By Wonder Mike

Salem had no idea what he had done, Sabrina had disappeared from Gilligan's
Island. He knew he had sat on the remote control but he didn't know what
would happen.

Kate McArdle had finally decided to quit her job, she was going to join her
roommate and best friend Allie Lowell in her catering business. It would be a
permanent job at least.

Emma McArdle thought her mom was insane, she told her the surest ways to
lose a friend was to loan them money, let them move in with you or go into
business together, Kate and Allie had now done all three. Jenny Lowell agreed
with her best friend.

Jenny brushed her long blonde hair and told Emma that she really didn't care,
her little brother Chip agreed with Emma. This had the makings of a disaster,
or a bad sit com.

Sabrina materialized inside an immaculate apartment, she was still sore and
tired, but she was still horny, she had figured out that somebody but a love
spell on her, it didn't take a genius for her to scream "Salem."

Roland and Salem just laughed, they had gotten the other realm neilson's
in. The Sabrina show was number one. They would make a fortune if they could
keep it up. Salem thought if he had to be a cat for another hundred years, he
might as well enjoy it. Roland was ready to cast a spell to but himself on
the show. Salem reminded him that Sabrina would kill him if he showed his
face. He would have to be content with being a voyeur.

Emma and Jenny walked into Emma's bedroom, The screamed when they saw
Sabrina. Sabrina had no idea who they where. She was struck by their beauty
though, or she was struck by her love spell. She needed them bad.

Sabrina walked over to the young brunette Emma and stroked her hair. She
asked the two teens where she was, she told them she had gotten hit on the
head and woke up her. Jenny screamed at her to get out of the apartment.

Salem knew the show was in trouble, he made himself invisible and popped into
the room. He sprinkled Jenny and Emma with the love spray. He decided to pop
into the kitchen and spray Kate and Allie too. What the hell. Little Chip
wandered in, Salem looked at him, then a voice popped into his head that said
"Do it, Do it." He had no choice.

The spell hit Emma first, she looked at Jenny, then she started stroking
Sabrina's arm which was still stroking her hair. She moved Sabrina's arm down
so her hand was brushing her small but pert tits.

Jenny was drooling now, she pulled of her sweater, removing her shirt at the
same time, Sabrina and Emma both looked at her, then they bounced.

Kate was stroking Chips hair, the 12 year old was growing into quite a little
man. Allie agreed, her son was going to make some girl very happy.

Kate thought, there was no girl good enough for Chip. He agreed, he told
Allie that he had always had a crush on her, Kate walked over and kissed him
on the cheek. Chip then turned his head and shoved his tongue in her mouth.

Jenny was flat on her back on the bed, Sabrina was sitting on her face, she
had pulled jenny's legs up over her head, she couldn't believe how flexible
Jenny was. Emma's face was buried between Jenny's legs.

Jenny was sliding her ass back and forth on the bed. Emma slipped two fingers
into her tight cunt, Jenny started to hump them. Jenny then reached up and
slipped two fingers inside of Sabrina.

Kate had grabbed Chip by the back of the head, she closed her mouth around
his tongue and was sucking it up and down. Allie watched for a couple of
seconds and screamed "How can you do that to my boy?"

Allie grabbed Kate and pulled her away, she then shoved her tongue into
Chip's mouth, Chip was a quick learner, he began sucking on his mother's
tongue. Kate laid down underneath him and unzipped his pants.

Kate began to slowly suck his cock, she easily swallowed all 5 inches, plus
his balls, Chip had never felt or imagined anything so wonderful, Kate began
shaking her head back and forth, Chip was going to cum.

Allie pulled her tongue out of Chip's mouth, she quickly dropped to he knees
and pushed her best friend out of the way. She shoved her son's cock into her
mouth just in time to catch his load.

It caught her by surprised, but she caught it all on her tongue. Kate rolled
over and kissed Allie. Allie stuck her tongue into Kate's mouth. Kate pulled
away opened her mouth and showed Chip his load, she then swallowed it all.

Sabrina had leaned over and had slipped her tongue inside of Jenny, she was
wiggling her ass with every lick she took. Emma saw the view and added her
tongue to Sabrina's.

Sabrina and Emma kissed, and then they would take a lick of Jenny, Jenny
squealed loudly with every stroke.

Emma rammed three fingers inside of Jenny, she began twisting and turning her
wrist as she fingered her friend. Sabrina could resist the opportunity. She
shoved three of her own fingers inside of Jenny.

Jenny was humping her ass up and down on the two hands inside of her, she was
going to explode. She grabbed them both by the wrists and started ramming
their hands inside of herself. Sabrina and Emma each added another finger.

They both began to turn there arms, that was all Jenny could take. She let
out a scream and had a mind blowing orgasm, she had never cum so hard before,
she collapsed on the bed.

Kate was on her knees again, Chip was still hard, Kate told Allie, that is
why I like them young. Allie joined Kate on her knees, they took turns
sucking his cock, Chip was the luckiest 6th grader ever.

Allie laid Chip on his back, he told him "Let mommy take car of you" She
straddled his waist then sat on his cock. Kate held her by the wrist to help
Allie balance as she rode her son.

Kate then stepped back and began to lick Allie's cunt as she bounced faster
and faster on chip, Kate had always wanted to do this. Chip then pulled out
his cock and shoved it into Kate's mouth. He shot his second load down her
throat. Kate easily swallowed it all.

Allie shoved his cock back into her cunt and scolded him. She told him that
he should cum in her mouth, Chip apologized, Kate told him he did good.

Emma was on her hands and knees now, she was wiggling her sweet ass back and
forth, Jenny and Sabrina were kneeling behind her, Emma had placed her hand
between her legs, she was rubbing her clit, She couldn't wait for her turn.

Sabrina had grabbed the attachment hose of the vacuum, she started rubbing it
along side of Emma's clit, jenny then turned the vacuum on. Emma screamed at
the sensation.

Sabrina rubbed the vacuum hose up and down her clit, Emma shoved four fingers
int her clit, the juices where dripping out of her cunt. Sabrina then shoved
the hose inside of her.

They could hear the juices being sucked out of Emma, even over the squealing,
Emma was rocking back trying to force more of the hose inside her pussy.

Sabrina was twisting and turning the hose inside of her, Emma finally
collapsed face first, this only allowed Sabrina to get the hose in deeper.
Emma had reached between her legs and was ramming the hose in even harder.

Kate looked down Chip was still fully erect, Kate had a plan to change that.
She started to stroke his cock, then she straddled him and shoved his cock
into her ass. This was the best thing that Kate had ever felt.

Kate started slamming her ass up and down on Chip, he was screaming now, he
thought Kate was going to drive them through the floor, Kate just jumped up
and down harder.

Allie was concerned for her son, she pulled his cock out of Kate's ass, then
she shoved it down her throat and licked it clean. Kate quickly grabbed it
and shoved it back in her ass. She wasn't done yet.

Allie laid down in front of them and began licking Kate's cunt, Kate grabbed
her by the hair and shoved Allie's tongue deeper into her cunt, Allie slipped
three fingers into Kate's pussy.

That was all it took for Kate, She screamed and fell off of Chip, Allie
grabbed his cock and placed it on her tongue. Chip shot his last load down
his mother's throat. She greedily drank it all. Kate slid over and shoved her
tongue down Allie's throat, but she was too late, Allie had swallowed it all.

Allie suggested that they take a ten minute break, then they should go and
pay a visit to the girls, Chip could teach Jenny a few things, Chip said he
needed some milk and cookies first.

Jenny was ready to push Emma over the edge, she pulled the vacuum out of her
cunt, she then reached over and grabbed Emma's favorite baseball bat, she
shoved the barrel into Emma's pussy.

Emma rocked back onto the bat, they had joked about doing this for a long
time but they never thought they would actually do it. Sabrina took the
Vacuum hose and placed it on Emma's clit.

Emma was screaming now, Jenny had taken the bat with both hands as was
ramming it as hard as she could into Emma. Emma was rocking back as hard as
she could. Emma then reached back and shoved two fingers into her ass.

This was a cool sight for Sabrina, she took two of her own fingers and shoved
them into Emma. Emma couldn't take anymore.

The juices came flying out of Emma so hard that they pushed the bat out, they
were sucked up by the vacuum, Sabrina then buried her tongue inside of Emma
and sucked out the rest. Emma passed out on the bed.

Kate, Chip and Allie walked into the bedroom and saw the girls, they where
ready for more, the juices where flowing out of Sabrina, she needed to be
fucked, and fucked hard, Chip would have to do.

Roland looked at his watch and saw that was all the time they had for this
show, he hit the remote to see what else was on. They heard the familiar
"Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you."



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