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Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina TV Part 17 - Square Pegs (Mmmffff,mc)
by Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman: Where am I now? Wait a minute, high school. I have had
enough of high school damn it. I am out of here.

Sabrina looked around and saw the banner that said Weemawee High, she really
hated high school.

Sabrina: I had way to many years of being a teenager, Salem, get me out of

Salem and Roland the troll just looked at her, they saw teen meat and wanted
to see what would happen next.

Jennifer Dennucio: Like who are you girl?

Sabrina: I am Sabrina and you?

Jennifer: Like, none of your business.

LaDonna Fredricks: Girl, all this school needs is more white people. Look
here comes the fat girl and the fat girl's friend.

Jennifer: Like, for sure! That's not the fat girl's friend, that is
stringbean. You don't mean me, like, right. You like me right. Lets like,

Ladonna: You are the coolest white girl I know.

Jennifer: Like, thanks.

Sabrina looked around the school, she liked the fashion sense of these kids,
they where all right, until she saw Patty and Lauren.

Sabrina: Hi girls.

Lauren Hutchinson: Patty someone is talking to us.

Patty Greene: I told you this year we would be popular.

Sabrina: SO you guys are like the school outcast. I am Sabrina.

Lauren: We are not, I would be cuter without the gum in my braces.

Sabrina: That's, I don't know what that is. Can you guys show me around?

Patty: For sure, I guess. We can show you around. Look, here come Muffy
Tepperman. Be careful around her.

Lauren: Muffy, this is the new girl Sabrina.

Muffy: It behooves me to welcome you to Weemawee high, I am sure your high
school years will be fullfilling, have you thought about joining the pep
squad. And don't forget we are always talking donations for the Guatemalan
child the school is sponsoring

Patty: That's Muffy, we have to go now.

Sabrina: Man I know what that girl needs.

Sabrina popped in her lust spray and went to dose Muffy, put she spun out
of the way.

Lauren: Look, here are my best guy friends Marshall and Johnny Slash. Guys,
this is Sabrina.

Slash: Like cool to meet you, totally.

Marshall Manasera: It is an honor and pleasure to meet you, let me assure
you, that I, Marshall will be here to meet all your needs.

Patty: Calm down Marshall.

Slash: Like, you are totally embarrassing me, totally.

Muffy: Well Sabrina, have you thought about the pep squad, some of our great
female leaders have been members of the pep squad, and I am sure I don't have
to tell you of the greatness of cheerleaders.

LaDonna: Don't you white people ever shut up, I hate chatterboxes.

Jennifer: Like for sure, lets go girl.

Sabrina had a clear shot at Muffy now, and she wasn't going to let it go to
waste, she gave her a double shot of her lust spray.

Muffy: Like, what's going on, and when did you get so hot Johnny.

Slash: Like, me?

Muffy: Yes you stud. It would behoove me to suck you cock.

Muffy shoved her hands down Johnny Slash's pants.

Lauren: What did I just hear?

Patty had covered her mouth and ears, she couldn't believe it. The class
bell then rang.

Patty: We have to get to class Lauren.

Lauren: Are you kidding me?

Muffy was stroking Slash's cock through his pants. Patty had taken off her
glasses, she didn't want to know what was going on.

Sabrina: This is worse than I thought, she gave Patty a double sprits of
the lust spray.

Patty: Marshall, get over here and drop your pants.

Marshall couldn't believe what he was hearing, he started to go into a
Howard Cosell impression, but Patty had her hands down his pants.

Slash's pants where around his ankles, Muffy was on her knees with a mouthful
of eight inch cock, she was stroking it with both hands as she shoved it down
her throat. Slash unbuttoned her kaki pants then began to fuck her face,
Muffy took it deep with each stroke.

Lauren: I don't know what's going on here, and I hope no one comes out into
the hall, but I'm joining in.

Lauren jumped out of her pants and kneeled down next to her best friend
Patty, they smiled at each other, than Lauren shoved Marshall's cock down her

Marshall: Watch the braces.

Marshall grabbed Patty by the braces and began to pump his six inches in
and out of her mouth.

Sabrina: There is nothing like watching sex as it goes on in the city.

Patty: What?

Sabrina: You'll get it later.

Lauren swallowed Marshall's six inches easily, then he switched back to
Patty. He grabbed her by the ponytails and forced his cock all the way down
her throat.

Marshall looked over at Muffy's ass swaying back and forth, he had to have
the pep squad leader, and had to have her now. He came up behind her bent her
over and slammed his cock into her dripping pussy, Muffy rocked back to take
it, Slash slid over to Lauren and Patty.

Slash: Like, bend over Lauren, I am going to give it to you good.

Lauren: Like Johnny Rotten?

Slash: No Devo style, not punk. New wave totally rules, totally.

Lauren bent over next to Muffy, Slash slammed his cock into her from behind,
he wrapped his hands around her throat as he pumped it in and out. Marshall
looked over at his best friend and they slapped hands as they pumped into
the two girls simultaneously.

Rob Donavon heard the noise outside his class, he stepped out to see what
the ruckus was.

Rob: Holy S, I haven't seen anyting like this since I was back in college
in my dorm room and the T A came over and...

Patty: Mr. Donovan!

Rob: Call me Rob, and am I seeing what I think I'm seeing, or is this an acid

Sabrina gave Rob a quick spray of her lust spray, Patty had his pants
unzipped in a flash and had his cock in her mouth before he could move.

Marshall: You know Muffy, think of the money we could raise if we auctioned
off your ass to the highest bidder.

Muffy: It is unsanitary to ass fuck.

Marshall: Think of the money we could raise for the children of Guatemala.

Muffy: You are right, I was being selfish, but I have never done it in the...

Marshall pulled the cock out of Muffy's pussy and shoved it into her ass,
Muffy screamed as she rocked back to take the entire length of it.

Slash: That is totally cool, like, totally.

Slash pulled his cock out of Lauren's pussy and shoved it into her ass.

Lauren: No.

Slash: Like, shake that ass girl. Shake it like, totally.

Lauren's ass shook and rolled as Slash slammed his cock into her ass.

Lauren: God yes, I love it.

Muffy: How do you think Jennifer got to be the most popular girl at the
school, do it, and think of Guatemala.

Lauren began to rock back onto Slash's cock, he pumped it into harder and

Rob: When in Rome.

The teacher spun Patty around and yanked down her ankle length dress, he
slammed his eight inch cock directly into her tight virgin ass.

Patty: OW, OW, Ow.

Lauren: Take it Patty, I told you this year we would be popular. All the boys
will love us when they find out what we did.

The three girls where lined up in a row, rocking back in unison seeing who
could fuck the hardest. The each where slamming back onto the guys.

Sabrina: This is so cool, but I need to get in on this action.

Sabrina reached into her purse and pulled out her three inch dildo, she went
over to Muffy and slid it into her pussy. Sabrina then pulled out two more
dildos and slid them inside of Lauren and Patty. She took a step back, the
dildo's doubled in size, then began to pump in and out of the girls. The
three girls screamed in unison as the dildo's pumped faster and faster into
the girls, the were doing a stroke a second when they doubled in size again.
The foot long dildos pumped into the girls as the guys slammed their ass's
as hard as they could, the dildo's slammed into them at two stokes a second
when they double in size again.


Lauren: OH GOD, ME TOO. One size does not fit all.

Patty: I love it, HARDER.

The dildo's began to pump into the girls at four strokes a second Slash began
to lose it. He yanked his cock out of Lauren's ass and began to stroke it,
Sabrina appeared in front of him. She grabbed his cock and shoved it down her
throat just as Slash began to shoot his load, Sabrina caught it all in her

Sabrina: Yummy.

Marshall yanked his cock out of Muffy's ass, Sabrina appeared in front of him
just in time to catch his load in her mouth.

Sabrina: Whoo Hoo, More.

She appeared in front of Rob and pulled his cock out of Patty's ass, he shot
his load into her full mouth.

Sabrina: Tasty.

Sabrina leaned over Patty and kissed her, depositing the three loads into
her mouth, Patty leaned over to Lauren and let the loads drip into her mouth.
Lauren leaned over to Muffy and spit the load over her lips, the cum dripped
into her mouth and Muffy swallowed it all.

Muffy: For Guatemala. And all the children there.

Sabrina: Whoo Hoo, I guess my work her is done, and Patty, Lauren, you will
be popular.

Lauren: I knew I would look cute with cum in my braces.

Sabrina: Salem get me out of here.

Salem punched the remote control. Sabrina faded out of Weemawee high, and
appeared outside a farm house.

Sabrina: I guess I am supposed to go in here.

Sabrina went up to the farm house and knocked on the door, a middle aged
couple answered.

Jonathan: Hello, How may I help you?

Sabrina: I think I am lost.

Jonathon: We are here to help, this is wife Martha, and I'm Jonathan Kent,
our son Clark is out back with some friends.



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