by Wonder Mike.

Sabrina pushed the giant over. She was going to give him the ride of his
life. He was so weak from what Sabrina had done to him he didn't have the
strength to fight back.

Sabrina grabbed his limp cock and started to stroke it. She was calling him
Mr. Softy she squeezed his member. She was able to fit 6 inches of it into
her mouth.

The giant cock began to spring to life. Sabrina started to stroke it harder
and harder as she licked the tip. She had no idea what had gotten into her
and she didn't care. All she knew was that she needed the giant cock.

The giant reached full erection and Sabrina jumped into the air and landed
with the cock square into her hot box. She had her feet planted on either
side of him and she was jumping up into the air and back down on his member.
Her pussy had been stretched out to the max to accept his giant member.

The giant was screaming for mercy now. His cock was being fucked raw. He
would never take another girl from earth, at least not for a couple a days.

Sabrina was humping him wildly, her hair flying free. It was an amazing site.
The giant was finally able to start pumping up into the teenager. This only
made Sabrina fuck him harder.

He was begging for her to stop now, he couldn't take much more. He called for
Milo to come help him. Sabrina yelled "Yes Milo I need your help." Milo told
the giant that he quit. He could find another lackey. Milo wanted no part of
that teenage witch again.

By this time Sabrina was a blur pumping up and down on the giant. He was glad
to finally be able to shoot his load. And shoot it he did. His cum shot out
with so much force it lifted Sabrina right off his cock.

The cum lifted her a foot into the air, then back to the ground. She began to
scoop the half gallon of cum up with her hands then lick her hands clean. she
had come to love the taste and feel of it. The giant was scared for humanity
at what he had released.

Sabrina looked around for Milo, but true to his word he was long gone. She
turned toward the giant again. He pleaded for her not to do it again. He was
so weak now he couldn't defend himself at all. He was defeated by a teenage
witch without the use of her powers. The giant had forced another witch to
cast a spell a long time ago which would cancel out the use of witchcraft. He
had ran into problems with them before.

He tried to crawl away from Sabrina but she grabbed him by his limp cock. She
started to stroke it again. The giant just sat there whimpering like a baby.

Sabrina stroked him with both hands but the giant just wouldn't cooperate.
She wrapped her lips around Mr. Softy and gave it the best blow job it had
ever gotten. She was quickly becoming an expert cock sucker but it was no
use. The giant cock just wouldn't spring back to life.

Sabrina needed it bad, she told the giant she was going to find some of his
friends and give them the thrill of a lifetime. He told her he lived alone in
the clouds and that she would have to go home if she wanted company. The
giant didn't want anybody to know what he had done.

Sabrina headed back down the Beanstalk. She was still horny had hell. She
would give Harvey what she knew he wanted but wouldn't ask for. Of course she
realized that if the giant and his cock couldn't satisfy him how could

She thought she could go find the New England Patriots, they were as big as
the giant but there were forty of them. She then thought about the reputation
she would get if word got out she had done the whole team. There had to be a
better way.

She thought she could get an elephant. He would have a cock as big as the
giant. It would be too hard to get an elephant to fuck her though, and it
might crush her. It had to be a human, or at least something. on two legs.
She had to think of something.

She laid in her bed with her fingers buried in her pussy. Salem walked in and
saw what she was doing. Sabrina didn't care. She kept working her fingers in
and out of her box.

Salem looked at her and told her. You had your first sexual situation and it
wasn't with another witch was it? Sabrina asked him how he knew and Salem
told her he could tell by the way her fingers were working.

He told her the same thing happened to Hilda. Salem told her how she dealt
with it. He told her she would have to get a better fucking then the one she
just had or she would crave it constantly.

Sabrina told him she had gotten it from a giant and it couldn't get any
better then that. Salem told her that was the way it happened to Hilda, he
knew what she had to do.

Salem needed about an hour to prepare, he didn't tell her what he had
planned. She just had to trust him. Sabrina went into the kitchen and grabbed
2 cucumbers, they weren't much only 8 inches long but they would have to do.
She shoved them both into her burning pussy. She held one in each hand and
alternately shoved them in and out. This just it worse though.

She had no idea how long she had been at it but Salem came down and told her
he was ready. He 2 had vials for her. He handed her the first one and told
her it would transport her to were she needed to go. He told her when she got
there to pour the other vial on herself.

Sabrina wanted to know where she was going, Salem just said "Do It." Sabrina
poured the first vial over her head. She was willing to try anything now.

At first nothing happened, she should have known not to trust that cat, but
all of a sudden everything went black. The next thing Sabrina knew, she was

She was not just outside, she was in the middle of nowhere, in a Forrest.
Salem then appeared. He told her he was here to make sure nothing went wrong,
and, oh to watch. Sabrina didn't want him around but if she didn't know where
she was she couldn't get home.

The ground started to shake, it was an earthquake. Salem yelled for her to
use to second potion he had made. It would make her irresistible and very
fuckable. That was what Sabrina wanted to hear. She poured the second vial
over her head.

She asked Salem about the earthquake, because it was getting stronger. He
told her it wasn't an earthquake and pointed through the trees. Sabrina
almost fainted when she saw it.

The thing that was moving the earth was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the largest
mammal to ever walk the earth, and a meat eater. She had to make like a
bakery truck and leave. Salem told her not to worry, the second vial he gave
her should make her irresistible, Sabrina said "Should," Salem couldn't
answer that, he was looking for a good vantage point to watch the show.

Sabrina called out and the T-Rex turned toward her. She was terrified but she
undressed quickly. Rex ran over to her and bared his teeth, he was over 20
feet tall, she had read that they could weigh up to 7 tons, and Rex was fully

Sabrina closed her eyes and waited. Rex stood right in front of her and
stared. Sabrina then saw his cock unsheave and began to grow. And grow. And
grow. It was 2 and a half feet long and as thick as her upper leg, the juices
were dripping down her leg. She had given her pussy a good workout but the
size of that cock was going to be too much.

Rex reached down and grabbed her. He was going to slam her on his cock, he
was being way to rough for her, Sabrina froze him before he could hurt her.

She levitated the beast and laid him on his back. She then made the climb on
top of him and straddled the monster. She laughed at the site. It looked like
she had a third leg. She took a deep breath to prepare. Salem screamed "Do
it" Sabrina plopped down on the cock.

It was a mighty struggle. She began to wiggle and strain until she could not
fit anymore cock into her. Her pussy was stretched as wide as it could go,
there was still about 6 inches of cock to go. She planted her feet on Rex's
thighs, but her hands on her hips and began to go up and down.

It was a slow process at first but she began to move faster and faster,
stroke, by stroke. She managed take another three inches.

She was really moving by now and her spell over Rex wore off, she was ready
though. Rex grabbed a hold of her and shoved her down on his cock. She had
taken it all, The base was about three inches thicker than the rest of his
cock and she thought she was going to black out when she took it all. She was
determined not to though.

Rex was slamming her as hard as he could up and down on his cock now. Sabrina
just took the ride with her mouth hanging open, Salem guessed she was
screaming but no sound was coming out. Sabrina was moving so fast Salem
wouldn't have been able to recognize her if he hadn't been there from the

All of a sudden Rex stopped slamming her, and screamed. He was cumming,
Sabrina was slumped over, she was too fucked to move. She sat hanging limp on
the giant cock.

Then just as quickly Rex started slamming her up and down again. His arms
were just long enough to bring her all the way to the top and back down to
his waist. He fucked her like that for another 30 minutes, Sabrina was
unconscious for the last 20. She could take no more.

Rex finally came again and pulled the limp girl off his cock, He picked her
up and started to walk off with her. Salem knew this wasn't good. He snuck
up behind Rex and poured his vial on Sabrina. She was transported back to
her bedroom. Salem soon followed.

When she awoke, the itch was gone. Salem told her it was mostly gone, she
would have to be fucked better then that once a year though.



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