This story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are under age or easily
offended. Stop reading

by Wonder Mike

Who the hell are you and how did you get into my house?

Sabrina: I'm Sabrina Spellman, I'm sort of lost out here.

Lara: I'm Lara Croft, you need to get out now.

Lara was wearing a white spandex body suit, she had guns on both hips and a
whip around her neck, Sabrina knew this girl meant business.

Sabrina: Where am I? I don't remember anything. I need help.

Lara: I have an important mission, I can help you get home after I'm done.

Sabrina: Maybe I can help you. What's your mission?

* * *

Salem and Roland where on the edge of there seats, this Lara Croft was the
hottest babe they had seen on Sabrina television, the new remote was working

Salem: Tuna, now. This was my favorite movie, next to Cats And Dogs, of

Roland: Get it yourself cat.

Roland: It is fun watching Sabrina on television, it was good to get her away
from farmboy, but I think I want some of that for myself.

Salem: Fat chance, tuna, now.

* * *

Lara: I am searching for a golden rod, I think it is buried in the African

Sabrina: What does it look like?

Lara: I have a picture, her look at this.

Sabrina: Is this the actual size.

Lara: No, it is about two feet long and five inches around.

Sabrina: I think I know why you want it.

Lara: You know it girl, it is worth a fortune, it is solid 24 karat gold with
diamond studs.

Sabrina: Sounds sumptuous.

Lara: While I am off in Africa, you can stay here. I will call a friend to
stay with you. We will then look into your problem. I should be back in less
than a week.

Sabrina: I have a plan to help. Close your eyes and think about the rod.

Lara: I don't know how that is going to be of any help.

Sabrina: Just do it.

Lara: Ok.

Lara: What happened? Where are we? We're in some kind of cave aren't we?

Sabrina: That doesn't matter now, look over there.

Lara: It's the rod! I can't believe it, I must be dreaming. How did we get
here? What about the defenses I had heard about?

Sabrina: Defenses? What defenses?

Lara: The Minotaur for one.

Sabrina: You mean that Minotaur?

The giant half man half bull charged the two girls, Lara leapt the beast as
Sabrina vanished, then reappeared behind it.

Lara: Your very fast.

Sabrina: I run track... look out behind you!

The beast charged again, Lara leapt, grabbed it by the horn and spun around
on it's back. She grabbed the beast around the neck and held on for dear

Lara: I'll distract it while you take the rod and run.

Sabrina: You don't really have to do that, I can get us out of...

Sabrina though about the situation, she realized this could be fun, she waved
her hand, the lust spray appeared, she gave the Minotaur and Lara a double

Lara wrapped her legs around the beast, she began sliding back and forth
rubbing her pussy against the back of the beast. Lara pulled her top over her
head, letting her torpedo shaped massive tits hang free. They stood at
attention. Sabrina was impressed.

Sabrina: Nice rack.

Lara: I don't know what's wrong with me, but I need this magnificent beast
inside of me.

Sabrina: There is nothing wrong with that. Go for it!

Lara laid flat and reached down between the beasts legs she grabbed it by the
balls, it's cock began to grow. The cock grew, and grew, Lara rubbed her tits
across it's back, it's howl made the wall of the cave shake. Lara climbed all
the they over the top of the man beast, she was upsides down, her head
between the beasts legs, her legs wrapped around it's neck.

The Minotaur howled again as Lara started to stroke it's cock, she pumped it
with both hands, it was hard and slick.

Lara: How do you like this big boy? Do you like it when I play with your
balls? Do you want me to lick it? I know what you want big boy.

The beast howled again as Lara shoved the tip of the giant cock between her
lips. Lara worked her head up and down taking the leg sized cock a little
further with each stroke, she managed to stuff 6 inches of cock down her

Lara: You like it don't you, howl for me big boy, lets see how big we can
make this cock.

Lara stroked the cock with both hands as she worked her head up and down, the
Minotaur wrapped both arms around Lara and began to lift her up and down.

Sabrina's hand slipped out of her skirt, she was unconsciously licking up and
down the golden rod. She unbuttoned her shirt letting her tits fall free, she
began to rub the rod between her tits as she watched the show.

* * *

Salem: More tuna now.

Roland: Get it yourself cat.

Salem: I can't work the can opener.

Roland: I hope you learned your lesson about trying to take over the world.

* * *

The Minotaur spun Lara around and dropped her to her knees, Lara began to
wiggle her ass from side to side.

Lara: I guess this means you want to fuck now doesn't it? We'll give it to me
big boy.

The beast wrapped his hands around Lara grabbed her by the tits, Lara reached
between her legs and grabbed the cock, she placed the tip of it at her
opening, the beast shoved it in.

Lara: AAAUG, it's too big, it's too big, it hurts, take it slowly.

The beast paid no attention to her screams, he had four inches of cock
stuffed inside the young lady, he doubled that on the next thrust.

Sabrina couldn't take much more of this, she laid on the floor spread her
legs as wide apart as she could and rammed the two foot rod into her pussy.

Sabrina: God, it feels good.

The diamonds rubbed her clit as she worked the rod all the way in and all the
way back out. She took the rod with both hands and rammed it in as hard as
she could.

"Whoo hoo!" she screamed as she slammed the rod in and out of her pussy.

* * *

Roland: I think this is the best show ever.

Salem: I must concur.

* * *

The Minotaur had two feet of cock stuffed inside of Lara, he was pumping her
harder and harder with each stroke, Lara began to rock back onto the beast.
The Minotaur violently yanked his cock out of Lara, he laid on his back and
grunted, Lara knew what it wanted immediately, she faced the beast and
climbed on top of it. She slowly lowered herself onto the leg sized cock, her
stretched out pussy easily took a foot of cock, the beast thrusted upward
burying another foot inside of her.

Sabrina jammed three fingers in her ass as she worked the rod in and out her

Sabrina: I am so good to myself, do me girl.

Lara began to bounce up and down on the beast, she was taking a little more
of the cock with each stroke, she was determined to take the whole thing.
The beast began to lift Lara up and down on his cock, he slammed her harder
and harder but she bottomed out at two feet.

Sabrina rushed over, she grabbed Lara by the nipples and began lifting them
up and down, she lightly twisted the nipples then popped one of them in her
mouth. Lara didn't even notice the teen witch sucking her tits, she was
slamming her cunt down as hard as she could on the three foot cock.

The Minotaur held Lara by the waist pumping her up and down, Lara growled
"Fuck me harder" with each stroke, the man beast did as it was instructed.
Lara still couldn't get past the two foot mark, Sabrina grabbed her around
the waist and helped the couple. Sabrina slammed her up and down on the cock,
but Lara couldn't take it any deeper, she climbed up Lara's back and onto her

The beast lifted both girls up and down, Sabrina using her weight to force
Lara to take the cock deeper, Lara slid down another three inches on the

Sabrina leaned over and lifted Lara's massive tits up by the nipples, she
drew them all the way up to her mouth, Lara began to lick the underside of
her breast as Sabrina sucked her nipples.

Lara was on her fourth orgasm, she was nowhere near done, she slid from side
to side on the giant cock.

Sabrina spun around on Lara's head, her cunt was now rubbing against Lara's
mouth, Sabrina grabbed her by the hair and screamed, "Eat me bitch."

Lara buried her tongue into Sabrina's cunt, Sabrina wrapped her hand with
Lara's hair and twisted, Lara had her tongue jammed two inches into Sabrina's

The Minotaur slammed the two girls even harder on his cock, he was going to
split Lara in half, and she wanted it badly, she growled "Fuck me" even

That was all beast could take, he shot a giant load of cum into Lara, the
force of his stream knocked her off the cock, the spray shot into the air
like a fountain.

Sabrina fell off of Lara's shoulders, she quickly hopped up and began
slurping at the flow of cum. The cum arced over and splattered across Lara's
face, her head Lara was completely with cum and the beast was still spurting.

* * *

Roland and Salem where jumping up and down, this was the best show they had
ever seen, they would keep Sabrina there forever.

Salem: Oops

* * *

Sabrina began to vanish from the screen, she managed to send Lara back home
before she vanished completely.

* * *

Roland: What did you do cat?

Salem I think I landed on the remote, maybe the next show will be as good.

* * *

Sabrina appeared on a stage in front of an audience, the crowd hooped and
hollered at her naked body, she covered her boobs with her hands.

Mike: Well, ladies and gentleman, we have a special guest today, I thought it
was just going to be the Olsens' today with our two special guest studs, but
everybody please welcome our favorite guest Melissa Joan Hart, and it's not
even time for my birthday bash yet.

Sabrina: Who? I'm Sabrina Spellman.

Mike: I think Melissa got hit on the head, you do remember my best friend in
the whole world Matt don't you? I don't know how you got here, and I don't
really care, but welcome to my show.



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