SABRINA TELEVISION 7 - Designing women
By wonder Mike

Sabrina had gotten her magic back, she changed into a pair of normal jeans,
man did they feel good. She couldn't understand why she couldn't go home. She
screamed for Salem.

Salem popped in and told her, he thinks that she had gotten sprayed too
many times with the love spell. As far as he could remember she couldn't get
back to the mortal realm until she squirted all the potion out. That was what
happened to Amelia Airhart, or so he thought. He gave her the love potion and
told her she knows what she needs to do. Sabrina just screamed "Your dead

Sabrina thought "Great" now I am stuck in t v land, well this seems like
a nice place to visit, I guess I will go in and see just where I am, and if
there is somebody here who I want to help me.

Mary Jo Shively answered the door, she looked the blonde teen up and down
and asked if she could help her. Sabrina looked around to see if anybody else
was around, she had grown to like girls, but she wanted a man. She told Mary
Jo she was lost and tired. She just needed to use a phone.

Mary Jo invited her in of course and offered her a drink. Sabrina saw that no
one else was around, but she was stuck her until she did her job.

Sabrina stood behind Mary Jo and sprayed her, Mary Jo spun around and asked,
"What did you just do?"

Sabrina told her she spilled a little of her water, Mary Jo looked at her and
for the first time noticed how cute she was, she invited Sabrina to sit on
the couch. She then sat next to the teen.

Mary Jo scooted a little closer to Sabrina, she then but her hand on her
knee, Sabrina knew the spell had taken effect, she leaned over and kissed her
on the cheek, Mary Jo quickly turned her head and opened her mouth, she
jammed her tongue down Sabrina's throat.

Sabrina began to suck on Mary Jo's tongue, she also had a handful of her tit
through Mary Jo's dress, Mary Jo pulled her dress up over her head as Sabrina
stripped out of her jeans.

Sabrina went straight to work on Mary Jo's tits, she managed to shove one of
them completely into her mouth, Mary Jo reached between Sabrina's legs and
began to rub her clit, Sabrina reached between Mary Jo's legs and shoved two
fingers inside of her cunt.

Sabrina looked down and noticed Mary Jo was a natural redhead, she thought
cool, she wished she was a redhead, meanwhile Mary Jo had grabbed Sabrina by
the wrist and was bouncing up and down on Sabrina's fingers, Sabrina slipped
a third finger into Mary Jo.

Mary Jo groaned and started to bounce higher and faster on Sabrina's fingers,
she was squeezing one of Sabrina's small tits while she sucked the other one,
Sabrina decided to really give it to her now, she pushed Mary Jo over onto
her back and shoved a fourth finger into her.

Mary Jo had Sabrina by the wrist, she worked her hand as hard and fast inside
her cunt as she could, Sabrina leaned over and began to lick Mary Jo's cunt,
it tasted like chicken, Mary Jo grabbed Sabrina by the hair and rammed her
face into her cunt.

Mary Jo wrapped her legs around Sabrina's head, Sabrina rammed her entire
hand into Mary Jo, Mary Jo humped her hips up and down and rammed Sabrina's
hand all the way inside of her past the wrist. Sabrina was lapping her cunt
like a dog, she looked down and saw that her tongue was about 4 inches long
now, she must have unconsciously made it grow, the entire thing was buried
inside of Mary Jo.

Mary Jo was screaming at the top of her lungs, she was begging for mercy, she
was having orgasm after orgasm, she was going to pass out, she hadn't had sex
in 5 months, and she had never had anything like this before. She was snapped
out of her bliss when she heard the screeching voice bellow "What in God's
name is going on here." "Mary Jo have you COMPLETELY lost your mind?"

Mary Jo's face turned a beat red at the site of her friend and boss Julia
Sugarbaker. She regained composure and then told Julia "Don't knock it until
you try it."

Julie replied, "I certainly have nothing against an alternative life style,
but do you know what you are doing?" and who is this young lady?

Sabrina whispered into Mary Jo's ear. Mary Jo just nodded in agreement. Mary
Jo told Julia, "I know just what you need to relax." Sabrina and Mary Jo
leapt off the couch.

The two girls tackled Julia and laid her on the ground softly, Julia kicked
and tried to get away, but Sabrina sat on her face and held her arms down so
she couldn't move, Mary Jo pulled off her skirt, Julia was completely

Mary Jo started to rub Julia's clit, Julia tried to turn away but she
couldn't move, Mary Jo had always wanted to knock Julia off her high horse,
she didn't believe Julia had ever had an orgasm, and by God he was going to
give her one.

Julia slowly stopped kicking her legs, she also began to slightly spread
them, Sabrina ordered Julia to eat her, Julia screamed "I will do no such
thing." Sabrina began to grind her cunt against Julia's face, Mary Jo slipped
two fingers into Julia's cunt. She let out a loud gasp.

Mary Jo started to twist and turn her fingers inside of Julia, Julia's legs
were no as far apart as she could spread them, she was breathing heavily,
Mary Jo noticed her start to hump her hips up and down, she slipped a third
finger inside of her boss.

There was no doubt about it now, Julia was humping Mary Jo's hand, Mary Jo
then jerked her fingers out of Julia, Julia yelled at Mary Jo to but them
back in, she was told to stick out her tongue if she wanted to be finger
fucked again. Julia did what she was told. Sabrina sat directly on her

Sabrina yelled that they needed a man, Mary Jo reached over and picked up the
phone, she made a call to Anthony Bouvier, their coworker, she told him that
they needed him immediately. He promised to rush right over.

Mary Jo looked at the phone receiver and had an idea, she began to rub it up
and down against Julia's clit. She was begging for it now. Sabrina had
grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. Sabrina was using Julia's
tongue to fuck herself, and loving every minute of it.

Mary Jo plunged the receiver deep into Julia's cunt, she held it with both
hands and rammed it in and out as hard and fast as she could. She told Julia,
"I bet you never had phone sex before have you?" Julia just moaned, she was
rubbing her own clit.

Sabrina reached down and slip two fingers inside of Julia's cunt, there was
room for the phone and even more fingers, Sabrina slipped another one inside
of her.

Julia brought her knees up to her chest, the phone disappeared into her
pussy, Mary Jo let it go, all that was hanging out was the cord, she started
to pull the cord until the receiver emerged again. She plunged it all the way
back inside of her, along with her fist. Sabrina had never pulled her three
fingers out of Julia.

Mary Jo began to twist and turn her wrist and phone inside of Julia, Sabrina
added a fourth finger to the mix, Julia was screaming at the top of her
lungs, Sabrina then shoved her whole hand inside of Julia, she began to twist
and turn her wrist that was all she wrote, Julia couldn't take anymore.

Mary Jo yanked the phone and her hand out of Julia, as she did Julia's juices
came squirting straight up like a fountain, splattering Mary Jo and covering
her face, Sabrina rammed her fist deeper into her. Julia was going to pass
out at any minute.

Anthony heard the screaming from outside and came bursting in, he couldn't
believe what he was seeing, he immediately spun around and covered his eyes,
he apologized for bursting in, then he thought, there is something wrong
here, he just couldn't figure out what it was.

Mary Jo told him it was all right and that he should turn around. He turned
around and uncovered his eyes, he still couldn't believe what he was seeing,
some young blonde had her hand buried inside of Julia, Mary Jo was naked with
a hand between her legs, he covered his eyes again. This must be a dream.

Mary Jo walked over to Anthony, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his
cock, she gasped at the size of it, it had to be at least ten inches. She had
no idea. Anthony tried to pull away, but Mary Jo grabbed him by the cock and
started to stroke it. His cock started to thicken as it became rock hard.
Mary Jo's mouth began to water.

Anthony told her he hadn't had sex with a woman since his unfortunate
incarceration, he may be out of practice, Mary Jo told him not to worry, she
was a pro and would take care of everything, Sabrina chimed in, "Me too."

Mary Jo laid him on his back and wrapped her lips around his cock, it had to
be at least 13 inches now, she worked her way down until she had two-thirds
of it rammed down her throat, Anthony but his hands behind his head and
relaxed, this was just like prison, except with a woman, he must be dreaming.

Mary Jo wrapped her arms around him trying to get even more cock down her
throat, it was impossible though, anyway, she wanted him inside of her. She
had always wanted him, but she didn't think her co workers would forgive her
if she did it with a black man, they pretended to be opened minded, but she
wasn't so sure.

Sabrina pulled her hand out of the unconscious Julia, she had to have that
cock inside of her too. She dropped to her hand and knees and began to wiggle
her ass at Anthony, she reached between her legs and started to rub her clit.
Mary Jo kneeled right next to her and yelled "Come and get it big boy."

Anthony looked at the two girls, The teenager was hot and had an ass to die
for, but Mary Jo was the girl of his fantasies, what to do? What to do? It
was an obvious choice.

Anthony went over to the unconscious Julia and rolled her over onto her
stomach, he shoved a finger into her ass and started working it in and out,
he then removed his finger and shoved his cock into her ass.

Julia was shocked and wide awake as his monster cock entered her asshole, she
screamed in pain. Sabrina screamed "Damn it what's wrong with my ass?" Mary
Jo couldn't believe it either, she was sure Anthony would ram it to her, oh
well, she could wait her turn.

Anthony decided that Julia needed it more than Mary Jo, it also wouldn't be
nice to ram it too the new girl. He grabbed Julia around the waist and lifted
her up about a foot off the ground, he plunged his cock all the way in and
then pulled it all the way out again. Julia thrashed around like a rag doll.

Anthony rolled over so Julia was on top of him. She planted her feet and
began to jump up and down on his cock, she climbed up and but her feet on his
thighs so she could go up even higher on his giant cock. Anthony lifted her
up and down by the waist so she could ride him even harder.

Mary Jo ran over and pulled his cock out of Julia's ass, she began to suck it
again. Sabrina sat in the corner pouting, Julia ordered Mary Jo to put the
cock back in her ass, Mary Jo did as she was told. Julia began to jump up and
down on his cock again.

Mary Jo couldn't take anymore, Julia always got everything. She pushed Julia
off the cock and straddled him reverse cowgirl also, she stood up over his
cock and shoved it all the way into her ass. She placed her hands on her hips
and began to bounce up and down on his cock.

Julia sat and watched with an evil grin on her face, this was the most
exciting thing she had ever seen, she reached over and slipped two fingers
into Mary Jo's cunt. This made Mary Jo ride Anthony even harder, in fact she
looked like she was on a pogo stick.

Mary Jo rested her ass on Anthony with his cock all the way in her ass, she
then began to slide her ass side to side along his leg, she then began to
jump up and down again. Julia shoved two more fingers into her Mary Jo's

Mary Jo was screaming for it now. Anthony had lifted her up into the air and
was slamming her up and down on his cock as hard as he could, Sabrina had
come over and sat on his face, she was also lifting Mary Jo up and down. Mary
Jo finally had an orgasm to end all orgasms, she fell off his cock and down
to the ground.

Anthony ordered Julia to lay down next to her, he started to stroke his cock,
it didn't take long before he covered both their faces with his cream,
Sabrina had been left out again, she leaned over and licked the faces of the
two designers clean though, it was the least she could do.

Sabrina realized she wasn't going to have an orgasm here, she yelled for
Salem to change the channel, it was time for a new adventure, Salem was bored
with that channel anyway, he stepped on the remote.

Sabrina looked around to try to figure out where she was, she looked around
and quickly realized she was on a space ship, this was great she thought, "I
have to start watching more television the 3 hours a day are obviously not
enough. She had no idea where she was.

She was startled to hear the command "Freeze." "Stay where you are resistance
is futile." Sabrina turned and saw the blonde lady in the skin tight suit
pointing some kind of ray gun at her.



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