By Wonder Mike

Salem arrived at the sacrifice, it was slow going carrying all the bananas
he had swiped. He couldn't believe what he saw. His Sabrina tied to a post
completely naked as a 20 foot ape approached her.

Salem knew he had to act, he told his general to protect the bananas and he
sprung to action.

Salem stood in front of Kong and yelled "Halt" The ape looked at him and kept
walking. Salem ordered his men to free Sabrina while he distracted the ape.
He took a banana in his mouth and ran behind the beast.

It worked, the ape turned away from Sabrina and began moving toward the cat.

Salem screamed, but his troops had the time to free Sabrina, she ran naked
into the woods. Salem ran through the apes legs and followed her.

Sabrina and Salem met and talked about what had happened, Salem never
mentioned the part about taking over the world.

They decided to rest for the night, Salem handed Sabrina her black spandex
pants, he didn't have her top. She had to place two leaves over her nipples.

Salem met with his general. The general told him that Kong rules the jungle.
The other tribe was going to use Sabrina to wear him out so they could
capture and train him. They could use the beast to take over the jungle.

Salem's ears perked up, he could not only use Kong to take over the jungle,
but dare he say it, he could rule the world, he would capture Kong himself.

Salem went to bed, he knew after a good nights sleep he would think of a way
to subdue Kong, he hoped he could do it without having to sacrifice Sabrina,
but you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

The general came upon the sleeping witch, he grabbed her nose and tilted her
head back, he poured a liquid down her throat.

Sabrina jumped up wide awake, she screamed "What are you doing?" The general
told her not to worry, she would be feeling great in a couple of minutes.

Sabrina had no idea what he was talking about. She then began to feel a
strange itch between her legs. She then started to rub the leaves that were
covering her breast.

All of a sudden, Sabrina needed to be fucked, and she needed to be fucked
now. She shoved her hand down her spandex and started rubbing her clit, she
couldn't help herself.

The general whipped out his cock, he wanted to see if the potion had truly
worked, it was just a test. Sabrina dropped to her knees and began to stroke
the throbbing cock in front of her.

The general's cock was jet black, and made a nice contrast slapping against
Sabrina's lily white cheeks. It quickly grew to it's full 12 inches. Sabrina
already had 10 inches down her throat.

Sabrina grabbed the general by the ass and pushed. She soon had the entire
cock going down her throat. Her fingers were rubbing furiously against her
clit. She tried to ran her hand inside her cunt, but her pants were too

The general grabbed her by her long blonde hair. He pulled her head back and
began fucking her face. He pulled his cock out so he could shoot his load all
over her face.

Sabrina screamed "NO," She really needed to be fucked and the only man around
had just cum. She was in trouble.

She shoved the cock back into her mouth and began sucking him off again. It
was only seconds before his cock was rock hard again. She pleaded for him to
fuck her. She dropped to her hand and knees and wiggled her ass at him.

He knew he needed to save her for Kong, but he couldn't resist. He pulled
down her pants just below her ass cheeks, he would give her the fucking of a

He quickly came to his senses though, he shoved his 12 inches into her tight
ass hole. Sabrina squealed in delight and shoved her ass backwards. Her
perfectly round ass easily swallowed up the generals whole cock.

Sabrina was slamming back against the general as hard as she could, he was
grunting and groaning, he thought she was going to knock him over backwards.
He held on for dear life.

There was nobody in the world who could handle that onslaught, he was going
to cum again and cum hard. He pulled his cock out of her ass and ran around
in front of her. He shoved his cock down her throat and emptied his cum
directly down her throat. Sabrina greedily swallowed it all without spilling
a drop. She then started scooping the dried up cum on her face. She then
licked her fingers clean.

Sabrina was hornier than ever, she needed to be fucked and fucked harder
than anybody had eve been fucked before. She started to attack the general
again, he stopped her, he told her he could never satisfy her, no man could.

She told him to call out the troops, he had 100 men under him, and she wanted
them all. He told that even his entire village couldn't help her now. She
would spend her entire life on her back getting fucked and it would never be

Sabrina asked what she could do, he told her the only one who could end the
itch was the mighty Kong.

Sabrina was mortified, but she said "Let's go people." She went to find the
mighty king of the jungle Kong.

The general quickly found the mighty ape, or you could say Kong could smell
Sabrina's cunt from a mile away. He burst through the jungle, his 4 foot log
cock standing out in front of him.

Sabrina licked her lips at the site of the giant cock, she didn't think she
could take it all but she would die trying, and die happy. The cock was as
thick as her thigh.

Sabrina walked up to Kong, his cock was resting on the top of her head, she
started licking up and down the shaft, there was no way she was going to get
it into her mouth.

Sabrina laid on her stomach and pointed at her cunt. Kong didn't need to
be told twice, he stood over Sabrina and shoved his giant cock into her
dripping pussy right through her pants.

Sabrina was so wet that the cock slid into her cunt easily, She screamed at
the top of her lungs as her cunt was stretched to the max.

Kong was not gentle at all, he shoved his cock all the way inside of her on
the first stroke. Her pussy was no match for the king of the jungles raw

The general roared his approval as Kong began stroking his cock harder and
harder on each stroke. He was fucking the screaming teenager so hard she
though he was going to break her in half.

Sabrina could feel her itch subsiding but she would pass out before it was
completely gone, if she did, Kong might kill her.

Between screams of pleasure she managed to scream for Salem, her trusty cat
came running. Salem knew she was in trouble. He through her the bracelet that
held her magic. Sabrina quickly cast a spell that rolled her over on top of
the giant ape.

Kong was caught of guard and Sabrina planted her feet on his legs and began
bouncing up and down on his cock, her pussy easily accommodated the monster

Kong laid still as the young blonde rode his cock, but only for a second. He
then grabbed her around the waist with one hand and began slamming her up and
down on his cock.

That was all Sabrina could take, she had one final giant orgasm and squirted
a pint of cum from her pussy, Kong then started to shoot his load.

Kong shot with such force it knocked Sabrina right off his cock, Sabrina fell
off the cock and laid unconscious against Kong's leg. The cum game down and
completely covered her.

Kong passed out, the general called for his troops, he had control of Kong
now, and he took control from Salem.

The tribe locked up Salem and Sabrina for the night. When they awoke Sabrina
was ready to go home, she didn't care about her family secret anymore. Salem
told her they should make one more stop.

Sabrina transported them to another village, Salem told her to look into a
hut. Sabrina looked in, and thought it was a mirror, but it wasn't. There was
another Sabrina, was that the family secret?



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