By Wonder Mike

Aries kept ramming his fist inside of the teenage witch, she was pumping her
legs begging for it, she was up on her toes slamming back onto his two hands.

The ram finally pulled his hoofs out of her, Sabrina spun around and started
sucking his 18 inches, she was still pleading to be fucked.

Aries told her if she could get half his cock down her throat she could have
what she wanted. She slowly started working her way down his shaft.

It would have been easy for her to normally get nine inches of cock down her
throat, but it was so thick she was having trouble, she opened her mouth as
wide as she could and shoved even more cock down her throat.

She knew she had gotten half of his monster cock down her throat, she pushed
him over onto his back without taking the cock out of her mouth, she took a
couple of more sucks then she straddled it.

Sabrina pulled her pussy lips apart and sat on his cock, they both let out a
load grunt as she slid all the way down on his member

When she reached bottom, Sabrina placed her hands on his chest, planted her
feet and slowly started the trip back up to the tip of his cock.

She reached the tip, then she kicked her legs out from underneath her and
dropped back down.

She was use to the size now, she started to ride him faster and faster, she
untied her pony tail so her hair could fly free.

Sabrina was jumping up and down on his cock now, Aries had his hands behind
his neck relaxing. Sabrina reached down and wrapped her hands around the back
of his neck and pulled up.

She used the leverage so she could slam her ass down even harder, she needed
it bad. Aries started to thrust up into her.

Sabrina was screaming "harder" with each thrust, Aries finally pushed her off
so he could give her what she needed, nobody had ever asked him to fuck
harder, he was the ram after all.

Aries rolled Sabrina over onto her stomach. He pushed her flat on the ground,
then he rammed his cock into her cunt.

Sabrina tried to pump up into him but Aries had all his weight on her back.
He started pumping harder and harder until Sabrina stopped begging for it.

Aries was a blur ramming his engorged cock into her pussy, Sabrina just laid
their with her mouth hanging open. Aries wrapped his arms around her and
lifted her ass a little. That enabled him to fuck her even harder. Sabrina
started pumping her ass up into him.

Sabrina managed to get her knees underneath her, she then started slamming
her ass back onto the ram, Aries grabbed her around the waist and pulled her
back even harder.

He was like a machine reaming out her cunt, Aries was going to give out first

He was going to lose it, he shot his load deep inside of her cunt before he
could pull out. He held her tight until he shot his entire load inside of

Sabrina passed out as he finished. The cum came dripping out of her cunt as
she lay face first on the ground.

Sabrina awoke on her bed, she was so sore she couldn't stand or close her
legs, it then occurred to her that she never even heard her future. It was
just the same, she wasn't an Aries anyway.

She laid flat on her face on her bed and went back to sleep, she would try
again later.

Sabrina took a nice, long nap, she was awoken by her cat, Salem. He told her
somebody was at the door. Sabrina wasn't expecting anybody so she hopped
downstairs. She was disappointed to find her arch rival, Libby at the door.

Sabrina was greeted with the usual greeting "Hello freak," Sabrina really
couldn't stand Libby. She pointed and turned her into a toad.

She quickly turned her back before Libby knew what happened, it would be
Sabrina's little secret.

Libby told her Harvey had sent her over. Sabrina had missed school and Harvey
wanted to give Sabrina her homework, Libby didn't want to do it but Harvey
now owed her, she was already cooking up a way to collect.

Libby tossed Sabrina's books across the room, her papers went flying, Sabrina
pointed at Libby, and her books went flying across the room.

Libby came inside to pick up her books, Sabrina heard a knock coming from
upstairs. She had a visitor from the other realm. She tried to get rid of
Libby but she was taking her time picking up her books.

Sabrina's worst fears came true, Taurus the bull, came strolling down her
stairs, he had the body of a man but the body of a bull, Sabrina knew she was
a Taurus and she would have to meet him if she wanted to know her future.

Libby took one look at the beast and keeled over. Taurus told Sabrina he was
here to finish the job. Sabrina was still worn out from before, she wasn't
ready for anymore.

The bull whipped out his cock, it was two feet long and as thick as her leg,
Sabrina said "No way."

Taurus said he had traveled from the other realm and he wasn't going anywhere
until he was finished.

Sabrina ran upstairs to get help, she looked for Salem but he was out the
window. She headed back downstairs.

Sabrina walked back into the living room. The bull was standing in front of
Libby, she was on her knees licking up and down his cock. She had taken one
look at it and she had to have it.

Sabrina was going to break it up, but Libby deserved to have the shit fucked
out of her, maybe it would turn her into a real human being.

Libby had both hands wrapped around his cock, she was stroking it for all she
was worth while she licked, starting at the tip and worked her way down all
the way to the base.

Sabrina sat on the bed and conjured up some pop corn, she was going to enjoy
this. She pulled off her stretch pants to get more comfortable.

The bull bent Libby over, she stood and placed her hands on her knees, he
slammed his enormous cock into her cunt.

Libby was knocked forward three feet, she only had the tip of his cock inside
of her. He grabbed her around the waist and shoved again.

Libby screamed at the top of her lungs, the bull was so strong he had no
trouble impaling her on his member.

Libby tried to step away but it was no use. Not only was she stuck on that
cock, but Taurus was holding her, so she couldn't go anywhere.

The bull reared his cock all the way out of her and rammed it in again. Libby
was crying. Taurus began slowly thrusting in and out of her cunt.

Sabrina was spread eagle on the coach, she had her legs straight up in the
air. She had a bottle of hair spray, and she was ramming it in and out of her
cunt. She soon had both hands wrapped around the bottle so she could fuck
herself even harder.

Taurus was fucking Libby so hard that he knocked her off her feet, she was
laying face first on the floor, while he was pile driving her cunt. It didn't
take long for him to fuck her into unconsciousness.

Taurus wasn't finished with her though, he didn't need her to move to enjoy
himself, he fucked her even harder.

Sabrina was using the bottle with one hand again, she took three fingers from
her free hand and shoved them into her ass. She had to have that giant cock,
and she had to have it now.

She ran over to the bull and turned him over. Libby was still impaled on his
cock, she was now on top of him. Sabrina stood on him and tried to pull her
off, Taurus wouldn't let go though.

They had a tug of war over Libby's unconscious body, the bull finally let go
and Sabrina fell back freeing Libby. The bull grabbed Sabrina with one hand,
he lifted her in the air and slammed her down on his cock.

Sabrina screamed at the top of her lungs, she thought she was going to pass
out all ready. Taurus slammed her all the way down to the base of his cock
with his first thrust.

He started to lift her up and Sabrina managed to get her feet underneath her.
The bull slammed her down again.

Taurus grabbed her around the waist with both hands and started slamming
her up and down on his cock. She was quickly a blonde blur, she was riding
him so hard.

Sabrina's pussy stretched and stretched so she could take the fucking even
harder. She was completely limp and about to pass out.

She began begging the bull to slow down, he stopped ramming her up and down,
she managed to step off his 2 foot cock, she dropped to her knees and began
sucking on the tip of his cock.

It didn't take long for him to start shooting his load. Sabrina tried to
swallow it all but it was too much, the bull kept cumming for 2 minutes, he
complete filled Sabrina's mouth until it started dripping out the corners.

Libby looked up and whispered "freak." Taurus looked at Sabrina and told him
they could not tell a witch living in the mortal realm their future, because
it changed everyday.

Libby ran screaming from the house, Sabrina knew she would forget everything
by the time she got home.



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