By Wonder Mike

Sabrina Spellman was conducting some experiments, she and Salem her cat, she
wanted to imitate her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda, this week it was the
scientist Hilda.

Sabrina decided to try to invent a lima bean that taste like steak, it would
be a boon for humanity, Salem wanted to make it taste like tuna, but he was
over ruled.

The closest Sabrina came was a bean that tasted like chicken, she didn't
think that was close enough. She discarded them with the other 20 failures
she had.

Sabrina finally gave up, she would try to become more like Zelda, it seemed
like that would be more fun anyway. Salem wanted to continue the experiments
on his own.

Sabrina took the beans outside, and put them in the trash. She would go
upstairs and finish her school work, she had fallen behind lately.

She was studying her English History when the ground started to shake, it
must be an earthquake. Sabrina laid flat on the bed and held on for dear
life, The entire house was being rattled and things were being throw around.
Her room was a bigger mess then usual. It was funny because she never heard
of her town Salem having an earthquake before.

When the shaking stopped Sabrina went outside to check out the damage. She
looked around and fog was everywhere. She couldn't see the house across the
street. She walked over to check on her neighbors, but their house wasn't
there. in fact there were no other houses around.

Sabrina looked back at her house and she saw the giant beanstalk. She wasn't
in fog, her house had been lifted into the clouds, this must have been
Salem's fault.

Sabrina went for a walk, this was a strange new world and it could be a
learning experience. She saw a castle in the distance and walked toward it.

As she got closer to the castle she noticed it was getting larger and larger.
She arrived at the castle gate and saw that it had a draw bridge which was
up. Sabrina yelled to see if anybody was home. It didn't look like anybody
was and she turned to leave.

When she turned around she was face to face with a troll. He introduced
himself as Milo and he told Sabrina to leave immediately, there was am evil
being who would love nothing more than to keep the young blonde teenager as
a present.

Sabrina was going to leave when she saw the garden, there was corn and
tomatoes three times the normal size. She knew if she could get her hands on
them she would make her aunts proud, and actually do something for humanity.
She levitated over the mote and grabbed an ear of corn. She could She tried
to transport it but her magic didn't work on the castle ground.

She was removing the corn when she saw the owner. He was at least 18 feet
tall. Sabrina tried to run put she was grabbed by the troll. He apologized
and handed her over to the giant.

The giant dragged her into his castle. He wasn't too happy with her. Nobody
was allowed in his garden and he meant nobody. The girl and the troll would
pay. He was going to crush Sabrina, and then his guardian.

Sabrina began to beg for her life. Milo knew he was in trouble too. He had a
suggestion for The giant.

He reminded him how much he liked a good show. He lifted Sabrina's skirt and
showed him her ass. The giant was impressed. He asked what Milo had in mind.
Milo told him leave it to him.

He started to unbutton Sabrina's shirt, she slapped him across the face. Milo
reminded her the giant could crush her like a grape if he wanted to. Sabrina
still wanted no part of what ever Milo was planning.

Milo told her that she couldn't even reach the door knob without her powers,
there was no way she could escape. He asked the giant if she pleased him
would he let her go. He agreed.

Milo removed her shirt and began to rub her tits. They felt nice. Milo stuck
out his tongue. It kept coming out, longer and longer. His tongue was seven
inches long and he wrapped it around her breast.

Milo lifted her skirt up over her waist and started to rub her clit. He had
thick and rough fingers, Sabrina started to moan. Milo bent her over. He
buried his tongue all the way into her pussy and began to lick from the
inside out.

Sabrina was biting her lips, trying not to scream, she had never felt
anything so good, Milo was disgusting looking but he had a skilled tongue.

The giant was enjoying the show. Milo stepped back to let him get a good look
at her perfectly round ass. Milo told Sabrina to close her eyes.

She cover her eyes. Milo dropped his pants and walked around in front of her.
He told her to open her eyes.

She was amazed at what she saw. Milo was only 4 feet tall, but his cock was
almost touching the floor. He told her they call me tripod. That is why the
giant keeps me around.

Sabrina just had to try it, she was losing all inhibitions. She reached down
and touched his cock. It sprang straight out like a flag pole.

The giant ordered her to suck on it. Sabrina had never done that before but
she would try. She began to lick up and down the shaft. She then wrapped her
lips around the head. It was just thick enough to fit in her mouth. She
managed to swallow 4 inches of it.

Milo was having the time of his life, but now it was time for more. He told
Sabrina to bend over. He mounted her from behind and shoved his 18 inch cock
deep into her box.

Sabrina was gasping for breath as her virginity was snatched away. She
quickly adjusted to the fucking though. She began to rock back onto the troll
forcing more of his cock into her.

The giant held her still while Milo gave a mighty thrust. He buried his cock
entirely into her. Sabrina fell flat on her face, Milo began pumping harder
and harder. She could no longer suppress her screams of delight.

Milo rocked back. He felt Sabrina was losing steam, he had to force her to
keep up. He laid on his back and but her on top of him. He grabbed her around
the waist and started to raise her slowly up and down. Sabrina quickly got
the hang of it and planted her feet. She started to ride him on her own.

Milo reached in front of her and grabbed her tits. Sabrina had built up a
good speed now and her firm breast were flying.

That was all the giant could take. He pulled down the kilt he was wearing and
exposed his 2 foot long cock. Sabrina gasped in amazement. She knew it must
have been huge so that it was 2 feet long didn't bother her. It was the fact
that it was as thick as her upper arm that scared her.

The giant laid on his back, his cock sticking straight up like a telephone
pole. Sabrina was terrified and excited at the same time. She just didn't
think she could handle it.

The giant told her to come over to him. Sabrina was too scared to move. The
giant rolled over to Milo who had never stopped thrusting up into Sabrina
and pulled her off of him. He told her if she wanted to live she would do him

Sabrina had no choice. She decided that she would suck him off and be done
with it. She tried to suck his cock but she couldn't get her lips around it.
She started to stroke it with her hands and lick up and down the shaft. The
giant started to smile.

She thought she was free and clear, but the giant ordered her to sit on his
cock. She begged him to spare her but he had, had enough of the waiting. He
picked her up by the waist and sat her over his cock.

She knew she was in trouble so she started to slowly wiggle her ass down on
the monster cock. It was no use though. He still was holding her waist and he
shoved her down to his waist line.

Sabrina had taken the whole thing and she couldn't believe it. It was the
greatest feeling she had ever had. She started to raise up and down on his
monster cock. The giant had never had an earth girl be able to take all of
him before. This girl was actually riding him. It was more than a riding.
Sabrina had planted her knees on his hips and she was jumping up and down.

The giant couldn't take much of this. Sabrina was actually screaming for
more. This drove the giant insane. He was losing his load.

He lifted the teenager off his cock and laid her on the ground. He called
Milo over and he started to jerk off over her. The giant started to cum
first. And he came and came. Sabrina didn't think that he would ever stop.
She took the first load in the mouth but it was seconds before her mouth was
completely full. She began to swallow but the giant was cumming faster than
she could swallow.

Milo then began to lose his load. He was nice and didn't try to make her
swallow anymore. It would have been impossible anyway. He aimed at the top of
her head and worked his was down.

The giant finished shooting his load. He must have shot a gallon of cum into
her mouth. Sabrina was still trying to spit and swallow at the same time.
Milo soon finished too. He only shot about a half a gallon over her young

Sabrina was completely cover with the sticky white juice. And she needed
more. There was something about the fucking she had gotten that turned her
into a nymphomaniac. She had to be fucked some more.

She screamed at the giant again. His cock was growing limp and he was afraid
of what he had created. He had to be free of this girl and now.



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