SABRINA TELEVISION 5 - Charlie's Angels
by Wonder Mike

The voice came through the intercom, Angel's I have your next assignment. The
man in the picture you are seeing is Dirk Vargas, he is running a white
slaver trade operation. We have been hired by the father of a missing girl to
but him away.

Sabrina Duncan asked her unseen boss, what the plan was. Charlie had the
answer of course.

Dirk preys on young prostitutes, Kelly, you and Chris will pose as
prostitutes, while Sabrina you and Bosely will monitor their progress.

Kelly Garrett chimed in "I always have to play the hooker." Chris Munroe told
her she was really good at it. The two of them went to the back to try on
some outfits. Sabrina followed to laugh at what they chose.

It was then that Bosley turned and saw the naked teenager Sabrina Spellman.
He started to call out to the Angels, but Sabrina begged him not to.

Bosley, then screamed "Behind you." Sabrina turned around, but Roland was
gone. He had already sprayed Sabrina with her love spray, he then popped in
on the Angels.

Bosley asked Sabrina where her clothes were. Sabrina didn't care, the spell
was taking effect. she slowly walked over to Bosley. She unzipped his pants
and pulled out his cock. He grabbed her by the wrist, but he really didn't
but up much of a fight.

Roland hid and watched Chris and Kelly try on outfits. Kelly decided on red
hot pants with a matching top. Chris chose a pair of cut off jeans with a
bikini top. They would have no problem attracting Dirk.

Bosley led Sabrina into a closet, he didn't want the Angels walking in on
them. He backed away as Sabrina stroked his cock. He pulled her along by the
back of the neck.

They reached the closet, Sabrina went to work on Bosley quickly, she began
to slam her head back and down on his cock. She deep throated him with every
stroke. Bosely loved his job, one day it would be Kelly blowing him he

The Angels where ready to leave, they came back to get Bosely, he was nowhere
to be found. They decided to leave him. Roland mad his move, he appeared
hovering over the girls and sprayed them all, he then disappeared back to
Sabrina's living room.

Kelly, Sabrina and Chris stared at each other. Sabrina told Kelly she had
never realized just how beautiful she was, she them said the same to Chris.
Kelly ran over and hugged Sabrina, Chris did the same. She wrapped her arms
around the two of them.

Sabrina Spellman had wrapped her arms around Bosley's ass. She was forcing
him to fuck her face. Well, she didn't have to really force him. Bosley was
humping away.

It didn't take long for him to lose it. He screamed as he unloaded into
Sabrina's open mouth. She greedily gulped it all down, she then yelled

Kelly was the first to hear the action in the closet. She ran over and
through the door open just in time to see Sabrina swallowing the last of
Bosley's load. She screamed "How dare you do that without inviting the rest
of us."

Chris ran over, she and Kelly each grabbed Bosley by an arm and pulled him
into the main office. He was trying to pull up his pants the whole time.

They stood him in front of the couch, Duncan was on her knees, she began
sucking on his cock, Kelly was stroking her hair, as Spellman and Chris
cheered her on.

Bosely was till limp though, he told the Angels that he would need a little
time to relax or something. Kelly and Chris had a different idea. They knew
how to get him up again.

Kelly and Chris pulled down each other's pants, Kelly then laid on her back,
she pulled Chris down on top of her. They hugged each other, then Chris spun
around so her face was buried in Kelly's cunt. She was wiggling her ass on
Kelly's mouth.

Kelly buried her tongue into Chris's blonde bush, the two Sabrina's went to
work on Bosley's limp cock. They took turns sucking on it. They where having
no success though.

Kelly reached up and stuffed two fingers into Chris's bush, Chris squealed
with delight, she returned the favor to Kelly.

Kelly began to hump her hips up onto Chris's fingers, Chris added a third
one into Kelly's cunt. It was time for Kelly to do the same to her. She added
a third finger into Chris, then she took her free hand and shoved two fingers
into her own ass.

Bosely watched Chris and Kelly intently, The two Sabrina's took turns sucking
his cock, he knew he had to be dreaming and he hoped that he was never
awoken. He reached down and grabbed a handful of two small pairs of tits.

Bosely began alternately sucking on both girls tits, Brea reached around and
grabbed the teenagers ass, Sabrina did the same to her, she then rammed a
finger inside of Brea's cunt.

Chris Munroe stuffed a fourth finger into Kelly, Chris was the new girl and
was still trying to earn her stripes. She had to please Kelly. She then
stuffed her thumb into Kelly's cunt.

Chris had shoved her whole arm into Kelly's tight cunt, it was so tight she
could barely move it. She began to slowly twist and turn her arm inside of
Kelly. Kelly shoved a third finger into her ass.

That was all it took. Bosley's cock sprung to life, he grabbed Brea by her
short brunette hair and started to fuck her face. Brea swallowed his cock
whole on every stroke. Sabrina dropped to her hands and knees and began
wiggling her ass, it was an inviting target, Bosley pulled his cock out of
Brea's mouth and pushed her over, he then ran over to Chris and Kelly.

Bosely rammed his cock into Kelly's cunt before Chris could pull her arm out.
Kelly screamed, so Chris started to slowly pull her arm out. Kelly begged her
not to. Chris then began to work it back in.

Chris slowly worked her arm in and out of Kelly while Bosely fucked her as
hard as he could. Bosely then pulled his cock out of Kelly and shoved it down
Chris's throat. Chris leaned up and sucked it as hard as she could, she never
stopped working her arm in and out of Kelly. Bosely then shoved his cock back
into Kelly.

Sabrina was still on all fours waiting for Bosely to give it to her, Brea
looked at her, then she sat down behind her and took of her shoes. Brea then
shoved her big toe into Sabrina's cunt.

Sabrina reached between her legs and grabbed Brea's foot, she began to work
her toes in and out of her cunt, Brea then shoved her whole foot inside of
Sabrina. Sabrina fell face first. Brea grabbed her by the hips so she could
ram her foot in even deeper.

Bosely had grabbed Kelly by the hair, he was pulling back using it to ride
her, he spanked her on her ass with every stroke.

Chris was twisting and turning her arm inside of Kelly she then leaned up
and started licking her clit. Kelly couldn't take anymore, she fell face
first out cold.

Bosely patted himself on the back, he was really proud of himself, he had
fuck Kelly unconscious, and he didn't need any help. He laid on his back and
ordered Chris to ride him.

Chris mounted him reverse cowgirl, she planted her feet and began jumping
up and down on his cock, she would show him who the best fuck out of the
group was. Bosely grabbed her by the hips and started lifting her up and

Sabrina had reached between her legs. she was rubbing her clit as fast as she
could, Brea rammed her foot inside of her as fast and hard as she could,
Sabrina was going to cum hard.

Chris was jumping up like she was on a trampoline, then she was wiggling her
ass as she reached bottom, Bosely was holding on for dear life. Brea was
watching the action, she decided she had to have some of Bosely, she pulled
her foot out of Sabrina just before she was about to cum. Brea ran over to
Bosely, she pulled Chris off of him, then she sat on his cock cowgirl.

Brea laid chest to chest with Bosley, she humped her cunt with fast short
stroked on his cock, Bosely wrapped her arms around her, pulling her as close
to him as he could, he then began to stroke up into her.

Chris stood behind the duo, she was upset that she was replaced, but Brea was
the senior Angel so she had some rights, Chris decided to help out, she
shoved three fingers int Brea's ass.

Brea let out a loud gasp as Chris's fingers entered her ass, she began to
hump up and down on Bosely faster. She had known Bosely longer then any of
the other Angels but they had never done it before, she didn't know why they
were doing it now and she didn't care, she only knew it felt good. Chris then
shoved a fourth finger into her ass.

Brea could handle any more, Bosely began to suck her small, but firm tits,
Brea was going to cum. Chris began to lick Brea's cunt at the same time she
was licking Bosley's cock, that was all Brea could take. She passed out on
top of Bosely.

Bosely pushed Brea off of his cock, he stood up and grabbed Chris by the
hair, he began to fuck her face. Chris wrapped her lips as tightly as she
could around his thrusting cock.

It only took a couple of strokes before he emptied his load down her throat,
Chris drank it all up. They looked around for the blonde teenager who started
it all, but she was nowhere to be found.

Salem had gotten bored with that show, he hit the remote to see what else
was on.

Sabrina found herself staring at a short red haired lady that she didn't
recognize, she then saw two younger brunettes also looking at her. The
redhead screamed "Barbara Cooper, did you bring a naked girl into this



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