to herself, "Although I wouldn't mind a
lick or two."

Sabrina quickly sits up, still naked, explaining, "Salem was just being a

"Yeah, I know, and that bouncing sound at night isn't Salem in human form,
fucking your pussy."

"No! I have never transformed Salem into human form in order to get a free

"Then where did that sperm come from" asked aunt Zelda.

"I, oooh ... Okay, I fucked Harvey tonight; but I was careful, he's just a
human, and I might add, a very grateful human." explains Sabrina as she now
sits with her legs drawn up to her breasts, her pussy visible to Zelda.

"I'd bet that his cock remained hard for an hour before you finally fucked
him and drained him of his life force."

"Well. Not exactly, I did use a hard spell on his penis, and I also fucked
his friend and two other guys from the football squad." explains Sabrina as
she fingers her pussy.

Zelda watches intently. "It's alright to change Salem to human form for sex,
but you must be careful."

"Aunt Zelda, Harvey's human, he can get a witch pregnant unless the witch
allows it."

"Not the human sperm honey, it's Salem, certain male witches have a sperm
that is enchanted and will get you pregnant if he spurts just one of his
little wigglies into you." explains Zelda as she starts to leave Sabrina's

"But Salem isn't ..."

"Honey, Salem is a would-be world dictator/warlord; he is what is known as
the Alpha Male Witch, they all have enhanced Sperm, and you can tell them
apart from other male witches by the size of their horse cock size penis."
explains Zelda as she grins, commenting, "... they make great fucks, but they
also get you pregnant."

The door closes shut, Sabrina sits naked on the edge of the bed, thinks a
moment, then yells, "Salem! you get your cunt fucking cock in here!"


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