Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Media Zapper Part 2 (MF,Mf,mc,magic)
by Wetsprocket

The house on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was smaller than I had imagined. I
moved to Sabrina's bedroom where Salem was. I closed the door. "Who are you?"
The cat asked.

"I'm a traveler looking for some action." I told him.

"What kinda action?" He asked.

"I want to get some off these chicks." Then I made a deal. "If you can negate
their powers, I'll let you watch."

"Well, it's better than waiting for the cat across the street to go in heat,
so it's a deal." We shook on it. Salem got a temporary restraint from the
"Underworld" to negate the three witches powers for awhile. The plus side was
I got them. I had the their powers for my tenure on the show. It was like
giving a kid an unlimited supply of quarters to play video games at an
arcade. I thanked Salem and disappeared downstairs. I turned myself into a
statue for the moment until I found out what was going on.

Aunt Hilda was talking with Aunt Zelda in the kitchen, drinking their morning

"I don't know why she can't just finish the project and get it over with,"
said Aunt Zelda.

"You have problems getting things done, too." She retorted. "Well, I'm
different. She's Sabrina."

Sabrina rushed through the room in a hurry, ready for school.

"I have some errands to run, so I'll take you today, Sabrina." Zelda told

"Ok, but we've got to hurry." Sabrina said, scarfing down some fruit.

"Well, let's go then." Zelda grabbed her stuff and she waited for Sabrina to

"Where'd that statue in the living room come from?" Sabrina asked. The aunts
responded that they didn't know. They all went into the living room where I
had froze myself.

"He kinda looks like a guy I once knew," remarked Hilda, looking how I was
frozen. I had a "hardon" of a foot or so sticking out from me. It was

"You would," retorted Zelda, knowing Hilda's past with men. "He's definitely
got size." She touched it, daydreaming alittle, then remembered Sabrina was
in the room.

"Guys aren't all that big, are they?" Sabrina asked.

"Time for school. Let's go." Grabbing Sabrina by the hand, Zelda disappeared
out the door.

Hilda was still interested. She rubbed my rod and I began to turn real.
"Well, all right!" She said, continuing to stroke my rod, hoping she'd get

"You must suck it to bring me to life," I said.

Hilda got on her knees and began to lick my wooded pecker. With each suck,
she became more horny from the magic spell I have placed on it. Her wanton
desires would be filled two-fold by this blessed foot-long statued cock.
Hilda began to rub herself under her robe. Her body getting ever the more
hotter. She kept giving me head, unable to take the whole organ into her
mouth, but managing just fine. She removed her robe and was wearing just a
big T-shirt and panties. Her right hand was inside her panties, rubbing her
steaming clit. I was now fully alive to her. I reached down and felt her
breasts through her shirts. This surprised her. She knocked me down. I
looked up at her from the floor, laying on my back. She looked at me, then
at the enormous hardon sticking straight up about 12 inches.

"The hell with it," she stammered, removing her panties. "I've got to have
that thing in me." She straddled me, showing me her wet pussy, furry and
full. She moved it over my cock and slid down over it. It was of hardwood
so it didn't bend to break despite the pressure she applied. Her pussy was
as tight as a virgin's because of my cock size. Her pussy expanded the
widest it had ever been. She screamed out, knowing her cunt would never be
the same. With the magic in effect, I made my cock wider and longer as
needed. As she rode it, it penetrated deeper than ever. She felt it hard
inside her. I squeezed her chunky titties as she rode faster, harder. She
climaxed, wildly. My cock several inches still inside her. She collapsed in
exhaustion. I moved her off me and she pushed her ass out more as I entered
her from behind. I nailed her hard and deep. She cried out in pain and
pleasure with each deep thrust. I rammed into her vagina until I came,
spilling like an oil well inside her. She fell over, ravaged and used. Her
clit gaped where my hugeness had been. I blinked myself to Sabrina's school.
Libby was at her locker when I appeared. Being as she was, she immediately
noticed how fine I was. With the magic, I was her lust bucket.

"Hi. I'm Libby." She said, coming over to me.

"I know" I told her. "You want to make out somewhere." I suggested.

"That's kind of forward of you since we just met, don't you think?" Libby
asked, but the magic made her yearn in her loins for cock. "I know a place
in back."

Libby led us to a empty classroom. I lent against the teachers desk and
pulled out my foot long. Libby gasped at the sight.

"I've never seen a penis. I've heard about them, but I didn't know they
were that big." She was amazed.

She wore a typical skirt and blouse.

"Take off your panties and rub yourself." I told her. With a slight
hesitance, Libby reached up and pulled down her panties. She began to
rub clit.

"Let me see you do it." I told her and she leaned against table, raised up
her skirt, and showed me her pussy. I watched as she rubbed her dark-haired
pussy, her clit beginning to swell from the attention. She was distracted
from doing it at first, but she changed as her pussy wettened. She began to
moan some as she got hotter. I stopped stroking my hardwood and walked to
her. She had the young, tight pussy of a virgin. I lifted her more on the
table and decreased my cock size. Slowly, I eased into her clit with my
smaller dick. I easily moved in and out of her with that size. I gradually
enlarged it as she loosened. I watched as my cock disappeared into her
vagina. I stopped with it inside her. Taking a few moments to feel up under
her blouse to her youthful breasts. Libby had her head tossed back enduring
her first time. After a few minutes of sucking her tits, I began to move
between her thighs again. My cock had expanded further and I ripped open new
ground in Libby's cunt. She cried out as I churned my larger cock through
her ripe sugar walls. She came in a shudder. I continued to do her through
it all. Her nails cut into my ass as I continued to fill her vagina to
capacity. She moaned as each thrust penetrated her deep. I pulled out of
her, leaving her wide open.

"I want you to swallow." I told her.

"I've never given a blow job." She stammered. I instructed her with what to
do and she knelt on the carpeted floor. I had been near climax so as her
mouth tuned in, playing me like an instrument. It didn't take long. I shorted
my cock so she could take it all in. Her mouth tired, so she made an "O" and
I fucked her mouth. I held her head as I shot my load down her throat. She
gulped it like a pro. When she stood, she was red from being ravaged. Her
pussy lips still held the gape from my wood. I let her dress and disappeared.

* * *

The lankier aunt of Sabrina, Zelda, had "car trouble" in the parking lot.
Unable to use her magic to improve her situation, she was at the mercy of
whomever, which was me in this case. I approached her at the outer reaches
of the parking lot.

"My car isn't working right." She started, thinking I was summoned help.

"Let me look at it," I told her. I peered inside the raised hood and took a
look. Of course I knew the problem was the magic I had put on it. I fixed it
quickly. As I did so, I made sure that Zelda caught an eyeful of everything
that turned her on about men. When I was done, she was sweating and totally

"Anymore I can help you with." I asked her, letting her notice the bulge in
my pants.

"Oh, my." She replied. "You want to .." She didn't finish. She was already
fidgeting because her pussy was burning. She pushed me into the car and
ripped open my pants. I watched as the prim and proper witch got naughty. She
pulled out my pecker and began to blow me. It was already large and ready.
Zelda was fingering herself through her dress pants.

"Why don't you take those off and slide on." I told her. Without flinching,
she removed her pants and panties and had moved to intercept my cock with her
pussy. Just as it had been with Hilda, my hugeness busted open new areas in
Zelda's cunt. She rode my steel, shoving it deep into her never before land.
She wailed out, taking in an amazing amount of cock. She came quickly. She
slipped off of me and returned to finish me off with a blow job. She stroked
me off and I jizmed openly. It had been a quick one, but Sabrina lay ahead.

I had returned to Sabrina's room. I had faulted on Salem's agreement slightly
as he had only watched me and Hilda. He didn't seem to mind though. I did
tell him to watch from out of sight. I returned to being a statue when
Sabrina returned home.

Sabrina was home by herself and threw her books on the floor, by her dresser.
She noticed the statue had moved to her room.

"What's this?" She asked out loud about the statue. "This guy sure is big."
Noting my penis size. Then out of nowhere, without any magic, she seemed
curious about blow jobs. Still a virgin herself, she had heard things. She
was typical horny teenager curious. No one was looking, or so she thought.
She rubbed my stalk. She saw faint signs that I was real as I was stroked.

"He's kinda cute too." She stated, beginning to get alittle horny. "Suck it
to bring me to life." I said, scaring her alittle. Sabrina's always been
somewhat daring, especially with guys. Besides, she was a witch. She could
get out of trouble if it happens.

Sabrina took the wooden penis into her mouth and began to suck like she had
heard it was to be done. She absorbed a lot of the magic and began to
masturbate herself. Her eyes were closed when I was fully alive. I held her
head to my cock which startled her. She tried to take her mouth off my cock,
but couldn't. It was stuck! She couldn't bite down or do anything beside
slide on it. She tried to stand, but couldn't do that either. I ran my cock
in and out between her lips until I came. My foot long hardon continued as
I pulled out of her mouth.

"What are you going to do to me?" She asked, after I pulled out of her mouth.
Her question was answered when I pushed her back and magically her legs moved
out from under her. She watched as her jeans unbuckled, unzipped and pulled
off her legs, with me watching. She had white cotton panties that rolled off
her legs and fell to the floor. Her legs spread open wide, ankles raised and
held by an invisible force. I viewed the young, ripe blonde pussy she had
rubbed earlier. It was open in all it's glory. I lower myself to it and pried
her tight clit open. I tickled the inner pinkness with my tongue, tasting her
fresh juices. She tried to scream out, but couldn't. I fingered open her clit
further in anticipation of my penetration. I put my cock on her pussy's
threshold and lifted to enter her. Her face squeezed up in reaction to my
entry. I took my time beating down her virginal door as I exited and
re-entried several times. Each time delved inside her, her clit got bigger
and wider. Soon she was taking my width as I had her wide open. I continued
to shove my cock deeper into her and let it swell bigger inside her. I
finished her off with a simulatious climax as we came together as she flex up
opening her vagina wider for final thrusts. I unloaded into her and her feet
dropped to the floor. Sabrina lay in an exhausted heap on the floor. I got to
my feet. With a final wave and nod to Salem of a job well-done, I took off to
my next destination.

to be continued...

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