This story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or
easily offended. Stop reading.

by Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman had been trapped in the television for what seemed like
years, of course she couldn't actually tell how long it had been, the only
thing she knew was that she was going to get her hands on Salem and that
dirty little troll Roland.

Roland: I am sick of this program, Sabrina was been on the Flintstones all
week long, it's time to change the channel.

Salem: I like the Flintstones, they don't make television like that anymore.

Sabrina: I know you two are watching this right now, you better get me out of
here right now, Roland, you are going to spend the next one hundred years as
a flea.

Salem: You better not try to live on me.

Roland: It will never happen, as the finder of lost loves, the witches
council would never turn me into a flea.

Salem: I thought you where Cupid.

Roland: That was just a stand in gig. Do you think she can hear us?

Salem: No, you know television is one way. Do you think we should get her out
of there?

Roland: You know we can't, she has to have the orgasm of all orgasm's to get
out, I think if we find another show, she can do it.

Salem: Get the popcorn and hand me the remote.

Sabrina felt the familiar dissolve of the changing channels, she hoped it
wouldn't be another cartoon, she hated being a cartoon character.

Sabrina: An Air Force base, I'm on an Air force base, I don't recognize this

From the look of things, Sabrina could tell she was in the sixty's, she
quickly pointed and changed her clothes to a miniskirt and polyester shirt,
she fit right in.

Sabrina looked around, she didn't see anyone familiar, she just wasn't that
verse on sixty's television.

Sabrina: Why couldn't they send me to Jag, or Drew, or back to Friends, I
love those shows.

Sabrina then saw someone she recognized, it was Maj. Healy, she was on I
dream of Jeannie, he could take her to Jeannie, maybe she could get her home.

Sabrina: Maj. Healy, may I have a word with you.

Healy: Why certainly young lady, do I know you?

Sabrina: Of course, I am a friend of Jeannie, could you tell me where I can
find her?

Healy: Your not a genie are you?

Sabrina: Of course not, what a ridiculous question.

Healy: I was joking of course, I am going to see Jeannie now, you can tag

Sabrina was getting what she wanted, and didn't even have to use magic, she
was getting smarter and smarter, Roger Healy was watching her ass switch back
and forth.

They arrived at Maj. Anthony Nelson's apartment, Roger introduced his new
best friend to them. Sabrina immediately asked to meet Jeannie.

Anthony: She is not available right now, I am sure if you come back later
you can talk with her.

Sabrina had to play it cool, she didn't want to let on she knew what Jeannie
was, she could also use a warm up, she left to apartment then disappeared.

Sabrina waited until she saw Roger leave, she then turned herself into a fly
a flew back into the apartment, she watched Jeannie appear out of her bottle.

Jeannie: I am so glad they left master, how may I serve you?

Anthony: Hold on a second Jeannie, there was a young blonde girl here to see
you earlier, where you expecting anyone?

Jeannie: No, master, no one.

Anthony: I told her to come back later.

Sabrina was getting bored with this already, she pointed her finger, her
bottle of lust appeared behind Anthony, it squirted him in the back of the

Jeannie: Would you like dinner now master?

Anthony: What I would like is for you to suck my cock.

Salem: Now this is what I call quality television.

Jeannie: Yes, master.

Jeannie dropped to her knees, she reached into Anthony's pants and pulled out
his six inch cock and popped it in her mouth.

Anthony grabbed her by the ponytail and began fucking her face, Jeannie took
his entire cock easily.

Anthony: I think you need more cock, make it bigger.

Jeannie: Yes, master.

Jeannie blinked, Anthony Nelson's cock doubled in size, Jeannie stroked it
with both hands and began to swallow it down.

The 12 inch cock slowly vanished down her throat, when his balls slapped
against her chin Jeannie looked up and smiled. Anthony began to fuck her
face again.

Anthony pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, Jeannie whistled as she
took it all, she loved the sound of balls slapping against her chin.

Sabrina loved the sound too, she had returned to human form and was hidden
behind the couch, she was squeezing her firm tits through her thin shirt.

Jeannie: Do you wish to fuck me now Master?

Anthony, I want you to suck my cock harder.

Jeannie clamped her lips harder around his cock, she knew this was the way
to get him to marry her, but he would never do it before, Jeannie was going
to milk this for all she was worth.

Jeannie was slamming her head up and down on his cock, taking it all the way
with each stroke, she shook her head from side to side as the entire cock

Anthony: I think you need more cock.

Jeannie: Yes I do master, if it pleases you.

Jeannie blinked, Anthony's cock double in size again, it was the size of his
arm now, she opened her mouth as wide as she could, the cock slowly began to
vanish down her throat.

The cock disappeared inch by inch, half way down Anthony wrapped his arms
around her head and pulled her closer, Jeannie licked his cock as she
swallowed more and more.

Sabrina was more than impressed, Jeannie had at least 18 inches of cock down
her throat, and it was still going down, Sabrina had shoved a hand down her
waistband, she had a finger in her ass.

Anthony's cock finally entirely vanished inside of Jeannie, he could see the
lump going down her throat and between her breast, he slowly began to pull

As soon as the cock was all the way out Jeannie asked "Would you like me to
deep throat you again master?"

Anthony grabbed her by the ponytail and shoved his cock into her mouth, he
thrust once with his hips, half the cock was gone, he thrust again, the
entire thing was done her throat, he twisted her head and pulled out.

Jeannie: Would you like to fuck me now Master?

Anthony spun her around and stood behind her, he aimed at her pussy and
shoved his giant cock inside of her.

Jeannie grunted as the cock pierced her pussy, Anthony slapped her on the
ass and pumped his cock all the way into her.

Jeannie: Yes Master, fuck me good, I have been a good Genie, fuck me like
you love me.

Anthony slammed his cock until his balls began slapping off her ass, Jeannie
began to rock back onto his massive member, Anthony grabbed her by the
ponytail and leaned back.

Sabrina couldn't stand it anymore she jumped up from behind the couch, she
was completely naked.

Anthony: Welcome to the party.

Jeannie: Who is she master?

Anthony: I thought she was your friend.

Sabrina: I'm Sabrina, I am here to help:

Jeannie: We don't need any help.

The lust spray appeared behind Jeannie and sprayed her hair.

Jeannie: Don't just stand there Sabrina, lay down here and spread your legs.

Roland: I don't understand why they don't make television like this anymore.

Salem: I blame the parents.

Sabrina laid down in front of Jeannie and spread her legs, Jeannie stuck out
her tongue and buried it inside of her.

Sabrina squealed as the tongue entered her, she ran her fingers through
Jeannie's ponytail, undoing it, Anthony slammed his cock harder into Jeannie.

Jeannie's tongue began to snake it's way inside of Sabrina, it had to be at
least six inches long now, it was twisting around inside of her, Sabrina
began to fuck her face.

Anthony leaned over and began to rub Sabrina's clit, he then jammed two
fingers inside of her, Sabrina grabbed him by the wrist and began to fuck
herself with his fingers.

Anthony looked up to see the blank faces of Amanda and Dr. Bellows standing
over him.

Alfred Bellows: MAJOR NELSON, What in heaven's name is going on her?

Anthony: Don't be such a prude, come and join us.
He slammed his cock deep into Jeannie.

Amanda Bellows: Well' I never.

Sabrina: That, I believe, is the problem.

Sabrina gave Amanda three sprit's of her lust spray.

Amanda: What is happening to me, I need to be fucked now.

Alfred: Please control yourself Amanda.

Sabrina stuffed Anthony's fingers to the wrist inside of her cunt, Anthony
slipped two more fingers inside of her, Sabrina began to ride His hand.

Amanda stood in front of Sabrina, she ripped off her skirt, then pulled her
shirt off over her head, Sabrina pulled her panties down, Amanda stepped
right out of them.

Amanda laid down in front of her, Sabrina slid two fingers into her dripping
cunt, Amanda began to slide back and forth on her fingers.

Jeannie: Would you like to fuck me in the ass with your giant cock master?

Anthony: Of course I would.

Anthony pulled his cock out of Jeannie, Amanda gasped when she saw the size
of it, her mouth began to water, Anthony yanked Jeannie's ponytail and
slammed his cock into her ass.

Jeannie's ass opened up and took the entire eighteen inches easily, she began
to rock back onto it, Amanda Bellows was rubbing her clit, she had to have
some of that.

Dr. Bellows couldn't believe what he was seeing, he tried to pull his naked
wife away from Sabrina, Sabrina squirted him with her lust spray.

Alfred dropped his pants and whipped out his cock, he jammed it down
Sabrina's throat, Sabrina grabbed him by the ass and pulled him until his
cock vanished down her throat.

Alfred fucked Sabrina's hot throat, it took him three strokes until he blew
his load down her throat, Sabrina wiped her lips and didn't spill a drop.

Amanda had grabbed Sabrina by the wrist, she worked two more fingers into her
cunt, Sabrina began to twist and turn them inside of her, Amanda began to
rise off the floor as Sabrina pumped her fingers inside of her.

Jeannie was wiggling her ass from side to side as she slammed it back onto
Anthony, he had an ear to ear grin as he pumped his cock into her ass,
Jeannie reached between her legs and began to rub her clit.

Amanda: I have to have that cock inside of me, Maj. Nelson, I order you to
fuck me.

Jeannie: No master, fuck my ass, she doesn't love you.

Anthony: I think I'm going to cum.

Jeannie: Do you wish to cum in my mouth master?

Anthony: As always.

Anthony ran around Jeannie, he slammed his cock down her throat, it began to
disappear inch by inch.

It took seconds before the entire eighteen inches vanished down her throat.
Sabrina and Amanda watched as Jeannie began to swallow.

Anthony pulled his limp cock out of Jeannie's throat, it had shrunken back
to normal size, and was completely drained, Jeannie licked her lips.

Jeannie: Thank you master.

Amanda: Make it hard again, I order you o make it hard again.

Anthony: I'm sorry, I'm done here.

Amanda: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Sabrina: Calm down Amanda, look at this, Sabrina pointed at her pussy, she
was wearing a foot long strap on dildo.

Amanda, that will do, lay down, it's going to be a bumpy ride baby.

Sabrina laid on her back, Amanda hopped on top of her, burying the dildo
into her dripping cunt, she began to bounce up and down slowly at first, it
didn't take her long to build up speed though.

Sabrina began pumping the dildo up into her, Sabrina slipped a finger into
Amanda's ass as she fucked her, Amanda began to scream.

Sabrina pumped the dildo harder, then it began to spin around inside of her,
Amanda grabbed Sabrina by the breast and slammed her cunt down harder.

Amanda froze all of a sudden, then she began to rise, the dildo had just
doubled in size, it was two feet long and buried all the way inside of her.

The giant dildo began to spin faster and faster, it was now pumping into her
on it's own, Sabrina just laid back and put her hands behind her head as the
dildo worked over Amanda.

The cum was dripping down the dildo as it worked over Amanda's cunt, she
finally slumped over unconscious, the dildo kept pumping away.

Sabrina looked over at the rest of the gang, they where all asleep, Jeannie
laying on top of Anthony.

Sabrina realized that she didn't cum again, she was never getting out of
the television, she pushed Amanda Bellows off her dildo and got dressed.
She yelled for Salem to change the channel, she vanished, then quickly

Sabrina: Great I'm in black and white, at least I'm not a cartoon.

She was in a modest apartment, she looked and saw twin beds in the master
bedroom, she then heard "Rob, is that you?"

"Yes, Laura."



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