By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman turned and faced the small studio audience, she was directly
under the sign that was blinking "Tool Time." She started to do a tap dance.

Tim Taylor turned to his assistant Al and said, "This is a nice surprise." Al
Borland looked at him and said "I didn't have anything to do with this.

Tim told Al. I know you didn't want to do the segment on how to make your own
bed frame, but should still tell me about any guest you bring on. Al said "I
didn't have anything to do with this, call security.

Heidi, the tool girl walked over to Sabrina and told her she shouldn't be on
the stage, they were trying to shoot a television show.

A security guard started to make his way towards Sabrina, she knew she had to
act quickly. She pulled out her love potion and sprayed it at the tool girl.

Heidi ducked, the spray hit Al directly in the face, he stepped in between
the guard and Sabrina, he told him he would take care of her.

Al turned toward the audience, he asked if they wanted the teen to stay. They
all roared, Let her stay. Tim said, I guess it's ok. He told Sabrina she
could stay.

Al stood directly behind Sabrina, he had his arms hanging over her shoulders,
Sabrina looked back at him, she knew the potion had taken effect. Al reached
down and squeezed her tit.

Tim was behind the couple, he couldn't see what was going on. Al and Sabrina
were facing the audience. They had a perfect view of Al lifting her small
tits and pointing them right at them through her shirt.

Heidi was standing to the side, she could see what was going on, she walked
over to Tim and told him what she was seeing. Tim just said "Al. no way."
Heidi grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him around.

Al had lifted Sabrina' s shirt up now, he was twisting her nipples between
his fingers, the audience were on their feet, Sabrina was reaching back and
rubbing between Al's legs.

Tim screamed "What is going on here, he pulled Al away from Sabrina. Al
turned and pushed him over. He then ran back to Sabrina and spun her around,
he grabbed her by the ass and lifted her up.

Tim sat on the floor and just stared, he couldn't believe what he was seeing
on local cable television. Sabrina looked him straight in the eye, she then
signaled for him to come closer, she gave him a double dose of her love

Tim ran around behind Sabrina and he wrapped his arms around her and Al.
Sabrina was in heaven, she started grinding her hips against Al's leg. Tim
signaled Heidi to join them, but there was no way, she ran screaming from the
set, Sabrina tried to get her to come closer, but she was sandwiched.

Al slipped of Sabrina's pants, he stuffed his hands down the back of her
panties, Tim slipped his hand down the front of them. Sabrina stood with her
legs spread to give them easy access.

Al leaned back so her could suck on Sabrina's small, but pert tits, she threw
her long hair back and grabbed him by the back of the head, she wanted him to
swallow one of her tits. Tim slipped two fingers into her cunt.

Sabrina groaned as she was entered, she needed it bad, she knew these two
where the ones to give her the orgasm that would squirt out all the love
spell from her body.

Al reached between her legs, he stuffed two of his own fingers into her cunt,
Sabrina began flush and fell over backwards, the two men went to work on her.
They both stuffed another finger into her box.

Tim stood up again and whipped out his eight inch cock, he sat on Sabrina's
face and started to feed it to her, Sabrina opened her mouth and took it
eagerly. Tim looked at his audience and screamed "if Jill would do this our
marriage would be perfect."

Al leaned at Sabrina's cunt and slammed four fingers into her, he lapped at
her pussy like a dog, Sabrina was squirming from side to side, Al was a real
pro, and his beard tickled.

Tim demanded that they switch positions, the way they were laying made it
hard for his audience to see, plus he wanted to shove his cock deeper down
her throat. Sabrina rolled over and sat on her hands and knees.

Tim grabbed her by the hair and rammed his cock all the way down her throat,
he held it in her mouth until she began to choke, than he pulled it out. Al
stared at her perfect ass, he then removed his watch and rammed his entire
arm into her cunt

Sabrina screamed and was pushed forward by the force of Al's thrust, that
forced Tim's cock all the way down her throat again. Tim grabbed her by the
back of the neck and held her. Al began to ram his fist deep in and out of
the teen age witch.

Sabrina began to rock back on the fist inside of her, Tim still held her head
still against his chest so she couldn't move to much, Al began to ram his
fist faster and faster into her pussy, Sabrina tried to rock back to match
his thrust.

Tim let go of her neck, Sabrina started to slam back onto Al's arm, she had
half of it buried into her cunt, Tim grabbed her by the hair and started to
fuck her face, Sabrina was going to cum, she sucked Tim as hard as she could,
she needed him to explode down her throat worse than she had ever needed
anything before.

Tim was going to explode in her mouth, he was startled by the familiar voice
screaming "What in God's name is going on here. It was Jill Taylor. Tim
yelled "I didn't do anything," as he shot his load into Sabrina's open mouth.

Sabrina gobbled up his seed, Al worked his arm deeper into her cunt, he
hadn't even noticed Jill come in. Jill said "I couldn't believe the phone
call I got, but here you are." I am leaving you. Sabrina swallowed Tim's load
and knew she had to do something.

Sabrina pulled out her love spell and gave Jill a triple dose, she knew she
couldn't let this marriage end because of her, she could lose her witches
license. Jill wiped her face and pulled off her shirt. She screamed "Come and
get it big boy."

Al whipped out his cock, Sabrina drooled when she saw how thick it was, one
of the fattest she had seen, she couldn't wait. Al took one look at Jill's
massive mammeries, and he knew just what he had to have.

Jill grabbed Tim by his cock and shoved it in her mouth, she sucked for all
she was worth, but nothing happened. Tim was still limp. Sabrina had drained
him completely.

Jill stroked and stroked, but Tim couldn't get it up, Jill, was going to go
out of her mind. She told Tim, "If you don't satisfy me tonight, I am leaving
you." Tim had been having trouble getting it up for a couple of years now.

Al told Tim not to worry, I will save your marriage, he pointed his cock at
Jill, Sabrina screamed People, what about me. I always get forgotten. Al told
her, I have a job to do.

Tim screamed "Not so fast Borland." I have been working on something just for
this occasion, he reached behind his desk, and pulled out what used to be a
jackhammer, the head of it had been replaced by a 13 inch dildo. Tim yelled
just what we need for the situation. More power.

Jill laid flat on her back and spread her legs, she put her knees up to make
it easy for Tim. He jammed the dildo into her cunt. Jill let out a sigh, She
hadn't felt anything so good in a long, long time.

Sabrina watched with drool and cum dripping out of her mouth, she had to have
it now, she reached behind her and grabbed Al by the cock, she shoved it in
her ass and rocked back before Al knew what had happened, he thought, "as
long as my dick is in her ass I might as well fuck her."

Tim turned the jackhammer on to the first setting, it started going in and
out of Jill, she groan as Tim began to slide it up and down as the Jackhammer
worked it's magic, Jill whispered "More power." Tim turned it up to the
middle setting.

Al wrapped his arms around Sabrina, he rammed his 12 inch cock into her ass
as hard as he could, Sabrina looked down and saw the cum begin to drip out of
her pussy, she thought she would finally be rid of this spell, she slammed
her ass back as hard as she could onto Al. He began to groan now.

The jackhammer-dildo was going at a nice steady pace working in and out of
Jill, she had began to slowly thrust her hips up and down. She needed it bad,
she was moaning loudly now. Tim could tell what she needed. More power. he
turned the jackhammer up to the highest setting.

The audience was on their feet, this was the best episode ever of tool time,
they couldn't wait to see next weeks show.

Al had begun to thrust so hard into Sabrina that he was knocking her forward
on each thrust, he knocked her all the way across the set until her head was
against the wall, she still managed to rock back onto his cock though. She
could feel the cum dripping down her leg with every stroke.

The jackhammer was a blur ramming in and out of Jill, she was screaming at
the top of her lungs now, she was cumming and cumming. It had been so long
since Tim had satisfied her. She passed out with a Cheshire cat grin on her
face. Tim was still limp.

Al spun Sabrina around, he shoved his cock down her throat and had her lick
it clean, he then ran over to the unconscious Jill and shoved his cock into
her mouth. He started stroking it until he shot his load down her throat. It
came bubbling up and down her chin.

Sabrina ran over and licked Jill's face clean, the question was whether or
not she had been cured, she looked at the jackhammer and knew she soon would
be. She then slowly faded out.

Roland and Salem had become bored with that program, they hit the remote and
Sabrina vanished off the set of Tool time.

Sabrina looked around and tried to gather her bearings, she knew there was
one sure way to see if she was cured, she pointed and tried to send herself
home. She vanished and reappeared at the same spot. She screamed "Damn

Sabrina walked along a small cove, she then saw the sign, "Welcome to
Capeside." She knew exactly where she was, she made it her life's mission to
Find Dawson Leary and Pacey Whitter.



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