Sabrina yelled Monica Gellar, I love watching you, you are so funny, Monica,
had no idea what the young blonde girl was talking about.

Monica offered to make the young girl a turkey, Sabrina told her it was not
necessary, Monica then asked if she would prefer duck? Sabrina told her it
was amazing how spotless the apartment was.

Sabrina wondered where Chandler was, she asked if she could call Joey, Monica
told her they weren't around, she asked if she was a friend of there's.

Monica asked the girl how she had gotten into her apartment, Sabrina told her
she was lost, there was no reason to scare her. Monica called across the hall
for Rachael.

The new Rachael Gellar came running over, she had been visiting trying to get
her marriage annulled, she was having no success though, Ross Gellar always
had a reason to keep them together.

Rachael asked Monica who her knew friend was, Monica explained to her that
the young girl just appeared out of nowhere and she was lost, Rachael
volunteered to help her get home, Sabrina had other ideas though, she was
getting wet already, she wasn't a lesbian, but she really liked these two

Sabrina introduced herself, and then pointed behind the two girls, they spun
around and Sabrina cover them with her lust spray.

The spray was dripping down the backs of Rachael and Monica, they asked why
Sabrina had done that, Rachael wanted to take her down. Monica told her that
violence never settled anything, she had a better idea.

Monica pulled off her top, Rachael was starting to get that funny feeling
between her legs, Monica pulled her skirt off, Sabrina was already completely
naked. She couldn't wait to get her tongue inside of Rachael, the juices were
flowing down he legs already.

Rachael hadn't realized how nice Sabrina's breast were, she had seen
Monica's, and she thought hers were better, Rachael began to unbutton her
shirt. She then flung her shirt open and threw her hands up in the air. She
was really proud of her breast, especially her nipples.

Monica slowly approached Rachael and kissed her full on the lips, Rachael
couldn't help but to open her mouth, she had thought about her friends for a
long time, a three way with Ross and Monica would be nice, but Ross wouldn't
go for it, she didn't want him to think she was weird, and besides that
relationship was over, she had always though it would be Phoebe, Phoebe had
dyke written all over her.

Sabrina was behind Rachael now, Rachael was being sandwiched between the two
girls, Sabrina was humping her ass, as she massaged her tits, Monica had
reached all the way around Rachael and had a handful of Sabrina's ass.

Monica began to lick up and down Rachael's tits, she then jammed one of them
completely into her mouth, Monica was proud of how much she could fit into
her mouth, she than went to work on Rachael's nipples, the were almost
perfectly square, it was weird, but they sure were big.

The two girls laid Rachael on her back, Monica pulled her knees up to her
chest and started to rub her clit, she had never been with another woman
before, but she was a natural, Sabrina buried her tongue into Rachael's cunt.

Rachael let out a high pitched squeal and started rocking from side to side,
she grabbed Sabrina by the hair, Monica slammed two fingers into Rachael's

Rachael began immediately to hump Monica's fingers, Sabrina rammed two of her
own fingers into Rachael, She was screaming at the top of her lungs now, she
grabbed both of the girls by the wrist and started fucking herself with their

Monica shoved a third finger into Rachael's cunt, Sabrina did the same, they
were going to make her cum already, Rachael was moaning and humming, Sabrina
thought she was a real weird one, but she had a hot body.

Monica leaned over and began to lap at Rachael's cunt, she slurped away like
a dog, Rachael began to moan louder and louder, she wouldn't be able to hold
out much longer, her moaning only made Sabrina lap away at her cunt harder,
they both had their tongues buried deep inside Rachael.

Sabrina knew she was ready now, she reached behind her back and pulled out
her trusty eight inch dildo, Rachael screamed Give it too me bitch.

Sabrina asked What did you call me? Rachael apologized, Sabrina held the
dildo with both hands and rammed it as hard as she could into Rachael's cunt.
Rachael thanked her and screamed harder.

Sabrina began to work the ten inch dildo in and out of Rachael as hard as she
could, Rachael laid there and spread her legs as wide apart as she could,
Monica stood up and squatted over Rachael's face, Rachael stuck out her
tongue and Monica sat down.

Monica slid her cunt back and fourth along her friends tongue, Rachael licked
like her life depended on it, Sabrina rammed the twelve inch dildo even

The dildo was covered with Rachael's juices, her cunt was so tight, Sabrina
could barely get it moving, Rachael's juices kept it slippery though, she was
cumming all over it.

Sabrina ripped the fifteen inch dildo out of Rachael's cunt, it came out with
a loud pop, Rachael screamed and passed out, Sabrina screamed Woo hoo, I
finished off another one. Monica stood up and grabbed Sabrina by the wrist,
She demanded that Sabrina give her the same treatment.

Sabrina told her to get on all fours, she had a better prize for her, Monica
demanded the giant fake cock, Sabrina told her to shut up, and she wouldn't
be disappointed, she reached behind her back and pulled out a two pronged
eight inch dildo, Monica looked back and started to drool.

Sabrina started to work one end into Monica's cunt, Monica slammed back
against her before Sabrina could work the other end into her ass, Monica
didn't care, Sabrina spun it around and worked the free end into Monica's
tight ass, Monica reached back between her legs and grabbed the dildo and
started to ram it in and out, Sabrina just sat back and watched, this was one
horny bitch.

Monica screamed, I want the big one, she continued to ram the ten inch dildos
in and out of her ass and cunt, she than rocked back and sat it so it was
pointing straight up and down, she started screaming as she slammed up and
down on the two pronged monster.

Once again Monica looked at Sabrina and screamed I want the big one, she was
jumping up and down as hard as she could on the twelve inch cocks, Sabrina
knew there was only one way to satisfy this bitch.

Sabrina told Monica to hold still for just one-second, she yanked the dildo
out of her, Monica begged her to but it back, Sabrina rammed both ends of the
fifteen inch dildos into her cunt.

Monica screamed at the top of her lungs, she fell over backwards, Sabrina
grabbed Monica by the ankles and wrapped them both around her own neck,
Monica looked like a pretzel as Sabrina rammed the double dildo into her

Sabrina used both hands so she could really give it too her good, Monica
couldn't scream anymore, she reached between her legs and grabbed Sabrina
by the wrist and gasped harder.

Sabrina than grabbed the first dildo, she took the eighteen inch monster and
aimed it at Monica's ass. Monica looked up and said "please do it." Sabrina
rammed the dildo home.

Monica began to shake uncontrollably as she was penetrated by the third
dildo, she had never felt anything like it before, Chandler wouldn't fuck her
up the ass, he said it was too close to going the other way, by God he would
though, the next time they went at it.

Sabrina managed to stuff the entire dildo into her ass, she then stuffed the
two headed one all the way into Monica's cunt, they had all almost vanished
and Monica was the happiest girl on earth.

The two eighteen inch dildos where about to split Monica in half, she
couldn't take anymore, her cum came squirting out of her pussy like a
fountain She had never come like that before, she looked up and thanked
Sabrina, then she collapsed with a huge grin on her face. Sabrina than
realized what she had done, they hadn't even touched her, she was more
frustrated than ever, she screamed for Salem to get her out of here, she
promised the next place she landed, she was going to cum hard.

Sabrina vanished than reappeared in the strangest apartment she had ever
seen, it looked like a clown house with all the different colors, she then
heard a young blonde teen scream. Marsha, you have a friend walking around, a
younger blonde girl came in and introduced herself as Cindy, she yelled to
Alice and said it looks like we have one more for dinner.



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