This story contains, graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or
easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

Rob Petrie called to his wife Laura. "Honey, who's the girl?"

Laura: I don't know, I just found her in the living room, I thought she was
with you.

Rob: This might be another Buddy practical joke.

Sabrina Spellman was just getting her bearings, she thought this young couple
looked familiar, but she wasn't sure, she decided to play along.

Sabrina: I am so sorry, I am lost and just trying to get home, Buddy told me
to talk to you guys.

Rob: I knew Buddy and Sally had something to do with this, how can we help

Sabrina: Yeah, it was Buddy and Sally.

Salem and Roland watched intensely, they wondered what the young witches plan
was, Roland wanted to see her get fucked, if he couldn't have her, at least
he could watch, of course as long as it wasn't with that stupid farmboy.

Salem was ready to change the channel already, this couple didn't look that
sexual. They slept in separate beds for God's sake, he yelled for Roland to
flip through the tv guide to see what else was on.

Roland: I have a special remote I got while I was a finder, it will pick up
more channels than you could ever imagine, it is connected to the other realm
satellite system.

That sounded good to Salem, he wanted action, he was getting bored.

Sabrina needed to have a squirting orgasm to get out of the television, she
couldn't tell this young couple that, she pointed an a bottle of her lust
potion appeared behind Laura.

Laura Petrie began to shake and shimmer, she then twirled around in a strip
tease, she spun right out of her top.

Rob couldn't believe what he was seeing, his wife had never done anything
like that before, what if Richie was home? What if Millie and Jerry came
snooping over, he ran over and draped his coat over his wife.

The lust spray appeared behind Rob, Sabrina squirted him twice with it, Rob
ripped his coat from over her shoulder.

Rob shoved his wife to her knees, she leaned over and began to unzip his
pants with her teeth, Rob ripped her bra of, then he grabbed her by the hair,
he shoved his 7 inches down her throat.

Rob shoved his cock all the way down Laura's throat, he held her head and
forced her to deep throat him, Sabrina was amazed at how limber Laura was.

Sabrina pointed at Rob, his cock double in size while it was all the way own
Laura's throat. It knocked her backwards.

Laura: OH Rob.

Laura: I can't believe how big it is now, I wish Millie could see this.

Rob: Right, I should call Jerry, he'll be so jealous.

Laura: I need it now first though.

Rob: I have to call Buddy.

Rob got on the phone and called his co worker Buddy. Pickles picked up the
phone and handed it to Buddy as soon as she heard Rob's voice.

Buddy: What is it now Rob? We finished the script for this week show already,
does Mel want us to do a rewrite, if he does he is losing his mind as well as
his hair.

Rob; It's not about the script, guess what I'm doing
right now.

Buddy: Your talking on the phone.

Rob: No, I am fucking Laura's face.

Buddy: Your doing what to what?

Rob: You heard me I am fucking Laura's face, listen to this.

Rob held the phone down next to Laura's mouth so Buddy could hear her
slurping on his cock.

Buddy: I don't believe this, what has gotten into Laura, if you got her drunk
she is going to divorce you, Dibs on Laura.

Rob: I told you before, you can't have dibs on Laura, you should see my cock,
it's huge. The head is as big as Laura's fist.

Buddy: I didn't need to hear that. What are you going to do to her, give me
all the details.

Rob: I am going to fuck her brains out, I have to hang up now, call Sally and
tell her what's going on.

Rob hung up the phone and began to jam his new giant cock down Laura's throat
in earnest. Sabrina pointed at herself.

Sabrina lifted up her skirt, she was now wearing a 14 inch strap on, Rob
looked at her and winked.

Sabrina stood next to Rob, she began to work her cock into Laura's mouth.
Laura slowly took both cocks down her throat.

Laura began to gag, Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth and raced around
behind her, he shoved his cock to the hilt into her tight pussy.

Laura: OH Rob, it feels so good.

Rob slammed his cock into her as hard as he could, as she screamed, Sabrina
shoved her cock all the way down Laura's throat.

Rob began to slap her ass as he rammed his cock into her, Laura bucked back,
Rob slapped her ass harder, it was so firm it didn't even shake, Sabrina was
jealous, she began pumping her cock in and out of Laura's mouth.

Laura was gagging on the dildo, Sabrina just kept pumping it in and out, Rob
was slapping his wives ass with both hands now.

Laura was slamming back onto Rob's cock, he leaned back and let her ride him,
he then grabbed her by the hair.

Rob slowly began to pump into her as she rode him, he leaned all the way
back, laying flat, Laura was on top of him now, she planted her feet and
began to bounce up and down on his cock.

Laura: OH Rob, I'm cumming on your cock, it's never been this good before.

Richie Petrie ran from his bedroom, he had heard his mom screaming.

Richie: Mommy, mommy, is daddy hurting you?

Laura: No Richie, daddy's not hurting mommy, now go to your room.

Rob: You heard your mother, you go back to your room right now.

Richie: But I want to see what you are doing to mommy, your hurting her.

Rob: No I'm not, go to your room.

Rob began to thrust up into Laura, she tried to suppress a scream, but she

Richie: Your hurting her.

Laura: No he's not Richie, it feels good.

Richie: Can I do it too.

Laura: Not right now Richie, Mommy is busy, maybe later.

Richie: Ok.

Sabrina: Hold on son, maybe you can be of some use, she bent over and wiggled
her ass a the young boy, Richie was confused.

Laura: Richie, I want you to take off your pants, that's a good boy, take
your penis, and put it into the girl.

Sabrina: My names Sabrina.

Rob: Put it into Sabrina.

Richie stood behind the teenage witch and shoved his five inch cock into
Sabrina's pussy. She smiled as it entered her.

Sabrina looked over her shoulder and pointed, Richie's cock doubled in size.
"That's better" Sabrina sighed. She began to rock back onto his new cock.

Sabrina slammed back harder and harder, she pointed at him again, once again
his cock doubled in size, this time Sabrina screamed.

Richie began thrusting his cock into Sabrina now, Laura and Rob watched their
son nail the young girl, they where so proud. Laura began to slam up and down
on Rob, the sight of Richie's giant cock was driving her crazy.

Sabrina slammed back harder and harder on Richie's cock, she was going to cum
this time, she hoped this didn't mean she was a pedophile, Richie's cock was
the best she had ever felt.

Richie grabbed her by the hair the way he had seen his dad do, Sabrina
slapped her ass against him, she was on the verge.

Laura: I can't take it anymore, Richie, come over here and fuck your mother.

Richie Petrie couldn't' say no to his mother, he pulled away from Sabrina
just as she reached back and tried to grab him.

Richie went over to his parents and stared, there was nowhere to put his new

Laura: Climb on top of me sweetie, your cock will fit inside of me along with
daddy's, Richie climbed on top of her.

Laura guided his cock into her pussy along side his fathers, she screamed as
she was being stretched as never before, Rob began to pump into her again.

Laura screamed louder and louder, Richie began to pump into her, forcing his
cock deeper and deeper inside of her, until Laura was filled up with all
twenty inches.

Sabrina stood with her hands on her hips, she was so close, but she was
foiled once again, she screamed for Salem to get her out of here.

Salem was watching intensely, he was wrong about this couple, they were
kinky, he liked it, he hoped that he could get a shot at that Laura, after
his cat sentence was up of course.

Laura went completely limp as father and son pummeled her pussy, she quickly
passed out form the ravishing she was getting.

Rob and Richie kept ramming her, they wanted to unload inside of her.

Rob: Richie you have to pull out, we don't want you to be a father and have a
brother. Richie climbed off of his mother.

Sabrina came over and grabbed him by the cock, he led her to Laura's mouth,
she propped it open and shoved Richie's cock down Laura's throat, Sabrina
began to stroke it until Richie began to shake.

Richie shot a load of cum down his mothers throat, it came spilling out and
dripped down her chin.

That was all Rob needed to see, he shot his load deep into her pussy, the
mixture of his cum and her juices began to drip down her leg.

Rob lifted Laura off his cock, and carried her to the bedroom, he had given
her the fucking of her life, he knew that Millie needed it too, he decided
to give her a call and let her see his new equipment.

Sabrina didn't have the heart to tell him it would go back to normal as soon
as she left, she screamed for Salem again.

Sabrina: Get me out of here or your going to spend the next hundred years as
an ant.

Salem grabbed the new remote, he didn't know what shows it got, he didn't
care, he just hoped something good was on, and it would shut up Sabrina.

Sabrina began the slow fade she let out one last "WHOO HOO" before she
completely vanished.

Sabrina found herself in a huge mansion, she had never seen anything like it
before, she was impressed at the electronic equipment in the house, there
wasn't anything like it even in the other realm, she saw what looked like
robot parts all over the floor.

She heard light footsteps behind her, she knew whoever it was was good, he
barely made a sound, Sabrina spun around, there was nobody there, she looked
up and saw a flash run up the wall and drop behind her.

"Who are you?" and what are you doing in my house?

Sabrina: I'm so sorry, I'm Sabrina Spellman and I'm lost.
Who are you?

I am Lara Croft, and I am very busy right now.



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