Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina Goes All The Way Part 2 (Mf,mf,mc,magic)
by Crack Baby

Hilda Spellman lay on her bed, masturbating furiously. She couldn't cum.
She was torn with frustration. She hadn't had a good fuck in what seemed
like centuries. The last fuck she'd had was with Willard Craft. He'd fucked
her up the ass and cum in under five minutes. Hilda didn't mind the ass
fucking but she wanted to get something out of it. After he'd cum Craft had
just fallen asleep.

The doorbell rang and Hilda screamed in exasperation. She looked out the
window to see who it was. It was Harvey, Sabrina's boyfriend.

'He's cute,' thought Hilda, 'Pity Sabrina isn't putting out, I'll bet he can
go all night.'

Hilda stroaked her clit absent mindedly to this last thought.

'HMMM,' she thought, 'All night.'

Then it hit her.

'Fuck it,' she thought, 'I can fix his memory after. Sabrina need never

With that she cast a spell over herself and watched as her body shrank and
morphed into that of Sabrina. She ran into Sabrina's room, grabbed the
first clothes she saw (which happened to be a pair of black legging with
white strips down the side and a black tight fitting top with white strips
on the sleeves) and ran down to answer the door.

"Hey Harvey!" she said, inviting him in.

"Hey Sabrina. You left school early. I snuck off to see if you're alright."

"C'mon," she said, ignoring his last remark. She was too horney to care.
"My aunts are away. Let's go us to Hilda's room and fool around."

"Alright!" said Harvey and he practically ran up the stairs. Hilda licked
her teenage lips. This was going to be fun.

Meanwhile, Salem came out of Sabrina's closet. He was damn horney. Watching
Sabrina run around naked all the time had gotten him into an unbearable state
of arousal. He needed some pussy, and not of the feline verity. He needed a
spell to become human, and luckily Sabrina had left her magic book open.

He looked through the spellbook until he found a likely canditate. He need
a piece of clothing from the person he wanted to impersonate, so he dragged
in his old warlock's coat from the closet. He said the magic words and
rubbed his paws as a cloud of smoke enveloped his body. Unfortunatly, Salem
had forgotten that Sabrina had worn the cloak for Halloween, so when the
smoke cleared he found himself transformed into - Sabrina.

"What the fuck...?" he said. Then he noticed himself in the mirror.

'MMMMM.' he purred to himself as he looked over the taught teenage body. He
ran his finger over the nipples and shivered with delight. He turned around
and looked at Sabrina's fantastic ass in the mirror. Then he bent over to
look at her tight, puckered bunghole. He could feel his snatch getting wet.
Just then, the doorbell rang. In the other room, Hilda was just taking
Harvey's big cock in her mouth.

Salem threw on Sabrina's nightgown and went down to get the door. It was
Valerie, Sabrina's curvateous, but insecure friend. She had also snuck out
of school to check on Sabrina. Salem looked her up and down and licked his

"Hey Val, c'mon upstairs, I'm just getting dressed."

Salem left Valerie in Sabrina's bedroom while he hunted around in Zelda's
room for his old trunk. While he was searching he found the mystical
strap-on dildo that Hilda and Zelda used when both of them were hard up
for dates. Eventualy, he found his trunk and in it, a hypnotic orb.

As he made his way back to Valerie, he noticed the grunting and groaning
coming from Hilda's room. He looked through the key-hole only to see
Sabrina (well, Hilda disguised as Sabrina) riding Harvey for all he was
worth. Harvey was lying down on the bed and Hilda was sitting over him,
leaning back and thrusting herself up and down on his cock.

'Mmmmm.' purred Salem, 'Looks like we won't be disturbed for a while.'

He want back into Sabrina's room and as Valerie turned around to say
something he flashed her with the hypnotic orb. Valerie's face immediatley
went blank. Salem strapped on the mystic dildo and stroked it as he looked
Valerie up and down, wondering which of her oriffices he would penitrate
first. He shivered as he stroked, the sensations myticaly transferred into
his body.

'God,' he thought, 'It's great having a dick again. Hmmmm, why waste it
with masturbation.'

"Valerie," he commanded, "Come over here and suck my dick."

The tranced teenager immediatley responded and dropped to her knees on front
of Salem/Sabrina. She kissed the top of the dildo, then ran her tounge over
the pisshole. Salem/Sabrina shivered with delight. He opened his eyes as
she wrapped her innocent teenage lips around his knob and began to slid her
sweet mouth up and down. He looked in the mirror and the site of the
raven-haired teenager with her face in Sabrina's crotch nearly drove him over
the edge.

He pulled his dick slowly out of her mouth and she looked up smiling.

"Valerie," he said, "When I click my fingers you will awaken, but you will be
horny for Sabrina. You will want her to do things to you. Nasty things."

He clicked his fingers. Instantly Valerie stood up and started kissing him,
exploring his mouth with her tongue. Their nipples rubbed together as they
embraced. This drove Salem to new maddening heights of lust. He pulled away
and pushed Valerie away.

"Take off your clothes and get on the bed." He commanded.

"Oh yeah Sabrina. I'm so fucking horney."

Valerie began to struggle out of her clothes, but Salem couldn't wait. She
was half out of her bra when he whirled her around and bent her over the bed.
He whipped down her knickers and thrust in her sopping wet virgin pussy.
Valerie tensed as her hymen broke under the pressure. Salem was beyond
rational thought. He just started pumping into her, fucking her savagly.
Valerie's tits swung like like pendulums as Salem fucked her like a wild

The mystic didlo was designed to highten the pleasure for both members by
subtly manipulating it's form and size. So, it was no wonder that in a
couple of minutes that Valerie was screaming out in the throes of a massive


Salem turned to see the reflection in the mirror. The sight of Sabrina
fucking her best friend bent over the bed was too much. Their young nubile
sweaty thrusting bodies slamming together sent him over the edge.

"I'M CUUUMMMIINNNGG" He cried in Sabrina's voice, "TAKE IT UP YOUR PUSSY YOU


Salem was just emptying a shit-load of mystic cum into Valerie's tight little
snatch, when he noticed the real Sabrina standing at the door, mouth open
with shock and surprise.


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