By Wonder Mike

Salem was right. Sabrina's itch was mostly gone. She laid on her bed, humping
her pillow while Salem watched. She kept shoeing him away, but it was
useless, he really enjoyed watching the young witch.

The itch she had wasn't has bad as before, she was able to satisfy herself
with her fingers. At first she would just shove two fingers into her cunt in
the morning and that would get her through the day, She now had four fingers
to the knuckle and she was working them at a fever pitch.

Sabrina was on her hand and knees shoving her fingers inside of her, Salem
was cheering her on, now it wasn't so bad being a cat. He was yelling
instructions to Sabrina, she ignored him but it was fun.

Salem told her to lay on her back and throw her legs up in the air. He could
get a good look at her pussy, he was a cat, but he was a Warlock at one time
and had needs, she hadn't got to the point where she would fuck him yet, but
at least he could watch.

Sabrina kicked her feet up in the air and shoved his fist into her pussy,
that hit the spot. She shoved it in faster and faster until she felt the itch

She would be able to go to school now.

She went through the day and everything was pretty normal, well normal for
her of course, but by her last period she was starting to feel the itch
again. She was looking at Harvey, and she wanted him. He never made any
sexual advances toward her but she was ready for him now. She knew he could
never satisfy her though and he would think she was a slut and break up with
her. She couldn't do him.

Sabrina thought she would eventually have to travel through time again and
find the T-Rex. She didn't want to do that because although he was good, she
was so repulsed by fucking a dinosaur, that it didn't get rid of all the
itch. And it hurt, she would think of something else.

Sabrina couldn't make it through the rest of her last class. She told the
teacher she had to go home now, it was an emergency, the thoughts of Harvey
pushed her over the edge. She ran upstairs to her bed room and turned on the
television, she liked to at least have the picture of some actor in her mind
when she did herself.

The Brady Bunch was on, there was nobody on that show she was interested in,
she started to turn the channel when something caught her eye. She had a
wicked thought and waved her hand. She would create what she saw.

In front of her now stood a lava lamp. She could feel the juices start to
flow down her legs. She planted the lava lamp on her bed and squatted over
it. She placed it at the tip of her cunt and prepared to slam it in. All of
a sudden she heard the familiar voice scream "Do It" of course it was Salem
who was hiding under the bed but who had came out to watch, and Sabrina
didn't care.

She placed her hand around the neck of the lava lamp and shoved it in. It was
a tight fit, but she began to raise up and down on it.

It was a harder struggle than she thought but she was determined. She laid
flat on her back and grabbed it with both hands and shoved. She got it all
the way in.

She began moving it in and out. It started out slowly, but in no time she was
ramming it in with no resistance. The lava lamp really hit the spot. It only
took her about ten minutes to have a screaming orgasm, she hoped Hilda or
Zelda didn't here it.

She pulled the lamp out of her cunt and took a deep breath, she was satisfied
for now, but for how long?

The answer to that came quickly, she was beginning to feel the itch again
after only half an hour. It was getting worse and coming quicker than before.
She needed a permanent solution and now.

Sabrina grabbed her spell book, there must be something in there that could
help her. She went through a dozen spells when she saw an add that looked

If your lonely and need that special place taken care of call Roland the
Private Dick Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Sabrina summoned the
private Dick.

Roland appeared in her bedroom

"It is I every females top tourist destination, the man who's crouch is truly
the happiest place on earth. Roland."

Sabrina was mortified, she couldn't believe it was her Roland, the troll. She
told him to get out.

Roland said "Farm boy couldn't do the job huh?

Sabrina didn't want to believe that he would be her savior. She told him to
get out of her room and now.

Roland told her "Put your hand in my pocket and your eyes will pop out of
your socket"

Sabrina went to push the troll out of her room, Roland grab her hand and put
it on his crouch. Sabrina held her hand their for a couple of seconds and
decided he could stay.



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