SABRINA TELEVISION 8 - Star Trek: Voyager
By Wonder Mike

Sabrina found herself starring down the barrel of some kind of ray gun. She
had her magic so she wasn't worried, the lady with the metal stuck on her
face was hot anyway.

Sabrina didn't consider herself a lesbian, but she had been having some cool
adventures with woman, there was nothing wrong with that. She decided that
this blonde lady would do just fine.

The lady ordered Sabrina to identify herself, she introduced herself as Seven
of Nine. Sabrina said that's a weird name, then she thought how rude that
was. Seven of nine instructed her to call her Seven.

Seven escorted Sabrina to the captains quarters. Sabrina was introduced to
Tuvok and captain Katherine Janeway. Sabrina thought this would be great, she
had grown especially fond of slightly older woman.

Sabrina told the trio she was from earth, she told them she didn't know where
she was or how she got here. Janeway explained to them they were lost in
space. Sabrina had seen that movie but she didn't recognize any of these

Janeway told Seven and Tuvok to give Sabrina a place to stay, they would keep
her locked up until the doctor ran some test. Sabrina didn't like the sound
of that, it was time to get busy.

Sabrina pulled out a bottle of her love potion and squirted Tuvok and Seven,
Janeway ran over to grab the bottle but Sabrina squirted her too. She was
ready for action.

Tuvok screamed and dropped to his knees, the spell had hit him hard. Seven
grabbed Sabrina and restrained her. The spell had no effect on her. Sabrina
thought she was in real trouble now.

Janeway stood behind Seven and instructed her to release the teen. Seven
didn't understand, the girl had done something to Tuvok and she had to be
dealt with. Janeway grabbed Seven from behind and grabbed her by the tits.
She opened up her skin tight cat suit.

Seven released Sabrina and told the captain. "You have obviously been
infected by his alien." We must get you and Tuvok to sick bay. Janeway
disagreed. She told Seven that she had never felt better in her life. She
began to twist Seven's exposed nipples.

Seven broke away from the captain, she called for security. Tuvok managed to
stand up and he told security he was in control of the situation. He grabbed
Seven from behind and threw her gently to the ground, he stripped with
lightning speed.

Janeway told Seven she was going to take the final step to becoming a human.
Seven didn't understand.

Janeway just told her to do everything she said. Seven said "I will not

"You are under the spell of that alien."

"She must be restrained."

Sabrina yelled "Who are you calling an alien?"

"I'm the human here."

"We'll not quite a human."

"We'll you can call me human."

"What was the question again?"

Janeway told Seven she was not under any spell, it was just time foe Seven to
learn of human sexuality. That peeked Seven's interest. That was the one
subject that she hadn't broached, and she was deeply interested. She told
Janeway "I will comply."

Sabrina screamed "Woo Hoo."

Tuvok instructed Seven to lay on her hand and knees, He stood in front of her
and whipped out a ten inch cock. Janeway was behind seven, she removed the
bottom half of her suit.

Tuvok shoved his cock into Seven's mouth, he instructed her to wrap her lips
around it and move her head back and forth. She didn't quite understand.
Janeway ran around to teach her. She told Seven to watch and learn.

It had been three years since Janeway had gotten fucked, and now she was
going to do it well. She wrapped her lips around Tuvok's cock and began to
suck. She held it with both hands and stroked up and down. Seven watched

Seven was ready to try again. She grabbed Tuvok's cock with both hands and
began to stroke it with lightning like speed, Tuvok told her to slow down,
seven shoved it in her mouth just like Janeway had done. She slowed down her
stroking but it was too late. Tuvok unloaded his seed down her throat.

Seven knew what had happened, she had been studying, she opened her mouth and
scooped out some of the spunk. Janeway shoved her tongue into Seven's mouth
and sucked out some of the cum. She instructed seven to swallow the rest.

Seven said "I don't believe this has any nutritional value."

Janeway said "Your right." But men will love you for it."

"It is part of the lesson."

Tuvok ran behind Seven he was ready to fuck now. he pushed her down to all
fours and shoved his cock into her tight cunt. Seven grunted "Interesting."

Sabrina had stripped and was slowly rubbing her clit. "She screamed "What
about me?"

Janeway laid down in front of Seven, she spread her legs and grabbed Seven by
the wrist. She told Seven "Finger me." Seven shoved two fingers into
Janeway's cunt.

Janeway grunted loudly and started sliding her cunt back and forth of Seven's
fingers, Seven added another finger into her pussy. This caused Janeway to
groan even louder. Seven then knew exactly what to do. She stuffed her whole
hand inside of the captain.

Tuvok grabbed Seven by the waist. He pulled her back and started ramming his
cock into her like a jack Hammer, Seven started to moan. Tuvok rammed it to
her even harder. Seven rammed her hand even deeper inside of Janeway.
Janeway's screams turned Seven on. She started to scream also.

Janeway raised her cunt into the air. She grabbed Seven's wrist with both
hands and began ramming it as hard and deep as she could. Seven's arm was
almost buried to the elbow inside the captain. Janeway was trying to get it
in deeper. Seven began to twist and turn her arm inside if Janeway. That was
all the captain could take. She fell back to the ground and curled up into
the fetal position. Tuvok pulled his cock out of Seven and ran over to
Janeway. He shoved his cock into her mouth and began unloading his cum.

The first load he shot into Seven was just the precum. This time Tuvok kept
cumming, and cumming. Janeway tried to swallow it all bit it was too much, it
came pouring out the corners of her mouth. Tuvok then spun around and aimed
at Seven. He cover her face with his spunk, then he shoved his cock down her

Seven opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to gulp down his cum as
he shot it. It had been six years since Tuvok had unloaded, it was all coming
out now. Seven managed to swallow it all.

Tuvok looked down at Janeway and told her he wasn't finished yet, Janeway
gargled "I can't take anymore right now, Seven has worn my cunt out.

Tuvok told her "Don't worry."

Tuvok pushed Janeway over so she was face first flat on the ground. He
climbed on top of her ramming his cock into her ass. Jane screamed and more
cum came spilling out of her mouth.

Tuvok rammed his cock to the hilt inside of Katherine's virgin ass. He
started pummeling her for all she was worth. Janeway tried to raise up but
the force of the fucking kept her flat on her face.

Tuvok grabbed her by the tits and used them as handles as he rammed her ass
even harder. The drool poured out of Sabrina's mouth. She couldn't take much
more of watching this. She was about to explode.

Sabrina ran over and pulled the cock out of Janeway's ass, she sucked it
clean, then she let the cock lay on her tongue. Tuvok began spurting out
another giant load.

Sabrina kept her mouth wide open, letting all the spunk go directly down her
throat. She managed to swallow it all.

Tuvok was impressed, nobody had ever swallowed one of his load completely
before. This young girl was indeed worthy of being a crew member. Sabrina
licked her lips as she swallowed the last drop.

Sabrina then dropped to all fours, she demanded to be fucked. Tuvok was
completely limp, he told Sabrina she would have to wait another seven years,
Janeway was out cold, Seven of Nine had left.

Sabrina knew she had been screws again. She screamed for Salem to get her out
of her. Salem found the remote and hit the switch. Sabrina disappeared.

Sabrina looked around, she was in front of an audience, this was her worst
fear. She saw the blinking neon sign that said tool time.



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