Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina Goes All The Way Part 1 (Mf,ncon)
by Crack Baby

Sabrina Spellman who, unbeknownst to her friends, was in fact a teenage witch
was in school one day. She was, as she usually was every day, sitting with
her on - off boyfriend Harvey Kinkle and her best friend Valarie. They were
sitting around talking about the upcoming school dance and what they were
going to wear and who was bringing who.

Distracted by the conversation, Sabrina failed to notice her arch enemy Libby
coming up behind her, with a tray loaded with dirty dishes. As Libby passed
by she tipped the tray over pouring a half empty bowl of soup and the
remains of two paper cups of coffee over Sabrina's top.

Sabrina jumped up saying, "What the hell did you do that for?"

Libby just leared and said, "Serves you right for getting in the way, freak."
and swiftly turned around and made her exit. Sabrina turned to her friends
to compain, but noticed Harvey looking lustfuly after Libby as she made her
way out of the cafeteria. Sabrina just shut her mouth and stormed out,
heading for the nearest toilet to clean herself off. Much to her annoyance,
Libby and two of her cheerleader friends, Nina and Ann, were standing talking
in the toilet. They gave her withering glances as she entered the toilet.

As Sabrina tried to clean off the soup and coffee Libby started talking in a
loud voice. "It's a wonder they don't have seperate toilets for the science
club freaks. I mean, look at them, they can't even keep themselves clean for
a few hours..." Libby's two friends tittered under thier hands. Sabrina saw
red. She turned around and pointed her finger at the sewage pipe that ran
over the toilets and wihin a few seconds it burst over the three
cheerleaders, covering them with the school's waste matter. The three
cheerleaders stood there in shock.

Valarie came in the toilet and saw the three filthy cheerleaders and Sabrina
doubled up with laughter. "Look, Valarie," said Sabrina, "The cheerleaders
can't even keep themselves clean for a few hours."

A couple of hours later Sabrina was in class, still laughing to herself,
when her name came over the intercom. "Sabrina Spellman. Come to principal
Craft's office immediatly." Sabrina duly made her way to the office, curious
as to what the principal could want.

When she got into the office, Craft closed the door behind her.

"Well, Sabrina," he began, "I suppose you're wondering why you're here."

"Yeah, kinda..." offered Sabrina.

"Well," he smiled, "You're expelled."

"What?!" exlaimed sabrina in surprise.

"Libby and her two friends told me how they walked in on you sabotaging the
sewage pipe." he continued while Sabrina stood there mouth agap. "We don't
take kindly to vandalism in this school. You may collect your belongings
from your locker."

Craft got up to open the door, but Sabrina knelt down on front of him.

"Please," she begged, "You can't expell me. I didn't do anything." She
wrapped her arms around his legs. "Please, my aunts will kill me."

Craft looked down on her. He loved the feeling of control and domonation.
He could feel himself getting hard as she begged. Sabrina had the side of
her face pushed against Craft's groin as she held his legs. Suddenly she
felt something pulsating against her face. She looked up at Craft's cold
hard face with her big blue eyes, first with surprise, then pleadingly.
When his expression remained the same, she reached up and pulled down his
fly. His member flopped out, bounced and stopped at ninty degrees, pointing
directly at her.

Gingerly, and with tears in her eyes, Sabrina grasped his throbbing love
stick and slowly moved her face towards it. She peeled back the foreskin
and parted her full red lips. She took the cock into her mouth and started
to suck. She awkwardly tried to move her head back and forth. Craft looked
down. "Little inexperienced, aren't you?" he snorted. Sabrina tried to move
her head faster. "Gee, I don't know if this blowjob is going to be worth
keeping you in school." Tears were pouring down Sabrina's face as she tried
to suck as hard as she could. Her jaw was already getting sore from having
Craft's dick in her mouth.

Craft stepped back and his cock slid out of sabrina's mouth and her hand.
"I'm sorry, young lady, but you're going to have to get alot better at
cocksucking if you want to succed in this world." said Craft smugly.

Sabrina couldn't believe it. She had debased herself and degraded herself
far more than she ever thought she would, and it wasn't enough. "Please,
Mr. Craft," she begged on her knees. Craft was getting a kick out of her
pleading and was stroking his cock as she knelt there.

"Please," she said, "I'll do anything."

Craft looked down at her, bored. "Alright..," he conceeded at last, "..but
you have to do exactly as I say."

"Anything, sir, anything." said Sabrina, a look of relief on her face.

"I'll soon rub that off." thought Craft to himself. "Stand up and turn
around." said Craft. She stood up and turned her back to him. He looked her
voluptuous teenage body. "Take off your knickers." She hitched up her short
skirt and slowly peeled off her black panties. Craft got a good view of her
beautiful heart shaped ass as she did so. He rubbed vasoline that he usualy
used for his chapped lips up and down his dick.

"Bend over the desk." he said in a cold stern voice, rubbing his pulsating
member and staring at the semi naked teenager.

"Please..." pleaded Sabrina pathetically, bending over, sensing what was
coming next. She shut her eyes tight to hold back the tears.

Craft lifted her short skirt up around her waist and stroked the smooth skin
of her ass.

"Please, Mr Craft," said Sabrina, who was finding it hard to come to terms
with what was happening, "Please don't.."

"Shaddup, you little bitch," said Craft, coming up behind her and rubbing his
penis lewdly between the teenager's pert buttcheeks. He smacked the side of
her ass and Sabrina let out a little yelp.

"Have you been bad, Sabrina?" he said smacking her ass, causing another yelp
from Sabrina, masturbating himself between her asscheeks.

"...I've been bad." said Sabrina, half-heartedly.

"Louder," ordered Craft, smacking her harder.

"I'VE BEEN BAD." shouted out Sabrina.

"That's better." said Craft, "Now tell me your my little slut."

Sabrina bit her bottom lip. "I'm your little slut."

He smacked her again, leaving a stinging hand mark. "LOUDER!" he ordered.

"I'M YOUR LITTLE SLUT!" screamed Sabrina.

"Now tell me you want me to fuck your tight virgin ass."

"Oh no, please, please don't," begged Sabrina, who had never even had sex

But there was no stopping Craft. He placed the top of his greased knob
against the puckered opening of her ass and began to force his dick into her
tight virginal anal cavity. Sabrina screamed in pain as she felt her ass
streached like never before. Craft huffed and puffed as he forced his
throbbing member up her virginal shithole. He grabbed onto her hips as she
struggled and writhed underneath him. He looked down and watched as the
purple head of his nob disappeared up her squirming ass. Watching her
stuggle only turned him on more.

"Fuck," puffed Craft, red-faced as he watched the last of his dick disappear
up the teenager's no longer virginal shithole, "If only your aunts could see
you now."

He started pulling his dick out slowly.

"I fucked Hilda like this before. But Zelda wouldn't. Too much pride."

He rammed his dick back into her again causing her to scream aloud.

"But I got her back."

He started thrusting in and out of the teenager's young, pert body making it
rock in time with his thrusts. Every time he pushed into her, Sabrina let out
a small whimper. She couldn't believe this was happening, she couldn't
believe she was being brutaly sodimised by her headmaster. The burning pain
in her ass increased with every thrust. Every time she whimpered Mr. Craft
brought slapped the side of her ass.

How much longer could it go on for, she wondered, this humiliation. Then it
occured to her, vaugley, between the pain and the shame she felt, it would go
on until he came. She had to make him cum. She swallowed and said horsely,
"Fuck me."

"What?" puffed Mr Craft as he continued his anal assault.

Sabrina concentrated her mind. She had to pretend she was enjoying this.
She had to believe she was enjoying this. Making Mr Craft cum was all that

She craned her head around and smiled at the red faced still thrusting Craft.

"Fuck me." she repeated, this time more clearly and with more authourity.

Craft couldn't believe it. This little bitch was beginning to enjoy this.
He groaned in appriciation.

When he groaned Sabrina knew it was going to work.

"Fuck my ass, Mr Craft, fuck my tight ass."

Craft began to thrust faster. Sabrina grunted as this new assault hit her
broken rectum, but she stealed herself. She had to make him cum. Once he
came, this would all be over.

She began to push back against him, forcing even more of his cock into her
bruised teenaged ass.

"Oh yeah, fuck me harder. I want to feel your big dick in my ass. I want
you to fuck my teenage ass. I want to be your little teenage slut."

Craft's thrust began to speed up, and Sabrina could hear him gasping behind

"C'mon, fuck me, big boy. OOOhhh, stick up my tight shithole."

Craft was close to cumming. He grabbed Sabrina's ponytail and pulled her
head back towards him, arching her back. This levered his dick even further
up her. Sabrina gnashed her teeth as her hair felt like it was being pulled
out of her scalp, but she knew she had to keep up the act.

"That's it, fuck me," she screamed, "I'm your fuck puppet, I'm your whore."

Then Sabrina felt it. It came over like a wave. Slowly rippling first, but
getting stronger with every wave, every thrust.

She couldn't believe it. She was cumming. The orgasm was about ten times
bigger than any she'd ever experienced. She let out a long hard groan.


She started thrusting back against Craft's rock hard member. Faster and
faster as her orgasm overtook her.


Craft couldn't take any more. He shot his load up her smooth virgin ass.

"Fucking take it, bitch. You like it you like it. You like it when Daddy
does it this way."

Sabrina's thrusting ass milked the cum from his throbbing dick as she writhed
in pleasure beneath her headmaster.

Spent, Craft fell back into his chair. Sabrina shuddered as his dick slid
out of her battered shite pipe.

Sabrina stood up and picked up her knickers form where they lay on the floor.
She slipped them back on and pulled down her skirt from her waist. Not
looking back, she walked out of the office, Craft's cum poring out of her
asshole, soaking her knickers.


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