This fictional story contain graphic sexual situations, if you are under age
or easily offended. Stop reading.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina TV Part 16 - The Wonder Mike Show
by Wonder Mike

Mike: I can't believe it, one of my favorite guest of all time, it's Melissa
Joan Hart.

Sabrina: I am sorry you have me confused with someone else, my name is
Sabrina Spellman.

Matt: I think she needs help, and I mean real help, not Fraiser.

Mike: We have to get on with the show, please Melissa, I mean Sabrina, have
a seat.

Mike: It is great to have you all here, let me introduce you all to my best
friend in the whole world Matt, and doing her first show for us today, please
give a warm welcome to Jillian Barbarie.

Jillian: It is great to be here, I have been waiting for a chance to do more
than the weather, working on the Test on the FX Network was good, but it
didn't give me the freedom I needed and I don't get to say anything on NFL
Sunday, I hate JB, Chris and Terry are cool, I think the show will be great
for me, and it won't interfer with my new national show Good Day Live, I

Mike: That's great Jillian.

Matt: I think where going to miss Tammy, she knew when to sit down and shut

Jillian: I know. I didn't hear you tell me to shut up young man, let me tell
you one thing.

Mike: That's great Jillian, this is only an hour show, we have a bunch of
guest and a lot to get through today. I know we have been away from a while,
but Matt has a note that will explain everything, if you will Matt.

Matt: Please excuse Mike from the show, he has been away with technical
difficulties, signed Wonder Mike's mom.

Mike: Thanks Matt, I have big news today, first of all, our special guest
stars today are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, since you guys are all going to
hell anyway, I thought I would invite them.

Jillian: What do you mean you guys?

Mike: I am going to repent on my death bed, God has to let me into heaven
then, what's he going to do? Renege on a promise?

Jillian: Don't you think the Olsen's are too young to be on this show, I know
this is a family show, but I'm not sure about this.

Mike: Too Young? I first had sex when I was 7, a little native American girl
named Laura, I wonder what ever happened to her, man she was hot, anyway I
turned out all right, didn't I, nothing strange about me. What are you guys
looking at?

Now for the news, as you all know the time for the big birthday bash is
coming up, and the rspv's have been coming in already, it is going to be a
wet tee shirt booty shaking affair.

Matt: You mean...

Mike: Exactly, this years birthday bash will be the Motor Booty affair for
the title of Rumpofsteelskin. Tina Barrett, Britney Spears, J Lo, Melissa
Joan Hart, Jessica Beil, Lita, Charisma Carpenter and Nitro girl Spice have
called about it.

Jillian: I wish I had an ass so I can enter, that's the one drawback of being
pure whitebread, I guess I can live with that though, the perks outweigh
the --

Mike: That's great Jillian. I have more news, I was going to wait until it
was confirmed, but I have been in negotiations with Miracle films for another
movie, as you know, if it's a good film it's a miracle.

Matt: Are you going to finally get The Wetter The Better made.

Mike: No, not that one, we have talked to Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah
Michelle Gellar, and Rachel Leigh Cook.

Matt: I don't believe your going to make it.

Mike: That's right, It's just another teen movie where the coke sniffing rich
bitch blackmails the cheerleaders into accepting the school nerd.

Jillian: It sounds great, I have been having a hard time getting into movies,
I have done some television shows, but movies are where the big money is,
that is what everyone in Hollywood --

Mike: That's great Jillian.

Before we get to Melissa, I mean Sabrina, I have had a revelation, you all
we be surprised.

I am sure you know I think there is no greater girl in the world, then Alyson
Hannigan, and of course Melissa, and let's not forget my dear sweat Alyssa
Milano, but I have realized who the greatest girl in the world is.

Matt: I can't wait.

Mike: She was going to med. school when she got her first modeling contract,
she a motorcycle riding rock climbing fiend, she has a top ten show on CBSN
no less.

Matt: Is CBS still in business?

Mike: For now, anyway she also has a bigger porn collection then me.

Matt: I can't believe that.

Jillian: I know who it is, she is always hanging out at porn conventions with
the girls.

Mike: That's right, she is Catherine Bell. I hope to have her on the show

Matt: That would be cool, I'll get on it.

Mike: On with the show, Sabrina, what bring you here.

Sabrina: I'm just trying to get home, I don't know how I got here, maybe you
could help.

Mike: Just tell me what you need.

Sabrina: Salem and Roland watched the show their new remote worked great,
this show was a little chatty for them though.

* * *

Roland: Hit the remote already, let's see what else is on.

Salem: Hold your horses, that Jillian chick is hot, it would be cool to see
her and Sabrina do it.

Roland: All right all right, I'll wait, but not for long, I want some action,
use your lust spray already.

Salem: She can't hear you, you know.

Roland: Shut up cat.

* * *

Mike: I guess you can sit here and watch the show for a while Sabrina, I need
to bring out our special guest, please give a warm welcome to the Olsen

* * *

Roland: Hot chicks

Salem: Pervert.

* * *

Ashley: It's about time you brought us out, we have been sitting back in the
dirty room for 15 minutes don't you know who we are.

Mike: Calm down, please.

Mary-Kate: Don't you tell us what to do, and how come we haven't been invited
to the motor booty affair.

Mike: You can come, but you have Jillian's disease, Ashley has a nice ass

Ashley: Fuck you I have a great ass.

Matt: Yes Mike she has a nice ass.

Ashley: Fuck you suck up.

Mike: Please watch your language, this is a family show.

Mary: Fuck you too, we are on a family show, what the fuck is the name of
that damn show again?

Mike: It's So Little Time.

Ashley: Don't tell me how much time we have. We'll stay out here on this
little show as long as we'd like.

Mike: I mean the name of your show on Fox family is So Little Time.

Ashley: Fuck you.

Jillian: Have you smelled there breathe, I think they're drunk, that is a
shame they are role models for the youths of America and they come to a TV
show drunk, they aren't even of age, I think that's what's what wrong with
the youth of --

Mike: That's great Jillian.

Sabrina: I think I can help Mike.

Sabrina reached behind her back and pulled out her spray can, she gave both
the twins a squirt.

Mary: Bitch, what did you do that before, my lawyers will be calling you
soon, and they are Jews.

Ashley: Shut up Mary, I came here to get fucked, and not by white boy Matt,
I like my cock the same way I like my coffee.

Jillian: Black? You go girl, there is nothing like a stiff black cock for
what ails you, I remember the time I was in the Raiders locker room, A couple
of the guys came out and --

Mike: That's great Jillian, I have something for the twins, please welcome
King Dong.

Mary: That's what I'm talking about, let's see that cock.

King: You two are cute, I usually charge for this, but you can have it for

Mary: If you think I'm cute now, you should have seen me with cum in my

Jillian: Look at the size of that thing, it's got to be two feet long.

Ashley: One size does not fit all.

Mary: But that cock will fit in me.

* * *

Roland: Finally, this show has gotten good, I hope they do Sabrina.

Salem: I never get tired of watching Sabrina fuck, no go get me some tuna.

Roland: Get it yourself.

Salem: I can't work the can opener.

* * *

Mary-Kate: We usually get paid to give up my clean shaven pussy.

Mike: We can pay, look what we have over here for you.

Ashley: What would we do with 200 peanut butter cups.

Matt: Yeah, those are mine.

Ashley Olsen grabbed King Dong's cock with both hands, she began to stroke
it, Mary-Kate son joined her.

The twins both had two handfuls of cock, Ashley began licking up and down
the shaft of it.

King Dong: It's good to be the king!

Mike: I know this is your first time on the show Jillian, but please feel
free to join them.

Jillian: I thought you would never ask, I love to suck cock, I haven't seen
one that big, on a human at least, are you sure he's not part horse, it looks
like it, I can't wait to get my --

King: Shut up and blow me.

Jillian joined the twins, she wiggled in between them and wrapped her lips
around the giant cock.

Mary: Look at her, she has six inches of cock down her throat, she might be
a better cocksucker than us.

Ashley: No way, there aren't any better cock suckers than us, let me show you
how it's done.

Ashley began to stuff the cock down her throat, it disappeared inch by inch,
she shoved seven inches down her throat.

Mary-Kate: It's my turn, it's my turn, give it to me.

Mary wrapped her lips around the cock, she began to stuff it down her throat
until six inches of it was gone, she then began to work it in and out.

Jillian: That's not bad, but watch what I can do, I'll show you what a real
cocksucker can do, I'll show you why they call me 'Big Mouth.'

Jillian opened her mouth as wide as she could, she jammed 10 inches of cock
down her throat, she then began to pump it in and out with blinding speed.

King Dong grabbed Jillian by the hair, he began to face fuck her, he slammed
another to inches of his arm sized cock down her throat.

The twins where licking up and down the shaft of the cock as King Dong
slammed it down Jillian's throat, Jillian grabbed the twins by the hair.

Mike: Don't just stand there Matt, go help

Matt whipped out his 18 inch cock and came up behind Ashley, he pulled down
her pants and bent her over, he shoved his cock into her from behind.

Ashley: God, it feels good, it feels fucking good, ram that cock into me.

Matt began to pump his cock into her harder with each stroke, Ashley began to
rock back onto his cock.

Ashley: Is that all you got, I said fuck me.

Matt grabbed her by the hair, he slammed his cock all the way inside of her
as he yanked her head back, he slammed his cock into her harder and harder.

Ashley: That's it that's the way I like it, fuck me hard, break me in half.

Ashley began to slam back against Matt, Matt grabbed her by the hair and
yanked back.

Ashley: That's it baby, pull me hair, fuck me hard, now slap my ass.

Matt: As you wish.

Matt began to spank her as he pulled back on her hair, Ashley slammed back
against him harder.

King Dong laid of his back, Mary climbed on top of his two foot cock, she
slid down it easily.

Mary-Kate: That's it baby, fill me up with your fat cock, do me like the
whore I am.

King Dong began to thrust is cock up into Mary-Kate, she slammed her pussy
down on his cock, she looked over at her sister and smiled.

Ashley: Look at her go, I want to do that.

Ashley rocked back and knocked Matt over on his back, she planted her feet
and began to ride him.

The twins where facing each other, bouncing up and down on the cocks, Jillian
leaned over and grabbed Mary-Kate by the hair, she started to pull her up and

Sabrina jumped up out of her chair, she ran over behind Ashley and wrapped
her arms around her, she began to lift her up and down on Matt's cock.

The twins where bouncing wildly on the cocks as Matt and King Dong pummeled
their teen age pussy's.

Mary-Kate: I'm cuuumming, don't stop, I'm cuumming.

Ashley: I'm going to cum first, I'm CUUUUUUMMMMMMING.

Ashley jumped off of Matt's cock, her juices came squirting out of her pussy,
Sabrina leaned over and began lapping at her pussy drinking up all her

Matt began to shoot his load, Sabrina opened her mouth wide and caught the
spray, Ashley rolled over and jammed her tongue down Sabrina's face and
licked the cream out of her mouth.

Mary-Kate jumped off of King Dong, Jillian began to suck at her pussy until
Mary began to squirt all over her face.

King Dong: I am not finished yet.

Jillian: That's good because I am ready to be fucked, I am going to fuck your
brains out and make you scream, I remember this one time during a commercial
break on the Test --

King Dong: That's great Jillian, now bend over.

King Dong mounted Jillian from behind, he slammed his cock into her, Jillian
rocked back until all two feet vanished.

Jillian: That's right baby, slam that cock into me, I love big black cocks.

King Dong lifted Jillian into the air underneath him, he began to slide her
back and forth on his cock, he was massaging her perfectly formed tits.

Jillian: Slam that big black cock into me, make me cum baby, fuck me harder,
I said HARDER.

King Dong leaned all the way back, Jillian was on top of him with her legs in
the air, he bounced her up and down on his cock.

The African king slammed Jillian all the way down on his cock, then he lifted
her all the way off, then to slam her back down again.

* * *

Salem: I want to see Sabrina get fucked, why doesn't Sabrina get Fucked? And
for the love of God will somebody get me some tuna.

Roland: Get it yourself cat, and Sabrina is saving herself for me.

Salem: Yeah right troll.

Roland: I'm not a troll, I'm height challenged.

* * *

Sabrina laid her head between Jillian's legs, she began to eat her pussy as
King Dong fucked her.

Jillian grabbed Sabrina by he hair and buried her face into her pussy,
Sabrina's tongue snaked around Jillian's cunt and licked the shaft of King
Dong's pussy at the same time.

Jillian planted her feet and began to slam her pussy down onto King Dong, her
tits bouncing up and down.

Sabrina slid a finger into Jillian's pussy, than a second one, that was all
Jillian could take.


Jillian went limp on top of the giant cock, King Dong kept bouncing her on
his cock, Sabrina yanked her off of it.

Sabrina: It's my turn.

Salem; It's about time.

Sabrina climbed on top of the king, she smiled at him, wrapped her arms
around his neck and slammed her pussy down on his cock.

Sabrina was a blur slamming her pussy up and down on his cock, King Dong held
on for dear life.

King Dong: AAUUUGH, this tiny little girl is killing me.

Sabrina's ass jiggled and her firm tits bounced up and down, King Dong began
to pinch her nipples.

Sabrina: Fuck me with your thick black cock, split me n half baby, there is
nothing like African cock.

Sabrina slammed her pussy harder down on the king's cock, he slid a finger
into her ass.

Sabrina: That's right, I need a cock in my ass. I need it now.

Mike: You heard her Matt, and when did I lose control of this show?

Matt: I'm ready to go.

Matt climbed on top of Sabrina, he slid his 18 inch cock into her open ass.

Matt's cock slowly vanished inch by inch until the entire length of it was
inside of her, he slowly began to pump it in and out.

Sabrina Whoo Hoo, now give it too me.

King Dong began to pump his cock up into her as Matt slammed his cock into
her ass, Sabrina rode both men.

Mike: Look at her go, I don't think there's any stopping her, what a pro.

Sabrina: I need more, please I need more.

A ten inch ribbed dildo appeared on the floor next to the trio, Jillian
picked it up.

Mike: I don't know where that came from, and I don't want to know.

Jillian took the dildo and began to work it into Sabrina's all ready full

Sabrina: That's it, that's it, now everybody harder.

Matt and King Dong slammed their cocks into Sabrina, Jillian took the dildo
with both hands and rammed it into her as hard as she could.

Sabrina: I'm going to cum, I'm cuuummming.

The cum came gushing out of Sabrina's pussy drenching Jillian. Jillian
scooped Sabrina's cum off her face and let it drip into her mouth.

Sabrina fell off of King Dong, rolling over and landing on top of Matt,
Jillian grabbed the king by the cock and swallowed 12 inches of cock, the
king began to shoot his load down her throat, Jillian gulped it all down
without spilling a drop, she smiled at the camera.

Ashley grabbed Matt's cock, and began to stroke it, Mary-Kate grabbed it
from her and shoved it in her mouth. Matt shot his load down into her mouth.

Matt filled her mouth with his seed, Mary-Kate laid on the floor, Ashley
leaned over her and spit have the load into her sisters mouth, they then
looked at each other and smiled, then swallowed there loads.

King Dong: It's good to be the king.

Sabrina: I can get home, I can get home, I'm outta here.

* * *

Salem: Oh oh.

Sabrina disappeared and reappeared back home she scowled at Salem and Roland.

Sabrina: I know your two are responsible for this. Thank you, give me that
remote, I'm outta here.

Sabrina vanished again, she reappeared at a New York apartment, she looked at
the door, it said Carolyn Duffy, Sabrina knocked on the door.

* * *

Mike: We have went over time here today folks, I'd like to thank out special
guest today Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, you can see them every Saturday on
the Fox family channel in So Little Time.

I'd also like to thank Melissa, I mean Sabrina, I don't know what I mean, hey
where'd she go?

I'd also like to thank King Dong for joining us today, it was a good thing he
was here.

Jillian you did a great job today and I am glad you will be joining us from
now on.

Jillian: Thanks Mike, it was an honor a a real pleasure, I am still on the
Fox NFL pregame football show and Good Day Live, unfortunately those bastards
at the FX Network canceled the Test, but I will persevere and --

Mike: That's great Jillian, we have to go, but if you take one thing from
today's show always remember




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