By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman found herself sitting at the dinner table with three young
Blonde girls and three young boys, they where very lovely people. They didn't
even seem to mind that she was there. The teenage witch decided to make
herself right at home.

Alice knew something was wrong immediately, there where four blonde girls at
the table instead of three, they where eating pork chops and apple sauce and
nobody asked the new girl who she was.

Carol Brady walked into the dining room and asked Marsha to introduce her new

Marsha told her that she didn't know who she was, Sabrina figured it was time
to introduce herself. She pointed at Jan Brady, Jan told her mother that
Sabrina was a new girl that they met in school she invited her over for

Alice mumbled that they should tell her when they are having guest over, Jan
said she was sorry, she couldn't seem to remember much about Sabrina though.

Greg sat down next to Sabrina and introduced himself, Mike told him to
behave, Jan decided to take her knew friend up to the girls room, she told
Marsha not to follow them she didn't want Marsha trying to steal her new

Sabrina was horny as hell, she had been having all these adventures and she
couldn't get relief, she always seemed to get left out, she was going to make
this Jan girl work her over.

They walked into the bedroom, Sabrina quickly doused her with her love spell,
it immediately over whelmed the young teen, Jan had never had such feelings

Sabrina stripped naked and laid on the bed, she spread her legs and ordered
Jan to eat her, Jan dropped to her knees and did what she was ordered.

She began to jam her tongue in and out of Sabrina's cunt, Sabrina grabbed
her by her long blonde hair and pulled her face in deeper, she thought "Cool"
it's about time.

Sabrina began to grind her hips into Jan's face when Marsha walked in, she
couldn't believe what she was seeing, her sister was a lesbian.

Jan looked up and told Marsha she wasn't a lesbian, she was just
experimenting, Sabrina splashed Marsha with her potion.

Marsha began to slowly undress, she unbuttoned her shirt, then she pulled
her jeans off, she began to rub her clit, Sabrina thought these where two
attractive sisters.

Marsha walked over and sat on Sabrina's face, Jan buried her tongue deeper
into Sabrina's cunt, why was it Marsha who was getting her pussy licked? It
just wasn't fair.

Marsha began squealing as Sabrina slipped two fingers into her cunt, it was
dripping wet, Sabrina guessed she was a virgin, she knew just what to do
about that, she reached behind her back and pulled out her eight inch dildo.

Mike Brady walked into the he room, he apologized then turned around, he
couldn't believe what he saw, it must have been a mistake, she turned around
and went back into the room.

He ordered the girls to break it up, that Sabrina girl was going to get a
stern lecture about sex, she had obviously corrupted his step daughters, he
would set them all straight.

Sabrina knew there was only one way out of this mess, she splashed Mike Brady
also, he too was over come by the powerful spell.

Mike pulled down his pants, his seven inch cock fully erect, Jan rose up from
Sabrina was ran over to her dad, she began to stroke his cock, it was
something she always wanted to do.

Sabrina tried to grab her but she was quick enough, she order Marsha to eat
her but it was too late, Marsha was already on his way over to Mike, Sabrina
was getting pissed of now.

Jan wrapped her lips around Mike's cock, Marsha began to lick his balls, she
looked up and asked if she was doing it right, Mike was glad that she wasn't.

Jan began to blow on his cock, Mike told her that's not how you give a blow
job, he told her to wrap her lips tightly and move her head up and down, Jan
was a quick learner, Marsha wanted to try next.

Marsha was a natural born cock sucker, Mike patted his step daughter's head
and told her how proud he was, Marsha looked up and smiled, even Sabrina
thought this was a Kodak moment.

Of course then Sabrina remembered just how horny she was, she screamed out
"People, your forgetting about your guest." Carol Brady walked into the room
to see what all the commotion was about.

Carol was about to feint, she couldn't believe what she was seeing, she was
going to give Mike a stern lecture, he could not be allowed to do that to her
daughters. Sabrina hit her with her potion.

Mike laid Marsha on her back, he bought her knees up into her chest as he
lowered himself on top of her. She gasped as he entered her.

Jan screamed Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, it's always about Marsha. Mike told her
to calm down, she would get her turn soon. Marsha moaned for her to stop

Carol Brady began to do a slow strip tease, she removed her top as she took
a step toward Sabrina, she pulled down her skirt, she wasn't wearing any
panties, Sabrina couldn't believe it. Carol ordered Sabrina to do her.

Carol Bray laid on the bed spread eagle and screamed "Eat me bitch." Sabrina
couldn't ignore a command like that she shoved her tongue deep inside of
Carol's cunt.

Sabrina told her how tight her cunt was, especially after squirting out six
kids, Carol told her only three of them where hers, that made sense to
Sabrina since only the girls looked like Carol. Sabrina thought that she fit
right in with this family, this might be a nice place to stay.

Mike began to thrust faster and faster into Marsha, she wrapped her legs
around his waist and began to thrust up, she was a quick learner, Mike began
to thrust harder.

Marsha rammed her tongue down his throat, Mike quickly did the same to his
oldest step daughter, Jan sat in the corner pouting, Mike knew it was time to
give it to his middle daughter.

Sabrina pulled out her special eight inch dildo, Carol couldn't wait, she
usually just grabbed a cucumber, but she would enjoy the new toy.

Sabrina rammed the dildo into Carol's cunt, Carol was dripping wet and didn't
need any lube, she screamed "Fuck me harder cunt." Sabrina grabbed the ten
inch dildo with both hands and began to shove it in and out in earnest, Carol
pulled her legs up and wrapped her ankles around the back of her neck.

Mike pulled out of Marsha and rolled over onto his back, he motioned for Jan,
she came running over, it's about time she thought, Mike told her to sit on
his cock, Jan jumped right on.

Jan slammed her cunt up and down on her fathers cock, she was going to be a
better fuck then Marsha, she had to be, Mike would never want to fuck her
slut of a sister again, she bounced up and down on his cock, her long hair
flying wildly, she had an ear to ear grin on her face.

Mike grabbed her around the waist and encouraged her to ride him harder, Jan
was really a good girl, Jan grabbed him by the hair and bounced up and down
higher ad harder.

Carol grabbed Sabrina by the wrist, she was helping Sabrina fuck her with the
twelve inch dildo, Sabrina worked it in and out as hard as he could, Carol
screamed louder and louder, Marsha watched and cheered her mother on.

Carol reached with both hands now, she pulled the 16 inch dildo away from
Sabrina and rammed it in and out herself, Sabrina just couldn't do it hard
enough to satisfy Carol. Sabrina was embarrassed, she would not be out done
by this lady, she had something for her.

Mike pulled Jan down on top of her so they where chest to chest, he began
to thrust up into her as hard a he could, he was going to give his daughter
her first orgasm.

Jan began to slap her cunt up and down while she held on, she yelled "Fuck me
daddy," that really turned Mike on, he began to thrust faster, he didn't
think he could hold out much longer, his daughters cunts were just too tight
for any man.

Carol rammed the twenty inch dildo in and out with both hands, it was too
thick now to hold with one, it slid into her wet cunt easily though, Sabrina
yanked Carol's hands away from the monster dildo.

A hard hat appeared on Sabrina's head and a jack hammer appeared on the end
of the dildo, Carol looked up and saw it, she ordered Sabrina to turn it on,
Sabrina told her to beg for it, Carol screamed "Fuck me whore or I'll kill
you." Sabrina turned on the Jack hammer.

Mike pushed Jan off his cock, he stood up, Marsha ran over and began to suck
his cock, she was going to be the one who received his cum, she sucked as
hard as she could as she wrapped her tongue around his cock.

Mike started to cum, Jan ran over and tackled her sister, Marsha fell to
the floor, Jan laid on top of her and looked up at her step father with her
mouth wide open, Mike shot his load directly into her mouth.

Marsha jumped up and tried to scoop it out of Jan's mouth but she wasn't
quick enough, Jan swallowed it all. Marsha grabbed her by the hair and threw
her sister to the ground.

Mike pulled the girls apart and told them there would be plenty of chances
for Marsha to get the cream, he ordered them to kiss and make up.

Sabrina turned the jack hammer on full force, it began slamming the dildo in
and out of Carol's cunt, Carol just moaned like an animal Sabrina just
laughed she was "The man."

The twenty inch dildo was a blur slamming in and out of Carol's cunt, it was
moving so fast it looked like it wasn't moving at all, Carol spread her legs
apart as wide as she could.

Sabrina ordered Carol to roll over, Carol couldn't hear anything she was in
ecstasy, Sabrina turned off the jackhammer and ordered her again, Carol just
said "Yes master."

Carol laid flat on her stomach Sabrina rammed the dildo back into her cunt
and turned it on, she also increased the power.

It was more than any woman could stand, Carol began to have orgasm after
orgasm after orgasm, after the seventh consecutive orgasm, Carol passed out,
Sabrina looked at Jan and Marsha and asked "Who's next?" Mike told her to
hold your horses, we need to get the boys and Cindy involved, this is a
family first and foremost. He invited Sabrina to become a member of the

Sabrina was very happy, she could have more fun here then she could in her
own realm, she was about to accept when she vanished.

Salem and Roland had gotten bored with that show, they didn't want Sabrina
to stay there so they hit the remote.

Sabrina reappeared in an alley way, she saw a half naked man laying in the
street. She helped him up and offered help, he told her his name was John
Smith, Sabrina just laughed and said "Yeah right, and my name is Jane Doe."

The stranger thought "This teen can't really be a danger, he told her his
name was David Banner." He then ordered her to leave him alone.

Sabrina was determined to help the man and wouldn't take no for an answer,
Banner told her "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."



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