Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina Goes All The Way Part 3 (Mf,mc,magic)
by Crack Baby

"Oh my God." was all Sabrina could say as she stood at her doorway and
watched herself give her best friend a savage strap-on fucking.

She ran out of her room and into her aunts room where she was greeted with
the sight of herself again. This time she was handcuffed to the headboard
as her boyfriend, Harvey, spanked her already pink ass. The Sabrina on the
bed was obviously orgasming and screaming out, "SPANK ME HARDER MASTER!

Sabrina ran out of the room and down the stairs. She had gone nuts. That
was the only explanation. Mr. Craft sodomising her tight little virgin ass
had warped her mind and now she was seeing sex everywhere. She ran out of
the house and through the streets, expecting at any moment to see herself
sodomised over the bonnet of a car, humping at the side of the road or
giving head to a passer-by.

But one thing was clear in her head - she knew whose fault all this was.
Libby. Sabrina could picture the smug little bitch in her head and could
only think... REVENGE!

She transported herself back to the school where classes were still going on.
She made herself invisable and snuck into Mr. Craft's office. Mr. Craft was
sitting at his desk with a Sabrina's school file open. He was looking at the
picture of Sabrina and rubbing his hard-on through his slacks. It made
Sabrina want to throw up and made her even more determined to go ahead with
her revenge.

She cast a suggestion spell on Mr. Craft and told him to call Libby to his
office. Minutes later, Libby arrived, in her cheerleader uniform as usual.
Then Sabrina cast a nyphomaniac spell on Libby.

Libby looked at Mr. Craft with lust in her eyes. "I think I know why you
called me here, Mr. Craft." she said in a low sexy voice.

Mr. Craft raised an eyebrow. "Do you now, Libby?" To be honest, he was glad
she did, because he couldn't remember why the fuck he had.

Libby walked around the desk and sat on his lap. She pulled off her
cheerleader pullover and unbuttoned the first two buttons of her shirt, just
enough to show a bit of cleavage. She pushed her breasts against him and
started to run her fingers through his balding hair.

Sabrina, still invisable, snuck around and turned on the school intercom,
transmitting thier conversation around the whole school.

"You're a very handsome man, Mr. Craft." said Libby. In the classrooms her
voice echoed. Students and teachers alike looked up from thier desks,
towards the intercom.

Libby leaned forward and kissed him. Then she whispered in his ear, "I want
you to fuck me Mr. Craft. I want you to stick your big cock in my virgin
pussy. I want to be your fuck-toy, your little teenage whore."

In the classrooms the teachers looked at the intercom stunned, while the
students giggled.

Mr. Craft, who had been too stunned to stay anything, awoke from his stupor.
Libby could feel his cock throbbing underneath her. He grabbed her head and
kissed her vigourously, mashing his face into hers. The he said, "Lean
forward on the desk."

"Yes, Mr. Craft."

"And call me 'daddy'."

"Yes... daddy."

Libby rested her hands on the desk and Mr. Craft pulled up the short skirt of
her cheerleader's uniform and pulled down her panties. Libby sighed as the
cold air touched her ass and her clit. Craft unzipped his fly and his bone
sprung out. Libby looked around greedily at his dick and immediatley sunk
her pussy down onto it. She squealed as her hymen was broken, but the
burning desire in her loins had to be sated. Libby was thrusting up and down
on Mr. Craft's dick as he sat there. holding onto her hips.

"Oh daddy, I love your big dick inside me. I love it when you fuck me like
a whore."

Meanwhile, as Sabrina watched on, she started to get turned on by the scene
unfolding on front on her. She had been stroking her clit, but the usual
warm feeling she got when she touched herself there had failed to appear,
and now she was frustrated and horny. Then she had an idea. She stuck her
dripping wet hand down the back of her trousers and stroked the little brown
pucker of her asshole. Instantly the warmth began to spread throughout her
body. The pussy fluid over her hand made her finger slip easily over her
asshole. She rubbed harder, getting more and more turned on. Her finger
pressed against her asshole, the pad over her finger just beginning to

"Oh God," thought Sabrina, as waves of pleasure washed over her, "I've never
felt like this before."

Then it occured to her, she had. When Mr. Craft had penitrated her virgin
anus with his rock hard cock, she had felt like this. It had been both the
most degrading and the most erotic and pleasurable moment of her life. She
looked over at Libby, thrusting up and down on Mr. Craft's dick. Her hair
was stuck to her face with sweat and her shirt had been been pulled open by
Mr. Craft.

Mr. Craft leaned forward and grabbed her bra clab tits, forcing her forward
onto the table. He stood up even as she thrusted against him. Her arms were
straight out and her hands rested onto the table. Her back curved down to
meet Mr. Craft's groin which was now thrusting as strongly against her, as
she had been against it.

She was screaming, "Daddy, oh daddy, fuck me hard."

Her breasts wobbled in thier nylon prison. Her pointed nipples could be seen
clearly through the tight material. Craft was now pounding her for all he
was worth.

"Oh... oh.. yeah... oh... daddy... daddy... yeah..." she panted.

Mr. Craft grabbed the back of her bra and tore the clasp open. The straps
fell off her shoulders and her pert teenage tits bounced free.

"Oh..yeah... daddy... god yeah... I'm gonna cum... oh fuck yeah..."

"Not yet you're not." puffed Mr. Craft as he pulled out over her already
spasming pussy and rammed his dick full force into her tight virgin ass,
instantly filling it with cum. Libby screamed with pain and pleasure.
At the same time, Sabrina drove her finger right the way up her ass and
collapsed on the floor, convulsing with orgasm.

At that moment the school district supervisor, who had been visiting the
school, burst into the office. Libby was bent over the desk and Mr. Craft
was still pumping cum into her virgin asshole.


Mr. Craft was fired for conduct unbecomming a headmaster. He was also
arrested and jailed for 12 counts of having sex with a minor. In prison,
he found his roll somewhat reversed as a large redneck named Billy-Joe Ellroy
made him intimatly familiar with the term 'squeal like a pig'.

Libby was so changed by the incident that she seduced her father.

Sabrina was also changed by the incident, and took to letting Harvey
sodomise her on a regular basis. She also let Valerie, Hilda and Salem,
who was trapped in her form, have a go with the mystic dildo.

And they all lived happily ever after... except for Mr. Craft.

The End


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