by Wonder Mike

Sabrina really didn't want any part of Roland, but she felt the bulge in his
pants, and all of a sudden, he didn't look so bad. Roland told her his price.

"I will take care of your problem but first you have to hold my hand."
Sabrina finally agreed.

Sabrina started to undress, Roland told her, Slowly, if you want the full
Monty. Sabrina wiggled out of her spandex pants.

Roland told her to turn around so he could see her best side. Sabrina spun
around, then she slowly bent over. She could see Roland growing a third leg.

She removed her top and cupped her breast with her hands. They weren't big
but they had a nice shape, she was proud of them.

Roland removed his pants. His limp cock was hanging almost to the floor.
Sabrina let out a gasp and her mouth started to water. She walked over to
Roland and put her hands around his member. She felt it coming to life.

Roland told her "Like the Rubix cube, the more you play with it, the harder
it gets" Sabrina began to stroke it, she wanted to see how big it got.

First it started to grow out. It expanded until her fingers were no longer
touching, Then it started to get longer and longer.

Sabrina thought she had better get it in before it got to big. She pushed
Roland over on his back and straddled him. She shoved his growing cock into
her cunt.

The minute she sat down on it she felt it grow some more. Then it became
solid as steel. She rose up and slammed back down on it. Roland's cock grew
some more.

Sabrina thought it must be at least 18 inches now, and thicker than her arm.
She began bobbing up and down on it. Roland reached around and grabbed her by
the waist to help her. Sabrina was whistling and bobbing her head to a jaunty
tune as she slammed her ass down on Roland's cock.

Then Roland's cock doubled in width, Sabrina let out a scream. She was
completely full now. She stopped riding his cock and tossed her hands up in
the air. She was having trouble catching her breathe. Roland still was hold
her waist and began to slowly lift her up and down.

Sabrina screamed with every stroke, Salem was yelling "Go Sabrina Go." She
didn't even notice him.

Roland wrapped his arms around her and laid her on her back. Roland started
to ram his 18 inch cock deep into the teenage witch.

Sabrina was stretched to the max and having the time of her life. Roland was
pumping as hard as his little legs would go. He fucked her for 2 hours with
Sabrina flat on her back and legs straight up in the air.

Finally he couldn't take anymore. He pulled his cock out of Sabrina's soaked
pussy, it was as long as his legs. He pointed it at her face and shot load
after load.

Sabrina had her mouth wide open trying to catch her breath, and the first
shot went right down her throat. she started to gag on it, the rest of his
load began to cover her face.

Roland came and came, he shot a pint of his spunk and it completely covered
her face. Sabrina just laid there with her legs spread, she couldn't close
them. Roland went to collect his debt.

He grasp her hand, and Sabrina pulled it away from him. She said she still
felt the itch and she wouldn't hold his hand.

Roland couldn't believe it, nobody had ever not been satisfied by him, it
looked like he needed help.

Roland noticed the beanstalk outside of Sabrina's house and immediately knew
what to do. He told Sabrina to shower and catch her breath, and he would
finish the job.

Sabrina took an hour to rest up. She told Roland she was ready to try again.
He transported them up the beanstalk. Sabrina told Roland, this was what
caused the problem in the first place. Roland told her not to worry.

They arrived at the Giant's castle and knocked on the door. The giant
answered and took one look at Sabrina and turned to run. He didn't want any
part of that witch anymore.

Roland waved his hand but nothing happened, he didn't know why his magic
didn't work on him, but he needed his help. They chased the 20 foot monster
around his castle until he remembered he was in a no witchcraft zone. He
turned and faced his stalkers.

He grabbed Sabrina around the throat and tossed her to the ground. Roland
jumped to her defense. He would teach that giant a lesson.

He grabbed the giant leg and bit him on the ankle. The giant picked him up
by the head and tossed him into a bird cage. The then grabbed Sabrina and
tossed her into the cage with him. They were trapped now.

The giant tied Roland to the top of the cage. He then took Sabrina and bent
her over. He tied her hands to the lower bars of the cage, so she couldn't
straighten up. The he raised her up the bars by putting a book under her

The giant then left the room, he would teach Sabrina a lesson for humiliating
him. He returned with his giant pony.

He lead the pony to the tied Sabrina. He then started to rub her hot box
until the juices were flowing down her legs. The pony smelled her and his
cock started to grow.

Sabrina saw the Pony cock and gasp, it had to be at least 4 feet long, it was
also thicker than her leg. She was terrified.

The giant guided the pony to her box and placed the tip of it's cock against
her dripping pussy. Then he shoved it in.

The pony only got the tip of his massive cock into Sabrina, but she screamed
at the top of her lungs. The pony thrusted again and got a foot of his member
into her. Tears were welling up in her eyes, Roland couldn't watch.

The pony thrusted again, he now had about a foot and a half of his cock into
her, he pulled out and thrusted even deeper. He then began to thrust in and
out. Sabrina could not take the massive cock and thankfully passed out.

This pissed of the giant, he wanted to hear her scream some more. He slapped
her in the face until she regained consciousness. He would then take care of
her friend, the little fellow.

The giant looked up for Roland, he was gone. Roland was a lot of things and
one of them was an escape artist. He had gotten himself untied and out of the
castle. The giant began to search for him while his pony fucked Sabrina

Roland was going to head back down the beanstalk, but thought, he really
shouldn't leave Sabrina here, but he had to think of himself. He decided to
leave but then he realized that Sabrina would never marry him if he left her.
He had to get help. But who would help him?

Then Roland thought "Who's the private Dick who's the sex machine to all the

And "Who's the man who would risk his life for his fellow Man?"

He could solve Sabrina's problem and take care of that nasty giant.



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