By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman wandered through Capeside, she was on a mission to find
Dawson Leary's house, she had no idea where to start though, she had her
witches license, but she still hadn't gained her full power, she was getting
really horny now.

Sabrina stumbled upon the Icehouse, she knew that Joey Potter worked there,
she thought Joey was hot, but not to bright, how could she dump Dawson,
twice. Sabrina thought Joey didn't deserve Dawson.

Sabrina grabbed a seat, she knew that Dawson would show up eventually, she
had all the time in the world.

An hour passed, Sabrina was going out of her mind, she couldn't wait any
longer. She had another plan, she would become friends with Joey, get her to
invite her to her house, Sabrina knew Joey lived next to Dawson, she could
then spy on the house until Dawson showed up. It couldn't fail.

Sabrina introduced herself to Joey, and decided to spray her with the love
spell, Sabrina had already been there for 20 hours, all right one hour, it
just seemed like twenty.

Joey sat down next to Sabrina, she but her hand in Sabrina's lap, Sabrina
still didn't believe she was a lesbian, she would admit that she was leaning
toward Bi, she let her hand rest on top of Joey's.

Sabrina told her she was new in town, Joey offered to take her back to her
place, she had something she wanted to show her, Sabrina couldn't wait to see
it, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Joey wanted,
especially since she was under Sabrina's control.

They arrived at Joey's empty house, Joey pulled her shirt over her head, she
wasn't wearing anything underneath it, she pinched her nipples, and told
Sabrina these are what she wanted to show her.

They where magnificent, Joey twisted her nipples and they grew perfectly
round, they where a pretty shade of brown. Sabrina thought Joey had a perfect
pair of tits, they could be bigger, but they where perfectly shaped.

Sabrina stood in front of Joey and began to massage her breast, Joey moaned
as soon as Sabrina touched her nipples, Sabrina knew that this would be fun,
she leaned over and put one of Joey's breast in her mouth, it was a perfect
fit. Joey was breathing heavily now.

Joey reached underneath Sabrina's belly shirt, she started squeezing her
tits, Sabrina's were about the same size as Joey's, but Joey's were much
firmer, Joey was probably in better shape.

Joey lifted Sabrina's shirt over he head, she became to lick all over
Sabrina's nipples, they were almost as round as hers, Joey began to suck on
them, she wanted to see if they would get any rounder.

Sabrina slipped her hand downs Joey's pants, Joey quickly unzipped them,
Sabrina pulled them right off, Joey pulled Sabrina's skirt down around her
ankles, Sabrina stepped out of it, she then stuck her hand down Joey's
panties, she laughed, Joey was wearing "Grandma" panties, Joey said they felt
good and she didn't care what people thought.

Sabrina was wearing a thong, she said she had a nice ass and she didn't care
who knew it, besides why should she be ashamed of her body, everybody was
born naked, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Joey grabbed the
back of Sabrina's thong and pulled it into the crack of her ass, Sabrina
jumped and laughed.

Sabrina rammed three fingers into Joey's cunt, she spread her fingers as wide
apart as she could and started shoving them in and out.

Joey screamed and fell over backwards, Sabrina grabbed Joey by the ankles and
pulled them all the way back to she shoulders, Joey had no idea she was so
flexible, it was like magic, her cunt was completely exposed to the teen age

Sabrina shoved a fourth finger into Joey, she started to twist and turn her
hand inside of her, Joey began to make short grunting noises, Sabrina thought
she sounded like a pig, it was pretty funny, Sabrina turned her hand all the
way around inside of Joey, then she turned it again, Joey had no idea how she
did that.

Sabrina let her hand spin back the opposite direction, then she started to
turn it again, she could tell Joey was already starting to cum, Sabrina
thought "The faster she cums, the faster we get to me." She then shoved her
whole hand inside of Joey.

Serbian rammed her arm hard and deep inside of Joey, Joey screamed at the top
of her lungs with every thrust, Sabrina began licking at Joey's clit, that
was all she could stand, Joey started to cum like a fountain. The juices
began flowing out of her cunt and down Sabrina's arm, this just made Sabrina
fuck her harder.

Joey started to kick her legs she was fucking herself on Sabrina's hand,
Joey's eyes rolled back into her head, Sabrina couldn't have her pass out
yet, not until she got hers, she jerked he arm out of Joey, she fell over
backwards, but she rolled and came up on her knees, Sabrina laid down in
front of her and spread her legs, her blonde bush looked like it was winking
at Joey.

Joey leaned over and started licking at Sabrina's cunt, Joey told her she had
never done this before, but she had always thought about it. Sabrina asked
who she thought about it with, Joey told her Andy, she thought it would be

Sabrina didn't think Joey could get her off, she was a good carpet muncher,
Sabrina pointed at the door, it opened, Andy Macphee walked in, she was
completely naked.

Andy had no idea what had happened, she was at home studying, the next thing
she knew she was at Joey's house, she hoped she wasn't going crazy, Joey all
of a sudden realized it must be a dream. She invited Andy to come over and
join them. Andy rushed over.

Andy laid down next to Sabrina, Joey slipped two fingers into her cunt, she
then reached over and stuffed two fingers into Sabrina's cunt, Sabrina
grabbed her by the wrist and started fucking herself with Joey's hand, she
thought she was never going to get home at this rate.

Andy grabbed Joey by the wrist also, she lifted her ass off the ground and
started sliding her cunt back and forth on Joey's hand. Joey slipped a third
finger inside of her, she then did the same to Sabrina. Sabrina reached down
and stuffed two of her own fingers into her box.

Joey rammed her fingers into the two girls as hard as she could, but it just
wasn't good enough for Sabrina, Joey just didn't have the experience or the
coordination to satisfy Sabrina, she had a couple of more tricks up her
sleeve, she pointed at the door, the two girls looked, when they looked back
Sabrina said never mind, she was holding a 8 inch dildo.

Joey pulled her hands out of the two blondes, she grabbed the dildo and
slammed it into Andy'd cunt, Sabrina screamed "Hey, that's mine," but it was
too late, Joey held it with both hands and began to ram it into Andy, Andy
just smiled happily.

Andy rolled over to her hand and knees, Joey pulled the dildo out so she
could ram it to her from behind, she then stuffed the 10 inch dildo back into

Andy began to rock back onto the dildo, Joey held it still and let her slam
back onto it, Andy took the entire thing all the way inside her cunt, Joey
was scared she was going to lose it, she began to twist and turn it inside of
Andy until her arm got tired.

Joey pulled it out so she could get a downward stroke going, she then slammed
the 12 inch dildo back into Andy, Joey thought "there's something weird going
on here." But she really didn't care, she rammed the dildo all the way back
into Andy.

Andy rocked back on the dildo even harder than before, Joey had to hold it
with both hands now, she had a nice steady in and out rhythm going now,
Sabrina sat and watched with her hands on he hips, she was not going to sit
by idly this time though, she would take action.

Sabrina demanded the girls pay her some attention, Joey pulled the 14 inch
dildo out of Andy, it almost got stuck but it came out with a popping noise,
she sat it on the floor in front of Sabrina, and told her to "Sit on it."

Joey held the 16 inch dildo straight up and down as Sabrina straddled it,
Joey hadn't noticed the ridges on it before, she thought they must feel good.
Sabrina slowly lowered herself on the giant Dildo, it slid in easily, it of
course was covered with a scent of Andy.

Sabrina started to slowly bounce up and down on the dildo, she had a giant
grin on her face, she held on to Joey's shoulders for balance, she began
riding faster and faster.

Andy was flat on her back, she was rubbing her clit with both hands as fast
as she could, she was completely oblivious to what Joey and Sabrina were
doing, Sabrina looked down at her and laughed, she decided to help the best
way she knew how.

Andy felt something against her shoulder, it was a rubber double headed 18
inch dildo, she grabbed one end of it and rammed it into her cunt. She
wrapped both hands around it and shoved it in and out as hard as she could,
she almost made all eighteen inches disappear.

Sabrina was a blur bouncing up and down on her eighteen inch ridged dildo,
Joey was amazed at how good Sabrina was, Joey had never seen anybody move
that fast. Sabrina finally fell over backwards, Joey grabbed the dildo and
began to work it in and out of Sabrina.

Joey's two hands were barely touching as she worked the 20 inch dildo in and
out of Sabrina, she thought this was weirdest dream she had ever had, she
shrugged and started slamming the dildo even harder, she could see the juices
flowing down Sabrina's legs.

Andy grabbed the back end of her dildo, she folded it over and shoved it
into her ass, she had each end in a hand and she began to double penetrate
herself, Joey looked over and pulled the long blonde hair out of Andy's face,
she wanted to look into her eyes when she climaxed.

Andy began to ram the dildo into her two holes even faster, almost the entire
eighteen inches had vanished it her cunt, Andy held the dildo by the middle
and worked it like a pro. She could tell she was on the verge of the biggest
orgasm she had ever had.

Sabrina brought one knee up to her chest, Joey leaned over her and used her
weight to ram the 22 inch dildo into the new blonde girl, Sabrina started
kicking her leg back and forth, she could see her cum on the dildo everytime
Joey pulled it out, she guessed she had 4 orgasms already.

Andy was ready to be pushed over the edge, she pulled the end of the dildo
out of the ass, she leaned over and stuck it into her mouth, she used her
mouth to fuck herself. She bobbed her head up and down ramming the dildo into
her pussy. She was ready now.

Andy took the dildo out of her mouth, she folded it over again, this time she
rammed the free end of the dildo into her pussy along with the other end, she
threw her head back and took a second to relax, she then started to slowly
work both ends of the dildo into her pussy.

It was the best thing she had ever felt, she knew she had to take it slow,
but she couldn't, she started working it a little faster, she was also
determined to get the entire thing inside of her.

Andy held the dildo with both hands, she rammed it in and out a little faster
with each stroke, it only took a couple before the entire folded dildo was
inside of her cunt. She quickly adapted to the size and began ramming it in
and out, she quickly passed out, her hands instinctively worked the dildo
into her cunt even after she passed out.

Joey had rolled Sabrina over onto he stomach, she rammed the two foot long
dildo in and out of her, the juice wee flowing freely out of Sabrina's cunt,
Joey leaned over and started to lick them up, the more she licked the hornier
she got, she couldn't understand it.

Sabrina's cunt started flowing like a fountain, Joey laid underneath her and
began lapping it up, Sabrina finally fell face first, she couldn't take much
more, she thought she would finally be going home, all the love potion had to
be out of he now.

Joey yanked the three foot long dildo out of Sabrina's gapping cunt, She laid
on her back and slowly started to work it into her own cunt.

Joey didn't think there was anyway she could get it in, but she pushed as
hard as she could, it went in slowly, inch by inch, Joey had rammed two feet
of dildo into her cunt, she was so proud, she looked for encouragement, but
Andy was still out cold, and Sabrina was still ace first and barely moving.

Joey began to pull the dildo out slowly, she had been stretched out, and the
dildo had a mixture of her juices plus Sabrina's She took it almost all the
way out, she then slammed it back in as hard as she could, two feet of dildo
went in without any problem, she started to work it in and out now.

Joey had her feet sticking straight up in the air, she worked the dildo
harder, deeper and faster with each stroke she took, she began humping her
hips on it, she was on the verge now.

Joey yanked the dildo out of her cunt, her juices came flying out right after
it, she collapsed on top of Andy, she had the time of her life, she hoped she
never woke up from this dream.

Sabrina decided to take a short nap, the girls looked like they would be out
for a while, she would then transport herself home, she felt herself start to

Sabrina heard Salem's voice of in the distance, he said "I hate this show,"

"a bunch of whiny teenagers always taking about sex."

"This show will never last."

"Let's see what else is on."

Sabrina reappeared inside a house, she had no idea where she was, she turned
and saw a man standing on his head in a weird red suit, he held out his hand
and said "Na Nu Na Nu.



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